Subtitled at as "An instruction manual for waking up and flying in your dreams" :

The Art and Practice of Lucid Flight

By Yuji X

This book is dedicated to everyone who has ever wanted to fly
like Superman and to all who see our only limitations are those
we submit to.
Special thanks to my wife and family for their encouragement
work and support.

Yuji X (Robert M.Moynihan)


Chapter 1. Look Mom, No Wires.

Chapter 2 This Experience Belongs to Me.

Chapter 3. The Art of Whole Body Ventriloquism.

Chapter 4. I Can't Believe I'm Asleep.

Chapter 5. Up Up and Away!!

Chapter 6. Advanced Dream Techniques.

Chapter 7. Notes From a Dream?

Appendix I Special Help for Nightmares.

Appendix II Additional Reading.

Appendix III Additional Aids.


Chapter 2. This Experience Belongs to Me

By now, because of the daily recording of your dreams and dream desires, your state of dream consciousness (awareness/awakeness) has risen to a basic level. That is: when you are dreaming you realize (you become aware) that you are dreaming. You may even be thinking "This is just a dream." or "I know I am dreaming.". Your goal or dream desire at this point should be to increase this realization. The world of dreams, formerly a product {or, more accurately, identification} of your subconscious mind {meaning : aware only subconsciously (during a dream) of the fact that one is dreaming -- this may be indicated by one's not (during a dream) applying the identification-clause "this is a dream"}, is now becoming a subject of your conscious mind {by being quite consciously aware (during a dream) that one is dreaming -- this may be indicated by one's indeed, and emphatically, (during a dream) applying the identification-clause "this is a dream"}. ... .

... since your body is sleep, this is not possible. Some people at this point will automatically mentally shock themselves into waking up. This is an instinctive survival reaction to the unknown and can be accompanied by loud waking noises, pulsating flashes of light {cf. "pulsating lights" (CU, cap. 24 [3:6], p. 407)}, or anything your mind thinks it needs to imitate in order to wake you up and save you from the unknown. This type of reaction happens to some people dreaming when, for the first few times, they realize that they are no longer in their body lying down asleep in bed, but are in another body in another place surrounded by and in the world of dreams.

Even the person who is only observing their dreams with a semi-awareness that they are dreaming can experience this dream vertigo.
{The litteral meaning of \vertigo\ is 'whirling' : cf. "a fluid, flowing, swirling thing" (CU, cap. 24 [3:6], p. 407)} If they are able to wake enough to realize that the body they are observing their dream from is not their asleep physical body but is their consciousness semi-awake in another body observing another world. You may wake enough to realize you are in another world above the world of dreams viewing your dreams through the eyes of a different body. It is the mental shock that you have left your body and your mind now occupies another body in a separate reality that wakes most people out of the dream world.

If your desires are strong and you have claimed your rights to this experience, ... First, you need to develop a greater awareness that you are only dreaming. This will happen naturally as you record your dream memories and dream desires becoming more familiar with the world of dreams. Second, you must possess a burning desire to travel in and explore the unknown. Third, you need to claim that the beauty, freedom and boundless experiences of traveling free flight fully conscious in the world of dreams belongs to you.

While the rest of humankind is wasting one third of their lives on a limited earth, you will be able to experience a world beyond reality whose borders are limitless.

If you now ... but have even a small flicker of a desire to have them, write those desires down in your dream notebook. Desire, imagine and claim this new world to be yours and it will be. Continue writing down your dreams, dream desires and rights to fly fully conscious, and your love for life will grow with this desire as will your acceptance for worlds very unlike your own.

Soon you will find yourself seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling through the senses of your flight vehicle (your dream body). You will be fully awake and aware that you are in another place and another time, yet only dreaming and in reality safe and secure in your bed asleep. Now anything is possible for you. Your only limitations are those you submit to.

Chapter 3. The Art of Whole Body Ventriloquism

These are some simple exercises in dream consciousness extension that will help you to develop your ability to wake up in your dreams without waking up your physical body. I find it very easy to practice this at the dinner table, and if you have an animal in the house this simulation can be most exhilarating and enlightening.

Whole body ventriloquism is the art of moving your mind and five senses into another person or object through an expanded consciousness: some people like to call this an enhanced imagination and others call it a separate reality. ...

You will have mastered this art when you have no conscious awareness of yourself in your own body but only of yourself in the other person.

For some people these abilities may develop in hours: for others these little exercises may take weeks to master. The only limit is your desire and your will power to persist in day to day improvements. Success will come. Sheer desire and an open imagination will bring you to your own dream flight path.

