Convoluted Universe, Lib. III, Sec. 5


16. (pp. 299-309) "Past Lives No Longer Important".

pp. 303-4 lifetimes as facets

p. 303

"instead of going into a past life, a woman saw what looked like a giant jewel. And they said, "This gives you some idea of what we can do ... ." ... And the facets were giving off different reflections ... . And they said,

p. 304

"... Each reflection is a different Ďlifeí, as you call it. ..." They wanted her to know the lives were there if she needed them, put she had reached the point where it was not important to know about those things."

p. 305-6 statutes of past lives [of a homosexual male, p. 306]

p. 305

"Finally, he saw a huge door in the side of a cliff, and ... the huge, huge size of the door, which was thousands of feet high. ... Then he saw a wall rising straight out of the ground. It became bigger and bigger, as it grew taller and taller, and then began to lengthen to where it was thousands of feet long. In this wall were carved statues of different people ... . He knew they were from different time periods. The wall was so tall that the statues were stacked five high. They were arranged on after the other all over the wall. He floated along the wall looking at the statues, and it went on for thousands and thousands of feet. ...

p. 306

What he saw in the wall were his lives ... . ... They covered so many, many, many time periods, going so far back".


18. (pp. 329-33) "The Spark Separateth".

pp. 329-31 golden light : sparkles of gold

p. 329

"Iím going up. Itís like ... being in the light. ... Itís a gold light. Itís everywhere ... . ... Itís like little sparkles of gold, but theyíre all one and Iím just being part of it. ... Itís like belonging, and itís like being part of the oneness. ... I can identify my dot, my sparkle, but my dotís part of all the dots somehow."

p. 330

"she decided to leave this beautiful place. She described it as seeing a shaft of light splitting off from the great light. She watched as it picked an individual dot (or spark) and carried it away."


"Itís like the spiritual joins the physical. The physical it there, and then the spirit gets put into it ... .

Did you feel this beam of light that takes you down?

Yes. Itís a white light ... . It has some gold in it ... . And it just carries the dot, or me."

p. 331

"She then realized that she had been born into something ..., and found she was a plant."


19. (pp. 334-43) "The Orb".

pp. 334-6 seeing planets & stars; Whole as a silvery orb;

p. 334

"To me, I look like an orb. Somewhere between pink and red. Not hot pink, maybe more like burgundy ... . ... To me, Iím just traveling through. Itís very strange. And the scenes keep changing so fast that I canít even get a picture of what it is. ...

p. 335

I donít feel a body. I just feel the orb, and see the orb. ...

I feel like Iím being sucked backwards, moving backwards very fast. I see some planets in the distance. Iím just moving backwards. ... Iím moving through the darkness. ... Iím seeing stars all around, and it feels like I went right into one of them. ...

p. 336

Itís all one, itís all there. Iím part of the Whole. Weíre all the same, weíre all there. ... Itís silvery, almost like a ball of mercury when it comes back together. Itís all soft and silvery. ...

What was the form you took as you broke away?

It was a silver orb. It ... comes off of the Whole, but then the Whole merges back together until itís smooth again. And then the same thing when I return."

pp. 339-41 soul-sparks circling a globe

p. 339

"Iím seeing the Whole, the Source, and then ... those souls splitting off into different expressions according to what is chosen. And I see them all coming off from the Whole, the huge light. Itís like theyíre each little tracks of light circling and circling and circling out from the Whole. Theyíre circling around and coming back it, and splitting off again. And itís all happening at the same time. ...

p. 340

But itís making a globe shape, and theyíre all individually splitting off and going all these different directions around and around. Then back again. ... Eventually, each ... leaves again into whatever expression it chooses, or expressions. ... But itís not always human, so weíre not always having the experience as humans. There are other expressions ... . ...

p. 341

Iím seeing life on other planets ..., and other resting periods. Different choices."


