The Cakra-s and the Human Energy-Fields






The Aitheric Body



Ro^le of the Cakra-s



The Astral Body



Higher Dimensions of Consciousness



Background of Clairvoyant Investigation



Use of Clairvoyance in Research



Variations in the Aitheric Field



Cakra-s and Endocrine Glands

97- 121


Consciousness and the Brain



Modifiers of the Fields



Effects of Changes in Consciousness



The Dynamics of Healing



1. (pp. 28-32 ) "Structure and Function of the Aitheric Body".

p. 30 aitheric body

"To the clairvoyant, the etheric body looks like a luminous web of fine bright lines ... which ... stand out at right angles to the surface of the skin. ...

The color of the etheric body is a pale blue-gray or violet-gray, slightly luminous and shimmering, like heat waves above the earth on hot days. In the average person, it extends ... (two to three inches) beyond the periphery of the physical body, gradually fading away".

pp. 30-1 filter-barrier between aitheric & astral bodies

p. 30

"There is an etheric web of the finest texture that acts as a natural barrier between the etheric and astral fields {cf. Taoist nets separating from heaven}, and protects the individual from opening communication

p. 31

between these levels prematurely. ... It is in effect a protective device".


2. (pp. 33-46) "The Ro^le of the Cakra-s".

pp. 33-4 cakra-s generally

p. 33

"The etheric, astral and mental vehicles each contain seven major centers of force, which have been called chakras because of their shape."

p. 34

"The seven etheric chakras ... have their counterparts on the astral and mental levels."

pp. 35-6 aitheric cakra-s

p. 35

"The etheric chakras are most easily visualized as rapidly spinning vortices, which draw in energy at their cores in a tight flow ... . ...

p. 36

The energy pours in through the core of the chakra reaches the spine via its stalk, then flows along through the tiny pathways... . ...

The etheric chakras, which lie on the surface of the etheric body, vary greatly in ... brightness, size, rapidity of motion, ... depending upon individual idiosyncrasy and health."

p. 38 connections of cakra-s with threads of consciousness during life; disintegration after death

"The thread of waking consciousness is connected with the core of the crown chakra. ...

The life thread, however, connects the heart chakra to the physical heart, and this connection is unbroken throughout life.

At the time of death, the thread of consciousness withdraws from the crown center, and the thread of life withdraws from the heart ... .

Thus at death ... the etheric body is first loosened from the physical body, then separates, and disintegrates within a few days after death".

pp. 39-44 the particular major cakra-s of the aitheric body




"The topmost chakra ... consists of 12 golden central petals, with a complex of 960 secondary petals arranged around them ... . The petals display all the colors of the rainbow ... . ... The size of the core ... gives an indication of the individualís ability ... to achieve continuity of consciousness between the waking and sleeping states, for this is the center through which we normally exit in sleep."


"The brow center ... is composed of ninety-six petals. ... In structure, ... it appears to be divided into two segments, one half colored rose and yellow, the other blue and purple."


"The throat center ... is silvery blue in color ... and has sixteen petals. ... The throat center ... is especially important with respect to the interconnections between the mental and the etheric fields."


"The heart center ... is composed of twelve petals of a glowing golden yellow."


"The solar plexus ... is situated in the area of the navel. It has ten petals, ...


with light red and green predominating. ... . ... it is at this point that astral energy enters the etheric field."


"the spleen chakra ... has six petals or sections ..., with yellow and rose-red predominating. ...


This center usually has a radiant and glowing appearance. Since it is the main transmitter of prana or life energy to the physical body, its most important function lies in its ability to absorb and distribute vitality."


"there is a center ... in the sacral region which governs sexuality. Associated with its six petals, whose color is predominantly red ... ."


"The root center ... which is situated at the base of the spine, has four petals of a clear orange-red."

pp. 45-6 subsidiary cakra-s

p. 45

"In addition to the major chakras, there are said to be twenty-one minor distributing centers. ... These minor centers ... differ from true chakras ... .

p. 46

... The only subsidiary centers which are noteworthy ... are those in the palm of each hand and in the sole of each foot".


