Table of Contents : Planes-of-Existence, Subtle Bodies (with Projection thereof), and Cakra-s




mortals' subtle bodies ( kaaya)


souls & lightning

incarnational densities


socio-oikonomic consciousness

synchronicities in biography of F.J.M.R.



EPITOMES OF BOOKS on synaisthesia

EPITOMES OF BOOKS on ghosts & on animism

EPITOMES OF BOOKS on spirit-mediumship

EPITOMES OF BOOKS on cakra-s, energy-work, poltergeists, & sleep-paralysis

EPITOMES OF BOOKS on subtle bodies (aitheric, astral, mental, causal)

EPITOMES OF BOOKS on projection of the subtle body [N.B. projected aitheric body's commonplace misnomer as projected "astral body"]


WEBLINKS to ON-LINE TEXTS on "internal alchemy" for manifestation of the subtle body

WEBLINKS to ON-LINE BOOKS on subtle projection

WEBLINKS to ON-LINE TEXTS on subtle projection (including into afterlife-world)

WEBLINKS on panic-attack as failed attempt at subtle projection

WEBLINKS on astral projection

WEBLINKS on remote viewing

WEBLINKS on telepathy

WEBLINKS on synaithesia

WEBLINKS on sentiment and/or on emotion


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