Astral Journey, VI : "Projectors Tell Their Stories".



24. (pp. 232-9) "Conversations with a Dead Philosopher".

p. 232 a pair of astral-projector spirit-media in New England

"Two men ... at the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) ... – Elwood Babbitt and Alex Tanous ... live in New England,

Babbitt in Wendell Depot, Massachusetts, and

Tanous in Portland, Maine. ...

Charles Hapgood, a retired professor of history ... invited me to visit Babbitt" nigh Erving, Massachusetts."

pp. 234, 238-9 spirit-mediumship

p. 234

Elwood Babbitt "was a medium and Dr. Fisher {cf. the "Fisher-King" owner of the Holy Grail?} was the spirit control who took over his body when he went into a trance state. Every day people in the area came for spiritual readings, but it was actually Dr. Fisher who gave the readings. ... "I just turn on the spiritual force," Babbitt explained. "It’s like turning on a live cosmic vacuum cleaner. My energy is sucked away, and the other entity takes my body over. Dr. Fisher uses my body as a kind of telephone.""

p. 238

There may have been "an old work written in the nineteenth century ["early nineteenth century" (p. 235)] by a Dr. Frederick Fisher {what is the middle name or initial?}, professor of philosophy."

p. 239

"Elwood, who has been a medium since he was a child, makes little money, giving most of his time and energy to people who come for spiritual help."

pp. 233, 235-6 remote viewing by Elwood Babbitt


remote viewing


Babbitt said,"it was just a matter of turning my awareness on the experience they wanted and having it projected right in front of me."


"how, for example, did Elwood see the objects on the table? ... Elwood viewed them as colors and shapes – squares, circles, cubes, etc. ... .


Dr. Karlis Osis, research director of the ASPR, had reported that because Elwood did not give the exact names of the objects on the table, he considered the experiment a failure. ...

{This is a quite frivolous and inane excuse for describing a successful experiment as "a failure"! With some particular aspect ("names") undetermined, the situation sounds much like experiments whose results are limited by Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (where momentum and position cannot be determined simultaneously).}


"Entering the arena of objects, Elwood saw ... their shape and color only {is that not what anyone is limited to seeing?} ... . ... If he saw a box, for example, ... Elwood would see it like a box that is painted in scintillating etheric colors, namely the full potential color of pure white ... ." ...

{So, on account is his remote viewing of the white box as a scintillating box, the experiment was deemed a complete failure by the ASPR?!}


Psychics ... who are able ...


to be more completely in their spirit or souls body [while they are performing remote-viewing,] ... often see reality somewhat transformed, as though they were viewing it with spiritual rather than physical eyes."

{The ASPR, like all other university-sponsored laboratories for testing praeternatural powers, is apparently under orders from the ruling-class to falsify test-results so as to render them all ostensibly unsuccessful.}

pp. 236-7 possible dangers in astral travel (as contrasted with the relative safety of remote-viewing)




"Dr. Fisher explained the difference between traveling in the spirit {commonly known as "remote viewing"} and in the astral or etheric body. "Elwood does not operate from the astral where it is possible to leave the body ... . Astral travel, unless understood, is dangerous and


can lead many persons into homes of so-called insanity ... . ... This could cause you to be placed away in one of your mental hospitals. ..." ...

{That is, agents of the capitalist class may confine to the insane asylum any successful astral projectors who come to their attention. Likewise, in mediaeval western Europe, successful astral projectors used to be burned at the stake under [falsified] accusations of witchcraft.}


Dr. Fisher went on : "If, however, the astral traveler understands the basic spiritual rules governing his mobile travel, it may not be dangerous." ...

{The way of keeping it non-dangerous is not to divulge any activities involving one’s astral spying on governmental secrets.}


Dr Fisher replied : "Spirit travels extensively to replenish ... itself. At such times the spirit is protected ... . Each has an angel ... or guide constantly guarding him ... through the material world.""

{However, a spirit-guide cannot protect one’s material body from being murdered by governmental thugs, as the shamans of Siberia discovered when they were largely exterminated by the Stalinist regime in the 1930s.}

p. 239 spirit-controls of various spirit-media

"What is surprising is the wide gap in temperament and training between the pleasant, sky family man who ... could devote his life to helping others, and

the scholarly philosopher ... who speaks as though addressing a seminar in metaphysics. ...

There were marked differences between Eileen Garrett and

her control, Uvani.

