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[quaestions by hypnotist-authoress are italicized.]


p. 70, 90 spirit-possession


"After ... she was in the deepest possible level of trance (the somnambulistic level) her personality would disappear, and other entities would speak through her. These were often beings aboard the spacecraft she was taken to. This curious phenomenon also occurred with other subjects".


"The voice had definitely changed. It was always easy to tell when one of the being spoke, because the change was immediate."

pp. 30-1, 76 beings of light


"All of a sudden a very bright light envelopes my body. ... I am just transported by this light into the presence of ... beings of light. ...


But they are covered in such bright light that I cannot distinguish their bodily forms."


"The being is an area that is light, but it is a body. ... You would say that it is the brightest light you have ever seen. ... The light can be a person if it wants to. ... Itís standing in front of me as a person."

pp. 87-9 lights, shapes, patterns


"Thereís a big purple light over my face. Itís pulsating. ... And sometimes all outside of it is green. Itís a glowing thing, ... an indigo iridescent center. ... Then is the light came some different shapes ... . ...


Snowflake pattern shapes, six-sided pattern shapes. ...


Oh, a pyramid came down to me. With the point down. ... I see it coming into my body. It has different levels."

pp. 93-4, 96 vortices


"Now, energy entrance ..., in a spiral, comes in and is slung up ...


Rather like a bouncing effect? ...


If you could see into another dimension, you could see the spiral. You would see the effect of that swirl, for it is in movement and motion. ... Just as a top moves. ... Perhaps you could think of it as a vortex. ... Actually the beam is transmitted to the center of the circle and rotates out. ...


That is because when this individual is located in the center of one of the circles, the particular rotational force can cause in the physical a vast amount of heat to be generated in an instant." {cf. heat-generating yoga gTum-mo (Bodish, but derived from Taoist)}

pp. 104-12 time-travel through junction-gateways


"At 11:16 we can continue. Exactly." {cf. the (listed by ordinal number & name) 1116 [sum of 1008 + 108] gods (beginning with Bhava) in the Linga Puran.a}


"So therefore if you wish to see in he physical, you ask and you can look in the physical. ... Thereís a color, a rose color. ...


Youíre going very, very fast. ... Itís right there, just swoosh! ... It was a ... junction. ... Just like on a map when you came to that point. ... At that point you can ... go into a different dimension and be in a totally different lifetime. ... So therefore you must allow that stop, ... and you will shoot forward the instant it has coincided. If you take two circles and you place them next to each other, and they come together until they lock, you canít pass through them. ...


But if you pass through them ...?


I can go to the ancients. ...


Everything that is begins as the more minute pore of your skin. {cf. emergence of the deities from the skin-pores of the divine wish-cow, according to the Puran.a-s} ... If you see a type of pattern within a particle ... it implodes, explodes out ... ... As it continues to divide out and travel through dimensional shifts, ... it begins to grow. And ... it goes through universes and galaxies ... . ...


And mankind can return, knowing how, to their source. ... You are dealing with interdimensional time. ... Understanding that everything they do here in the physical on this planet affects every other lifetime. ... We talked at 11:16 because 11:16 is connected to ...


dimensional time. ... And you can move out to whatever lifetime within that period ... . ...


But our kind of time Ė spirit time Ė is totally different, but congruent with. ... What youíre doing is, you are vibrationally connecting with ... this vibrational rate. ... But at death the particle travels as the way to here ... . ...


You night call it a soul, but in true reality, you should call it your "source energy." ... When we go into each otherís lives here, we take with us part of what they were and part of what they are. ...


Whenever the junction of mankindís time with interdimensional time coincide, an interplanetary ... overlapping ... will cause a set of circumstances to evolve."

p. 114 praedetermination of fate

"And you will always know when it is time. You will think, "I need to do this. I need to do that." And you will try. ... You cannot set it. ... It is already pre-set. ... But it was pre-set. You began at a juncture. You couldnít have done it at any other moment. It would not have happened."

pp. 119-27 funnel of light; becoming a being of light; travel on beams of light; storage of, and key to, information


"And itís like a funnel of light. A funnel, with the wide end down toward me. ... I feel like Iím floating. ... It seems like a transcendence of time and light. ... Through colors, through time, through space ... . ... Colors, and golden light. ...


They are like buildings. ... Itís sparkelly [sic] in color ... . ...


Iím this being of light. ... And they seem curious about my being of light. ...


