Astral Journey, V : "When Body and Mind Are Ready".

V. When Body & Mind Are Ready


Escape from Fear & from Pain



Doctors & Their Patients



Astral Projection at the Hospital



"I Am in Two Worlds"



Offbeat Astral Happenings



14. (pp. 134-42) "Escape from Fear and Pain".

p. 136 astral projection with silver cord

"A dramatic projection during the Civil War is described by J. Arthur Hill in Man Is a Spirit. ... As his physical body was hurled to the ground, his double rose high above it, and he saw the two bodies connected by "a slender cord of a clear silvery appearance." ... At this point he "came down the silver cord" and rejoined his body."

pp. 136-7 while astrally projected, commanding the material body [cf. also p. 224]




"The Journal of the British Society for Psychical Research reported [that] ... On August 3, 1944, an officer ... was conscious of being two persons, one of them "lying on the ground in a field ...," the other "hearing ... as though ... another person." His double floated about twenty feet above the ground and could see his physical body writhing below ... . The officer’s double calmly gave instructions to his physical body : "... roll over and over to put the flames

{Of course, what was commanded must have been a possessing-spirit in temporary occupation of the material body.}


out." The physical body began to roll ... . As the flames went out, the officer returned to his [material] body."


15. (pp. 143-52) "Astral Projections of Doctors and Their Patients".

p. 143 chronic ill health of many astral projectors

"Sylvan Muldoon, Oliver Fox, and Vincent Turvey believed that the physical body must always be below par before OOBEs could happen. All three ... were ill most of their lives and thought that bodily depletion was the most important factor in their ability to project. Eileen Garret was inclined to agree with them : "I have had many out-of-body experiences. They almost always occur when I am ill or depleted."

pp. 144-5 astral projection whilst the material body is comatose

p. 144

"Many times a patient unconscious with fever, in a coma, even seemingly dead, has opened his eyes and announced brightly that he went for a visit in another body. The previously comatose, sometimes "dead" man would further confound the doctor by telling everything that happened in the sick room when he was supposed to be unconscious.

In The Meaning of Immortality in Human Experience, philosopher William Ernest Hocking describes the OOBE of a woman who was deathly ill ... and seemingly unaware of her surroundings. ...

p. 145

The woman recovered and remembered being out of her body."

William Ernest Hocking : The Meaning of Immortality in Human Experience. revised edn. Harper & Bros., NY, 1957. (1st edn was in 1937)

p. 145 a medical doctor who described his own OOBE

"In 1937 a former professor of anatomy, in a speech before the British Royal Society of Medicine" : "Sir Auckland (later Baron) Geddes was

trying to tell the other doctors that a physician friend of his had gone out of his body. In later years, however, the consensus was that Geddess had been describing his own experience."

{"I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven." (2nd Korinthioi 12:2)

Commentators usually are of the consensus that Paul had been describing his own experience, as per the Revelation of Paul.}

2nd Korinthioi 12:2

Revelation of Paul

pp. 147-8 astral projection, with astral connecting-cord, of a medical doctor




[the astral projection by Dr. A. S. Wiltse of Skiddy, Kansas, as reported in the PROCEEDINGS of the British Society for Psychical Research (vol. 8, p. 180)] "Dr. Wiltse ... felt a rocking motion, as if he were in a cradle, then heard the "snapping of innumerable small cords" in his feet. His double began to move ... from his feet to his head until all consciousness of self was in the head. Then he passed around the brain ... and emerged through the surtures of the skull. His second body then "floated up and down laterally like a soap-bubble ... ." Finally his double fell to the floor, then stood up and "expanded to the full stature of a man." ... As Dr. Wiltse walked jauntily through the open doorway, he noticed ... trailing from the back ... a thin line that ... ended in his physical body, at the base of the neck in front. ... Suddenly he was lifted up into the air ... high above the tops of the green trees. Floating a short distance,


he saw "three prodigious rocks" on the road below. ... . ... an unseen presence ... said ... The three rocks were the boundary between physical life and the life beyond. He was given the choice to go forward or turn back. "But once you pass the rocks," he heard the voice say, "you can no more return to the body. ..." ... But as he started to cross the boundary line, a small black cloud appeared before him and covered his face. Lapsing into unconsciousness, he opened his eyes in his physical body."