Whole body ventriloquism into animals is also a great dream consciousness expansion exercise. You can catch a glimpse of life from a different view point and body position. Living and non-living things of all varieties can become focus points for practice, but to increase your dream flight abilities the best targets are birds and airplanes.
... Pick out one bird and desire to become that bird. See through its eyes, feel the beating of your wings and feel the air rushing by you as you sniff for bugs. As you progress, you will notice an increase in dream awareness and awakeness levels. ... Just as you did in these little exercises, see through the eyes of your dream body, hear through your new ears, smell, taste and touch the elements of another world. {Such facility for dreaming of one's one dream-body being that of a non-human animal, is especially characteristic of Siberian shamanry (perhaps of antique Manc^urian derivation).} ...

Here are two additional little mental exercises you can do to help expand your dream consciousness and dream realization. The first one is simply to ask yourself during the day and at night as you are drifting off to sleep. Am I dreaming? If I am not, how do I know for sure? The second one is to stop what you are doing and observe your surroundings. Take a mental and physical brake from your routine and realize who you are, where you are and whether you are awake or sleep. The first exercise is quick and almost subconscious. The second one is slow and deliberately conscious. These exercises will help to unite your conscious and unconscious mind together with one purpose - to realize when you are dreaming.

Chapter 4. I Can't Believe I'm Asleep! ...

Go to bed anticipating and be attentive as you drift off to sleep observing what you see (your first dream images) and realize you are in the beginning stages of dreaming, yet still slightly awake and aware that you are in your bed. Now use the tool of whole body ventriloquism to shift your conscious awake/awareness to the dream scene before you. Like a good movie, let your curiosity and desires keep you awake while you review the changing scenes before you. ...

Chapter 5. Up Up and Away!!

My search for dream technique began when I was twelve, 1962. My passion for flight began much earlier. I was fascinated with space, the stars, and above all, the planes and rockets that could fly. My favorite myth was Icarus, the man who flew too close to the sun. Mercury was my favorite Greek god. Superman, Flash Gordon and Commander Cody were viewed whenever possible, and if I played army on the play ground at school, I was always a jet fighter soaring over the dirt mounds that made up our imaginary world. Brain Boy was my favorite comic book hero because he was not from another world but he had an advanced brain that allowed him to fly. ...

One night, after several nights of lying in bed wishing and imagining what it would be like to fly, I fell asleep and dreamed I was in front of my house. Two small trees stood on the property about thirty feet apart. I came out of my front door walking to the closest tree, then I turned toward the other tree. As I walked, I wished (desired) that I could fly to the tree. Immediately, I took off and experienced an exhilarating sensation of flight. I woke up the next morning half in shock, half in overwhelming joy. ... My efforts and study to develop a simple dream travel control would last seven years, but only because in 1962 the pieces to this puzzle were buried in some rather obscure literature. Fortunately for me, I lived close enough to a large public library and I was able to find some books on the subject. (See Appendix II) ...

There are two additional dream tools that have proven most helpful to me in the past as methods of waking up in my dreams. First is the focus point. The exercise is simple and can be found in almost every book on dream control and dream flight technique that I have studied. As you lie down in your bed at night just before you drift off to sleep, place your hands in front of your face so you can carefully observe them. Study the size and shape, the lines and bone structure. {In the Chinese book Monkey, Monkey flieth out to one of 5 mountain-ranges, which are discovered to be the fingers of a buddha.} ...

The second tool is a simple one as well. Before you retire for the evening, simply view your favorite selection of videos of people or birds or airplanes flying. I highly recommend the movie " The Boy Who Could Fly." If you have the time and materials, make a composite video of all your favorite flight sequences. National Geographic Specials often contain spectacular flying views taking from a plane. Edited together, these movie clips can provide a powerful stimulus for flying in your dreams.

Chapter 6. Advanced Dream Techniques

Many of the teachers that I studied under would insist that the dream world was thus and so. Invariably after reading their experiences and teachings, my experience would also be the same. What you believe, you will experience in this new world! {Perhaps those teachers were, by means of peculiarities in their peculiar writings, inducing the author to entre into their own choice among the dream-worlds.} ...