They know that Iím the one that was sent. ... One about every millennium or two. ... From time to time these beings select their chosen. And they


choose to go to other galaxies ... . ... They go on beams of light. The beams of light sometimes are oblong, round spheres. From one dimension they look silvery and long, oval. And from another direction they look round. And theyíre like a silver disk. And you slide through the air. ... They are becoming physical form so that I will recognize them as they were in the time that I left. ...


We go into a room which is round. We sit at a round table. Itís a council of beings. ... We can share the information on a telepathic level ... . ...


This seems to be a place where information is gathered ... faster than the speed of light. It can be transmitted. ...


In the rocks, in the building, everything absorbs the information. ...


... the information, how could it be retrieved?


Itís a special key. A key to just going inside yourself, because going inside yourself is the key to that knowledge ... . ...

I will be here until I am on another assignment to another place or another time. It may be gathering information from


another world like Earth ... . ... I am a part of her who has gathered information and is now bringing it to this place of knowledge. ... And so there is a time where there is Ė for her Ė a splitting of energy."

pp. 128, 131 a mystic place


Pelanoni on Maui {/pela/"decayed flesh and intestines removed from a corpse; ... and the flesh (pela) thrown into the sea" (HD) + /noni/ "Poor appetite, as of an invalid; to take food unwillingly." medicinal fruit of the Indian mulberry (native Hawai>ian eucharist, able to revitalize souls of the dead?)}


but she returned to Pasadena {Pelanoni, Glendale, is nigh DreamWorks ("NNBP")}

HD = Pukui & Elbert : Hawaiian Dictionary. U Pr of HI.

"NNBP" =,0,1633691.story

p. 130 fish-body

"she found herself on a dark planet. ... She found herself in a strange body. She described it as a fish body {but, forasmuch as she was not underwater, the fish must have been a lungfish.} ... with a large mouth, huge eyes, ... a bump on the back and a tail. She said she was an observer and was sent to Earth at various time periods in history.

pp. 134-6 spirit-guide; group-form


"They can be oftentimes a spirit guide, ... what you would call "an ascended master." ... There are also what you would call "etheric cities." ... they are on a vibrational plane which is at a higher note that humans ... cannot see. ...


So when you reach that level of vibration there is no karma. ...


Being a civilization in group form, ... they went as one ... . Which is ... being one with all, being one with everything there is."

p. 166 energy (from hypnotism-subject, male) disturbing to hypnotist of opposite (female) gendre

"There seemed to be an energy emanating ... though he was not in close proximity. It gave me a slight headache, and disturbed my line of thinking and questioning. ... That was the day the ... Imam zapped me with his energy."

pp. 131, 167 agreement (compact, contract) among energies; shape-shifters


"there is an agreement between energies which constitute this planet, that such-and-such energies shall be such-and-such. And other energies shall be such-and-such else. There is an agreement that rocks will be rocks, and trees will be trees. This is in harmony with the needs and desires of the individual energies. There are however those who have the ability to change their accepted realities so they may then model themselves as another creature or reality."


" "shape-shifters" ... are these beings who are able to exist in several suitable forms."

p. 181 flamboyant coloration-style

"the hair had parts that were different colors, bright colors ... : reds, yellows, green and blues. ... This was ... flamboyant ... . ... .

... they wear tunics and robes. And ... their clothes can change color. ... You look at a garment and it might appear pink, but you look at it in a different way and it appears a pastel blue. And you look at it again and you see it as violet. It changes and shimmers."

p. 189 colored lights to heal subtle bodies


to heal __ body


aitheric & astral


physical {green is the academic color for the School of Medicine}





pp. 220, 224 mental tones; speed of thought; separation from the collective


"Music in the sense of tones, ... the tone of mental energies. ... Such that these mental tones in unison generate a tremendous powerful energy".


"Thought is much faster than sound. Thought is faster than light."


"People became so involved in their personalities, ... that they began to pull away from the collective. Pull away from the source. Pull away from that which is. To become separate from All That Is, and to become individualized."

p. 306 variants of the Golden Rule




Mahabharata 5:15:17


Udana-Varga 5:18


Analects 15:23


T>ai S^an Kan Yin P>ien


Dadistan-i-dinik 94:5

pp. 323-4 nature of Time


"I can ... be an energetic being of pure light simultaneously in different time spaces. ... Time is just an energy that spins. Itís the pulsation of matter. ... So therefore ... time ... exists on the causal plane -- ... but it exists causally. ... If there is consciousness, there is no time, because we are creating our physical worlds from consciousness. ... There is consciousness, there is no time. Time is material. ... There is no time as such. ... But conscious[ness] itself is like where the universe Ė well, our universe anyway Ė is defined before it happens. ... As thought to happen ... . ...


