Astral Journey, III : "As Solid as Thou and I";

IV : "The "Why" of Astral Projection".

III. As Solid as Thou and I


Doubles that Perform Miracles



Doubles that Walk, Talk, and Breathe



A Review & a Praeview


IV. "Why" of Astral Projection


Astral Reunion of Families



Romance in a 2nd Body



Doubles That Help & Heal



8. (pp. 78-86) "Doubles that Perform Miracles".

pp. 79-80 Catholic-saint bilocators




St Anthony of Padua’s bilocation "was different from other OOBEs, when the duplicate body, if seen at all, is recognized as an apparition, non physical in nature.

{A fully visible duplicate body may be an aitheric body, as distinct from an only-partially-visible astral body.}


[In his duplicate body,] St. Anthony appeared to the monks as if in his solid physical body. ... he picked up the sacred book and read from it, he was observed in all his actions as though there in the flesh.

There have been many such cases of bilocation reported by the Catholic Church ... . It happens to those holy men and women who, because they have been granted the power to perform miracles, will later be sainted. It is probably the most astonishing of OOBEs because of the solidity of the second body and the fact that it seems to perform all the functions of the physical body. There are many bilocators in the annals of the Church. One of them was Alphonsus Liguori, the monk or Arezzo. ... In September 1774 ..., he went into a cataleptic trance and remained motionless in his cell for five days. When he woke up he announced that he had been at the bedside of the dying Pope ... and that the Pope was now dead. ... The news came a few days later that the Pope had died. ... Liguori claimed that his second body had been in Rome, and his statement was later confirmed by witnesses who were with him ... at the Pope’s bedside – the superiors of the Dominican, Observatine, and Augustinian orders. ...


Ignatius of Loyola, in the sixteenth century, was another bilocator."


"we have the testimony of a number of persons that Padre Pio, the Capuchin monk ..., many times projected his solid second body to help those in trouble. Although he was always in or near the monastery of San Giovani Rotondo, near Poggia, Italy, he was seen as far away as Uruguay, South America."

{Perhaps the ease wherewith the Catholic saints have achieve fully visible duplicate bodies is incited by their conviction in the transmutation of the Eucharist.}


9. (pp. 87-94) "Doubles that Walk, Talk, and Breathe".

pp. 90-2 a bilocatrix in Latvia

p. 90

"E’mile Sage’e ... was a woman ... who taught at an exclusive school for young ladies at Livonia ... .

p. 91

... It was noted that her double generally appeared when she was preoccupied in thought ... . The ... more trancelike

p. 92

her physical body, the clearer and more solid her double appeared. ,,, Then it came out that the same had happened in other schools where she had taught, nineteen in all. ... The case has been described in several books, including Battersby’s Man Outside Himself."

H. F. Prevost Battersby : Man Outside Himself. London : Rider & Co, 1941.


10. (pp. 95-102) "A Review & a Praeview".

pp. 95-6 the process of OOBE




"We have seen that ... the duplicate body rises, sometimes rotates our of the physical body, most often through the head, to a horizontal position above the passive body, then uprights itself, and that the process takes place in reverse when the second body returns. There is almost always a momentary


blanking out of consciousness when the double leaves. Many projectors say also that their physical body is cataleptic during this process.

There is a cord that connects the two bodies and thins out as the astral body moves further away, but it can be lengthened indefinitely. Fear, excessive noise, or some other disturbance can cause the double to slam back into the physical body with an unpleasant shock effect, and it is better to return slowly. ...

We have learned that the astral traveler may give off his own light and that he sometimes sees himself in a mirror, often appearing much younger than his chronological age and bigger than his physical body."


"We suggested that most astral projections happen during sleep".

p. 100 drugs for promoting OOBE

"shamans, sorceresses, witch doctors ... often take such drugs as yage` to ... make projections easier."