Now, here is some advanced stuff. You don't need to fall asleep to have this dream flying experience. Once you have grown accustomed to being conscious in another body, you will realize that your dream body is as much a part of you as your physical body. You will be able to "at will" transfer consciousness to your dream body for some super dream flight experiences without even falling asleep. To anyone observing you, you will appear asleep, even snoring (if that is your habit). You will have never fallen asleep or lost your consciousness train of thought. Since my initial study in this field was astral projection and not lucid dreaming, I never believed it was necessary to fall asleep to have a conscious OBE (Out of Body Experience). However, I did take notice of the fact that people who observe me while in my state of altered dream consciousness simply believed I was asleep. That is how I appeared to them. I have entered the state of lucid consciousness awareness through both a dream method and an awake method - in my mind the experience is the same. Perhaps, it is like two sides to the same coin (I have no doubt that the scientists who are now deeply engaged in the study of these phenomena would probably disagree with me). {Projection of the astral body is most usually described as a waking-world experience, for the simple fact that, upon departing out of one's material body, one can look back at where one left one's material body, and see it as yet reclining thereat, whereever one departed out of it. Furthermore, during the experience of astral projection, other persons (in their ordinary state-of-mind, not themselves projected out from the material body) may not be able to see one's projected astral body (unlike in a dream, wherein all dream-personnel can easily see, and interact with, one's dream-body).}

It was 1971, and I was in Air Force tech school at the time. I was studying electronics and teaching dream flight technique to my classmates. They were a little leery about trying it, so I thought I might demonstrate the fact that you don't enter into some kind of coma, trance or scary physical state where your breathing and heart seem to stop. I casually lay down on a bed, propped myself up on some pillows and proceeded to will (desire) my consciousness into my flight vehicle (my dream body). I had only intended a short flight for demo purposes but the scenery was beautiful and a new found speed was exhilarating. I was circling the globe at an incredible speed, and the colors and scenery began to blur as I soared faster and higher. Shortly, I was flying through the darkness of space. The moon appeared over head and to my right. As I shot past it, my speed seemed to double. I was streaking through our solar system, moving from planet to planet in less than a minute, and then into utter darkness as I left our solar system behind. Stars were everywhere in the distance and I was moving even faster now. As I looked back toward our solar system, it was just a dot on the edge of a large cluster of stars surrounded by an even larger mass of stars that made up the milky way. I turned forward again still increasing my speed, the faster I went the better it felt, but I slowed down just a bit now and then to get a better view of the galaxies I was passing. The trip seemed to last ten or maybe fifteen minutes. Suddenly, all the star systems that had been surrounding me in the vastness of space began to disappear. As I looked back, I could see they were not gone at all - I had simply gone past them. Behind me, I saw only billions of stars, in front of me vast darkness. I was at the edge of the universe! But, what was beyond? All I could see was darkness. I pressed on increasing my speed occasionally glancing back and noticing that the billions of stars behind me were beginning to appear as massive groupings. Galaxies within super galaxies! I sped on pressing through the darkness ahead occasionally encountering some sort of turbulence. Still nothing lay ahead, but vast empty darkness. Behind me, the masses of super galaxies seemed to shrink and I could make out the outline of the space that surrounded all the stars in the universe. It was like a giant black beach ball that you could see inside of. A giant see-through black beach ball filled with shimmering glitter. {Other experiencers of astral flight have, indeed, likewise described their experience of this view of a universe from outside of it, looking at/into it.}

Ahead of me, there suddenly appeared a pin point of light. I strained to see what it was but I couldn't tell. I only knew I was moving at tremendous speed, peeling back the fabric of space as I traveled. The light increased, and I followed its trail. It grew brighter and expansive. I felt I was moving through something more immense than the universe itself. It was all light, but in its immensity I could sense form. I desperately wanted to know what this tremendous, big as the universe itself, shaft was through which I was flying. The excitement of knowing accelerated me still further. In seconds I knew I was approaching the end of this gargantuan shaft. Ahead of me, there was only light. I moved further into this new space feeling its warmth and brilliance. Turning around, I tried to grasp the image that was slowly beginning to take shape as I continued into the light. The further I flew the more I could see. Then, there it was, an EYE as big as the universe I had left behind on the other side. I flew backward into the light staring at this massive opening I had just emerged from. I watched as the outline of a face began to appear. The head was so big it could have contained many universes. I could now see the full figure of a head attached to neck and shoulders. As I flew even further, I saw a large plump body and a solemn grin on a face I instantly recognized. It was Buddha! An unbelievably massive Buddha! The further I moved away the smaller and seemingly more transparent the statue became. As I peered through his frame, I could see the vastness of dark space through which I had traveled. Toward the middle of his belly I could see the universe. It was about the same size as his massive eye. It was glowing and spinning and making some sound like a long low engine. I had slowed to a stop by now, and I thought about what I was seeing and what it might mean. Then I turned toward the space of light and wrote out some desires and requests on a board of light that appeared before me. {This divine personality, whose body is commensurate-and-identical with the universe, hath been described by other experiencers in other terminologies than as "Buddha"; it may sometimes be described, e.g., as "Vis.n.u" (or as "Nara-ayana") or (in English translation) as "Supreme Personality of Godhead". An aequivalent to the "board of light" may appear as an enormous inscribed-with-writing jade tablet (as is the case in some Taoist religious descriptions of a "Jade Heaven").}

