Astral Odyssey, 8-9


8. (pp. 195-202) "Storefront House".

pp. 196-8

p. 196

"I dreamed that a professor was lecturing ... . ... I noticed that my voice sounded strange; it had a quavering, hollow ring ... . I hurried ... to hook the door in case someone was actually dropping by, because all I had on was my blue-flowered long johns. ... I had difficulty finding the hook ... . ...

p. 197

I stood ... and wondered if I was physically awake or out wandering around in my astral body. ... To my surprise, I swiftly floated out and hovered ... . ... I felt a tug on my upper back, and then my astral body was coursing rapidly through a blue-gray foggy blur. ... Then I stopped; the blue "tunnel" had disappeared. ... The piano keyboard was open, so I stepped closer to see if I could play it while in astral form. I ... reached to find the correct keys to play ... . I found them easily, but when I struck them, the piano sounded tinny and dreadfully out of tune. ...

p. 198

I jumped as hard as I could, shot upward, glimpsed by attic on the way through, and ended up hovering high in the air above my cabin. ... I darted about in the bright blue, sunny sky, doing flips, turns, and barrel rolls, soaring and diving above my cabin. I flew toward the south east ... . ... I had the "paranormal knowledge" that there was a ... recreational area behind me".

pp. 200-2

p. 200

"I floated with ease, up from the bed, and paused next to the ceiling ... as I went through. ... I decided ... to explore ...

p. 201

the "intriguing ghosts" ... in the ... spooky old building. ...

p. 202

I ... floated in the air beside another tree ... . I felt usually warm air radiating up from the ground. I saw my bed below ..., however, I failed to notice my physical body."


9. (pp. 203-231) "Townhouse".

p. 203 Eckankar

"I had read Paul Twitchell’s book, Eckankar, which frequently mentions astral guides".

pp. 204-5

p. 204

"I ... partially awakened in the hypnopompic state, with vibrations pulsating throughout my body. ... I simply flew out the window ... . I hovered ... and ... mentally demanded ..., "Show me my master!" Then, to my amazement and delight, I saw ... the apparition. I saw that he was a long-haired man wearing a loose-fitting robe ... tied at the waist, with the sleeves hanging down ... . The mystical being glowed with a serene, blue luminescence, which encompassed the entire vision. ... He stood there, facing me, with his arms held out ... . My heart was filled with an overpowering feeling of ... love ... more intense than I had ever felt before ... . ... Before I could speak ..., I was back in my body, awakening ... . ...

p. 205

To this day, that astral encounter still puzzles me more than any of the others."

pp. 207-10

p. 207

"I awakened ... and visualized numbers, counting backward from ten. ... I pushed the covers back, and stood next to the bed, wondering whether I was in my astral or physical body... . I flew out of my ... bedroom window, confirming that I was in my astral body. As I sailed through the ... sky over my neighborhood, I discovered ... I was carrying my two ... cats ..., one in each arm! I was amused that they could travel astrally with me ... . ...

p. 208

I arrived in a ... bedroom, where a man, whom I knew casually, ... sat up in bed and conversed with me ... . ... After much traveling ..., I wound up back in my bed ... . To my bewilderment, I saw a pleasant-looking young man standing next to my vanity, watching me. Although he appeared solid, his features looked slightly out of focus. ... I presumed he was a nonphysical entity ... . I asked him if he was one of my spirit guides. and he said, "yes," and something else ... that made me believe that his primary function was something else. ... He gave me a little friendship hug, and then walked across the room ... to ... where a pretty young woman stood. She had long,

p. 209

dark hair and was wearing a flowing robe, fashioned from material ... that ... seemed to be ... white satin ... .


The young man embraced her and gave her a long, passionate kiss. "Oh well," I thought, feeling a little disappointed, "so much for spirit guides."

{Evidently the spirit-guide couple was intending by this action of theirs to hint to the authoress (C.E.), who was living caelibate and eremitic, that she ought to have a husband living with her and making love with her.}


I flew out the window ... . ... An energy force whisked me to ... a town with old fashioned buildings, like those ... in the late 1800s. ...

p. 210

The color red dominated the decor; red draperies formed cascading partitions, ... the walls were red ..., and ... furniture and light fixtures looked antique ..., in the style of the 1800s or early 1900s."

pp. 211-2

p. 211

"I was relieved that it was only a dream. At that thought, the dream became lucid. I willed myself upward ..., and ... up into the sky. ... As I continued my rapid ascent, the features of the landscape blended together – individual trees became forests, individual hills became mountain ranges, pastures and fields became plains. Up I went, higher and still higher; I saw the Great Lakes come into view, followed by the West Coast. [She resided in South Dakota (p. 159).] Soon I saw the entire continental United States below me, exactly as though I was viewing a living map in natural tones of green, brown, and tan. ...

p. 212

Without intending to, I descended back ..., and then I projected upward again ... . I soared through the upper atmosphere, viewed the entire U.S."

pp. 212-3

p. 212

"I was asleep ..., dreaming a dream that ... from

p. 213

a hidden alcove, a man dressed in a cowboy outfit appeared ... . ... I awoke instantly ... . I was in bed ..., and the cowboy was still in front of me! Astounded, I watched him float about a foot above the ... side of my bed as clearly as he had appeared in my dream ... . He image quickly shifted from an entity that appeared as solid ... to a ... form composed of golden light, and then it faded until only a glowing outline remained, which broke apart, sparkled for a moment, then disappeared".

pp. 213-8

p. 213

"I suggested to myself that I dream about swimming, recognize the dream as an induced dream when it occurred, and instead of floating only in the dream, actually float out of my body. ...