{The effect of such drugs is to help put a person in an appropriate mood to induce (through that mood) a deity to arrive in order to assist the person in temporarily departing out of the material body.}

"Aldous Huxley ... wrote that LSD ... promoted "traveling clairvoyance." In The Enigma of Out-of-Body Travel, Susy Smith tells about a New York psychologist who had ... OOBE after taking LSD."

"In Casebook of Astral Projection, Robert Crookall cites ... instances in which the ingestion of mescalin .. and cannabis ... were followed by OOBEs. In the mescalin case the projector ... called his experience the most thought-provoking of his life.

The other case, reported originally by Rosalind Heywood, was of an anthropologist named Turnbull who visited India and was given cannabis in a drink called "bhang." He felt himself traveling "through the clouds" and over the Himalaya Mountains".

p. 102 sleep as a necessary temporary disconnection

"Sylvan Muldoon believed that the purpose of sleep was to restore vigor to the physical body through a disconnection of the astral self. During sleep, according to this theory, the ... double is then able to absorb a kind of cosmic energy which it transfers to the sleeping self."

{Though sleep may be a time for replenishing the soul with teleologic intentionality from the divine worlds then being visited; also it is a time of reconciling (through divine assistance) discords amongst purposive schemata learned during waking existence. [Quasi-material substances are not directly involved; instead, only causal infusions of the divine will.]}

"Cornillier writes in The Survival of the Soul : "What causes sleep is a disunion is to liberate sufficiently the astral body, so that it may go gather from the ambience the vital force contained in the ... cosmic currents".


11. (pp. 106-13) "Astral Reunion of Families".

pp. 109-10 astral projection impelled by homesickness

p. 109

"Young men and older men away from home have been impelled by loneliness to project back over long distances. ...

p. 110

Soldiers and sailors in service on land and sea often solve the problem of homesickness by projecting their second bodies."

p. 110 yoga

"In Mysterious Worlds Dennis Bardens reports the experiences of writer John Eyre, who had many astral projections while practicing yoga, a disciple that ... often triggers psychic communication with others."

Dennis Bardens : Mysterious Worlds. NY : Cowles Book Co, 1970.

p. 111 astral projection to a burial

"An OOBE ... in 1908 is described by writer Frank Hives in Glimpses into Infinity. His was in Nigeria at the time ... . ... One night Hives ... lay down for a nap, and flew off in his double until he reached ... a churchyard. ... Hives glided into the churchyard and saw ... a coffin which was placed in an open grave."

Frank Hives : Glimpses into Infinity. London : The Bodley Head, 1931.

p. 112 spouses’ mutual projections

"It is quite natural, of course, for husbands and wives to project astrally to each other and sometimes to go off together in their doubles."


12. (pp. 114-23) "Romance in the 2nd Body".

pp. 115-6 seeking to meet a possibly prospective spouse for one’s self, via astral projection

p. 115

"Many a young (and older) man has met a young (and older) woman in an out-of-body experience even before meeting and loving her in the flesh. ... Lonely men often go out in their doubles on scouting trips in search of pleasant young women they can later track down in their physical bodies. It happened once to Sylvan Muldoon ... . ...

p. 116

Oliver Fox, who wrote about his OOBEs in Astral Projection, also went searching for romance in his second body".

pp. 117-8 locating, via astral projection, a prospective spouse, and marrying

p. 117

"Yram, the Frenchman ..., had ... second-body romances with the young lady who later became his wife. After first meeting her physically, Yram ... decided he would use his astral talents to keep the romance alive. Without even knowing what town his sweetheart lived in, he managed to fly to her every night. Fortunately, she was psychic herself ... . ... So closely attuned were Yram and his sweetheart that after marriage they began to project together ... .

p. 118

Shedding their physical bodies easily, they flew together, astral hands clasped."

p. 118 intercommunication between astral projectors and the dream-world

[meeting an astral projector in dreams {This is known as "dreamwalking".}] "Muldoon leaving his body and traveling astrally to her ... she dreamed that he was ... .