Consciousness defines it for it to happen. ... Itís through consciousness to learn or consciousness to exist, that these things exist. ... Consciousness derives somewhere between the idea of growth and manifestation, by being playful, creative, energetic. And for it to understand itself we create other things, other than what it is."

pp. 344-5, 349 living tapestry; remembrance; greatness of the soul


"Itís a room full of light. It hasnít a ceiling, for the tapestry is very high. ... And its moving. ... Itís alive with the light, and the threads are living things. ... They have feeling, and they have thought ... . ... Some of them are so bright. ... They are people, their lives {cf. the threads of the Moirai as fated lives}, their souls. ...


We would call it ... remembrance. For the soul knows all. ... It knows everything about all there is to know. It just does not always remember."


"But many souls do not even recognize their greatness, and have not even touched on the fact that they are great. For, of course, we all are. ... All souls are great, of course, for they are part of the source. Many souls do not understand or know of their greatness ... . For they do not have it in their consciousness."

pp. 364-6 alternate selves in alternate universes; sharing of karma among alternate selves; spiritual echo


"So, yes, there are alternate yous that have different families, different ancestors and such as that ... . ... Now there may be incidents where this universe may intersect with another universe so that you many be able to observe thing going


on but it would not be an open portal, to where you would not be able to interact with things going on. ... And you would not be able to tell the place where your universe ends and that universe begins. ... .


... sometimes you see something and it begins to look shimmery and then it would disappear?


Yes, thatís when the intersection is coming to an end and the universes are drawing apart. This would explain many of the incidents of what you call ghosts".


"On the physical plane some people work out their karma by leading several alternate lives in various parallel universes. Especially if they want to work out some particular details of one particular aspect of their karma. And the various decisions they make in the various universes have balanced out in such a way as to help their karma. ... .


... when they died in one universe, all of their different alternates would die.


They do all die within the same general time, but not necessarily all at once. It depends on how long it takes them to work out that aspect of karma, of alternate solutions to this one aspect of karma in these various universes."


"Then if you see somebody and find out later they had died weeks before ...?


... when a spirit has died a few weeks before and they havenít adjusted yet to being on the spiritual plane, sometimes their spiritual echo {known as "psychic shell" in literature of the Theosophical Society} can be particularly convincing, or particularly compatible with the physical vibration of things."

pp. 370-1 supraluminal velocity; multiple-dimensional time


concerning UFOs : "They alter their perception of reality to coincide with your perception of reality, which causes them to appear in space as you know it. One way they can obtain their fantastic speeds they use for traveling is by partially perceiving both universes , so they are able to condense the distance between the points."


[explication of the method "to condense" by the metaphor of condensation of invisible water-vapor into visible mist/fog :] {cf. the Neo-Platonic assertion that the psyche is transformed into a mist floating in the atmosphaire of the moon} "The beings in some of these universes are much more advanced than you are, spiritually, mentally and intellectually. Consequentially, many of them have ... a way to travel from their universe to your universe by using certain wondrous devices, to alter the dimensions they are perceiving. And by altering the dimensions they perceive into the dimensions you perceive, it automatically puts them in your universe. ... To draw an analogy ... : In an area on a foggy day, itís like having a piece of gauze hanging in the fog with some dew on the gauze". {This gauze may be aequivalent to the tenuous veils said in Muslim cosmology to separate the heavens from each other; the Taoist cosmology similarly of nets of such fine weave as to exclude insectlike souls from the heavens above them.}


"Your world and universe ... is composed of many more dimensions ..., but the others are lumped together under the label you call "time". That is why strange things often happen which are inexplicable, due to the nature of these various dimensions interacting with each other".

pp. 375-7 Existence; circular consciousness


"The universe exists. It does not begin or end. ... Reality exists. It does not begin, and it does not end. Your definition of simultaneous time is simply an attempt to look at the whole picture in a two-dimensional term ... . ...


Your reality, you, your personal reality, could be defined as a circle. ... All that you are and all that you have been and all that you shall be, are on that circle. ... You are, on higher planes, aware of the sum total of your existence. ... The consciousness is simply directed forwards or backwards along this circle. ... It does not begin, it does not end. It simply exists. You merely change your focus or perspective from one section of that existence to another. There is no break in the existence. ... However, you may advance your perception to suit that which you seek. The knowledge you seek will be found on some other portion of that circle. ...