[fn. 2 : "This approach was an idea I obtained from reading Sylvan J. Muldroon and Hereward Carington’s book, The Projection of the Astral Body (York Beach, ME : Samuel Weiser, 1977), pp. 158-165." {originally published London : Rider, 1958}]

p. 214

I dreamed that ... I was lying in bed, trying to induce an OBE, when all of a sudden into my reverie blasted clangorous rock music, with a screaming electric lead guitar, booming base, and throbbing drums ... . ... I was jolted ... into what ... was actually another false awakening dream. ...

p. 215

I ... just thought ... my astral body ... upward, out and above the physical counterpart. ... My consciousness split -- ...

p. 216

I was conscious in both my physical and astral bodies at the same time, experiencing dual consciousness. With my physical eyes ... I saw the back of my astral body, shimmering in the darkness, about a foot above my physical body. The nebulous phantom was slowly moving away ...; my astral double appeared as a pale gold, luminescent replica of my physical body, with hazy edges. ...

An energy force swept me ... at high velocity. ...

p. 217

As I was carried along, I decided to reach around to the back of my head to determine if I could find the "silver cord" mentioned so frequently in astral projection literature.

{An instance of mention of such in astral projection literature : "I discovered then a small cord, like a spider’s web, running from my {astral} shoulders back to my {astral} body and attaching to it at the base of the neck in front." (MPC&L V.B, p. 564 (Case 149), quoting HP&IS)}


It was there! I touched a solid, hard cord that felt like a stiff garden hose when the water is running with full force. I ran my hand along the surface of a peculiar tube attached to my body ... . To my surprise, I felt a network of cords; the main cord, which was about an inch or so in diameter, protruded from the base of my brain for several inches before smaller cords branched off and attached to different locations on the back of my head, neck, and upper back.

The astral cord appeared to lack sensory receptors, because when my hand touched it, the only sensation I perceived was coming from my hand. ... I decided to study my hands. When I first looked, my fingers appeared much too thin, ... with narrow, pointed nails. That image lasted for only a moment before my hands changed into their natural shape, although they looked younger and plumper than my physical hands. ...

p. 218

Next, ... I ... noticed a huge castle built upon a hill on the horizon."

{With "A city built on a high mountain" (Thomas 32), cf. S^umma Alu 1 ("B&COS", p. 5).}

MPC&L = Solon Wang (Shaolun Wang) : Multiple Planes of the Cosmos and Life. Hsintien, Taipei (Taiwan) : Society for Psychic Studies, 1979.

HP&IS = Frederick W. H. Myers : Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death. London : Longmans, Green, & Co, 1903.

"B&COS" = Ammar Annus : "On the Beginnings and Continuities of Omen Sciences ... ." In :- U OF CHICAGO ORIENTAL INSTITUTE SEMINARS No. 6 = Ammar Annus : Divination and Interpretation of Signs in the Ancient World. 2010. pp. 1-18.

pp. 219-2

p. 219

"deeply immersed in the hypnogogic state, ... I was distracted by a little fluttering noise in the window shade ... . ...

p. 220

A fairly loud bumping noise sounded from downstairs ... . ... I left my bed and stood up I could clearly see the bedroom cloaked in dim gray light. I took a step toward the doorway, lost my balance, and fell ... . The force of the impact bounced me upward, to my left, and my head went through the sloped ceiling ... . I floated back down and realized I had separated from my physical body. {Evidently the noises were sounds from the dream/astral world.} For reaffirmation that I was in astral form, I poked my head back through the ceiling. ... The piquant smell of old wood wafted around me. ...

p. 221

After passing through the window, ... I was traveling so fast that all I could distinguish was a dark gray blur rushing by, and all I could sense was a feeling of motion. ...

p. 222

I heard boyish voices ... I felt a hand reach up and yank ..., as if the boy was trying to wrestle me to the floor. ... The first assailant moved up to get a grip on ..., and a second one seized my legs. ... I looked down and saw an entity with a humanoid body about the size of an 8-year-old, but that is where ... I looked directly into the beady black eyes of a creature with a hideous face, covered with black fur and dominated by a snout that curved downward like that of an elephant seal. Its black nose looked shiny and wet, and long, coarse whiskers bristled against me."

p. 221 "I clasped my hands around my wrists to see if they were solid – I was amazed at how firm my astral flesh and bones felt, as solid and real as their physical counterparts."

pp. 223-4

p. 223

"I kept my physical eyes closed, but ... opened my astral eyes. ...

p. 224

I felt exactly as I do when physically getting up and wondered if I actually was. I walked over to my ... window and flew out, delighted to be in my astral form after all. ... I flew over my neighborhood".

pp. 228-9

p. 228

"My astral double, at that time the location of my consciousness, ever so slowly and gently sat up ... . ...

p. 229

As my double sat up, I felt steady, smooth vibrations resonating throughout my body. ... I mentally expressed the wish to float above my bed started spinning around and around in my astral body, whirling faster and faster ... . ... I ... then exited".

pp. 229-31

p. 229

"my awareness again emerged from slumber to the hypnopompic state ... . ... I decided to leave my body.

p. 230

... I immediately felt vibrations concentrated in my right shoulder. ... my astral body flowed out ..., and I flew out the window ... . ... The astral force pulled me away ... . ...

p. 231

I was ... hovering ..., when an overpowering current pulled me away. With no conscious control, I felt as though I was moving at an extremely high rate of speed".

p. 231 "my astral odyssey continues to take me to invisible worlds, where the unexplained and unexpected are always waiting. ... By exploring OBEs, we can more fully understand and appreciate all the parts of our total being ... . The merging worlds of physical and astral reality provide clues to the true nature of existence."


Carol Eby : Astral Odyssey : Exploring Out-of-Body Experiences. Samuel Weiser Inc, York Beach (ME), 1996.