On a later occasion ..., it was Muldoon who dreamed that he was in the girl’s room ... . The next day she told him that

at long last she had seen him in her room."

{He had occasioned the opening (non-consciously, via some dream-deity) of a window (portal) into his dream-world, so that she could view him in his dream.}

p. 119-20 a visitation by a visible projected double

p. 119

"Oliver Fox had a ... girl friend named Elsie, who ... announced that she would show him how it was done. ... [She said,] "I’ll come to your room tonight and you shall see me there."... Sometime that night Oliver woke up with a sensation of "tingling nerves." Before him was a large, egg-shaped cloud of intensely bluish-white light. In the middle of it was Elsie ... . The following evening he met ... Elsie, who said, "I did come to you. ... I was there.""

p. 120

"later Oliver projected to Elsie’s room and she woke up to see him looking quite real ..., standing by her bed."


13. (pp. 124-31) "Doubles that Heal and Help".

pp. 125-7 emergency assistance astrally rendered to family and to friends


family and friends


"When danger threatens, husbands and wives hurry to each other in their doubles and ask for assistance. Cromwell Varley, a psychic investigator ..., had many paranormal experiences" including of this sort, which in the 1860s "he described ... to the London Dialectical Society."


"Friends often project to friends when they wish to give help or to receive it."


"Joy Snell, an English psychic who was also a nurse, tells in The Ministry of Angels of many OOBEs in which she helped her friends."

Joy Snell : The Ministry of Angels. London : G. Bell & Sons, 1918.

pp. 128- 9 emergency assistance astrally rendered to strangers




"Many persons go on astral missions of mercy to help strangers. Paul Neary, a psychic who divides his time between New York City and Atlanta, Georgia, has often gone out [of his body] at night to alleviate someone’s pain. ...

There is an altruistic British doctor who makes house calls via his second body ... . ... The doctor suddenly materialized ... and ... explained that he often got psychic calls for help and would project his double if a great distance was involved ... . When [one of his patients] returned to England, he asked on a BBC broadcast if his medical benefactor would reveal his identity. The


doctor called him and said that he was the physician who made astral house calls. ...

Many persons ... leave their bodies at night to give spiritual comfort to strangers in distress. There are several such cases in Crookall’s During Sleep."

Robert Crookall : During Sleep : the Possibility of "Co-operation.". London : Theosophical Publ House, 1964.

p. 130 George Chapman

"George Chapman ... is a medium through whom Dr. William Lang, an ophthalmologist who died in 1935, performs ... . When Chapman goes into a trance ..., Dr. Lang takes over his body ... using ... invisible helpers – his son Basil, who predeceased him, and a dead nurse. Dr. Lang works not on the physical but the etheric, or second, body, which ... hovers just above the physical ... . ...

{It is likely that this (or any other similar) alleged soul of a dead medical doctor is in reality a medic deity (such as Bhais.ajya-guru), who is praetending to be a dead person’s soul simply in order to be in accord with the praejudices (dogmatic religious beliefs) of the living human spirit-medium (and of that spirit-medium’s clients) involved.}

Dr. Lang gave ... this technique for psychic healing : "Look at yourself in a mirror until you are in the mirror and looking back at your physical body. When doing contact healing, imagine yourself standing away looking back at yourself in this manner. Then let us [the spirits] take over your body and do the work for you." After [the person so directed] did this exercise several times, he found that he could see himself during the healing session from a point six feet away."

{About the only way that such a procedure could actually function, would be for the soul (vantage-point) of the human practitioner to be transferred into the invisible body of the deity who is, firstly, located (imaginally, in the imaginal world) within the mirror; and, secondly, transferred into the invisible body of the deity who is located in physical (non-imaginal) space some fathom (6 feet) away behind the material body.}


Herbert B. Greenhouse : The Astral Journey. New York, N.Y. : Avon Books, 1974. 358 pp. [Add one from the pagination of the original Avon edition (1974) in order to arrive at the pagination in the Doubleday edition (1975).]