The conscious [mind] simply moves to that portion of the circle of which you seek the information. And then relates that which is in that portion of the circle. ... You are what you think. That is your true reality. ... And yet you are, and yet not know it. Therefore you think, therefore you are not."

pp. 382-3 portals into distances


"a window was a device which allowed one to simply pass from one plane of existence to another. This is not a naturally occurring device. {cf. "Square Window" in Radha Swami} A portal, however, is a naturally occurring phenomemon much like a tunnel, in which what you would call "distance" on a particular plane can be crossed. One would be able to travel great distances by going through these portals. However, these portals are on the


same plane. They do not transcend the separate planes of reality. Once one has arrived at the destination on that particular plane, it is necessary to convert to the plane which one wishes to arrive at. ... There are portals within the plane themselves, however, the portals do not span the planes."

pp. 389-92 collective personality; connecting points of time-circle


"We speak here as a collective energy. ... There is no such thing as the "I" concept here, for all is "we". ... There is no distinction between one personality and another, or the beginning of one personality and another. It is simply a shared and coexistent existence. ... You are indeed one with the universe. And so ... there are many aspects of yourselves that you have never been aware


of. ... These could be ... memories that are shared, because of the fact that you are connected, each and every one of you together, on your inner plane awareness. ... You can remember each otherís thoughts on a very deep level. ... We would say that ... from our point of view all has been, all is, and all shall be simultaneously. ... each of you has already been each other and are being each other in your future. ... That is : the past and present simultaneous with the future. ...


You can go anywhere you want to go : past, present, future, on Earth or in space. ... However, ... all has already occurred and nothing has yet occurred, simultaneously. Time is indeed a relative factor. ... However, were you to connect two points within a circle there would indeed be the possibility of two points being connected within a circle by a straight line. If you would consider time as ... in that context a circle, then it would be possible for two points in time to be connected. Suppose this circle then were to become a


spiral, such that the ends ... were in fact the same point. {In Kongolese metaphysics, time is likewise repraesented as a spiral; but there the spiral-diagram is (erroneously) taken to imply that time hath a beginning but no end (a false description of time). The far end of the spiral would have to be threaded back through the spiral in order to meet the centre of the spiral again, the whole forming a wound-up pointed loop, with the pointed end at the centre of the winding.} Then this spiral concept could be imagined to see that there is even within a circle, perhaps, a linear of sorts progression, from one end to another. {as a closed loop, pointed on one end, similar to Ĺ of a yin-yang diagram of Latter Heaven. could the other Ĺ of that diagram be time imagined as running backwards?} This time concept is particularly physical in nature, as all in the physical world must obey certain fundamental concepts. A beginning and an end. {The beginning and end are at the same place, the pointed end of the time-loop.} Life and death. Black and white. {One-half (the yin) of the yin-yang diagram is black; the other one-half (the yang) is white.} Plus and minus. {The "minus" would be time running backwards = the other loop of the yin-yang diagram. Is it (the other loop in the Chinese diagram) also "death" in a figurative sense of returning from the Bardo/Antarabhava?} It is necessary to segregate the realities from the spiritual world {the reality of the Antarabhava, which is transported from the spiritual world into our existence within the relatively unreal physical world}, such that these realities are left in the physical world {after being transported into the physical world, the spiritual realities are left to remain within the physical world as a mechanism whereby to control the physical plane from the spiritual plane}, so that a polarizing process {one pole being the master-circuit = the spiritual; the other pole being the slave-circuit = the physical, in this servo-mechanist cybernetic operation} can be achieved. There is in this process a duality concept which is given. The plus and minus, and so forth. There is therefore the free will {figured as the dot within each loop of the yin-yang diagram}, while in a circle there is no free will {the circle, because containing only a single centre, cannot quite repraesent free-will, which must be double in order to refer to two possible choices (at least) in each act of free-will. an ellipse with two epicentres would also be somewhat inadequate, due to effective lack of mobility of those epicentres while the ellipse is in the process of being drawn}, because there is no beginning and no end, and no black and no white. In physical you have one end or another, if you follow this concept. {One physical end (dispersor) is the cause of increasing entropy (consonant with electro-magnetism); the other physical end (attractor) would be decreasing entropy (entailed in gravitational formation of the "black hole").} The free will is not the end which justifies the means. {the usual (orthodox) Christian notion of "free will"} It is simply a byproduct of the reality of polarizations. Free will simply evolved from the fact that there are polarities in the physical world. {Just as the physical world is an illusion (resultant from imposition of Antarabhava-mechanisms upon other spiritual planes), so is the "free will" an illusion.} Time is, however, not polarized. ... There is simply an idea of what is now and what is then. ... You are always living in the future, if you so choose." {The choice to live in the future is made by choosing to approach understanding the time-based metaphysics of the Antarabhava. This is a distinction between Mahayana and Hinayana.}

