Astral Journey, VIII : "The Ultimate Quaestion".

VIII. The Ultimate Quaestion


A Rehearsal for Dying



The Future of Astral Projection


[IX.] Postscript


[Addendum to 32. "The Future of Astral Projection".]



31. (pp. 324-331) "A Rehearsal for Dying".

pp. 325-7 evidences for survival after death




"There are many ways in which the physical act of dying gives evidence of a second body and survival. In crisis apparitions, the double of the dying man appears to a friend or relative at some distance from the scene of death, often when the witness does not even know of the illness or fatal accident. In its first years the British Society for Psychical Research investigated many cases of this kind. ...

Another story of a dying mother projecting to her children appeared ... in the present author’s In Defense of Ghosts."


"An early study by the physicist William Barrett ... shows that many of the dying have visions of the dead. Some of the terminal patients do not know that the friend or relative whose astral body they see just died."

"Baird’s A Casebook for Survival ... tells of a vision that came not only to a young girl as she died at sea but also to the medical officer, the captain of the ship, and several members of the crew. A ten-year-old orphan was on her way back to Japan and in the care of the ship’s captain. ... Both the child and the medical officer who was in the room saw


a light directly over the bed that radiated waves of blue, white, and gold. The doctor described it as a luminous globe ... .

{Was the blue-white-and-gold globe a S^into deity come to receive the girl’s soul?}


As it came down gently and lit up ...,


the girl cried out, "Oh Mama, Mama, I see ... the way .. and it is ... all bright ... and shining!" ... at that moment the child died."

Herbert B. Greenhouse : In Defense of Ghosts. NY : Simon & Schuster, 1970.

Alexander T Baird : A Casebook for Survival. London : Psychic Press, 1946?

pp. 327-9 the soul is witnessed as uprising from a fresh corpse


post-mortem rising-up of the soul


"Joy Snell, ... who was visited at night by the double of her friend Margaret before the latter became fatally ill, was Margaret’s bedside when she died. Miss Snell wrote : "Immediately after her heart ceased to beat, I distinctly saw something in appearance like smoke ... ascend from her body ... . This form, shadowy at first, gradually changed and ... resolved itself into a form like that of my friend who had just died ... ." Miss Snell said that in her twenty years of nursing, she saw this same phenomenon at death many times. "The spirit form, in appearance an etherealized duplicate of the human form, takes shape above the body in which life has become extinct and then vanishes from sight." ...

Robert Crookall has given many instances in which the departing double was first seen as a mist, a vapor, a cloud, or a blue light -- ... that in most cases condenses into a human form. ...


Eileen Garrett said that as a child she saw "a grey smoke-like substance rising in spiral form" from dying ducks. Later, when her own child died, the smoky substance "curled and wove rhythmically away." ...

In her Journal [1858], Louisa May Alcott writes about ... when her sister Betty died; "... I saw a light mist rise from her body, and float up and vanish in the air. Mother’s eyes followed mine, and


... she described the same light mist. Dr. G said it was life departing visibly.""

Joy Snell : The Ministry of Angels. London : G. Bell & Sons, 1918.

p. 328 the aura of the dying is witnessed as fading out

"Many observers have seen the aura of the body change as death drew near. In "A Vision of Death" (Light Magazine, July 9, 1997), a letter ... stated that as the writer sat at his dying friend's bedside, the colors of the aura grew "more and more defined as the spirit prepared for departure.""

p. 328 the silver cord of the dying is witnessed by the living

"Dr. Hout, who witnessed the astral projection of three patients while they were unconscious during surgery, was at his aunt’s deathbed when there emerged "a silver-like substance ... streaming from the head of the physical body to the head of the spirit double." He called the cord "a connecting link between the physical and spirit bodies ... .""

p. 329 the process of escape of the soul from the body at death, as witnessed by the living

"In his Harmonial Philosophy David wrote :

The clairvoyant sees right over the head ... a ... halo ... golden in appearance and throbbing as though conscious. ... The emanation is ... in the ... human form. It is connected with the brain ... by a very fine life-thread. ... The fine life-thread continues attached to the old brain. ... When the thread snaps the spiritual body is free".

{HPh, pp. 133-4}

"from an unnamed psychic whose version is given in Chevreuil’s Proofs of the Spirit World":

"The brain took on a particular brilliancy. ... I saw another head being formed, which took shape more and more distinctly. ... In the same manner I saw being formed successively the neck, the shoulders, the torso ... . ... the mind or discarnated intelligence raised itself up ... above the head of the deserted body".

HPh = The Harmonial Philosophy : a Compendium and Digest of the Works of Andrew Jackson Davis the Seer of Poughkeepsie. London : William Rider & Son.

