Astral Odyssey, 7


7. (pp. 159-193) "Cabin Projections".

pp. 160-2

p. 160

"I ... counted backwards from ten to one ... .

p. 161

I imagined vibrations ... . ... I dozed off. ... Then I managed to hold the hypnopompic state. The vibrations began. ... The vibrations were erratic, jerky, growing intense and then faint. ... Suddenly, I fell downward, out of my body, through the bed and floor, and onto the ground beneath my cabin. ...

p. 162

I rose effortlessly along the intended path. When I emerged from beneath the cabin, I passed into the dream I had been having earlier. The only change in the dream was the location; ... it was taking place outside my bedroom window, superimposed upon the "astral environment.""

pp. 163-5

p. 163

"Suddenly, the dream became lucid, and I entered the hypnopompic state. I felt intense vibrations throughout my body, the feeling like an electric shock, only it was soothing and energizing. At the same time, in my head, I heard a buzzing, roaring noise that sounded like a continuation of the clamor of the road equipment in my dream. ... I felt my inner being exit through the top of my head, as if my consciousness was in a new body that had the ability to slip out of the old one. ... I floated in midair ... . ...

p. 164

I zapped back into my physical form ...; my body was still vibrating. ... Suddenly, I was out again, floating beside my bed. ... I looked at my hands and saw two ... semitransparent, glowing arms ... .

p. 165

I was surprised by the bright, whitish-gold light emanating from my astral arms."

p. 164, fn. 2 Looking at one’s hands "had been suggested ... by ... Carlos Castaneda’s books." {The only occasion (decades ago) when my own hands appeared distorted (excessively elongated) in a dream was a lucid one in connection with my curiosity about what behind-the-scenes machinery was being employed to emplace the dream-scenery – perhaps that sort of contemplation hath a resemblance to astral-projection.}

pp. 166-8

p. 166

"my body felt as though it was shaking ... . ... I floated out sideways ... . ...

p. 167

I was looking at ... my bed ..., and failed to see my physical body, which was covered with blankets and quilts ... . ... Suddenly ..., I was swiftly pulled right through walls and furnishings, back to ... my physical body. ... . ... the vibrations were still present. ... I decided to see if I could direct them to different parts of my body. First, I concentrated them into my head, where they made my scalp and brain tingle. Then I directed them downward. I felt them travel down my right arm into my hand, where they became particularly intense".

p. 168

After waking, "I remembered my watch, and looked at it again; ... The positions and angles of the hands showing these times [including during the dream (p. 167)] are exact mirror images of each other."

pp. 168-70

p. 168

"To loosen my astral body, I "rocked" my inner self by holding my physical body still and mentally moving quickly back

p. 169

and forth in rocking motion, ... "imaginary rocking." Soon I felt the vibrations. ... I tried to drop out of my body, felt a downward shift, and then had the impression of pack cotton surrounding me. For a moment, part of my consciousness was inside my mattress ... . ... I experienced dual consciousness, the impression of both being in my body and out of it at the same time. Part of my conscious awareness was in my physical form lying in bed, while another part was in my astral form standing upright ... . ...

p. 170

Suddenly I was through the wall and inside my piano, surrounded by wires and the complicated wooden mechanisms of hammers and levers that comprise its inner workings.


From inside the piano I could vaguely see through it, out into the living room, where three or four shadow-like forms of men were having a fistfight. They were ... formed from shades of gray ... . I wondered whether they were dream images".

{Once while riding inside a train-car (DC to Atlanta), I could see on the wall (as if projected) the glowing (red?) outlines of a pair of men having repeatedly a fistfight and shaking hands between fights.}

{In my case, this may have been a divine warning that I would be repeatedly and habitually maltreated after I would arrive at my destination. -- In the authoress’s case, it may have been a divine warning against her playing the piano.}

pp. 171-4

p. 171

"I counted backwards from twenty, visualizing each number ... . ... . ... awakening from a dream ..., I began rocking my inner body, mentally stretching outward with each forward movement, much like imagining the action of making a swing go higher. ...


I heard a high-pitched humming sound that seemed to originate inside my cranium.

{On one occasion, I was hearing a tone originating from within the head of a woman who was an inmate in an insane asylum (in Maryland).}


Then I was in my astral body, outside my physical form. ... Suddenly, I dropped down and landed on the ground beneath my cabin. ... .

p. 172

... my astral body ... managed to stand up on the floor beside the bed ..., so I continued walking ... to the Dutch door. I grasped the doorknob, pulled the heavy wooden door open, ... I walked along the driveway ... . ... I wondered if I was actually sleepwalking ... . ... I felt my astral body drift up into the air a few inches, land lightly, and then bounce and float upward slightly with each step ... . ...

p. 173

I wanted to looked at my hands. ... the left one ... was covered with smooth, pallid white skin, and a tiny thumb and an excessively long, slender index finger protruded from the thin, narrow palm. The other fingers were ... also unnaturally long and thin. ... A strong force ... pulled me backwards. ...

