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EPITOMES OF BOOKS on sleep-paralysis, poltergeists, subtle energy-work, yaugik cakra-s, & ectoplasm

N.B. Because with genuine ectoplasm "there are always white veils" ("Ectoplasm and the Quest for Supra-Normal Biology" in Vibratory Modernism pp 115-144., therefore ectoplasm can be regarded as mortals' aequivalent to veils veiling immortals, including to the "veil of Isis", which in Neo-platonic metaphysics is identified with the material world behind which subtle worlds of divine entities are concealed.



Dark Intrusions (sleep-paralysis)

0-1. "Introduction"; "Fear for My Soul".

2-3. "Strange Hallucinations".

4-5. "Terror in the Night"; "Ghost of Bowling Green".

6. "Poltergeist according to Spiritism".

7-8. "Enfield Poltergeist".

9-10. "Hypnagogic State"; "Pope of Spiritism".

11. "Psychic Attack".

12-13. "Troublesome Voices"; "Between Heaven and Hell".

14. "Spirits in the Brain".

15. "Out-of-Body Extraordinaire".

16. "The Visitors".

17-18. "Aitheric Organism"; "Postscript".


Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions

1-4. "Of ... Men; Electromagnetic Pulse of Life; Allergic to Electricity; Fire from Heaven".

5. "Transformed by Lightning".

6. "Electric People and Poltergeist-Agents".

7. "The Fifth Force".




The Cakra-s and the Human-Energy Fields


Veil of Isis

I.-II. "Veil of Death"; "Veil of Nature".

III.1-III.3 "Herakleitos's Aphorism"; "Wrap Herself Up"; "With Flowing Veil".

III.4-III.5. "The Genius of Paganism"; "Gods of Graikia".