The simple housewife Pearl Curran was intellectually a child compared with

the brilliant spirit Patience Worth who wrote poems, short stories, and novels on Mrs. Curran’s Ouija board."


25. (240-52) "The Time-Traveler from Maine".

p. 240 contrasts between Babbitt & Tanous

contrasts and similarities

"In contrast to Elwood Babbitt, who prefers to stay home and give trance readings,

Tanous .lectures throughout the country and makes frequent trips to the APSR laboratory in New York City.

While Babbitt gave up formal schooling to devote his time and energy to his readings,

Dr. Tanous has earned several advanced degrees – in history, philosophy, and theology – and teaches these subjects ... ."

p. 241 family-background of Alex Tanous

"Though he was born in the United States, his family is from Lebanon, a country where the paranormal is an accepted fact. Both parents were psychic, as are many of Tanous’ seven brothers and his uncles and aunts".

pp. 241-2 praeternatural childhood of Alex Tanous




"This father taught him how to develop [p. 243] the sensitivity in his hand so that he could not only feel the vibrations of people and objects but also learn his lessons by touch. ...


The ability to absorb ideas by running his hand over the text of a book helped him to master many school subjects faster than he could do by reading and memorizing.

Before his father died, when Alex was eleven, they often communicated through telepathy. ...


Alex had his first out-of-body experience when he was six years old ... . Standing at the top of the stairs, he could see his double, the exact replica of himself, at the bottom, making the same movements. The double was his playmate for a year and a half".

{These were not instances of being out of the material body, but rather of encountring a deity who hath assumed one’s guise. (Perhaps some such deity as Mimas the mime was involved.)}

pp. 242-4 various praeternatural abilities of Alex Tanous

p. 242

"Today he often diagnoses an illness by shaking hands with someone."

p. 243

"Tanous’ ability ... has been put to such practical uses as locating missing persons and animals".

{Locating missing persons by supernatural means is a frequent duty of shamans; a divine spirit-helper is always involved in order to perform the actual locating.}

p. 244

"In other instances Tanous projects himself into the future, as he does when he makes predictions of world events."

{It may be possible to view some future events by seeing through the eyen of a deity.}

p. 247 out-of-the-material-body projection of consciousness

Alex Tanous : "his I-Consciousness does go instantaneously to the place where he directs it ... . Although he is not in a duplicate {i.e., astral and/or mental} body,

he feels himself as a mass of energy, a ball of light. this corresponds to the soul body ... . ... It will be recalled that other projectors experienced themselves as masses of energy when out of their bodies,

{Such "soul body" is designated "causal body" in Theosophical Society terminology.}

also that light from the second body frequently illuminates a dark room."

{Deities usually (if not always) glow when appearing in the dark at night; evidently, whenever mortals project in a luminous body, that very luminosity hath been provided to their subtle body by a divine source.}

"Tanous also says that he usually feels his "mass of energy" hovering over the place to which he has projected, and that he doesn’t receive his information directly – that is through the senses – but that the spirit of which the energy is composed relays the information back to the physical body."

{Such "spirit" who "relays the information" would, of course, be an independent deity.}

p. 251 projection of images by Alex Tanous

"On another occasion, with eight witnesses in the room, a whole wall lit up with a picture of a boat that appeared to be sailing across the wall. He kept projecting images for two hours, while the audience watched ... . Witnesses to the image-making wrote letters to newspapers describing what they had seen."

p. 252 absorption of sunlight via the eyen

"The light from the sun may interact with the soul body ... . ... Alex told me. "... I walk in the sun[light] with light in my eyes. ..." ... the sunlight poured through ... . Alex turned his head toward it and drank it into his eyes".

{cf. sungazing (bahya trat.aka in Bharata), including in antient Iran}


26. (pp. 253-64) "Classic Trio of Projectors".

p. 254 Sylvan Muldoon’s introduction to spiritualism

"Muldoon lived in a small town in Wisconsin ... . When he was twelve years old, his mother took him and his little brother to a spiritualist convention in Clinton, Iowa. ... Mother and sons were given accommodations in a house where there were many mediums, and Muldoon theorized later that

the psychic atmosphere was responsible in large measure for his first OOBE."

