Astral Journey, VII : "The Scientific Approach".

VII. The Scientific Approach


Scholars of Astral Travel



"Trapping the Soul" : Laboratory



Laboratory Experiments in 1970s



Psychiatrists, Professors, Perception



27. (pp. 268-277) "Scholars of Astral Travel".

p. 268 survival of soul

"The late sociology professor Hornell Hart found evidence for the survival of the soul in the literature of astral projection."

p. 269 D. Scott Rogo

One of Scott Rogo’s books, "Nad, includes several cases in which projectors hear music during their OOBEs.

In Welcoming Silence Rogo tells about his spontaneous OOBEs".

Scott Rogo wrote : "I felt ... as though I were enveloped in a liquid or density of some sort. ... I observed that I was floating above my body. ... For an instant I lost consciousness. I ... found myself standing at the foot of the bed ..., viewing my physical body." ... He floated toward the door and went through it as though through "dense liquid or jelly.""

pp. 270-2 researches by Robert Crookall (and by Scott Rogo)




"Robert Crookall has written thirteen books based on his research. ...

Crookall found that ... first-time projectors ... go through the same process of

physical catalepsy {viz., sleep-paralysis},

momentary blackout {i.e., discontinuity in consciousness},

leaving through the head {or other part of the body},

rising to a horizontal position ... ."


"If the spiritually advanced psychic has the mediumistic constitution, he may pass temporarily through Hades conditions ... . ... In the first stage the vehicle of vitality, which Crookall equates with ectoplasm, surrounds the soul body and creates the kind of misty, foggy, liquidy atmosphere in which Rogo found himself. ... When the second bodies of Rogo and Muldoon were swaying and falling while still near their physical bodies (within cord range), they were controlled by the vehicle of vitality. During this stage the double ... feels the sensation of the parent body, as Rogo’s double did ... . Muldoon also had many experiences of this kind. During this stage, consciousness may wax and wane, often staying in the physical body or shifting back and forth between he two. In dual consciousness the projector has some awareness in both bodies. ... In one of Rogo’s projections, his


"consciousness and sight stemmed from a point not within either body. ... I was viewing both bodies from another side of the room."

Once the soul body

{This phainomenon is common is accounts by various minor astral projectors. It could arise from temporary transference of consciousness into the invisible body of a visiting deity.}


gets beyond cord range, consciousness stays in it and becomes clearer."

"Crookall found that there are two silver cords as well as two aspects of the double ... . ...


The solar plexus connection

is to the vehicle of vitality {i.e., the true aitheric body},


the pineal gland connection

is to the soul body {astral body}.


There are a few projectors, one of them medium Gladys Osborne, who have seen them both at the same time."

p. 272 post-mortem condition of the double

"conditions after death" : "The "astral shell," which is the equivalent of the vehicle of vitality,

sleeps or wanders for three days in the dreamlike Hades region,

{"so shall the son of man be three days and three nights in the Heart-of-the-Earth." (Euangelion according to Matthaios 12:40)}

then disintegrates, leaving the soul body free to enter the brighter realms. ... The cord, too (or cords), wnhich supplies life-giving energy to the physical body, is severed at death."

"Matthew 12:40"

p. 273 spirit-guides

"The astral traveler may be accompanied by guides, whom Crookall calls "helpers" or "hinderers," depending on which realm he has contacted. ... Sometimes the helpers aid in the process of protection and guide the astral traveler on his journey."

"William Dudley Pelley, ... a writer living in the 1920s in Pasadena, California, woke up one night ..., his body cataleptic {sleep-paralyzed}. ... Suddenly he was projected into a whirlwind and carried him through "blue space," but just as suddenly two guides appeared, one of them saying, "Take it easy, old man. We’re here to help you.""


28. (pp. 278-293) " "Trapping the Soul" in the Laboratory".

p. 279 woman tested by Tart

tested to read a concealed number : "she ... was completely out of her body. ... she went to the ceiling and correctly read the number."

pp. 281-2 Ingo Swann tested by the Janet Michell of the ASPR

p. 281

tested to see what was on concealed trays : "he was out of his body ... . ... Swann sketched almost exactly what was on the trays ... . ...

p. 282

The tests were evaluated by a psychologist who correctly matched the ... sets of targets with Swann’s descriptions of them."

p. 283 various astral projectors tested by Dr Karlis Osis of the ASPR

"the psychics projected ..., and fifteen ... gave good evidence that they were present in their doubles. ... Many of the projectors had circular or globular vision – seeing in all directions at once. ...