pp. 395-400 soul-energies; thought-assistants


"We speak of energies ... which the soul processes. The soul here would be the functioning machinery, if you might say that. The energies would be the fuels which feed the soul. The soul is a spark, a fragment of the original One Soul. For all, at one time, were simply whole and together. And in what you call ... creation, this whole wholeness was splintered. ... It was simply that the attention of


those inhabitants was shifted from the higher to the lower planes. ... The ultimate goal is for all souls to return to the One. ... Then all that has been ... from the beginning to the end of creation will be shared. It is the symphony of experience. ... It is the One, the All-being, the Truth, the Light."


"Itís totally white light. ... We are in essence pure energy form with no physical construction, but ... composed of thought. ... We are fluid in nature, in that we may mold ourselves to the energies we find around us. We can conform to the energies which have called us. ... We assist in balancing the energies and so bring with us that which is most appropriate to whatever particular situation we may find ourselves in. Again, ... we are a collective consciousness and not a singular identity. We do not subscribe to the concept of singular identity, which in human terms would means isolation ... . ... There is no isolation or separation. {this is the reverse of the Jaina ideal of kaivalya (Ďsolitudeí)} ...


We are, in fact, multi-dimensional and encompass many different levels of awareness simultaneously. ... We speak from a level which is multi-dimensional and is not schismed or split into individual energy units. ...


However, we have always been a transawareal [trans-aware-al] energy. Ours has always been one of an assistance mode of existence. In that we assist, we bring that which is needed to those who would ask for it. ...


In the same way, the universe as a whole can mobilize and send any particular energy form to any particular place in the universe it is needed, to assist in the healing of, what we would call, "disharmony"."

p. 401 innate consciousness in physical objects

"For it would be a gross inaccuracy to say that grass is not aware, for it is indeed aware. The very ground that you walk on is indeed aware. ... All of creation is aware. ... You could very possibly become aware of the whole of creation, simply by acknowledging the fact that all that is is aware."

pp. 406, 409-11 dialogue concerning being ensonced within physical bodies [the respondent possessing-spirit is "a Watcher" (p. 404) {one of the type "Watchers and Holy Ones" of the Book of H.nok}]


"Have any of you energies ever been in a physical body? [viz., born into a physical body, rather than temporarily occupying a spirit-mediumís body during a seíance]


That is not accurate, for we have never been to a level where the physical could manifest itself. ... There are none among us at this point who have ever experienced what you would call a "physical" incarnation, although that is not to say that we have not been on your planet before. We have ... . There have been many forms ... on your planet, which carried consciousness. However, you have no record of these forms, for none have been given to be recorded. {These non-physical forms, as recorded in the non-physical Akas`ik Records, are the non-physical earlier root-races, beginning with the Lemurians (as described in the literature of the Theosophical Society).} ... We speak from the essence of truth, the legion of light ... . {"Legion" (Euangelion of Loukas 8:30) -- "My name is Legion: for we are many." (Euangelion of Markos 5:9) Ė "Angel of Light" (2nd Epistolos to the Korinthians 11:14)} ... There are many other squadrons or legions whose responsibilities might include ... rebuilding or reconstructing planets. There are those whose entire function is solely the construction of universes."


"We are not ... of Earth energies, for we come from a plane far above that which could be approached by Earth energies. ... There is no choice in this matter. For were we to choose to incarnate, we simply could not. It is a matter of physics. ... It would not be possible for our energies to be contained in a physical body. It is a matter of vibration. The physical bodies


which encompass your energies are vibrating at a level much too slowly to contain our energies. It would be as if trying to hold water in a bucket of screen." {cf. the Danai:desí "task of carrying water in jars perforated like sieves." (GM 60.l)}


"Are you a perfected ... the source of all energy in the universe ...?


... For were we ..., then there would be no way we could communicate through this vehicle [the hypnotized spirit-medium] and allow him to live through it. It is an energy far beyond anything that could accommodate a physical form. As the physical form would simply vaporize, were this energy to attempt to inhabit a body. {spontaneous human combustion "SHC"} ... For the energy would be so intense as to cause everyone in this room surrounding him to simply vaporize."

