Astral Odyssey, 3-4


3. (pp. 49-76) "Journey to the Centre of the Self".

3.1 (p. 53) dream-events are correlated with events in the material world

"After waking, as dream memories blend with waking consciousness, ... Concentrate on the pieces as they come together until you comprehend all of the dream content that comes into awareness.

Then think back to the previous day’s events to see if you can make a connection. ...

{Many, if not most, events of a dream, can be derived directly from similar events of the foregoing day [and or/days] in the waking-world.}

As soon as you think you have a secure grasp upon your dream memories, write them down".

{Of course, do include in each such description reference to the correlated similar events of the foregoing day [and or/days] in the waking-world.}

3.2 (pp. 56-7) dream-meanings

p. 56

"There are three different kinds of symbols – acquired, personal, and archetypal. ... Besides acquired symbols, the higher self may use personal symbols which already have specific meanings for the individual. ...

p. 57

The higher self will also use archetypal symbolism to represent ideas that have a basis in universal ... thought. ... An example of an archetypal symbol would be


the theme of death to represent transformation."

{"the great change of death" (TGL, p. xlii).}


"To develop an instinct for dream symbols, it is helpful to ... remember that ... each individual has a unique, personal system of dream symbolism."

{Artemidoros "postulates the uniqueness of every single dream, since it is influenced by the life, character, education, and so forth, of the dreamer." ("A", p. 127)}

{"each individual soul transmutes the message in a different fashion according to his life circumstances". ("A", p. 134)}

{"in the dream, the dreamer mirrors the various contexts – cosmos, state, family, circle of friends – to which he is bound." ("A", p. 137)}

TGL = Evan S. Morgan : Tao, The Great Luminant. Shanghai, 1933.

"A" = Christine Walde : "Artemidoros". In :- David Shulman & Guy G. Stroumsa (edd.) : Dream Cultures. Oxford U Pr, 1999. pp. 121-42.

3.2 (p. 58) groups of dreams

"Rosalind Cartwright, a dream reseacher, has learned from sleep laboratory work that [Cartwright 1977, p. 129] a person’s group of dreams occurring throughout a sleep-dream cycle constitutes a coherent statement, with each dream containing a singular meaning but all the dreams together forming a broader intellectual concept. The separate dreams explore different aspects of a situation, usually with

the immediate present reflected in dreams in the early phases of the sleep-dream cycle,

relationships to similar situations in the past in found in midcycle dreams, and

the present and future oriented ideas represented in the later stages of the sleep-dream cycle."

Cartwright 1977 = Rosalind Dymond Cartwright : Night Life. Upper Saddle River (NJ) : Prentice Hall.

3.2 (pp. 60-1) dream-interpretation and its advantages




"One of the reasons dreams can be difficult to interpret is because they often show ... personality traits, attitudes, and behavior through unique, sometimes humorous psychodramas that display ... knowledge of ourselves and those around us. ... The conscious determination ... will prepare the conscious, subconscious, unconscious, and superconscious to combine their efforts to acknowledge the higher self’s power ... . ... Dream interpretation allows the higher self to expose to conscious awareness ... obscure needs and inner goals, ... incomplete personal relationships that seek closure ... . Our higher selves create acquired, personal, and archetypal symbols to represent these psychological conditions and express them in recurring dreams or dream themes in an effort to ... transform energy ... into psychic power that can ... be available for constructive purposes.

When you read through your dreams, watch for themes concerning ... spirituality. ...


Once psychological balance is attained, problem solving dreams, creative inspiration dreams, and spiritual dreams become more frequent. As you become more proficient at interpreting dreams and identifying with the symbolism, you will


build a better rapport with the unconscious levels of your mind and experience more of the of the higher consciousness types on the continuum."

{Such "unconscious" levels of the mental plane are the heavens where dwell the dream-deities who praeside over the higher reaches of divine consciousness-types.}

3.2 (p. 61-3) problem-solving insights from dreams

(p. 61) "Upon waking from a problem solving dream, the conscious mind experiences a flash of insight – the dream may only symbolically solve the problem, but when the correct associations are made, the answer is clear."