VI (pp. 47-57) "The Astral Body".`

p. 49 astral bodyís aura & its rhythms

"To the clairvoyant, this structure ... looks rather like an ovoid, luminous cloud surrounding the body, as though the individual were suspended inside a semitransparent bubble of changing colors and patterns."

"The rhythm of the aura is also significant, as it indicates the degree and kind of interaction with the etheric and mental fields. In health the shape is uniform and well defined, not ragged or wavy at the edges."

p. 49 upper & lower moieties of the astral bodyís aura

"The section above the diaphragm

usually indicates the individualís potential ... and

the colors in this part of the aura are usually lighter and less intense.

The part below the diaphragm

indicates ongoing and active experiences, and

here he colors are usually darker, and the texture heavier and more granular."

p. 51 astral substance

"The material of the astral world is very impressionable, and responds quickly to the though-forms or images which we imbue with our feelings. Such images ... may vanish, but others may be more enduring and stay with us a long time; these are often seen by clairvoyants surrounding their creator."

pp. 53-4 astral-body cakra-s generally

p. 53

"These astral chakras ... form ... petal-like structures ... around a central core."

p. 54

"The astral chakras are always brighter than those on the etheric level".

p. 56 solar-plexus cakra of the astral body

"the astral solar plexus chakra acts as a shock absorber between the intake of astral energy and its dispersal through the body."

p. 57 astral energy streams

The stream on the right side of the astral spine rises from the right side of the core of the chakra at the base of the spine and flows upward to the back of the head in a stream approximately one centimeter in width.

Its color is pale blue

(whereas the etheric counterpart is blue-green).

The stream on the left side of the spine duplicates that on the right, but

its color is pink

(whereas the etheric is a darker yellow-red).

The energy which flows through the central portion of the astral spine ... moves upward and bifurcates at the area near the medulla oblongata, at which point the two divisions cross each other, the energy on the right going to the left brain, and that on the left going to the right brain. This central spinal stream is ... opalescent ..., with a great deal of yellow and orange."

"With respect to ... the astral level ... there appears to be some connection between the cerebellum, the pineal gland and the crown chakra."


VII. (pp. 58-66) "Higher Dimensions of Consciousness".

pp. 59-61 [aura of] the mental body; thought-forms

p. 59

"The human mental body is an ovoid like the astral body, but it is considerably larger and less dense. Its colors and quality are good indicators of the individualís interests and mental powers, whether latent or active".

p. 60

"The mental body extends ... (three feet) beyond the periphery of the physical body, and interpenetrates both the etheric and the astral bodies."

p. 61

"Some clairvoyants are able to see the thought-forms within an individualís mental body."

p. 64 cakra-s of the mental body

"Each mental chakra is also linked with its higher frequency counterpart on the intuitional (buddhic) level. ... The energy of the mental field is stepped down as it passes through the chakras".

pp. 65-6 the causal body

p. 65

"The highest vesture of the Self, which is known as buddhi (insight ...), is termed "causal" because ... it carries the Selfís fundamental intentionality to be, and this is the ultimate cause of our existence. ... According to the doctrine of

p. 66

reincarnation, ... enduring qualities ... are retained from life to life within the causal body ... : insight, intuition or direct knowing, ,,, aspiration to God or the Good, and the purest forms of love and compassion."


"Seen clairvoyantly, the causal body is pale ... with iridescent colors like those in a soap bubble. It was called Augoeides {"NAN"} by the Greeks, the luminous radiation of the Spiritual Self, of which incarnate life is but the shadow."

"The causal body does not disintegrate after death as the astral and mental bodies eventually do, but is able to experience the universality ... hidden from us during physical existence."

