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EPITOMES OF BOOKS on survival after death, hauntings, ghosts, and animism



Dreamtime and Inner Space

1-5. "Death"; "Beyond Death"; "Soul"; "Soul-Journeys"; "Body/Spirit Connection".

6-7. "Out-of-Body Experience"; "True Earth".

8-9. "Self-Healing"; "Dismemberment in the Underworld".

10-11. "Genuine Spirits of the Dead"; "Spirit-Marriages".

12-14. "Song of Power"; "Sacred Drugs"; "Acquisition of Power".

15-18. "Rejection of Power"; "Loss of Power"; "In the Earth"; "Experiences of Light".

19-24. "World-Tree"; "Portals"; "Rulers of Nature"; "Crystal"; "Rhythm"; "Walk".


Ashgate Research Companion to Paranormal Cultures

1. "Haunted Culture".

2-6. "Technology"; "Cultural Practices"; "Flying Saucers"; "Biology"; "Disbelief".

7-11. "Italy"; "Platonic Context"; "Ghosts"; "Appearance of Ghosts"; "Afterlife".

12-15. "Wilhelm Reich"; "Politics of Mediumship"; "Politics of the Paranormal"; "Paranormal in Scandinavia".

16-19. "Haunted by History"; "Ireland the Anomalous"; "Mexico's Spiritualist Archive"; "Psychic Women".

20-22. "Telepathy"; "Psychometry and the Afterlife of Objects"; "Music and the Paranormal".

23-25. "Conjuring the Spirits"; "Spiritualism in Western Australia"; "Ghost-hunting in the United States and in Germany"


Animism in Rainforest and Tundra, 0 & 3

0. "Animism and Invisible Worlds".

3. "Animism and the Meanings of Life".


Handbook of Contemporary Animism

1-2. "We Call It Tradition"; "Animism, Conservation, and Immediacy".

3. "Animism and a Proposal for a Post-Cartesian Anthropology".

4. "Animism for Tylor".

5. "Tylor and Contemporary Society".

6-7. "Beyond Nature and Culture"; "Anthropology of Nature in Amazonia".

8-10. "Chewong Animist Ontology"; "Ancestral Religion in the Philippines"; "The Invisibles".

11-12. "Death and Grief" (Australian Aboriginal); "Human-Animal among the Yukaghir".

13. "Ethics in Cree Hunting".

14. "Moral Foundations of Tlingit Cosmology".

15-16. "Embodied Morality"; "The Animal versus the Social".

17-18. "A World without Objects"; "Animate Objects among the Bambara in Mali".

19-20. "Animism, Fetishism, and Capitalism"; "Western Statue-Devotion".

21. "One-All : the Animist High God".

22. "Shamanism and the Hunters of the Siberian Forest".

23. "Animism as Socio-Cosmological Principle in an Amazonian Society".

24-25. "Rock-Art Animically"; "Whence "Spirit-Possession"?"

26-27. "Psychedelics, Animism, and Spirituality"; "Spiritual Beings".

28. "Sentient Matter".

29. "Towards an Animistic Science of the Earth".

30. "Animist Plant Ontologies and Ethics".

31-33. "Cognitive Ethology"; "Embodied Oiko-Paganism"; "Animist Research".

34. "Consciousness, Wights, and Ancestors".

35-36. "Nature in the Active Voice"; "Animist Realism in Indigenous Novels".

37. "Fae:rie in Hypermodernity".

38. "Objects of Otaku Affection".

39-40. "Dance of the Return Beat"; "Incantatory Riff for a Global Medicine-Show".


Multiple Planes of the Cosmos and Life

I-II. "Kinds of Cosmos"; "Multiple Levels of the Soul-Body".

III-IV. "Return of Self-Cultivated Sages"; "Transmigration".

V. "Death".

VI-VII. "Ghosts, Sprites"; "Ascension of Good Ghosts".


Out of This World

1-4. "Kit"; "Free Spirit"; "Dark Treasures"; "Puppets, Playhouses, & Gods"

5. "Crane Riding, Soul-Raising, & Ghost-Brides"

6-8. "Journeys through the Mind"; "Spiritual Vision"; "Medicine Men"

9-11. "7 Palaces"; "Interplanetary Tours"; "Apogee"


Gods, Spirits, Cosmic Guardians, 1-3

1-2. "Approaching"; "Encountres" "with Divinities" and "with Angels".

3. "Encountres" "with Revenants" and "with Forces".