Astral Journey, II : "A Look at the Evidence".

II. A Look at the Evidence


I Know I Am Out of My Body



The 2nd Body Is Clairvoyant



Astral Mind-over-Matter



What Does the Double Look Like?



4. (pp. 38-46) "I Know I Am Out of My Body".

p. 39 questionnaire for an astral-projector

"questions should be asked :

Did he have vivid, realistic sensation of being in another body?

Did he go through a process of leaving his physical body ...?

Did he see his physical body lying on the bed ... where he left it?

Did he see a connecting cord between the two bodies? ...

Has his second body been seen, heard, felt, or sensed by witnesses?

Did his second body cause any changes in the physical environment, such as making objects move?"

p. 39 Vincent Turvey

"Vincent Turvey, a leading psychic of the early twentieth century, had both telepathic-clairvoyant and out-of-body experiences. ... "In plain long-distance clairvoyance I appear to see through a tunnel which is cut through all intervening physical objects, such as town, forests, and mountains." In out-of-body projection Turvey was fully conscious of being in his double, he couble see his physical shell where he had left it, and he had a vivid sense of moving through space to his destination."

Vincent N. Turvey : The Beginnings of Seership. London : Stead's Publ House, 1911.

pp. 39-41 Caroline Larsen

p. 39

"Caroline Larsen decided to ... listen in bed to the music ... . ... She felt her body becoming numb limb by limb until

p. 40

she was in a total cataleptic state. There was a momentary blackout, then she was standing on the floor beside her bed and surprised to see lying where she had been a moment before ... her own pleasant, middle-aged face and body ... . ... She walked springily to the door, passed through it and into the hall. ... Actually, she needed no light for the room was lit up by "a strongish white light" that emanated from her body and face. When she looked in the mirror, she saw not a middle-aged woman but a very beautiful young girl of eighteen, the girl she remembered herself to be. Her face and body were rather transparent. Her eyes ... "shone with such lustre that the mirror reflected their penetrating beams." She wore not her nightdress but "the loveliest white shining garment imaginable." ... She decided to go downstairs ... . ... But now a strange thing happened. Standing on the stairs was a spirit woman who barred her way. "Where are you going?" demanded the woman. "Go back to your body!" ...

Mrs. Larsen had many more astral experiences after the first one

p. 41

and wrote a book about them, My travels in the Spirit World, published in 1927."

pp. 43-4 Sophie Swoboda

p. 43

"In The Phenomena of Astral Projection, Muldroon and Carrington describe the daylight projections of Fra:ulein Sophie Swoboda in Germany. ... Waking up from a deep sleep, she ... leave the room .. . ... Sophie went back to her bedroom and saw her physical body sleeping on the sofa ... . ...

p. 44

Another time Sophie was ... listening to ... the piano. ... The pianist’s mother ... stared in amazement at Sophie’s double walking to the piano, then looked at Sophie’s physical body sitting next to her."

p. 44 Bert Slater

"Muldroon and Carrington also tell about a Colorado man who ...

felt his feet growing numb. The numbness traveled up his legs, ... up his body and through his head

{This upward creeping numbness is also reported of the dying Sokrates.}

"like a snake skinning itself." {sloughing off its old skin} The next moment he was floating in the air and could see ... his physical body resting beneath ... . ... His double then floated to the ground and walked ... . As he came near it, he felt himself turned around and thrown back into his physical body with a sharp cracking sound "like that made by a steel trap when sprung."

This man, Bert Slater, had several more OOBEs after his first ... . In each case he was vividly aware of his I-Consciousness in another body and could see his physical body back on the ground."

p. 45 other women astral-projectrices

"In Casebook of Astral Projection Crookall tells about a dozing-off case in which a woman felt her toes tingling, a sensation that moved upward through her body. When it reached the top of her head, she felt "a violent pull upward," then found herself floating around the room. She looked back and saw her body "lying open-eyed on the bed." Then she passed through the closed door of her bedroom.

In another drowsy state {"drowsy’ = hypnogogic/hypnopompic} projection reported by Crookall, a woman was dozing in an armchair when she began to float near the ceiling. ... Since then she has had many projections while drowsy that start with "a kind of whirring in the head.""

pp. 45-6 the "Silver Cord"

p. 45

"Seeing the connecting cord is another way in which projectors realize that their "I" is now in the second body. Since the cord usually extends from the forehead or solar plexus of the physical body to the back of the astral head, it is not often seen unless the projector happens to look back. ...