On Elwood’s Babbitt’s ... projection, the auras of Dr. Osis and another man in the office gave off such a strong violet color that they blotted out the rest of the room. At times [electric] lights would mysteriously come on and go off and ... seemed to be activated by the projectors."

p. 284 environs of the ASPR building visited by various astral projectors while projecting; vicissitudes to their projected astral bodies upon arrival

"Another projector flew into an apartment across the street, attracted by more interesting things than were happening in Dr. Osis’ office.

In one case, a psychic ... found herself on the first floor of the ASPR building, where several people were preparing an art exhibit. ...

Terry Marmoreo was conscious of flying from Toronto and saw ships in New York harbor. When she got to the building, she was momentarily trapped in the hall of the fourth floor.

Ann Jensen, of Enid, Oklahoma, passed over Louisville, Kentucky, on the way to New York, but had trouble getting through the door of the ASPR building."

p. 285 Alex Tanous tested by Vera Feldman of the ASPR

In "one experiment ... Tanous drew the barrier as it would appear from above ... . ... Tanous ... correctly identified the objects or gave the right shape or color. ...

Sometimes his visual focus was restricted to the area immediately before him, but at other times he had circular vision and could see the whole room at once."

{What manner of vision would be possessed by a projector would, of course, depend on what divine spirit-guide was enabling him at that moment.}

The projected double of "Alex appeared as a solid figure to Miss [Christine] Whiting, who also saw the other projectors as solid, with clear facial features."

pp. 286-9 astral views of the ASPR office by various projectors whilst projecting




After astrally projecting to the ASPR office, Elwood "Babbitt sent in a sketch with each object in its correct position".


"Christine Whiting saw and accurately described Claudette Kiely, a Massachusetts psychic and teacher who projected to the office".


"On another trip Mrs. Kiely .... projected while wearing her indigo blue robe. ...


At the same time in New York Bonnie Perskari saw ... a blue haze ... . Christine Whiting, who was also in the office, saw a large blue ... haze which grew larger ... . Mrs. Kiely then tried to flick a light switch on the wall ..., and Mrs. Whiting saw a flash of light."

p. 286 praeternatural interference with experimental breakthroughs

"Parapsychologists and psychics know that very often when a breakthrough is imminent, gremlins or devils or other ill-meaning entities put on their hex."

{The divine beings who thus interfere are not ill-intended, but rather seek by their interference to protect the psychics/projectors. If the evidence were too clear and incontrovertible, the psychics/projectors involved would simply be murdered by capitalist-stooge hireling-thugs (CIA-agents or the like).}

{The reason why, after such signal successes on their across-country astral-projections, further such trial-flights were not scheduled with the projectors; must surely have been due to some wealthy financial backers of the ASPR forbidding any further such tests.}


29. (pp. 294-306) "Laboratory Experiments in 1970s".

pp. 295-8 Blue Harary and his projected double




"The star subject of the PRF [Psychical Research Foundation, in Durham NC] is Stuart Harary, better known as "Blue," ... who ... has had many spontaneous OOBEs ... . ... in ... his ... OOBEs, his I-Consciousness takes three forms.


In one he is aware of a bodily shape, sometimes an exact duplicate of his physical body.



In another he is a ball of light in glowing white. gold, or blue {whence his nickname "Blue"?} color.

{lower causal-body?}


In the third form he is a pinpoint in space and has circular vision.

{higher causal-body?}


At times he is conscious of being simultaneously in all three forms.

Sometimes Blue wears astral clothing over his second body form. ...


Blue’s spontaneous OOBEs often occur when he is falling asleep or just waking up. Sometimes he projects while asleep but not dreaming, while at other times he knows he is dreaming and wakes up in his double ... .

Blue can see his physical body ... lying on his bed his double has just left, but it appears as a dark shadow or silhouette.


His shadowy physical body sometimes becomes a window through which he can witness future events."

{"latent in it are forms ... . ... Shadowy it is and dim; yet within it there is a force ... ." (Tao Te C^in I:21)}


"Once ... a young lady ... had seen [him as] a ball of light ... . ... Other friends have also seen Blue as a ball of light or a momentary flash."


"Blue travels easily through all barriers and can get his double into very small physical areas when necessary.

This was he experience of Alex Tanous when he found himself as a small entity on the porch of the box and could move around the interior of the box".


"Once ... Blue made a side trip in his double to the polygraph room next door. The technician felt a shock to his spine ... .

During another day’s experiment, Blue detoured to a room next to the detection room, and a girl there saw him as lines of light."

Daodejing I. 21

pp. 302-3 tests conducted by Russell Targ of the SRI (Stanford Research Institute) : astral projections to designated geographical co-ordinates




"Targ gave him a point halfway around the world. ... Swann projected to the Indian Ocean, to an island ... . Swann drew a sketch of the island ... . A comparison with a map of the island showed that the sketch and the map were almost identical ... .