16. (pp. 153-60) "Astral Projection in the Hospital".

p. 156 surgery patients’ OOBEs

"Many doctors ... have written about the OOBEs of their surgery patients. In A Surgeon Remembers, George Sava tells of an out-of-body case that made a profound impression on him."

pp. 157-8 a medical doctor; a medical nurse who did an astral projection




"Dr. R. B. Hout wrote in the June 1936 issue of Prediction magazine that at the time he was in the surgical clinic of a Chicago hospital. The patient in each case, unconscious after an inhalation of ether, floated above the operating table while the physical body


lay inert. As the anesthesia deepened, the double moved farther away ... . ... In one of the three cases the double floated horizontally, while in another it was upright and moved about in an active and spirited manner. Dr. Hout also noticed other etheric forms standing around and observing the surgeon’s operating technique. Their cords, attached to no physical body, were drifting about like "silvery curls of smoke.""


"Nurses, too, have often seen the doubles of surgical patients rise out of their physical bodies and join the observers.

In one case a nurse herself left her body while assisting in the operation. To her surprise, Myrtle Hendry found herself on the other side of the table, ...


watching her own body behave in its customary professional manner as it handed the doctor his instruments.

{This would have been feasible if her material body were being occupied by a possessing-spirit while she was outside of it.}


When the operation was over, she floated up over table and rejoined her physical body. ...

In a letter Miss Hendry ... stated that whenever she was near this particular doctor, she would feel lightheaded and perhaps go into a trance."

p. 159 projection of a glistening astral body, under influence of anaisthesia

"In Invading the Invisible James Edgerton describes how his son ... sat up in his double and saw within his physical body a new boy "glistening brilliantly" as it slid out of his "fleshly envelope." At this point he heard a beautiful sustained tone corresponding to middle E on the piano that started very low in volume and increased until it "seemed to fill the universe.""

James A. Edgerton : Invading the Invisible. NY : New Age Pr, 1931.


17. (pp. 161-72) "I Am in Two Worlds".

pp. 161-2 automatic writing

p. 161

"In automatic writing the hand of the medium or psychic holds a pencil over a pad of paper and writes without direction

p. 162

from the conscious mind. The double of the communicator may also be present controlling the arm movements of the medium."

p. 163 spirit-guides as "controls"

"Most mediums have "controls" – persons or entities from the spirit world who act as intermediaries for other dead persons ... .

{These "controls" are more likely to be the guardian-angels of the dead persons; and personifying, and thus acting on behalf of, those dead persons.}

Sometimes the control is startled when a living soul (double) comes through."

pp. 167-8 spirits speak audibly from some place in the air {cf. "Prince of the Power of the Air" (Ephesioi 2:2)}




"Trance mediums sometimes allow spirits to speak through their vocal cords. During some seances, however, the voice may be heard independently in another part of the room. ... An outstanding case of this


kind was that of Gordon Davis, who ... when his voice was heard ... was actually alive some distance away. ... The medium was Blanche Cooper, in whose presence the voices of spirits could be heard speaking as though coming out of the air."


"His [Gordon Davis] subconscious self" is what the author (H.B.G.) ascribed the source of this voice to.

{The source of the voice is more likely to have been the divine spirit-guide of G.D., personifying, and thus acting on behalf of, G.D.}

Ephesians 2:2

p. 169 unwilling astral trip

"Florence Marryat, a writer and psychic of the nineteenth century, was once brought against her will to a seance through the efforts of the members of the circle. Mrs. Marryat, who wrote There Is No Death, also had precognition in the astral body.

Although she had been sleeping at the time and was not aware that she was out of her body, her double was quite agitated and begged, through raps on the table, to be allowed to go back home. "Let me go back!" she spelled out. "There is a great danger hanging over my children. ..."" [The next day F.M.’s children narrowly evaded being accidentally killed.]

{It is more likely that, rather than F.M.’s "double", it was F.M.’s guardian-angel who was thusly temporarily abducted. Only F.M.’s guardian-angel would be aware of impending danger (unbeknownst to F.M. herself) to F.M.’s children.}

Florence MARRYAT (afterwards CHURCH afterwards LEAN) : There Is No Death. Kegan Paul & Co, London, 1891.

p. 170 spirit-media who are consciously controlled by an astrally projected living person

"A Mrs. Laura Finch on several occasions was the control of medium Alfred Vout Peters while she was physically in Paris and Peters was in London. ...