Other projectors are conscious of a light that pulsates from the cord. The "silver cord" is mentioned in the Bible. One man, after rising horizontally above this body and stopping a foot from the ceiling, looked down and saw a "silver light" between the duplicate and physical bodies. Another projector saw the cord as a "steam of light" coming from behind. ...

In Psychic News of August 12, 1961, a man wrote that he once woke up and found himself in his second body sitting on the roof of his house. "I noticed that cord, which appeared to be about one inch in diameter, was attached to the back of my head and, stretching down the roof, disappeared over the edge." Wondering

p. 46

where it led, he climbed down from the roof to the top of the bedroom window and saw that the cord went inside, giving off a steady, whitish light. It ended in the forehead of his physical body lying in bed.

In the accounts of most projectors, the cord appears to be about two or three inches thick when less that ten feet away from the physical body. As the second body moves further away, the cord thins out, but it remains connected even though the double may journey hundreds of miles."


5. (pp. 47-54) "The 2nd Body Is Clairvoyant".

pp. 48-9 going backwards (feet first) through a tunnel

p. 48

"In The Mystery of the Human Double, Ralph Shirley quotes ... a woman correspondent :

p. 49

"... I close my eyes and have a feeling of going over backwards ... . I find myself going down a long, dim tunnel which is warm and as if it were moss-lined. At the far end is a tiny speck of light which grows as I approach into a large square and I am ‘there.’ "

pp. 52-3 conversations of women astral-projectriccs with witnesses

p. 52

"Ralph Shirley, at one time editor of one of the leading magazines devoted to the paranormal, the Occult Review, ... told about a woman who projected to ... Her oldest son ... . She asked him ..., and the lad replied ... . A few days later she received a letter from her older son stating that he had seen her come into his room and ask ... and that he had given her the very answer she had heard astrally.

The woman told Shirley that she was able to go to anyone she chose by closing her eyes and concentrating on that person. Sometimes, when she was not sure of the direction, she stood in the middle of the room and turned around slowly, her arms outstretched. At some point her hands would seem to stop and she knew this was the direction in which she must travel."


"An OOBE of this kind is described by Robert Dale Owen, United States minister {envoy} to Naples in the last century, who wrote one of the definitive books on psychic experiences, Footfalls on the Boundary of Another World. A woman woke up one night and found herself standing by her sleeping physical body. ... she passed through the bedroom wall and went to see a friend, with whom she spoke. ... Two days later her friend came for a visit. ... Her friend ... said, "When you came to see me Wednesday night, you were robed in violet. ...

p. 53

Yes, about three A.M. We had quite a conversation.""

pp. 53-4 women astral-projectrices who visit the dying

p. 53

"In one of the most dramatic cases of this kind, reported by Robert Crookall in More Astral Projections, a woman in South Africa ... traveled astrally to the patient’s bedroom ... . ... The projector knelt down and took her sister’s hand. The latter ... said, "... I’m dying!" The astral projector comforted her ... . ... Two days later news came death had occurred at that very time."


"A similar case reported by the writer J. A. Hill gives strong evidence that the projector was seen. A Mrs. Napier ... left her body and journeyed through space to her father’s house ... . ... He ... saw her and called out her name ... . ... Mrs. Napier immediately wrote to her mother ... . Their letters crossed in the mail, the one from her mother stating

p. 54

... that on the night Mrs. Napier projected, he saw her standing in the doorway and called out to her.

Mrs. Napier described how she projected : she would feel a "prickling" sensation as though an electrical current were passing through her body, followed by a state of catalepsy, after which she would have a "very pleasant flight" through space. In many of her projections she brought back information that was later verified".

J. Arthur Hill : Man Is a Spirit. London : Cassell & Co, 1918.

p. 54 woman astral-projectrix who haunted like a ghost

"a woman living in Ireland was looking for a house to buy and found it while out of her body. ... There was only one problem – she didn’t know where it was. ... The following year she and her husband decided to move to London. Answering an ad in the real estate section, she was amazed when she walked into the home of her dreams. When the owner saw her, she screamed, "You’re the ghost!" The house had a reputation for being haunted and finally was sold at much less than its value – to its own ghost."