Instances of famous persons who obtained problem-solving insights from dreams :-



discovery, invention, or composition


Friedrich August Kekule (1829-96)

benzene ring


Otto Loewe (1873-1961)

transmission of nerve-impulses


Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

theory of relativity


Elias Howe (1819-67)

sewing machine


Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)

"Kubla Khan"


Arthur Christopher Benson (1862-1925)

"The Phoenix"


Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-94)

Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde


Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770)

Devil’s Trill Sonata

3.2 (p. 63) artistry-inspirations from dreams

"I have also received songs, poetry, and fashion designs from dreams."

{Amerindians commonly receive sacred songs from deities in dreams.}

3.2 (pp. 64-6) praeternatural knowledge from dreams

p. 64

"researchers found that up to two-thirds of ESP experiences occurred in dreams." {Ullmann, Krippner, and Vaughan, p. 24]


"Psychic dreams are usually of three kinds : precognitive, clairvoyant, and telepathic, but clairaudient and retrocognitive dreams also occur. ... Precognitive dreams may portray events of the future hours, days, or years before they took place in physical time. ...

p. 65

If we carefully analyze previous dreams, we can see in them ... diagnosis of the causes, and the corrective action that could have been taken to prepare for, solve or avoid problems or benefit from opportunities yet to come."

p. 66

"In clairvoyant dreams, the superconscious level of the mind accesses remote or concealed exterior information concerning present events and situations".

"Telepathic dreams are dreams in which direct mind to mind communication takes place".

Ullmann, Krippner, and Vaughan = Montague Ullmann; Stanley Krippner; Allen Vaughan : Dream Telepathy. Macmillan, 1973.

3.3 (p. 70) dream-induction

"Begin ... dream induction from the waking world by telling your higher self that you are open to communication through your dreams."

3.4 (p. 74) how induce lucid-dreaming {these methods all function by pleasing the dream-deities}

"To stimulate lucid dreams, ... try to place dream consciousness in the waking world by

drawing or creating dream elements in symbolic form and placing them in your physical environment,

visiting a physical location that appears in dreams, or

acting out a dream drama."


4. (pp. 77-109) "The Labyrinth of Consciousness".

4.1 (p. 78) fear to describe personal imagery

"Many people may hesitate to talk about their hypnagogic and hypnopompic imagery out of fear of association with mental pathology".

{In mediaeval times, such imagery was attributed to "devils", i.e., to divine entities critical of the rich (implying that visionaries were advocates for the working-class); often "devils" were designated "unclean spirits" (derived from uncleanliness attributed to the working-class by the ruling-class), hence the term "insanity". After any advocacy for the working-class became designated as "pathological" by the ruling-class, any mental imagery at all (i.e., any freedom of thought) became cause for confinement to harsh imprisonment in deadly "insane asyla".}

4.1 (pp. 79-80, 83) hypnagogic imagery generally

p. 79

"hypnagogic phenomena ... often start out as brief flashes of color or light followed by geometric forms or faces. Then dreamlike hallucinations and thought processes appear and become more and more ... complex".

p. 83

"Numerous researchers have also found that as visions progress during sleep onset, they usually follow the sequential pattern of development from simple light flashes to geometric shapes, to various objects" ("HS", p. 460).


"The visual images may be accompanied by sound of rushing, buzzing, or humming, or my a more organized audial material, such as ... music."

p. 80

"hypnagogic imagery ... seems to appear by its own volition from outside the mind."

{This would indicate its arrival from a divine realm.}

"HS" = Daniel L. Schachter : "The Hypnogogic State : a critical review of the literature". PSYCHOLOGICAL BULLETIN 83 (1976):453-75.

4.1 (pp. 80-1) the authoress’s own hypnagogic imagery

p. 80

"an amorphous, swirling gray cloud may appear on my inner visual screen, and then disintegrate into intense hues of fuchsia, electric blue, lime green, or other colors. They may all appear as bouncing, quivering blobs and shape themselves into

p. 81

an intricate pattern of tiny diamonds, triangles, circles, and squares, all neatly fitted together to form an elaborate design, which then dissipates ... . Out of the blackness tiny gold spinning shimmering disks may issue forth, which then dart and glide about the dark background and fade away to be replaced by more colorful blobs. The forms are vivid, the hues intense, and the textures smooth with a slight luster. Brilliant flashes of light may intermittently appear and extinguish ... other images present."