Le’on Chevreuil (translated by Agnes Kendrick Gray) : Proofs of the Spirit World. (On ne meurt pas.) NY : E. P. Dutton & Co, 1920.


p. 330 weighing of a soul on weighing-scales

"An ingenious doctor, Duncan MacDougall, built scales around the beds of terminal patients and weighed them both before and after death. He found that there was a difference in weight of about one or two ounces. Two Dutch physicists, Drs. J. L. W. P. Matla and G. J. Zaalberg van Zelst ... calculated the weight of the spirit as 2.25 ounces."

"Soul Catcher : The strange deathbed experiment of Dr MacDougall" (FORTEAN TIMES, May 2010)

"A Soul's Weight" (LOST magazine, Dec 2005)


32. (pp. 332-337) "The Future of Astral Projection".

pp. 332-3 estimates of the proportion of the population comprising astral-projectors


% of population


"Psychologist Francis Banks found that 45 per cent of a group of churchgoers had experienced projection.

Dr. Jule Eisenbud, ... who wrote The World of Ted Serios, has estimated


the number of projectors at 25 per cent of the population.

When astral traveler Robert Monroe asked a lecture audience in New York City how many had had OOBEs, about one third raised their hands.

At my own lectures from 25 to 30 per cent of the audience tell me about their OOBEs."

p. 333 reluctance on the part of many astral projectors to disclose their identities

"Although many of the projectors I have spoken with were quite willing to have their names and stories in this book,

others gave me only a few details or refused to talk at all.

Some spoke freely about their OOBEs but did not want their real names used for various reasons. ...

Yet, with the concept of the double gaining acceptance in the 1970s along with other paranormal phenomena, more and more astral projectors are coming out of the woodwork and declaring themselves."

{The main reason why astral projectors would not care to disclose identities may be that with their identities disclosed, they could be personally suspected of encouraging a method which could lead to surreptitious spying on misdeeds of the government and of the ploutokrats who give orders to the politicians.}

p. 333 historically prominent personages have seen, or have traveled in, their doubles

"many priests and ministers were bilocators. ... .

... the knowledge that many prominent persons in history saw and traveled in their doubles or knew of others who had left their bodies – all of this has removed the "taboo" label and brought the investigation of OOBEs into public view."

pp. 333-4 astral-projection is confirmed in laboratory-experiments




"Astral projection in the laboratory is one of the outstanding facts of this decade. ...


Alex Tanous and other projectors not only gave evidence that they correctly saw the objects ... during the fly-in experiments, but were frequently seen by other psychics in the room."

{The only reason why universities, which are manipulated and controlled by the ploutokrateia, would care to perform any laboratory-experiments concerning astral-projection, would be to ascertain that astral-projection and its practitioners are no threat to the wealth and oikonomic control of the world’s material resources by that ploutokrateia.

p. 334 the double is as real as is the material universe

"Thoughtful persons are beginning to understand, however, that the reality we know in our daily lives is no more certain than the reality of the double, perhaps less so.

The physical world is a fac,ade ... . In subatomic physics, particles are behaving psychically ..., the subatomic world bears a suspicious resemblance to the world of the paranormal, and the second body would be and ... is at home in it."

{The material-plane-of-existence is merely an illusion generated by the deities for their own purposes; the subtle-planes-of-existence are the mechanisms through which the deities generate the material-plane-of-existence, so that they (the subtle planes) have a greater degree of reality (lesser extent of illusoriness) than hath the material-plane.}


[33.] (pp. 336-339) [An addendum to 32. "The Future of Astral Projection".]

p. 336 altering temperatures by Swann

"In tests designed by Dr. Gertrude Schmeidler of City College of New York, Ingo Swann has raised and lowered the temperature of thermistors while out of his body."

p. 336 "diving pool"

"The American Society for Psychic Research has built an instrument called a "diving pool," an enclosure in which a feather is suspended on a string. The subject sits in another room and attempts to "dive" astrally into the enclosure and move the feather. ... . ... the widest fluctuations of the recording pen came when Pat Price, the subject of the SRI’s ... experiment, catapulted his second body into the pool".

{"all at once the feathers begin to move and dance about on the floor for five or ten minutes or even longer, moved by invisible power, changing places, circling around one another and acting like puppets ... . ... This has frequently been seen by outsiders – army officers, traders, missionaries and visiting scientists" (WWULI, p. 185).}

WWULI = Vine Deloria : The World We Used to Live in : Remembering the Powers of the Medicine Men. Fulcrum Publishing, Golden (CO), 2006. (quoted from BOISE DAILY STATESMAN, 10 Aug 1899)

p. 337 bending of keys by Tanous

"In Toronto, Tanous was the subject of another experiment conducted by Dr. George Owen, a biologist and parapsychologist who heads the New Horizons Research Foundation. ... Alex concentrated on two house keys ... . ... . .. one key had bent five degrees, the other ten."

p. 337 Harary is seen

"at the Psychical Research Foundation : ... one of the technicians, watching the target area through closed circuit television, saw Blue’s double in the room.

p. 337 haze is seen when projecting in vehicle-of-vitality

"From my [the author H.B.G.’s] diary ... : ...