6. (pp. 55-64) "Astral Mind-over-Matter".

pp. 55-6 aitheric manipulation of physical matter




"There are two kinds of mind-over-matter. In one, physical objects prove no barrier to the second body, which can pass right through them.

The other kind ... occurs when the double can create sounds, handle and move material objects, and make physical contact with people. ... Sometimes, however, the double causes such things to happen even when it is not near the object or person.

Generally, projectors who have one kind of mind-over-matter ability are not capable of the other. Those who can pass through barriers cannot manipulate objects, and vice versa. ...


The more there is of the semiphysical component, the more the double behaves as it would in the physical body and the less it is able to pass through matter.

{This "vehicle of vitality" = the aitheric body (as distinguished from the astral body).}


But when this component, which Crookall calls "the vehicle of vitality,"

{Rather, its vibrational resonances (interaction of the vibrations of the 2 sets of strands (at mutual right angles) comprising the "aitheric net") are raised above the level of influences acting on the physical plane.}


is dropped off and returned to the physical organism,


the soul body is then free to move through physical barriers but can no longer influence matter."

p. 56 instances of material objects’ posing obstruction to the projected double

"In The Study and Practice of Astral Projection Crookall mentions a Mrs. Joy who once had to open the door with her astral hand and on another occasion lifted a window.

Another woman found that at different times her body seemed to have different weights {densities} that affected her ability to pass through barriers. She said that when her second body was "thicker," the slightest object would be a physical impediment.

Yram, the Frenchman who wrote about his astral experiences in Practical Astral Projection, projected one day in a double that was more physical that usual. The walls blocked his passage and he had to open a window astrally before he could leave the house. At other times his soul body was in the ascendant, and he went through all physical barriers and traveled long distances at great speed.

Eileen Garrett said that when the separation of her bodies happened accidentally, she was usually unable to pass through matter,

{If (Garrett’s) "separation of her bodies" = (Crookall’s) "vehicle ... is dropped off", then the results contradict each other.}

she went through all barriers."

Eileen Garrett : Adventures in the Supernormal. NY : Creative Age Pr, 1949.

p. 61 variable density of the double

"The second body is not a fixed entity and may vary in its composition from moment to moment. Some projectors have been able to pass through physical objects and also manipulate them, sometimes on the same trip."

pp. 61-2 astral bodies which touch physical bodies

p. 61

"Crookall also tells a very striking story of a woman who fell asleep ... woke up in the familiar horizontal position a foot above her physical body, then floated out of the room ... into her friend’s bedroom and pulled the sleeping woman’s arm. Her friend opened her eyes and saw her ... . When her friend returned ..., she told the projector that she had felt the pull on her arm, then awoke and saw the double which faded away."


"Can the double touch his own physical body? Muldroon claims that it cannot be done, but there are indications to the contrary.

p. 62

[Robert Monroe] says that he could not only feel his astral body when it was out but could touch his physical body. Celia Green in Out-of-Body Experiences tells of a woman projector who touched her own body ... and discovered that it was "warm to the touch.""

p. 62 the double writeth on a blackboard

"the first mate of a ship, Robert Bruce {a different person, of course, from the author of Astral Dynamics}, saw a stranger in the captain’s cabin, writing on a slateboard. The stranger disappeared but the slate bore the words "Steer to the Northwest." ... The captain, utterly mystified, decided to change the ship’s course from due west to northwest. The next day they sighted another ship icebound in the North Atlantic and were in time to save the passengers and crew. The first mate recognized one of the passengers as the man he had seen in the captain’s cabin. ... Then the captain of the icebound vessel recalled that this man had taken a nap about the time his double was seen. When he woke up, he announced with certainly that they would all be saved."

{This occurred in 1828 in the north Atlantic, and is reported in NOTES AND QUERIES, 4th ser, 1st vol, May 2, 1868, p. 422. (An inaccurate version of the account is at}

p. 63 typewriter is typed on, and accordion is played, by invisible spirits

"In A Casebook for Survival, A. T. Baird tells what happened ... [during] a seance give by medium Willy Schneider. ... a typewriter in the room began to type by itself. No one was near the machine as it merrily clicked away."

{Because Schneider remained within his own physical body (not astrally projected), therefore the typewriter could not have been played by any emanation from his own body; but it may have been played by an invisible divine spirit-helper (imp) who was assisting him.}

"The medium D. S. Home could cause an accordion to play although it was some distance from where he was sitting."