Vincent Turvey also ... often consciously projected to a seance room and controlled persons in the circle, sometimes telling them that he would do so and other times projecting without warning."

pp. 170-2 whither the spirit-medium’s soul wendeth whilst the spirit-medium’s material body is occupied by a possessing-spirit


out-of-body whilst body is possessed


"Where do trance mediums [viz., their consciousnesses] go when their bodies are taken over by either a dead spirit or a living double? Elwood Babbitt, a medium in Wendell Depot, Massachusetts, says he wanders off into other realms, often back through time ... . ...

{[Wilson 2010, p. 192 : quoting from Barbanell 1959, pp. 78-9] A "number of mediums ... while under spirit control ... say ... they seem to be standing some distance away from themselves. A few are conscious of experiencing ‘out-of-body’ travels and are able to narrate what they have seen and heard in distant places."}


The most famous of trance mediums ..., Leonora Piper, went out of her body when it was taken over by her control. [The process (as described in PROCEEDINGS of the Society for Psychic Research Vol. 13) :] Mrs. Piper mentioned "snapping noises" [cf. Wiltse’s ""snapping of innumerable small cords"" (p. 148)] and the connecting cord : "They [the spirits] were talking to me. I came in on a cord – a silver cord." [cf. "came down the silver cord" (p. 137)] Her controls, Phinuit and George Pelham, stated that they could see the medium leaving and returning to her physical


body. Phinuit said, "When I came in, I met the medium going out.""

Wilson 2010 = David Gordon Wilson : "Reassessing Spiritualist Mediumship through a Comparison of Spiritualist and Shamanic Spirit Possession Practices". In :- Bettina E. Schmidt & Lucy Huskinson (edd.) : Spirit Possession and Trance. Continuum Bks, London. pp. 186-204.

Barbanell 1959 = Maurice Barbanell : This Is Spiritualism. London : Herbert Jenkins.


18. (pp. 173-180) "Offbeat Astral Happenings".

p. 173 alternating sites of consciousness

"There are times when the I-Consciousness shifts back and forth between the physical and astral selves, other times when the double is experienced only from the point of view of the physical body. Occasionally, consciousness has been outside both bodies, sometimes in what seems to be a third body." {This 3rd body is the "mental body’ (manas-maya-kos`a).}

p. 173 non-cataleptic projection

"The physical body is not always cataleptic while the double is out. When Eileen Garrett projected to Iceland (see Chapter 1 [p. 14]), she sat in a chair in New York City and described what was happening."

{Is this an instance of "remote viewing"?}

pp. 174-5 praemonitions-of-approach {In such cases, the apparent "double" may be the traveler’s guardian-angel taking on (with permission) the countenance-guise of that traveler.}




"premonitions of approach" : "A host expects a visitor who appears in his double ahead of the scheduled time and then disappears. The flesh-and-blood guest shows up a bit later, unaware that he has given advance notice of his coming. The arrival phantom is called vardogr in Norway, a country known for this type of OOBE. According to Thorstein Wereide, who writes about "Norway’s Human Doubles" in Tomorrow magazine (Winter 1955), the vardogr is heard as well as seen – there are steps {footfalls} on the stairs, the outside door is unlocked, boots are kicked off. When the host investigates the finds the hall empty".


"The famous nineteenth-century medium D. D. Home was once due to meet the writer Count Tolstoy at a railroad station in St. Petersburg. His double got off the train and walked away, taking no notice of the amazed Tolstoy and his wife. When Home did arrive at the station three hours later, no one was there to greet him."

pp. 175-6 persons who. while located in their material bodies, espy their own non-material doubles {These multiple supposed "doubles" of a person may be the person’s various divine spirit-helpers, each having assumed the person’s countenance-guise.}




"In The Mystery of the Human Double Ralph Shirley tells about a professor ... who went to the library ... and saw his double sitting there ... pointing to this passage : "Set thine house in order, for thou shalt die." ...

A woman wrote to Crookall that while she was walking


one day, she ... turned around and saw her double.

