Convoluted Universe, Lib. II






Antient Knowledge



Work during the Sleep State



The Planet with the Purple Sun



Guardian of the Portal



The Aborigine



Time Portals for Future Beings



If You Think, You Create



An Energy Being Createth



The Multi-Faceted Soul


[quaestions by hypnotist-authoress are italicized.]


7. (pp. 120-153) Antient Knowledge

p. 121

[statement by woman informant :] "I have the gift. ... I can see the future. They want me to teach me how to direct it. ... They want me to control it ... . ...

Things happen when I make those sounds. ...

p. 122

That opens doors. ... You can walk through those doors. They canít see them. ... They are gilded doors with jewel encrusted edges and white and colored light in the center. They are not Ė really Ė physical doors. ... There in space ..., wherever I am, they are with me. The sound ... opens the doors. When they open up, I can go through into the doors. ... I can see the future. ...

p. 123

There were three windows inside the doors. ... Three different ways it could happen. So the future is not just one way. ... I could change it. Send it elsewhere. Move it. Make it different. ... Itís like luck. The good luck comes, the bad luck has to go somewhere else. ... . They ... could take all the luck and keep it. ... Itís power. ... Itís the place of all being. ...

p. 124

The portal opens with a sound. And then I can see more through the door if I look. ... And I can look at what is to come."

p. 126

"And everyone is taught the tones to realign their light. ... I use the colors and tones through the light to realign them. Thereís a pattern on the ceiling of the solar system. And the colors and tones have to match. The colors are in the light panels on the ceiling. They look like short bursts of light in different colors. It appears to be a solid piece of glass, but itís tiny lights of color. ... The solar system panel changes for each person who comes under the light. Itís read by a light in your wrist, and it is displayed on a pattern on the ceiling. Then the lights align and they come down through the base of your skull. And into the body and it realigns you light. ...

Is there anything else on the ceiling?

Thereís a large object in the center that directs the beams. Itís a series of crystal looking objects placed at certain segments of space. And the light fractures through it as it rotates very quickly. ... It bounces it through all the little layers of crystals till it reaches the numbers that make the individualís personal pattern. And then it shoots it at the base of the skull down through the bodyís points. Little points in the body that correspond with each of the lights."

p. 127

"All of the bad luck is growing to a size and proportion that will erupt. ... Itís up to me to change it. To send the back luck some place else. They have chosen a spot."

p. 135

"we wonít exist anymore, as weíve known at this point in time. This will be the end of an epoch. But itís going to be a long time before we can come back and resume operations. We have to go through a sleeping period where we have to let other things happen, apparently to get back to a point to start back where we were and to rebuild this golden time. ...

p. 136

To go back into a golden time like this alabaster wall with which we were surrounded".


12. (pp. 214-41) Work during the Sleep State

p. 218

[statement by authoress :] "In my book Between Life and Death I was told there are many "greeters" who meet the person when they die, depart from the body and begin their journey to the light. ...

[how a living shaman/shamaness is able to guide souls of the dead :] It is done during the nightly excursion that we all take when we are all sleeping. {All sleep, but only a shaman/shamaness is able during sleep to guide the dead.} ... [sleep-work by a living shamaness :] her job was to guide the dead to the entranceway where others {deities?} would take over from there to lead them the rest of the way. She would be unable to go all the way

p. 219

as long as she was still connected to her physical body by the silver cord. ... There are many gatherings of these people. ... Many places of light near the Earth that these people are taken to. {place of light = entranceway} ...

p. 228

I can see many different beings surrounding the planet. {beings = deities?} ...

p. 229

Theyíre helping us, the spirit helpers. ... But there are others who can be go-betweens."

p. 230

[seeing by possessing-spirit of spirit-medium possessed, as witnessed by possessing-spirit :] "Iím seeing her body filling with the golden light turning into gold energy. ... She will hold ... more and more to the gold light, which is where she comes from." {such golden light is also mentioned, e.g., in the Holy Order of Mans.}


18. (pp. 353-76) The Planet with the Purple Sun

p. 356

[statement by possessing-spirit in woman spirit-medium :] "We have a purple sun. ...

p. 359

The little finger was missing. {the people of that world are 4-fingered (as in Walt Disney comic books), rather than 5-fingered.} ...

p. 360

[housing on that world :] The structure was dome shaped ... . ... "It is domes within domes. ... He said the structures were a polymer." ...

p. 361

[how the domes are constructed by thought :] You look at the picture, and you look where you want it to be. And it becomes. {mind-made scenery in other worlds is also mentioned in the Holy Order of Mans.} ...

p. 363

We have many gods. We have a god for the house, and a god for being fertile for the children, for protection, for the garden ... ."

p. 364

[comment by authoress, about possessing-spirit in woman spirit-mediumís world-descriptions :] "When I asked her to move to an important day, she "leap-frogged". She jumped into

p. 365

a different life. ... I was able to move her to the last day of her life in that lifetime."

p. 368

[statement by possessing-spirit in woman spirit-medium, about possessing-spiritís world :] "And there was no need of dark at night. ... And that planet does not have darkness."


19. (pp. 377-97) Guardian of the Portal

p. 380

[statement by possessing-spirit in woman spirit-medium :] "Itís like a place between the worlds. ...

p. 382

But ... itís ... a Ďstargate", a portal to go into another dimension. ... Thereís the portal for this energy, and then it goes swoosh ... through time and space to a whole other area ... . ... And it goes from this portal to another galaxy. ...

