Cakra-s' correspondence with forces in physics



7th Sahasra-ara


6th A-jn~a is the "single eye".

weak nuclear force (able to fuse 2 nuclei into a single 1) is similar to electromagnetic force.

5th Vi-s`uddhi is for communication.

electromagnetic force is used for communication (radio).

4th Anahata is for love: in love (sexual love, as between husband & wife), usually unlikes (opposite sexes) mutually attracting

electrostatic force of mutual attraction of unlikes.

3rd Man.i-pura is for duty based on fear of punishment: usually like obeying like (as, separate government for male and for females among Yoruba).

gravitation is by like obeying (attracting faintly, as though under duress) like.

2nd Svadhis.t.hana: "svadha" is salutation of the dead (who have collapsed into death). The dead are mainly repulsive.

different sort of gravitation within "black holes" (of collapsed matter). also, negatively within "white holes" [which have antigravitational inflation, and thus are more repulsive than the "black holes" are attractive, inasmuch as the latter are lessened by gravitational deflation]

1st Mula-dhara, whence extrudeth the Kun.d.alini

strong nuclear force, among nucleon-s which extrude pion-s.

Distinction between 3rd & 4th cakra-s: "While the awakened 3rd chakra teaches us to do no harm for the sake of self-preservation, at the level of the awakened heart [= 4th], we become fully altruistic."

Here are the boson-s mediating the forces:-







weak nuclear

gluon, within gauge boson



real photon



virtual photon


gravitostatic (gravitation)

virtual graviton

must be supraluminal [as is the other virtual particle], despite the assumption by Einstein that it is not -- this would agree with Newton

gravitorelative (gravitation in black holes)

real graviton : the "up-conversion" of a virtual photo into a real photon in a powerful magnetic field (as, in synchrotron radiation) would be an analogy to the conversion of a virtual graviton into a real graviton within a black hole


strong nuclear

neutretto, within muon, in turn within pion

luminal ?

real particles propagate in waves; virtual particles evidently do also -- the great length of virtual gravitational waves [the lengths of wave-interferences as indicated by gaps in the asteroid-belts] being due to their high (supraluminal) velocity [, their frequency in cycles per time-unit being about the same as light].

Websites on supraluminal gravitation:-

"gravity is faster than light"

"the propagation velocity of gravitation exceeded the velocity of light by at least several million times."

"Van Flandern has also challenged the classical space curvature interpretation of general relativity (GR). He correctly points out that curved space is an interpretation of GR not a requirement. Van Flandren also ... places a lower limit on the propagation velocity of gravitation at 10^10 c. "

"cp = (K/[rho]l)^(2 ^-1) = 2.162610 24 [m/s], (7)

The Velocity (7) is a true velocity of gravity propagat[i]on in corpuscular ether. This value excludes the unsolved dynamic paradoxes in theories of gravitation, which appear in models with limiting light velocity propagation of gravitational interactions. It exceeds lower estimation of propagation velocity of gravitation, which gave by great Pierre Laplace [12] - 10^17 [m/s], lower estimation of Tom Van Flandern - 10^19 [m/s]"