EPITOMES OF BOOKS on synchronicity, spirit-mediumship, spirit-possession, trances, energy-work, & yaugik cakra-s



Ecstasy, Ritual, and Alternate Reality

3-4. "Independent Variables"; "Dependent Variables".

5-7. "Hunter-Gatherers"; "Horticulturalists"; "Agriculturalists".

8. "Nomadic Pastoralists".


Talking With the Spirits

0-1. "Overview"; "Believing Impossible Things : Ethnographic Inquiry".

2-3. "Spirit-Medium Experience in Great Britain"; "Spirits in Montre'al".

4. "Spirit-Mediumship and Folk-Models of Mind and of Matter".

5-7. "Cyber-Psychics"; "Spirit-Possession in East Africa"; "Developing the Dead in Cuba".

8-9. "Mediumship in Brazil"; "Psychedelic Spirit-Possession of Ayahuasca Use".

10. "Anomalous Mental and Physical Phainomena of Brazilian Spirit-Media".

11. "Spirit-Media in Hong Kong and in the United States".

12. "Tang-ki Spirit-Mediumship in Singapore and in Taiwan".


Spirit Mediumship in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans

1-2. "Father and Son"; "Echoes From Another World".

3-5. "Forays into Spiritualism"; "Steppingstones"; "Days in Louisiana".

6-7. "Windows of the Soul"; "Le Cercle Harmonique".

8-10. "Transitions"; "Spiritual Rubicon"; "Epilogue".


Out of This World

1-4. "Kit"; "Free Spirit"; "Dark Treasures"; "Puppets, Playhouses, & Gods"

5. "Crane Riding, Soul-Raising, & Ghost-Brides"

6-8. "Journeys through the Mind"; "Spiritual Vision"; "Medicine Men"

9-11. "7 Palaces"; "Interplanetary Tours"; "Apogee"


Dreamtime and Inner Space

1-5. "Death"; "Beyond Death"; "Soul"; "Soul-Journeys"; "Body/Spirit Connection".

6-7. "Out-of-Body Experience"; "True Earth".

8-9. "Self-Healing"; "Dismemberment in the Underworld".

10-11. "Genuine Spirits of the Dead"; "Spirit-Marriages".

12-14. "Song of Power"; "Sacred Drugs"; "Acquisition of Power".

15-18. "Rejection of Power"; "Loss of Power"; "In the Earth"; "Experiences of Light".

19-24. "World-Tree"; "Portals"; "Rulers of Nature"; "Crystal"; "Rhythm"; "Walk".


Gods, Spirits, Cosmic Guardians, 1-3

1-2. "Approaching"; "Encountres" "with Divinities" and "with Angels".

3. "Encountres" "with Revenants" and "with Forces".


Synchronicity Key

5-7. "Global Adversary"; "Karman Is Real"; "Redincarnation".

8. "Mapping Out the Afterlife".

12-16. "Joan of Arc"; "2,160-Year Cycle"; "Iron Curtain"; "Blindfolds Falling"; "Both Sides of the Veil".

19-21. "History"; "Cycles of History"; "4th-Density Shift".


Shamanism : an Expanded View of Reality


Spirit Possession and Trance


Authors of the Impossible


Sacred Encountres