{Likewise; the accordion was evidently being played by an imp of Home’s.}


7. (pp. 65-75) "What Does the Double Look Like?".

pp. 65-6 astral, causal, and mental bodies distinguished by their appearance


the double


"In a letter to Robert Crookall, a woman described her double as "an exact replica of my physical body." She experienced herself as solid, she breathed and was normal in all other respects, except that she could see her physical body on the bed below.

At the other extreme, some projectors never see their doubles ... . They are aware only that their consciousness is out of their physical body and is moving to another point in space.


[p. 66] Celia Green ... used the term "ecsomatic" for all OOBEs ... and divided these into "parasomatic" when the projector was aware of being in another body ... and

"asomatic" when he had no awareness of [p. 67] a second body, only that his I-self was separated from his physical self."


"Psychic Paul Neary experiences himself as a "mist" during his astral travels while psychic Alex Tanous thinks of himself as "a blob of light.""

{These may be instances of projection of the causal body.}


"Paul Lachlan Peck ... described his double as an egg-shaped glow, in hues of purple, blue, and white."

{This may be the mental body.}

p. 67 altered appearance of the double

"the projector ... often sees his double as much younger than his physical body, especially if he can observe it in a mirror. ... Many projectors discover, too, that they are taller or larger than their physical bodies."

"In a large percentage of cases, the second body gives off a glow that illuminates ... a totally dark room. Many projectors ... have awakened in the middle of the night in their doubles and could see so clearly by their own light that they did not have to turn of the room lights. A projector quoted by H. F. Prevost Battersby (Man Outside Himself) from P. Gibier’s Analyses de Choses ... : "I found that I could perceive quite plainly what appeared to be a ray of light emitted from my epigastrium [abdomen] which illuminated the objects in the room.""

p. 68 the aura and the projecting of it

"Many psychics ... can see the second body as a colored aura around the physical body. Mrs. Garrett called this aura the "surround" and saw each person "as if her were set within a nebulous egg-shaped covering of his own.""

"When Durville hypnotized his subjects, the aura would sometimes disappear from the passive physical body and reappear ... some distance away. Durville also saw a cord that extended from the navel of the physical body to the double."

pp. 68-9 layers of the aura

p. 68

"In Breakthrough to Creativity, ... Shafica Karagulla mentions a psychic called Diane who sees three psychic bodies in the aura.


The closest, about an inch or two away, is the "energy body," ... appearing as "a

{This is the perispirit.}

p. 69

sparkling web of light beams."


A foot or a foot and a half farther out is the "emotional field," ovoid in form, with colors and energy patterns that reveal emotional states.

{This is the aitheric layer, the pran.a-maya-kos`a.}


Two feet or more beyond the physical body is the "mental body.""

{This is the manas-maya-kos`a.}

pp. 69-2 spectral apparel worn by the projected double


spectral apparel


"astral travelers wear when they go visiting ... a variety of outfits ... – mostly apparel that is familiar to their host or hostess ... . ...


The clothes may be associated with something that happened in the past, something the projector wishes to call to the attention of her host or hostess."

"In most cases of husband-to-wife projection (and vice versa) at night, the projector usually shows up in the clothes he wore to bed. Most projectors, however, will appear to their friends and relatives in street clothes and sometimes in evening clothes.


The garment worn in the astral may be a faithful copy of the physical garment, or it may be an improved version of it."


"Sometimes it is the living person who visits the sickbed of the dying and wears familiar clothes that can later be identified."

p. 73 prime body

"The second body may be a permanent resident inside the physical body, or it may be the prime body, possibly a biological-spiritual substance that animates the physical body."

p. 73 problem of the origin of the substance of spectral apparel

"Holms poses the dilemma :

The fact of a spirit or double appearing in clothes is commonly regarded as an unsurmountable difficulty ..., for these have no physiological relationship with the body".

{The spectral apparel is of the same origin as the subtle body : both are artefacts manufactured by the deities (spirit-guides) who create (enable) the experience of astral "projection".}

A. Campbell Holms : The Facts of Psychic Science and Philosophy. London : Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co, 1925.


Herbert B. Greenhouse : The Astral Journey. New York, N.Y. : Avon Books, 1974. 358 pp. [Add one from the pagination of the original Avon edition (1974) in order to arrive at the pagination in the Doubleday edition (1975).]