And you go into this crystalline room with all these beautiful, beautiful colors. And they vibrate into your being, and it regenerates

p. 383

you. ... Adjusts you. ... After you come back. Thereís one for the other end."

p. 384

[statement by authoress :] "In another session, a woman saw ... a large elongated tube with circular ridges visible on the inside of it."

p. 385

[statement by possessing-spirit in woman spirit-medium :] "They shift their perspective. ... And they can just shift, and itís like the world shifts for it, so that they cab see it. ... And the three-pronged gold energy shifts it so that theyíre observing. ...

p. 386

And then coming out on the other side, it is again another color, energy system. ...

Heís like a scribe writing, but the writing is magical. ... And thereís a "magical pen" ... . ... But then it moves and flows and goes into ... a "weaving"."


20. (pp. 398-420) The Aborigine

p. 415

"The white beings are space travelers. They travel the galaxy far and wide, searching for civilizations ... . ... They have been doing this for eons ... .


What about the glowing ones?

They are more like ... the energy beings that we are now. ... We are the all-knowing, all-seeing navigators. ...


... the ones with the purple skins?

... They have gold interior beings. Their energy inside is gold rays."


21. (pp. 421-42) Time Portals for Future Beings

p. 422

"they saw several white lights ... in the sky. ... "They came down like in a spiral. ...

p. 423

Like the last little part of the spiral takes ... and just kind of lifts you up. ... This is one of their entrance points, an inter-dimensional doorway ... ." Many people from other dimensions use these doorways to travel back and forth."

p. 424

"many of these time portals are located underground so that they can be contained. If they were located above ground, they could become larger, they could expand. ... .

... what one of these would look like if it were activated. ... it appeared as an orb tunnel. ... "... One would be light, and one is like darkness with many broken white lines in it. And the two are connected. ... . It appears that you activate the two of them and the orb is created in the middle. ... It like something which youíre going to go through. The whole circle thing shines, it moves. ...

p. 425

And when they meet, this is what is created : a time portal. The orb exists simultaneously as another orb in space of another dimension, and they are connected.""


24. (pp. 485-99) If You Think, You Create

p. 492

"She found herself in a cave. ... "I see these spirits when I have questions ... . I can call them. ... They look any way that I want them to look. ... I recognize them by their energy vibrations. ...

p. 494

I can make a shape. ... I could shape myself into any shape that I wanted to. This is very easy to do. ...

But is this the way your body looks all the time in this place?

Most of the time I leave it as sparkles. ["Other people would see all of the sparkles. All different colors."] {This is characteristic of the mental plane of existence.} ...

p. 495

On this plane that Iím visiting, the creations appear instantly. ... Because you think something. Instantly it appears. ...

p. 496

You have to create it at a very high vibration to keep it clean. ...


But you can see the person that you are on Earth. Are you actually in two places at once? ...

Iím always existing in many places. ... It was actually a joint effort. ... I was half, and a male energy was half. ...

p. 497

I am moving up a couple of levels. So I have access to more information."


25. (pp. 500-23) An Energy Being Createth

p. 504

["he found himself on a large spaceship."] "Itís a large ship, that ... is alive.

Alive? ["In my UFO investigations, many people have reported ... that the ship they were on was alive and somehow aware of them."]

Alive. The ship itself has a consciousness. ...

p. 505

It has waterfalls. ... You can see through the ceiling. Itís transparent. You can see the star systems. ...

We can create any animals we want. ... Weíve created this ship with group mind. So we can travel with thoughts ... . ... We create living quarters that are alive. And we can talk with them. ...


What do you look like if youíre pure energy? ...

We can change colors. ...

p. 506

Do you have a form?

We can take forms as we choose. ... We can take the shape of balls, squares, triangles. We can take the shapes of animals. ... Weíre separate consciousness, but weíre all connected.

What are you in your normal form?

Just energy. Consciousness energy. It looks like a kind of weaving, wavy energy. ... We can change ... itís very radiant now. The colors are really bright, glowing, phosphorescent.

The colors of the beings?

Yeah, and it surrounds the animals. ...

p. 507

Is your home planet a physical planet? ...

No, no, itís not. ... Itís changing constantly. Itís different figures and symbols and shapes, and colors. ...

p. 508

We can create and have bodies, if we choose. We travel by thought. ... And we could become one with anything we want, trees, animals, and experience them. ...

p. 509

Itís a special planet. Itís a meeting place for other souls ... . Itís like a vacation place to come and join in with groups of souls from other areas, dimensions. ...

Whatís different about it?

Its love energy. ... Itís the portal to the Creator."

p. 516

"There is something like a board of elders, master and guides on the spirit side that watches over and controls the incarnation into human bodies."

p. 517

"Once you have experienced being gaseous, rocks, plants and animals, you understand the connectedness of all life. The fact that everything is alive, and everything is one."


"And the overseers decide which one youíre to go into?

Yes, itís decided on together. ... What type of life form. The difficulty is that youíre trapped in one form. ... Itís very restrictive."


29. (pp. 583-617) The Multi-Faceted Soul

p. 588

"What do you use to keep yourself alive?

Light. ... From the sun."

p. 589

"Certain ETs live off of light and have devices onboard the spacecraft that generate the light they need. In Legacy From the Stars, the beings in the future who live in the underground city would take light baths. All of these beings said the light that kept them alive, came from the Source."

p. 616

"They went to a beautiful, warm and comforting bright light. ... It has also been called the "great central Sun" from which all life sprang."


Dolores Cannon : The Convoluted Universe. Book 2. Ozark Mountain Publ, Huntsville (Arkansas), 2005.