What I wrote isn't important now because the board is always empty waiting for someone to write upon it. Go there tonight, write upon the board of creation what your desires are, and what you want to see happen for the earth. I believe that you will desire only the finest for yourself and for everyone else. Believe that what you desire will happen and it will. {In >islam, this is known as the "Inscribed Tablet", and the pen (for writing upon it) as the "Pen Which Writeth On[ward]"; with implication that the written destiny "will happen".}

As I wrote, I heard someone calling my name. I recognized my classmates' voices and I simply thought of the path I had taken to get where I was. Then, suddenly, I was back, like the snap of a stretched rubber band. I opened my eyes and my ears to laughter. Two of the four people I was demonstrating this technique for were standing next to my bed chuckling and poking fan. "Man, what kind of trance was that?" "Yeah, man, you were sound asleep and snoring like crazy, we wish we had a tape recorder!" {Perhaps their (classmates') praesence had helped to make available such an otherworldly (alternative-reality) visit. If so, it may be that their own spirit-guides had induced the author's spirit-guide to produce this dreaming-performance.} ...

Chapter 7. Notes From a Dream? ...

My revelation: I stood breathless bathed in the presence of a Being of light. I was not aware of being in any particular place, of the space around us, or of other beings. As I stood in its light, questions and answers seemed to flood through my mind increasing in speed and breath until they had covered every facet of existence. My mind turned to the nature of life on earth. The Being's knowledge began pouring into me. I felt a distant happiness on its part, a pleasure to share this knowledge with me.

I perceived a natural order of elemental energies complimenting and contrasting each other into which we have been thrust. Each element, each particle was alive with intelligence and emotion, acting independently yet cohesively with the other elements and forces surrounding it. To me, it appeared as if some galactic symphony was about to be conducted. All these living instruments and notes were staged and ready, only the musicians were invisible in my mind's eye.
{cf. "There’s music." (CU, cap. 37, p. 638)} ...

The Being smiled as I pondered for the answer. Then, enveloped once again in light, my mind began to fill. I saw the elements and energies as willing servants alive and inhabiting our auras according to our thoughts and spoken words. {Such "willing servants" may be inchoate aequivalents to the internal-bodily-organs-inhabiting divinities of Taoist "Internal Alchemy".} ...

The second idea was often taught, seldom exercised and almost never believed - unconditional love. I knew it existed because I felt it emanating from the Being of light standing before me. ... .

... if in your dream flight you encounter this Being of light and love, tell it I said "Hello" and "Thank you".

Special Help for Nightmares

The American Indians have a special technique for dealing with nightmares, that works very well. They believe that to conquer a nightmare you must face it. They also believe that contained within each horror there is a gift of personal power that can be wrestled from its dream owner regardless of the image or idea of horror projected in the dream. The keys to this technique are the same as those taught in this little book. As you develop your dream memory and your dream awareness levels rise, you will begin to face your nightmares with a new found boldness and strength. You will be having a nightmare (perhaps one you have had many times before), but suddenly you will realize you are only dreaming and nothing here can hurt you. A new strength will flood your being with a sense of control. Now you can make a stand against your adversary knowing you can not be defeated or frightened again. If it is some being or creature, grab a hold of it and don't let go. If it is a nightmarish scene or idea, demand the owner of this thought to appear before you. When the being or thing appears, grab hold of it and demand from this nightmare a gift of personal power, wisdom, or knowledge and refuse to let go until it has surrendered its gift to you. {This procedure is followed (with success) by Ya<qob in his wrestling the mal>ak (angel) at the river Yabboq. (B-Re>s^iyt 32:24-29)} ...