I finally did it again. I went out from my body last night while I was asleep ... . I floated around the room in a cloudy, misty haze. I could not see ... details of the room ... . I tried to see my body on the bed and finally saw myself there but not clearly. I must have been in my vehicle of vitality."

{The reason for the infrequency of H.B.G.’s out-of-the-material-body projections is quite likely his persistent refusal (as evinced by this book) to give credit to divine assistance by invisible deities for his own or any person’s praeternatural achievements.}

p. 338 astrally projecting while swimming

"Writer Ralph Woods reports another offbeat OOBE involving a well-known long-distance swimmer. The man ... told Woods that ... during a marathon competition, he relaxes ... by floating overhead in his double while continuing to swim. When he re-enters his body, he feels refreshed ... . The man added that athletes in other sports also go out-of-body during competition, but they don’t talk about it [except to fellow-athletes]."

pp. 338-9 the blind begin to see praeternaturally


the blind see


"Carol Ann Liaros .. at the Human Dimensions Institute in Buffalo ... teaches blind persons to read colors with their hands ... . Many of the subjects are now getting spontaneous visual impressions. One man began to see out of the side of his head. A woman who is totally blind said she saw a shadow walk in front of her.

In one experiment the blind subjects "mind travel" -- ... One blind subject ... describe in detail the contents of a room. All that she saw was actually there ... . A woman who had lost her sight ... projected her consciousness ... and correctly described the placement of the furniture of a room by mentally walking around the room with her cane as she would have done in her physical body.

... Miss Liaros’ newsletter, E.S.P. and "You," quotes one of the blind subjects ...


In the November issue ... : "Imagine my surprise ... when I ... saw the outline of the cellar door ... and the outline of my father ... . ... I covered my eyes with my hand and it was still there.""


Herbert B. Greenhouse : The Astral Journey. New York, N.Y. : Avon Books, 1974. 358 pp. [Add one from the pagination of the original Avon edition (1974) in order to arrive at the pagination in the Doubleday edition (1975).] {\358\ was the rural-route postal box-# whereat I (and the woman L.Ea. with whom I was cohabiting) stayed at for some 10 yrs in Barns. GA (and at which we were whilst her brother was building a GREENHOUSE at that address); I continued staying there that long -- much against my wishes to the contrary, inasmuch as I was being frequently severely physically tortured by state-sponsored psychiatrists in the regional state-insane-asylum at Col. GA, by means of muscle-writhing drugs, culminating in producing difficulty in breathing (apparently from muscular constriction of my throat – which often strangleth-to-death state-psychiatrists’ victims), simply in order to persist in remaining in obedience to the divine will which (I so surmised) must have been responsible for the simultaneous presence of the \–358-\ sequence in all telephones (including her brother L.Ea.’s) at that location, and (starting after I had arrived there?) in my parents’ (nigh Carth. MO) telephone-#, as well as \-358\ with inserted \-0-\ in my sister’s/brother-in-law’s telephone-#, all simultaneously.} {1974 was 5 yrs (cf. Russian "5-year plan" in state-oikonomy) after 19-69, the written # \69\ being invertibly (upside-down) invariant.} {N.B. I have been prohibited from adding any further (and did not appeal this prohibition) to Wikipedia, on account of my addition to the "GREENHOUSE gas" article a statement that the only true "greenhouse-gas" is oxygen, for in greenhouses carbon-dioxide is converted by chorophyll-plants into oxygen – that this (mis-repraesentation of "GREENhouse gas") is a Republican-Party-sponsored deception intended to frighten voters away from voting for the GREEN Party in elections ought, of course, also to be publicized.} {Before I had moved to Barns. GA, the # \358\ had already intervened in my life : for, while I was as yet residing at Ch. IL, I once addressed the Theo. Soc. there (the nighest chapter/section/meeting to the national headquarters at Wh.), on the subject of the pyramids of KMt (Aiguptos), I responding to a comment by the woman (who was, of course, in attendance at my lecture) in charge of meeting, to the effect that the pyramids are (according to Theo. Soc. doctrine) octahedra – the octahedron being the 3rd of the 5 regular geometric (Platonic/Puthagorean) solids, and having 8 facets.}