{The spirits (deities) were thus introduced to him through those spirits’ praesence amongst the human spirit-media.}

pp. 254-5 Sylvan Muldoon’s first OOBE


1st astral projection


"He woke up in the night with his body paralyzed – he conldn’t move. Then he ... began to vibrate in an up-and-down movement. There was a strong pressure {due to the attaching there of the silver cable onto his forming astral body} at the back of head. Next he was floating horizontally above the bed, rising upward toward the ceiling. ... About six feet up he moved ninety degrees from the horizontal to a vertical position and descended to a standing position on the floor of the bedroom. ... Now ... he looked back at the bed and saw himself still sleeping there. He had two bodies, one standing on


the floor that contained his I-Consciousness, the other lying passively in bed. [They were] Two identical bodies, joined by an "elastic-like cable," one end between the eyes of the body in bed, the other attached to the back of the head of the body he now occupied. ...

The tugging at the back of his head grew stronger. He felt himself swaying ..., zigzagging ... as he walked, then suddenly unable to move. The next moment his double was lifted into the air and jerked back to the bed, where it was suspended horizontally six feet above his physical body. It vibrated in an up-and-down motion ... and dropped into his physical body."

p. 255 some features of astral projections

"He [Muldoon] discovered that the zigzagging or swaying of the astral body occurred [only] ... when it was within "cord-range activity," that is within fifteen feet of the physical body."

"The astral body may be walking about at night when it {the human projector’s consciousness, not "it"} suddenly becomes aware of itself."

{While is it "walking about at night" not under the control of human consciousness, the astral body must be possessed by some deity.}

p. 257 "Muldoon’s development of a for consciously sending out his double"

"he dreamed once that he was in "a ... hall" with "a high ceiling, skylights, and

colored windows."

{cf. "colored glass bottles are filled with water and exposed to sunlight" in "Chromo Therapy." ("SBL") – also known as Spectro-Chrome therapy.}

... the skylight ... was "one small hole in the center of the ceiling." In the dream Muldoon ... rose in the air and tried to squeeze through the hole, but his body was caught in it.

{cf. cf. how goddess Fortuna, in order visit Servius Tullius, "would slip during the night through the skylight." ("F"; NLEM, p. 221)} {also, cf. "chains must be carried through the impluvium [aperture in the roof]" of the flamen dialis (NA 10:15:8).} {also, cf. the Makedonian myth of payment in sunlight’s being caught through the skylight of the royal palace.}

Now ..., he woke up and found himself in his astral body, its position just as in the dream. He was half above and half below the ceiling."

(Thereafter, Muldroon used contemplation of this particular dream in order to achieve frequent further astral projections regularly.)

"SBL" = "Sun Bestows Life on Planet Earth", chapter 18 of Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya (transl. by Ms. Heena A. Kapadia) : Heralding a Radiant World Future.

"F" = "Fortuna"

NLEM = New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology.

NA = Aulus Gellius : Noctes Atticae.

According to SSE, the colored glass is apparently employed in Mis.r in order to summon jnun – so that jnun may be involved in facilitating astral projection. To jnun are often ascribed whirlwinds, hence the "Whirlwind" (p. 264) of Yram.

The flaminica dialis officiated at the rite (NA 10:15:30) for the Argei, which were straw puppets (similar to so-called vodun dolls) – so that a piercing with "pins" (such as was performed by the Danai:des on their husbands – GM 60.k) may be relatable.

SSE = Paul Brunton : A Search in Secret Egypt. 1936.

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

p. 260-1 stages in the achievement of voluntary astral projection


stages in the achievement


Before reaching the point where he could astrally project voluntarily in the waking state, Oliver Fox "went through the stages of what he called

the "Dream of Knowledge,"

the "Trance Condition,"

the "False Awakening," and

"Instantaneous Projection," and

he learned to concentrate on "an imaginary trapdoor in the mind" as a means of exit for the second body."


"Dream of Knowledge" : "he would recognize that he was in a dream".

{This is now usually known as "lucid dreaming".}


"If he held the dream too long [as a "Dream of Knowledge"], however, he got a severe pain in the forehead. ...

(In many projections it is observed that the connecting cord starts from the middle of the forehead and end’s at the back of the double’s head.)" {So that he may thus have been, during that sort of dream, in the initial stage of extruding the connecting cord from the material body.}


"He was "locked out" in his dream and he wandered freely along what appeared to be a seashore. ... When he finally got back into his

{Is it thus suggested that being "locked out" of one’s material body, is related, via an astral beach-world, to sleep-paralysis?} {Fox’s "Trance Condition" is now usually known as "sleep-paralysis".}


[material] body, he was paralyzed as he lay in bed. ... . ... he was in what he called the Trance Condition (catalepsy)".