"NAN" = "Nous Augoeides of the Neoplatonists"


VIII. (pp. 69-79) "The Background of Clairvoyant Investigation".

pp. 73, 75-6 books





Annie Besant

Occult Chemistry


Thought Forms


Man and His Bodies


Charles W. Leadbeater

The Chakras


Man Visible and Invisible


Geoffrey Hudson

The Kingdom of the Gods


Science of Seership


Phoebe Payne Bendit

Manís Latent Powers


Karl von Reichenbach (transl. by William Gregory)

Researches on ... Vital Power [concerning "odic light"]


William Crookes

Researches in the Phenomena of Spiritualism


John Taylor

Superminds (1975)

pp. 77-8 consciousness

p. 77

"Prof. George Wald, Nobel Laureate in Physics, said in a 1985 talk : "... consciousness ... a timeless and pervasive property, a complementary aspect of all reality."

p. 78

"The idea that consciousness and matter are inseparable concomitants of existence is an esoteric or theosophical" principle.


IX. (pp. 80-90) "The Use of Clairvoyance in Research".

p. 84 non-flinching

During viewing by clairvoyants while they are exercising their clairvoyance, "If a light if flashed in their eyes, their pupils do not constrict in the normal way. But when the clairvoyants return to normal physical vision , their pupils immediately react with the light reflex, and contract normally."

p. 85 statement by DVK

"I can, as it were, shift my focus and see a replica of the physical organs in the etheric body. ... The energy pattern is like lines electricity within the grayish-blue etheric body, and it also has a rhythm."


X. (pp. 91-6) "Variations in the Aitheric Field".

p. 93 clairvoyant view of vital bodily fluids

"Looked at clairvoyantly, ... the blood had more "sparks" of etheric energy than the lymph, which appeared paler, slightly grayish in color".

p. 94 spontaneous exit from the material body by hyperventilation

"By breathing over-rapidly, the medium may sometimes exit from the body, not in the normal manner via the crown chakra, but via the solar plexus. This separates the etheric from the astral and mental fields, and prevents the medium from recalling what took place during the trance."

p. 95 instance of voluntary exit from the material body, as observed by a clairvoyant

"Just before she went into the trance ..., her solar plexus center began to vibrate, and at this point she took energy from corresponding chakras of those present for whom she was giving the "reading," thus establishing the contact. ... Her breathing became rapid ... . As the core of her crown center opened and became more elastic, she herself became open to astral consciousness. ... Shortly after this, B.Mc. went into a full trance state and exited from her body. ... full harmony was established with the astral consciousness. Its rhythm was superimposed on hers, thus enabling it to use part of her brain mechanism".


XI. (pp. 97- 121) "The Cakra-s and the Endocrine Glands".

p. 98 the cakra system



associated gland


above the head



between the eyen



base of neck

thyroid & parathyroid


midway between shoulder-blades



{just above} navel

adrenals & pancreas


base of spine



left of abdomen



genital region

ovaries / testes

p. 99 relative rotational rates of cakra-s

"if we assume that the speed of the etheric center is one, then the astral centerís speed of rotation should be double and the mental centerís four times that rate, i.e., a ratio of 1:2:4."


XII. (pp. 122-40) "Consciousness and the Brain".

pp. 123-4

p. 123

"the etheric energy flows from the base of the spine into the medulla oblongata, ... where there is a small energy vortex. This center, however, seems to be more important on the astral than on the etheric level. The etheric cerebellum seems to be ... able to absorb surplus energy from the rest of the brain. It seems to act as a ...

p. 124

shock-absorber for the overflow of etheric energy."

"The etheric energy of the brain seems to be released and discharged through the region of the brain connected with the thalamus."

pp. 134-5 a case of religious enthusiasm

p. 134

"His behavior became ritualistic, and he was continually haunted by the desire to keep the holy books ... clean and tidy. He also began to hear voices. ... he became aware of admonitions inside his head, exhorting him to ... clean the books."

p. 135

"The hearing of voices seemed to originate from ... the solar plexus, not from the throat as is more usual."

pp. 138-40 a case of split-personality, as clairvoyantly observed

p. 138

In "the etheric crown chakra ... the periphery of the petals were toothed like a saw. The edges of the core itself were irregular, but even more unusual was a split going through the whole

p. 139

chakra from front to back at the six oíclock/twelve oíclock axis".

p. 140

"the most striking feature in this case was the split in all of the chakras."