A second projector was Pat Price, former mayor and police commissioner of Burbank, California ... . ... Price went immediately to the same French island and also drew and accurate sketch, even more detailed than Swann’s.


He not only saw the island but heard the inhabitants speaking French.

In the fall of 1973 a series of carefully designed ... tests were begun at SRI with Pat Price as the principal subject. ... Price sat ... to project ... . ... Price does not believe that his view of the target was "remote" but that in each case ..., he went out of his body instantaneously to the designated area. He believes also that his consciousness occupied a point in space and that he was there in his double ... . [This is the true situation, despite an official mislabeling of the projection as "remote viewing" (p. 303).]

Price’s descriptions of the target areas, bother verbally and in drawings, were often so accurate that Targ could identify the area without being told were it was."

pp. 304, 306 difficulties in the nature of the tests




"Many of the difficulties of other controlled experiments in ESP laboratories are present in the OOB tests. When one goes out of his body naturally, without conscious effort or laboratory controls, his need or the need of others {actually real-life-emergency needs, not the frivolous excuses of so-called "laboratory testing"} may take him directly to his "target," usually another human being with whom he has a close relationship. ...

Laboratory subjects ... must [according to the terms of such conventional frivolous "tests"] project mostly to [inanimate] objects instead of [to] living, breathing individuals. Thus many of the ASPR projectors found themselves going off in search of persons or activities rather than confining their doubles to the designated areas where there were only lifeless objects and machines. ...

The size of the targets {too small} was also an obstacle."


"The fact that these devices are mechanical may at present keep the projector from interacting with them as he might with human beings and animals."

{It would seem quite likely that the university-sponsored experimenters contrive such infunctional "tests" deceitfully, with the deliberate intent of producing foregone failures.}

{The "laboratory testing" is usually an effort to treat intelligent humans (along with their divine controls/spirit-guides) like so many rats in a cage; the so-called "testing" is usually so contemptible in its design and method that it is no wonder that divine controls/spirit-guides refuse to co-operate effectually.}


30. (pp. 307-320) "Of Psychiatrists, Professors, and Perception".

pp. 307, 309 a typical effect of "psychiatry" on an astral projectrix

p. 307

"What started out as a beautiful experience turned into a nightmare because of her psychiatrist. ...

p. 309

She believes now that to have on OOBE is equivalent to being psychotic. ...

The self that rose above her [material] body ... promised a richer and fuller life for her. Instead, her psychiatrist sent her rudely back into the old self with its fears and inhibitions, its distrust of life and people."

{A woman (being more innocently trusting) is more likely than a man to be so grossly misled in such a manner.}

p. 311 the material brain is superfluous

"In Disincarnate Influence in Human Life, Ernest Bozzano cites cases ... whose brains were "torn up ..., with abundant loss of brain matter," yet they got well and showed no sign of mental deterioration. In other cases autopsies have shown extensive brain damage in an individual who gave no sign of it in his behavior while alive."

LIBRARY OF THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, vol. 1 Ernesto Bozzano (translated by Isabel Emerson) : Disincarnate Influence in Human Life; a review of the case for spirit intervention. J. M . Watkins, 1938.

p. 312 cases of the astral body’s supplanting the abilities of the material body

"Ed Morrell, in great pain while tightly bound in his strait jacket, had no pain as he soared aloft in his double.

Vincent Turvey, as weak as a child in his physical body, found that his double could lift a bed with two people in it."

p. 314 a case of the psychically-sighted but physically blind [to indicate that the material body’s eyesight is superfluous]

"that of Loraina Brackett, reported by Slater Brown in The Heyday of Spiritualism. Loraina, who lived in Providence, Rhode Island, in the early 1800s, suffered ... deterioration of eyesight and blindness ... . When hypnotized, however, she was able to walk around the house and perform as though she were sighted. She could read messages in sealed envelopes and could see pictures by holding them to the back of her head. Loraina also projected to places some distance from Providence and described them in accurate detail. ... Although she had never been in New York, she saw the Battery as though she were physically there, gave accurate details about the Astor House".

Slater Brown : The Heyday of Spiritualism. NY : Hawthorn Books, 1970.

p. 314 a case of sleep-paralysis in a congenitally blind person

"a young man blind from birth who attends Columbia University in New York City ... awakens with his body cataleptic and feels himself spinning around."


Herbert B. Greenhouse : The Astral Journey. New York, N.Y. : Avon Books, 1974. 358 pp. [Add one from the pagination of the original Avon edition (1974) in order to arrive at the pagination in the Doubleday edition (1975).]