"he discovered that he was not really awake

{actually, as much awake as one is when astrally projected – but nevertheless not as yet astrally projected}


but in a strange state of unreality,

{actually, a state of as much reality as one is when astrally projected}


hallucinating with

{viz., seeing divine forms}


"terrifying sensations, shapes, and sounds." This was the False Awakening."

{Namuci (Mara) attempted to terrify Siddha-artha Bodhi-sattva. Perhaps Oliver Fox’s choice of the term "False Awakening" (which term is now usually relegated to an event occurring in a peculiar type of lucid dream) was praedicated on the Bauddha determination of the apparition to Siddha-artha Bodhi-sattva of Namuci (Mara), which apparition (along with that of Namuci-Mara’s daughters) not to be full bodhi (enlightenment) although falsely seeming so to be.}


Oliver Fox wrote : "My incorporeal self ... hurled itself against the imaginary {imaginal} trapdoor, while the golden light increased in brilliance".

{" on the trapdoor leading to the storage room, [Polu-eidos] the seer saw an owl (glaux)" (WhWhCM) : the "honey" (GM 90.d) thus encountred by Polu-eidos may praefigure the "golden light" witnessed by Oliver Fox.}

{The heroine Klutaimnestra "enters through the trap-door (anaptesme)" (OAe, p. 195) : this is somewhat similar to another female’s (goddess Fortuna’s) entering via a skylight.}

WhWhCM = Michael Grant & John Hazel : Who's Who in Classical Mythology. Oxford U Pr, 1973.

OAe = George C. W. Warr : The Oresteia of Aeschylus. London : George Allen, 1900.

{Similar to astral-projection, which usually transpireth during the twilight-like hypnopompic/hypnogogic state, is was during twilight that Namuci was overcome (as though with paralysis?) by Indra (and likewise was Hiran.ya-kas`ipu overcome by Nara-simha, according to the myth in the BhP 8). And just as Oliver Fox was "locked out", so was Namuci "bound" (Mahabharata 12:219:3 – RB, p. 136).} {In Hellenic terms, terrifying visions are characteristic of the realm of god Hades, who was smitten "in the shoulder" (according to the IliadCDCM, s.v. "Hades"); much as Namuci was smitten in the shoulder (BhP 8:11).} {Ordinary "nightmares", ascribed to Vepa-citti, may be cured by S`amvara (according to Buddha-ghos.a –"V").}

RB = Alf Hiltebeitel : The Ritual of Battle: Krishna in the Mahābhārata. State U of NY Pr, Albany, 1990.

CDCM = Pierre Grimal (trl. Maxwell-Hyslop) : A Concise Dictionary of Classical Mythology. 1990.

BhP = Bhagavata Upa-puran.a

"V" = "Vepacitti"

pp. 261-2 astral scenes viewed by Oliver Fox

p. 261

"there were "street bazaars and shining white oriental buildings ... a curious fountain : a huge kneeling

p. 262

elephant, sculptured in black stone." ... In one projection he witnessed


"a roadway of golden light stretching from earth to zenith ...

{cf. "Golden Gate" Bridge of Taoist mythology}


countless coloured forms of men and beasts ...


suddenly there came a culminating vision of a giant peacock, whose outspread tail filled the heavens."

{cf. the Yazidi deity Malik T.a>us; and/or the peafowl-vehicle of Guha/Skanda}

p. 262 Yram

"Yram was the pseudonym of a Frenchman who wrote Le Me’dicin del’A^me, later translated into English as Practical Astral Projection."

p. 263 projections by Yram

Yram "sometimes found himself on the material plane ... . At such times his movements were impeded by objects such as walls and doors ... .

{characteristic of aitheric projection}

At other times his double was arrested on a lower ... plane (the Hades of Robert Crookall and Locale II of Robert Monroe),

where he was menaced by hostile entities."

{Perhaps those entities treated him hostilely because he had neglected to denounce and maledict Christians (Christians being everywhere so notorious for their treacheries and general viciousness).}


Herbert B. Greenhouse : The Astral Journey. New York, N.Y. : Avon Books, 1974. 358 pp. [Add one from the pagination of the original Avon edition (1974) in order to arrive at the pagination in the Doubleday edition (1975).]