4.1 (p. 81) sudden intrusions into the authoress’s own hypnagogic imagery

"My stream of consciousness is abruptly broken by a vision, which may be bizarre ... .

Or my own thoughts may be interrupted by an unrelated inner dialogue that seems to come from an outside source.

Suddenly I may feel my arm or leg jerk,

{I have felt this at times.}

or feel as if my entire body dropped a foot or so, causing all of my muscles to contract at once."

4.1 (p. 82) advent of a cartoon-world or other world

"The abstract forms may become a flock of cartoon birds that flutter around me in a cartoon world,

{I have sometimes seen such visionary cartoon-style scenes.}

or I may find myself in a strange room decorated with unfamiliar carpets, drapes, and furniture, sometimes with people who seem to have more of a right to be there than I. I could suddenly be surrounded by a landscape, such as a sunny hillside with wildflowers swaying in breeze".

4.1 (p. 83) all-vowel words

In "the hypnagogic state, ... Verbalizations may appear ... that lack logical or coherent meaning between the subject, verb, and other parts of speech, such as one I noted,

"No shine has placed it."

{This could signify that a darksome deity hath emplaced the hypnagogic imagery.}

Nonsensical words, made up of meaningless combinations of vowels, may appear within these sentences or disjointed."

{Likewise, there are "combinations of vowels" (DMP, p. 3) in the demotic magical papyrus from Thebai.} {These "combinations of vowels" repraesent the incarnation of individual souls (SG&PT, p. 569).}

DMP = F. Ll. Griffith and Herbert Thompson : The Demotic Magical Papyrus of London and Leiden. 1904.

SG&PT = John D. Turner : Sethian Gnosticism and the Platonic Tradition. Louvain, 2001.

4.1 (p. 84) synaisthesia; kinaisthesia

"Deep in the hypnagogic state ..., synesthesia may occur ... . For example, colors may appear as sound ... .

{In the process of falling asleep, I have often noticed sudden external (waking-world) sounds visually as arrays of irregular lines.}

As contact with the physical world decreases, the body may experience kinesthetic ... sensations of falling, drifting, spinning, or vibrating, or somesthetic ... impressions of growing smaller, larger, or disappearance of body parts or the entire body."

4.2 (pp. 85-6) gateways to other worlds

p. 85

"the hypnagogic and hypnopompic states are gateways to invisible worlds ... . ... it is possible to venture through these gateways to alternative states of consciousness".

p. 86

"the radiance of consciousness will ... light the way to invisible worlds beyond."

4.3 (p. 86) creative inspiration

"To use the transitions states ..., go into the hypnagogic state expressing to the higher self the work to be done or the problem to be solved."

4.4 (p. 87) consciousness-projection

"During the hypnagogic or hypnopompic state, it may be possible to project onsciousness away from the physical body into another place ... in that consciousness seems to occupy a point in space rather than an astral replication of the physical body."

{In this case, the deities helping one to view from a vantage-point different from the physical body, are not simultaneously supplying one’s self with a praeternatural body.}

4.5 (pp. 88-9) hypnagogic clairvoyance

p. 88

"hypnagogic and hypnopompic ... awareness produces mental conditions that allow the functioning of our natural ESP abilities".

{More accurately, hypnagogic and hypnopompic awareness is able to connect us with the deities who allow us to use their natural ESP abilities.}

p. 89

"case studies all provide evidence that ESP is associated with the hypnagogic and hypnopompic states."

pp. 89-90 [an instance of the authoress’s retrocognitive hypnagogic clairvoyance]

4.5 (p. 92) departure from the material body

"In the initial phases of a normal OBE, I often have definite images and sensations of separating from my physical body in a subliminal body and traveling to a distant location. If I look, I can actually see my astral form move out of its physical confinement, and I can feel the motion of this quasi-material phantom departing as ... I am inside it."

4.6 (pp. 93-5) dual consciousness

p. 93

"Sometimes ..., particularly if the astral double is near the physical form, I may experience dual consciousness, or the sensation of experiencing consciousness in both bodies at the same time. ...

During one type of dual consciousness, the sense of the physical body and those of the astral body appear to operate simultaneously, with information, coming through both sets of senses at once and entering one mind. The impression is of one mind being in both places at once. ...