{If, actually, such a phainomenon as "split-personality" be non-existent [being a fake diagnosis fabricated by ultra-reactionary psychiatrists], could not such clairvoyant observations have been falsely supplied to the clairvoyant by some praeternatural divine entity as a sort of satirical joke?}


XIII. (pp. 141-51) "Effects of Drugs and Other Modifiers of the Fields".

pp. 143-4 sensations of sensitives

p. 143

"Fluorescent lights produce unpleasant sensations in some sensitives."


"Reichenbach reported the effects which magnetic fields had on some sensitives. He found that those who could feel the presence of a magnet ..., when it was moved up and down the

p. 144

spine without touching the skin, were also sensitive to weather changes and magnetic storms. A few of these sensitives could sleep comfortably only in a north/south position."


"A few subjects have reported suffering depletion of vitality when visiting certain places ... . They usually have an urge to leave the spot quickly, and after doing so feel revitalized."


XV. (pp. 167-72) "Effects of Changes in Consciousness".

pp. 171-2 paranormal powers of VPN

p. 171

"Ever since childhood, VPN had been aware of her ability to perceive objects at a distance and communicate telepathically with nonphysical beings."

"The indications of paranormal abilities revealed by the chakras were corroborated by the observation of her mental body, whose size and brightness confirmed her telepathic ability, and indicated the presence of an inflow from

p. 172

higher dimensions of consciousness, which gave her a kind of intuitive "knowing.""


XVI. (pp. 173-84) "The Dynamics of Healing".

p. 179-80 sensations experienced by spiritual healer while healing a patient

p. 179

"This kind of healing, which was frequently referred to as magnetic healing in the past, ... all who practice it say they feel some sensations in the hands. The most common is a sense of heat, which fluctuates in accordance with the patientís needs. It may be accompanied by other sensations, either simultaneously or consecutively : ...

a needle-like tingling,

a prickly, crackling sensation,

the sensation of a lump in the palm, and even

a sharp pain in the hands or arms."

"Most healers are aware when the flow of energy commences, and when it ceases. ...

p. 180

Some healers seem to have an "automatic thermostat" within them which shuts off the flow of etheric energy at the appropriate time. ... However, when healers are overenthusiastic and do not pay attention to their inner cues, they may pour too much energy into a patient with distressing ... effects."

pp. 180-2 instance of a female healer and of her healing activity, as clairvoyantly observed

p. 180

"Frances Farrelly ... was the sensitive called Kay in SKís book Breakthrough to Creativity. ...

p. 181

She is a good magnetic healer ... . ... Since early childhood, FF has been aware of the presence of nature spirits ... . ... FF states that when healing begins her hands become hot, and when the healing is completed the heat disappears automatically. ... DVK observed that the healer generated a flow of etheric energy from her head to her hands, which then played between her hands through the ... patient she was treating. ... The sensation of heat in the hands of the healer appears to clairvoyant observation as a red-orange color emanating from her fingertips. ...

p. 182

The color orange-red indicated that the energy was flowing; as it changed to yellow the energy diminished."

p. 183 instances of a male healer

"Colonel Oskar Estabany ... in the Hungarian cavalry ... ventured to practice healing on people, and found that he could help them ... . Later he emigrated {immigrated} to Canada, where his healing ability was evaluated first by Dr. Bernard Grad of McGill University ... . ... The experiments with Col. Estabany ... were widely written up and became very well known."


Shafica Karagulla & Dora van Gelder Kunz : The Chakras and the Human Energy Fields. Theosophical Publ House, Wheaton (IL), 1989.