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Religion and the Subtle Body in Asia and the West

I. "Subtle Bodies in China and India".

II. "Subtle Bodies in the Tibetan Tradition".

III. "Subtle Bodies in Europe and Islam".

IV.1. "Sinister Modernists : Subtle Energies and Yogic-Tantric Echoes".

IV.2-3. "Becoming an Owl"; "Subtle-Body Models".

IV.4-5. "Subtle Bodies of Philosophy"; "Subtle-Body Processes".


Alchemical Traditions [subtle bodies apparitional as if metallic, as in dream by Zosimos]

I.0. "Circumambulating the Alchemical Mysterion".

I.1. "The Perfect Black : Aiguptos and Alchemy".

I.2-3. "Telestic Transformation"; "Metallougy and Demiourgy".

I.4. "History and Dynamics of Taoist Alchemy".

I.5. "Hindu Alchemical Tradition".

I.6. "Alchemy in the Kaala-cakra Tantra".

II.1-2. "Alchemical Khiasmos"; "Altus's Ominous Aphorism".

II.3-4. "Turris Philosophorum"; "Heinrich Khunrath". 

II.5. "Becoming an Angel".

II.6. "The Kiss of Death".

II.7. "Alchemy of Rene' Schwaller de Lubicz".

II.8. "Surrealism and the Alchemical Transsubstantiation of the World".

II.9-10. "The Alchemical Horticulture of Alan Chadwick"; "Checkmate in Beckett and Eliot".


Lux in Tenebris

1. "Visual and Acoustic Symbols in Giyqaatyilyaah, Neoplatonic Thought".

2-3. "Marsilio Ficino"; "The Memory Theatre of Giulio Camillo".

4. "Agrippa's Cosmic Ladder".

5- "Corporeal Envisioning in the Theosophy of Jacob Bo:hme".