During another type of dual consciousness, it seems as though the mind is located in only one place, the physical body’s location, instead of two, but perceiving two places at once. This can occur upon reentering the physical form after an instantaneous return from an astral journey. An instantaneous return is one in which there is no sensation of movement from the astral location back to the physical location; one instant the astral body is in the astral environment, and the next it is reuniting with the physical body. While the astral form is blending with its physical form, it is possible to see both the astral environment which was occupied in the previous split second and the physical environment surrounding the body. The two dimensions remain briefly superimposed before the astral world fades away and the physical world dominates consciousness.

p. 94

... According to classical astral projection theory, a silver-colored cord connects the projected double to the physical body, and no matter how far away the astral form travels, the silver cord remains intact, stretching until it is as thin as a fine thread. ... Communication between the astral body and the physical body takes place through the silver cord. ... It is feasible that sometimes there could be a momentary crossover of information passing along the cord between the two bodies. ... Hypothetically, sights, sounds,

p. 95

and sensations detected by the astral form could travel along the cord ..., giving the impression of dual consciousness, or the perceptions from the physical viewpoint could travel though the cord to the projected mind.

Perhaps such crossovers ... could have a purpose. Some projectors have claimed to retain consciousness in both bodies, being able to perform ordinary activities in the physical body while the astral body is out on a journey far away.


During this type of projection, the projector can describe, [speaking] through the physical body, what the astral body is seeing or experiencing.

{This describing would be done while temporarily voluntarily shifting the perceptual faculties from the material body to the exteriorized subliminal body, which would otherwise be operating under control of some possessing-deity.}


Maybe such projectors have learned to coordinate the two sensory systems and the connection between them for this intended function."

4.7 (p. 98) entering OBE from a lucid dream

"Like the hypnagogic and hypnopompic states, lucid dreams are a mental gateway to the astral plane. From lucid dreams it is fairly easy to have an OBE, either by leaving the dream environment and directly entering the OBE environment, or going from the lucid dream to the hypnopompic state and then the OBE environment. ...

In my experience, when a lucid dream evolves directly into an OBE, I have the impression that ... I just step from the dream environment into the astral environment. On most occasions when this happens, the ... environment appears as the inside of my home, with my dream body located in a position located within twenty feet or so from my physical body. ...

At times when a lucid dream evolves indirectly into an OBE, ... I become aware in my physical body, in the hypnopompic state, often with my body vibrating and sometimes with buzzing or rushing noises in my head. From this state it is possible to leave my physical body, often conscious of the separation, and wander about on the "astral plane" in an astral form."

4.8 (pp. 101, 103) induction of OBEs

p. 101

"Waking state OBEs occur more often upon ... impending danger".

p. 103

"Examples of some other circumstances from which OBEs can occur would be under anesthesia and during childbirth or coma. Trance, meditation, hypnosis, and various drug-induced states may also be included."

4.8 (p. 103) the astral-world

"the projector ... enters an astral world. It could be a world resembling the physical world, free of distortion ... .

I have had OBE’s that were so realistic that I thought I was ... in the material world, until such paranormal phenomena as floating or passing through a wall convinced me otherwise.

{It is usually stated by exteriorizers that such a world is the familiar material world, and that the exteriorizer’s floating or passing through walls is possible because such feats were being accomplished by an astral (non-material) body in the material world.}

In the intermediate range ... are OBEs in which the astral world is similar to physical reality, with minor distortions.

{Such a world is the familiar material world, with merely some minor local praeternatural influences ("distortions") introduced by some deity, perhaps to test the exteriorizer’s ability to recognize the situation as divinely modified and thus to deduce the praesence of an invisible deity. Such events happen often in the material world during ordinary waking consciousness, when I have often witnessed them and thus inferred the praesence of a deity whom to worship.}

Beyond that, the OBE world contains more and more distortions until it ..., even farther down the continuum, then becomes more and more bizarre as it approaches absurdity."

{I would dread to think of the awful poinalty which may be divinely inflicted upon an exteriorizer who may disrespectfully so misname the divine august manifestation as if "bizarre as it approaches absurdity."}


Carol Eby : Astral Odyssey : Exploring Out-of-Body Experiences. Samuel Weiser Inc, York Beach (ME), 1996.