"SHC" = Ė photographs Ė ignited by poltergeists Ė books &

pp. 415-6 vibration of oneís body at return from the astral plane


"Many times when I wake up from a deep sleep I feel like Iím vibrating, or my body is pulsating at a high rate. What causes this?"


"Your soul, as you call it, is returning from a higher charged state, from being in the astral plane. ... In your dream state oftentimes your dreams spur your soul on to a higher level of energy. And so you separate from your body and experience astral projection. ... For when you separate from your body, you are vibrating at a frequency which is higher than that which your body can maintain or withstand, and so there is the separation."

pp. 455-7 an incident of hypnotism-induced simulation of abduction by flying-saucer aliens


"When they got out of the car they saw it was a huge craft that moved slowly until it stopped overhead. Then a door opened from underneath and a beam of light came down towards them. The next thing ... he was ... in a room ... with a large light overhead. ... he saw a being approaching him that seemed to be composed entirely of light.


... the being embraced him. ... . . they had met before in other lifetimes. ... His role was to save people, and they had to teach him how to do this. ... . ... they would be able to save certain selected ones by taking them aboard crafts. There would be many, many crafts ... . ...


"They are from different planets, different galaxies. ... They go around galaxies. ... And we wonít be physical as we are now. ... We look ... sort of like a ghost ... ." ... . ... sex will be different. Not physical anymore. It will be like a union of energy, but ... it feels nice. ... Like two balls coming together and creating something." {sexual intercourse among sphairical souls : tantrik (Z`i--byed) doctrine}

pp. 499-500 in a metallic, mechanical body


"her to look down at her feet ... . ... Theyíre metallic ... the hooves of a horse, but pointed ... . Thatís my feet. ... It feels like Iím sort of metallic myself, And the hands are ... sort of like claws, but there are only two bits. ...


I have something like eyes, ... but ... itís more like a triangle. ... The flat is on top, and the point is downward. ... But the rest of the face is metallic. ... I have a sort of mouth, ... a round little thing. And the nose ... sort of slits, slots."

p. 518-27, 529 sun as abode for souls (of divine spirits) {cf. human souls staying in the sun, according to the Cymry book Barddas}; walk-in


[The woman-subject] went into the deep trance quickly, ... into a past life ... . ...


"We can go into the Sun. ... Itís the Sun. ... It feels home. I donít have a body. ...


Well, what is it like to be in the Sun? ...


As you approach it, itís extremely bright and hot. But as you go into it, itís not hot anymore. ...


When you leave the light ...?


... Not to be a part of the whole thing is ... very cold. ... And itís very alone.


... Thereís only a difference when you go out. Thatís when you pull apart, and you become "us and "them" or many, or ... a boundary.


... a boundary?


Because you have a form, so thereís a boundary around you. And because of that form, it keeps you from being separateless.


... Why would you take a form then? ...


To help the others who might not know how to get back. ... We have to go home. You go back. You get energized so that you can continue ... . And you never will not go back. ...


How do you know you have to go?


The consciousness sends us. ... And I help as I am needed. ...


But wouldnít there already be a soul inside?


... Sometimes a soul Ė itís an agreement Ė sometimes they leave. And I can come in.


This sounded somewhat like a "walk-in". ...


Itís a physical entry. ...


I never die. The body of who[m]ever I go to will die, and then we separate. And their soul goes their own way. And I go back. ...


You are never in the body by yourself. ...


I serve it. And then I go home.


... youíre not the observer. ...


I help planets. I go to certain places that Iím needed, and I help the beings on the planet. ...


... does that mean that you do not create karma for yourself?


... I donít have to. But sometimes I can forget too much and can create karma. And then I lose track somewhat of my home, until I remember. ... But when I remember, I go home. ...


When I come from my center I can think into existence."


"she was in a reptilian form. ... is that a true memory ...?


... It wasnít who she was. It was who I am." {so, do Reptilians abide in the Sun as their home? if so, cf. Salamandres (the elemental spirits) abode in fire. Ė according to Radha Swami, the "sun" is a praeternatural jewel at the solar plexus; while according to Bodish tantrik yoga, praeternatural fire is kindled at the approximately same location (navel), by goddess Can.d.ali}


Dolores Cannon : The Convoluted Universe. Book 1. Ozark Mountain Publ, Huntsville (Arkansas), 2001.