The [person] may turn a corner and meet his double coming down the block.


There are also the three-body cases, when the projector is aware of having two doubles in addition to his physical body."

{Paul Solem, the flying-saucer contactee, is an instance of a 3-body case : he hath labeled the non-material twain "Paul 1" and "Paul 2".}

Ralph Shirley : The Mystery of the Human Double. London : Rider & Co, 1938.

pp. 176-7 persons who, while projected in a non-material body, espy their material body awake and engaged in activity {In all these cases, the projectors may be habitual ones (regularly making willful astral projections); who have neither published nor disclosed their full histories of such doings of theirs (not disclosed out of justifiable dread that too much such disclosure could lead to their being declared insane by medical doctors and by court).} { In all these cases, the physical body is able to function because, of course, it is temporarily occupied by a possessing-spirit.}


active, though evacuated, material body


"Philosopher C. J. Ducasse gives a case of a woman walking down the street who felt herself "rising higher and higher, up to the height of the second floor of the surrounding buildings, and then had the urge to look back; whereupon she saw her [physical] body walking about a block behind. ...""


"Aniela Jaffe[`], the Jungian analyst who studied cases of doubles in Switzerland, found one man who was able to escape physical pain by leaving his body ... . As he walked down the street, he noticed his physical self walking in front of him and realized that the pain had left him. He ran to catch up with himself and as he touched his physical body, it [his astral body] seemed to dissolve and he was back it [his material body]. At the same moment his pain returned."


"One of Muldoon’s correspondents was going to market when her I-Consciousness shifted into her double walking a short distance behind. She followed her physical body into the store and watched it give the order, and then open her purse and


hand the money to the clerk. Her double, lingering behind, heard the conversation between [the spirit possessing] her physical self and the clerk."

Curt John Ducasse : A Critical Examination of the Belief in a Life after Death. Springfield (IL) : Charles C. Thomas, 1961. AMERICAN LECTURE SERIES, 423.

Aniela Jaffe` : Apparitions and Precognition. New Hyde Park (NY) : University Bks, 1963.

pp. 178-9 OOBEs in concert-hall & in theatre


musician possessing-spirit


"In another of [Celia] Green’s cases, a piano player left his body on the stool,


where it continued playing, while he hovered over it "... directing control of all operations and knowing the result, musically, was certainly an improvement." The pianist added that he felt his [or rather, the spirit’s] playing had reached heights never before achieved when his I-Consciousness was in his physical body."

{This "improvement ... never before achieved" was reached because, surely a musician-deity (such as, a Caran.a) was undertaking spirit-possession of his material body.}


"The spectator may also find his double moving out. Green gives two cases of this kind. One man was listening intently to the overture before a play began and suddenly was "floating above the great dome of the theatre. ... I saw the roof of the theatre ... ."

The other projector was sitting in the balcony of a movie theatre when he felt himself float over the edge and look back at his physical body in the seat."


"In The Phenomena of Astral Projection Muldoon and Carrington describe how a church organist vacated her body while playing and let another entity take over and continue playing with her fingers. "All the time," she wrote, "my spirit is standing just outside my body. ... A cord connects me – my spirit and my body.""

p. 180 OOBEs of airplane-pilots

[from William T. Richardson, an epistle published in the S.P.R. JOURNAL of December 1961] "Dissociation of mind with {out from} the physical world is apparently a common phenomenon experienced by pilots, particularly those who fly at great heights and speeds. This sensation of "out-of-body" is a momentary experience of detachment, a glimpse of oneself ... from without. Not only have I had such an experience, but others sharing the common background of solitary flight have told me of their experiences with similar sensations."

{This type of spirit-possession may be caused by a deity who is the pilot of a vimana (divine flying saucer).}

p. 180 OOBEs of drivers of vehicles on land

"Celia Green gives many cases of OOBEs while riding in an automobile, bus, or motorcycle. In one case the driver of an automobile found himself above the car, traveling along with it, yet the physical body continued to operate the car with normal skill."


Herbert B. Greenhouse : The Astral Journey. New York, N.Y. : Avon Books, 1974. 358 pp. [Add one from the pagination of the original Avon edition (1974) in order to arrive at the pagination in the Doubleday edition (1975).]