p. 174

I felt as though I was rushing through space at a tremendous speed; my surroundings appeared as a gossamer atmosphere of pale blue streaming past in a blur. ... Finally I was back in bed ... . ... As I got out of bed, I felt strange sensations; my skin tingled, my mind was groggy ... . ... I notice ... written notes ... were taped on the ledge ... . ... I suspected that I was in some type of dream" [as it soon proved to be, namely, a dream of false-awakening].

p. 175

"I rocked internally, back and forth and side to side, then slipped easily out of my body sideways and floated ... . ... Unintentionally, I turned a somersault in the air and gently landed back inside my body. ... I floated out on my back, horizontal to my physical body, but my astral head was positioned above my physical feet."

pp. 176-7

p. 176

"I ... counted backwards from twenty, and ... I counted from twenty again. Then I ... fell asleep. My next impression was that I was sitting at the table in the main room, writing. ... I got up to open the door ... . I fumbled with the hook, unable to unhook it.


Then I tried to flip the light switch beside the hook, but the room remained dim. ...

{For me, this event hath occurred only in dreams of false-awakening in dream-bed.}


Suddenly I understood – I was in an alternative state of consciousness. ... wondering whether I was in a dream or the astral world. ...

{This refusal of the light switch to function is always followed by certainty that one is in a dream.}


I found myself ... awakening ... . I rocked my inner self ..., and the vibrations started, which, to my surprise, made me feel cold. A high-pitched humming sound whirred inside my head."

p. 177

"During this episode, the door ... I had "dreamed" ... was actually open."

p. 177

"I ... counted backwards from twenty ..., dozed off, and awaken[e]d with my body vibrating. I pushed outward in my astral body. Then I discovered that I was standing beside my bed, and ... was surveying the bedroom. I avoided looking at my physical body, because I was concerned that the sight of it may ... cause my astral from to reenter it ... . ... I jumped up ..., and shot through the ceiling and roof ... . ... I decided to go to California ... . Soon I felt I was accelerating at a high rate of speed".

pp. 178-9

p. 178

"I dreamed that ...

p. 179

I noticed, down in a gulch ..., a beautiful little pond ... . I ... thought about how interesting it would be to project into that pond sometime during an OBE. Then I realized that I was in a dream and that from such lucidity I could induce an OBE. I sensed my astral body; it contained by consciousness and emerged from its physical counterpart. ... I flew out of my bedroom".

pp. 181-2

p. 181

"The vibrations were surging through my body, so ... I slipped out with ease, able to actually feel my exit from every part of my body. ... When I was completely and in my astral body, ... I floated up to look down upon ... one, which I had never soon before, ... a framed print, in dark, somber colors, of an old woman looking at a picture hanging upon a wall. I wondered if the old woman was an image in the future. I picked up ... pictures and floated down to the floor ... . I walked into the kitchen while studying the print of the old woman ... . ... I could see ... where my quilt lay in a heap on the porch floor. I thought it was strange, because I knew that in physical reality the quilt was on my bed, covering my physical body. ...

p. 182

I moved forward ..., and carefully pushed through the heavy Dutch door, feeling the particles of wood fiber brush against the astral matter, or astral energy, or whatever it is that composes my astral body. There was ... just a feeling like a gentle tingling against my skin and through my hair. After I has passed through, onto the porch, I saw ..., unlike the "real quilt," the misplaced astral quilt had brown wool, striped or plaid lining."

{cf. "quilting-bee" : so, is this episode an indicating of bee-worship (such as in the Maya beekeepers’ god Hobnil and the Hellenic bee-keepers’ hero Aristaios)?}

pp. 183-6

p. 183

"The dream became lucid, but an instant later I achieved awareness ... in the psychopompic state. I willed myself to astrally move upward ..., and immediately I was in my astral body, rising above my physical body. ... I continued to rise, and ... I entered a thick fog and had the sensation of traveling extremely fast ... . Suddenly, a scene lit up all around me ... . ...

p. 184

I was overwhelmed at not only being discovered, but recognized. ...

p. 185

A powerful force pulled me ... into a busy street. I felt the turbulence from the speeding traffic buffeting against my skin, and some of the cars passed right through my astral form.


I wondered why I could feel the rushing air, but not the impact of the motor vehicles.

{May this have been an indication that she was visiting the world of the sylphs? "He leaped to the top of the hill in his shadow body. ... They only felt the force of the winds, for they could not see him" (HLG, p. 43).}


Then I was speeding through what appeared to be a black tunnel. ... As I catapulted through the black void, I looked down at my astral body and saw a luminous, white replica of my physical body.

p. 186

Finally, I stopped. ... I was floating near my bed, so ... I wriggled into my physical body. ...

This OBE differed from my previous projections, because I went into an environment completely alien ... . Although to me the people were strangers, they apparently knew me, and accepted my astral intrusion calmly with a matter-of-fact attitude."

