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BOOKS ON PROJECTION Of THE usually-so-called "ASTRAL  BODY" (actually the AITHEERIC BODY)


Practical Astral Projection


Astral Journey

I. "Overview".

II. "A Look at the Evidence".

III-IV. "As Solid as Thou and I"; "The "Why" of Astral Projection".

V. "When Body and Mind Are Ready".

VI.1-VI.5. "Celebrities"; "Childhood"; "Teacher"; "Young Women"; "Dramatic".

VI.6-VI.8 "Dead Philosopher"; "From Maine"; "Classic Trio".

VII. "The Scientific Approach".

VIII-IX. "The Ultimate Quaestion"; "Postscript".


Psychic Explorer

1A. "Methods of Projection".

1B-2. "Advanced Methods of Projection"; "Dreams and Astral Projection".

3. "Difficulties of Astral Projection".

4. "Encountres on the Astral Plane".

5. "Astral Journeys & Psi Experiences".



I-II. "Scientific Foundations"; "Relationships ... and Other Sciences".

III. "Phainomena of Projectiology".

IV-V. "Altered States"; "Vehicles of Manifestation".

VI-IX. "Philosophical"; "Prae-Projection"; "Projection"; "Exteriorization".

X. "Extraphysical Period of the Consciousness".

XI-XIII. "Relationships"; "Interiorization"; "Waking State".

XIV. "Projector & Projections".

XV. "Relationships of Lucid Projection".

XVI. "Scientific Perspectives".

XVII-XX. "Open Epistles"; "Bibliography"; "Glossary"; "Study-Groups" .


Astral Odyssey

1-2. "Hidden Realm"; "Mind Spectrum".

3-4. "Centre of the Self"; "Labyrinth of Consciousness".

5-6. "Invisible Worlds"; "Between Worlds".

7. "Cabin Projections".

8-9. "Storefront House"; "Townhouse".

10. "Merging Worlds".


Explorations Out of the Body

0-3. "Introduction"; "Is It Real?"; "So What?"; "Thought-Existence".

4-5. "Non-Physical Entities"; "Let's Go Flying".

6-8. "Explorations"; "Cruising"; "Time Travel".

9-12. "Physical World"; "Mind-Games"; "Explanation"; "Philosophy".


Human Devolution

5-6. "Beyond Stones & Bones"; "What is a Human Being?"

7. "The Cosmic Hierarchy".

8-9. "Apparitions, Angels, & Aliens"; "Paranormal Modification".


The Art and Practice of Astral Flight


Soul Genome


Courageous Souls


The Convoluted Universe (hypnotic praevious-life regressions to other worlds; hypnotic spirit-possessions)

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3, Sections 1-4 "Exploring"; "Non-Human"; "Other Beings"; "First-Timers".

Book 3, Section 5 "The Source".

Book 3, Sections 6-8 "Creation"; "New Earth"; "Unusual Energies".


Three Waves of Volunteers




Far Journeys

1-5. "Traffic"; "Hemi-Sync"; "Gateway"; "Explorer"; "Associations".

6-11. "Segue"; "Surveys"; "Contact"; "Rainbow"; "Friend"; "Rescue".

12-16. "Evidence"; "Shock"; "Lesson"; "Promised Plan"; "The Gathering".

17-19. "End Game"; "OBE Experience"; "Psychophysiology".


Ultimate Journey

1-4. "Variable"; "Trail"; "Interstate"; "Farewell".

5-10. "Recoup"; "Inside"; "Tour"; "Recall"; "Way"; "Retinue".

11-13. "Turning"; "Inside the Inside"; "Tuning".

14-15. "Sum & Its Parts"; "Trail A-Winding".

16-19. "View"; "Progress"; "Direction"; "Timeout".


Tales from the Time-Loop

I. "The Conspiracy".

II. "The Extraterrestrial Conspiracy".

III-IV. "It's All an Illusion"; "Transforming the Illusion".


Infinite Love Is the Only Truth




Vol. I. Quaest -- Ultimate Frontier.

Vol. II. Graduation Key.

Vol. III. Journey.