Additional Reading

As I mentioned in my manual for waking up and flying in your dreams, I first began my search for dream flight in 1962. By 1969, I was teaching the techniques I had learned. The books I studied from were far from the more advanced and scientific works available today. However, I will mention one author and two of his books that were particularly influential on my early studies. These two books: "The Art and Practice of Astral Projection" and "The Art and Practice of Creative Visualization" by OPHIEL. These books are long out of print but may still available through the publisher, Samuel Weiser, NY. E-mail {They are also available, at no cost, to be read on the internet.} ...
I am sure you will find the following books and resources to be extremely helpful in your quest for lucid flight and full conscious dream control.

1. "The Lucid Dreamer" by Malcolm Godwin
Simon & Schuster, NY, NY
Beautifully illustrated and masterfully written
thoroughly covering the subject of lucid dreams.

2. "Lucid Dreaming" by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D.
Ballantine Books, New York.
Dr. LaBerge is one of the world's top researchers on
this subject. I highly recommend visiting his web site

3. "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming"
by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D.

4. "Creative Dreaming" by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.
Ballantine Books, New York.
Great book, covers the feminine side of the subject.

5. "Dream Power" by Dr. Ann Faraday
Berkley Books, New York.
A book on dream self-analysis packed with insight.

6. "Lucid Dreaming Dawning of the Clear Light"
by G. Scott Sparrow
ARE Press, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
This book is based on Edgar Cayce's readings and
contains an excellent section (chapter 3) on the
dynamics of belief.

7. "Have an Out of Body Experience in 30 Days"
by Keith Harary, Ph.D. and Pamela Weintraub
St. Martins Press, New York.
Best practical manual on basic astral projection.

8. "Creative Visualization" by Shakti Gawain
New World Library, Novato, California.
A modem approach to -what was once
considered an occult subject. Very good

My personal favorites for expanding your horizons

9. "The Forgotten Secret to Phenomenal Success"
by Mike Hemacki
Berkley Books, New York.

10. "You'll See It When You Believe It"
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.
Harper Collins, New York.
Actually, any one of his books can put you into a
different frame of mind.

11."Kreskin's Super Secrets" by The Amazing Kreskin
1993 DRAI
I hope this book is still in print. It is a great book on reaching
your maximum potential

12 ."The Dancing Wu Li Masters" by Gary Zukav
13."The Tao of Physics" by Fritjof Capra
Bantam, New Age Books.
Now we are talking paradigm shifts. If these two books
don't affect your consciousness expansion, you might
want to have your pulse checked.

My personal favorites for those of you coming from a more religious point of view.

14."Prayers of the Cosmos" : Meditations on the Aramaic
Words of Jesus by Neil Douglas-Klotz
Harper, San Francisco.
Ever wondered what Jesus said in his own language? This book is as close as you can get to the actual teachings of Christ without becoming an ancient language scholar. You will be amazed and enlightened.

15."A Course in Miracles": Foundation for Inner Peace.
by Helen Schucman and William Thetford
Viking Press, Penguin Books, New York.
The content is a bit heavy however the exercises are simply powerful.

16. "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle
Namaste Publishing, Dutton (Penguin Group NY, NY.)
Awakening your life's purpose.

17. "A Walk in the Woods" by Rainbow Eagle -- Seventh Fire Peace Shield Teacher
Can't say enough about this book and this teacher. ...

Additional Aids

1. The Lucidity Institute
2555 Park Blvd, #2, Palo Alto, California 94306-1919
You can end up spending a lot of money here between membership fees and electronic equipment. They do have a lot of neat gadgets to help you if you are rich and not self motivated. If you are not, they have a lot of free information, all of it worthwhile.

2. Shoko's Natural Products
The following products that Shoko's Natural Products sells have helped to enhance my quality and quantity of dreams. I personally recommend that you take any or all of these products one half hour before going to bed. They have helped to increase the color and vividness of my dream world and I have also noticed an increase in my dream body sense stimulation.
a. Cryptomonadales Chlorella Sorokiniana
b. Lion's Mane Mushrooms

{There are various other dream-enhancing herbs to be ingested, such as :

[Nahuatl/Aztec name] sinicuichi (for dreaming containing music),

[used by tribes in the state of Oaxaca] Salvia divinorum [Latin for 'sage of the diviners'] (for dreaming containing metaphysical disquisitions), and

[used amongst tribes in Central America] damiana (for dreaming about one's own kinsfolk and friends).

Also, there is to be ingested for astral projection, [used by indigenous folk in Peru`] San Pedro cactus.

Any of these may be for sale at and/or elsewhere on the internet.}

CU 3= Dolores Cannon : The Convoluted Universe. Book 3. Ozark Mountain Publ, Huntsville (Arkansas), 2008.,_lib._III,_secc._6-8.htm