HLG = W. D. Westervelt : Hawaiian Legends of Ghosts and Ghost-Gods. Boston : Ellis Press, 1916.

pp. 186-7

p. 186

"During one dream, a printed page magically appeared, suspended before my eyes. ... I could partially comprehend a paragraph that told about one of my past lives. ... . ... I realized this experience was a dream and appreciated how marvelous it was to receive a message in this manner. ... I acquired hypnopompic consciousness in my physical body, which was vibrating with a high-pitched humming in my head. ...

p. 187

I moved slightly out of alignment with my physical form, and my astral body began slowly rotating, parallel to the plane of the bed, head to foot, foot to head, with my waist as pivot, in a counterclockwise motion. ... The whirling motion accelerated to an incredible velocity, and astonished, I wondered ... . ... . ... my astral double rolled to the right and fell through the mattress. I was under the bed, floating belly down".

pp. 187-8

p. 187

"I had a false awakening dream, in which I dreamed that I had gotten up ..., but then I realized I was actually in the bed asleep. Upon this realization, I entered the hypnopompic state, ...

p. 188

to ... experiment with the vibrations. I imaged them speeding up, and they oscillated to a much higher frequency. Then I directed them to various parts of my body by just "thinking" them to my head, feet, thorax, and evenly distributed again. ... I felt as if I entered a semiopaque borderline awareness, where the hypnopompic state, a dream world, and an OBE emerged. ... I emerged from that peculiar fusion of worlds to the hypnopompic state. The vibrations were still intense, but ... I entered another dream projection".

pp. 190-1

p. 190

"I dreamed that I awoke when a friend, a male dream character, dropped in to visit. As he stepped into the bedroom ..., half of a quilt ... he threw ... into the wood stove ... . As my quilt smoldered in the stove, I realized I was dreaming, and "awakened" to another false awakening, this time believing that he had actually arrived. ... I began to wake up again, realizing that this, too, was a dream. ... the vibrations were strong, so I asked my spirit guides to help me get out of my body. ... I concentrated on the vibrations, increasing their speed at will. I asked my spirit guides to direct the correct amount of energy into the vibrations ... . ...

p. 191

I felt a pair of hands clutch my back and slowly raise me to a sitting posture. ... I still felt the hands, which were against my back, near the region of my waist and partially encompassing my sides."

pp. 191-2

p. 191

"I awoke, quivering with vibrations, and called upon the spirit guides for assistance to leave my body, but ...

p. 192

instead ... had ... a dream of astral projection. ... . ... during this projection, my awareness was functioning on one of the branches between the dream continuum and the OBE continuum."

p. 193 {Like her initial dream (on p. 1), this was a dream false-awakening which became an OBE for the function of re-entry into the material body.}

p. 192

"I woke up ... and got out of bed.

p. 193

... I heard a loud rushing noise. It sounded as if a strong wind gusted out of the night ... . Finally, I found the light chain and pulled it, but the room remained dark. I though perhaps the storm had knocked out the power. ... Suddenly, I was pulled through the air, back to my bed. ... Perhaps the "storm" had only been those strange noises peculiar to the astral world."


Carol Eby : Astral Odyssey : Exploring Out-of-Body Experiences. Samuel Weiser Inc, York Beach (ME), 1996.

{The authoress had the quite annoying habit of continually designating the waking-world (but not the non-waking worlds) as "reality". (Only when citing actual Theosophical Society literature, such as on p. 117, doth the authoress describe the divine worlds as existent in "objective reality.") Actually the waking-world is less "real" than non-waking worlds, in the sense that the waking-world is less stable, less permanent, and less influential in controlling future incarnations than are the non-waking worlds; the waking-worlds being the main abode of helpless mortals, and the non-waking-worlds being the main abodes of the omnipotent immortals. She read and cited as authoritative (as to other matters) the publications of the Theosophical Society without, however, subscribing to the Theosophical Society’s (and its numerous outgrowths’) doctrine of past and future lives, a self-defeating attitude of hers rendering the whole purpose and function of OBEs meaningless. The various other authors on OBEs who discuss OBEs’ significations in such detail usually (or always) accept the doctrine of past and future lives; such as : e.g., Vieira’s Projectiology, who treating OBE as an opportunity for working alongside (and as in co-operation with) divine spirit-guides for souls of the dead; and Alegretti’s Retrocognitions: an investigation into memories of past lives. This inadequate attitude of hers resulted in some quite derogatory reviews of her book by the few readers familiar with other literature on OBEs who condescended to write any remarks at all about her book. Still another reason for the book’s receiving derogatory reviews is her abject submission to ruling-class-appointed "psychologists" who deride (as she herself did on pp. 3-5) other praeternatural experiences very similar to OBEs.}

{Are her frequent experiences of vibrations/quiverings related to the quivering which some woman experience in accompaniment with their orgasms?}