20. (pp. 344-54) "Temple of Knowing".

pp. 344-50 aedifices; crystals; tones; imparting of knowledge; Dreamer

p. 344

"Iím at a temple of knowing. Actually, the place is built into the mountain. ... It has red columns and gold etchings on the building. I see there are huge gold etched double doors. ... There are many colors on the outside; mainly golds and very deep blues. ...

p. 345

There are big gold doors, and a black marble floor. Large crystals in the center; ... ten or twelve feet high Ė really big crystals. At the end, thereís ... a portal. And these crystals are in a ring. ...

p. 346

You activate the crystals by toning. You tone and you touch the crystals and they awaken. They activate, and the crystals emit this light. You only have to touch one crystal and then the crystals awaken each other. ... You choose the crystal, and you can touch different facets and activate it. And your though or intention of what you want to know, activate other crystals in a sequence with the tone that you give it. ... You can think the tone. You can imagine the tone ... . ... Specific tones are for specific things. ...

Then you stand in the center ... to receive the information. ...

p. 347

Actually, I think you body disappears. And then, when it reappears, the knowledge is there. ... And I can use smaller crystals to carry the knowledge with me, to help me bring this into the world. ...

p. 348

You can use crystals for recording information. ... You place the crystals in a place to record happenings. ...

Dreamers ... help the people dream their destinies and imagine new possibilities, and create for themselves. Dreamers can teleport anywhere. ...

Is it difficult to learn to teleport?

... It takes concentration in the way of adjusting your resonance, so that you can dissolve your energy field. Then step into another place, and youíre there! ...

p. 349

To be visited by a Dreamer is very special. And they come to help if youíre lost, or if youíre just awakening to who[m] youíre supposed to be. They come to help you, and you ask them for a dream. And some people, if they donít have a dream, or if they are lost, the Dreamer will help them dream a future so they can find a dream. ... Night dreams are outside time and space, and these dreams can be created into your goal. So dreams are just a matter of stepping out of time and space. Creating something you want, and putting it back into Ė perhaps and different time and a different space Ė but something that will come into your future. ... Dreamers ... can appear any time. ...

p. 350

The Dreamer helps create the dream for the person. ... I think the Dreamer creates it and then the person allows it to be manifest in their life."

pp. 351-2 at death, returning through the vortex to the Source

p. 351

"I [the hypnotist-authoress] moved him forward ... in his life. He ... now ... was very, very old. "Grey beard, grey hair, and Iím going into the vortex ... ." ...

Whatís happening when you go into the vortex?

I dissolve. Iím floating. ... Iím going back home. Iím going to the Source.

Then the body has died ...?

My body just disappeared. When I entered the vortex, it just went back to where it came from. It just broke apart.

p. 352

So this is how you exited the body. But ... youíre going back to the Source?

Yes, and beautiful light. ... Pink, yellow and orange light."


21. (pp. 355-69) "Parallel Worlds".

pp. 358-9 crystal city; power-point

p. 358

"the blue tube that came out of the water ... goes from the water all the way up. ... Too high to see. Stars, thereís stars all around when you get past the Earth. You can look back and see the Earth.

Can you see through this tube?

Yes, you can see outside of it. They call it a portal. ...

p. 359

But there are ships that are coming and going all the time. They look like bullets ... . ... Theyíre dark grey, and they come and go all the time. ...

Itís a power point. ... Itís really intense white light. ... Itís a point in the universe that you start from. ... But I came down to this place where the table is. Itís round, and there are inscriptions all over it. ... I donít recognize the writing."

pp. 364-6 in particles and in bodies at the same time; lives like shuffling cards, bodies of past lives like shells of cicadas; rope-ladders

p. 364

"... how you could be there, and in all these other physical bodies at the same time.

Itís like being sent out and pulled back, sent out and pulled back. In and out, in and out. ... Grandfather says itís like a sparkler. The sparks come from a central point, but theyíre all part of the sparkler. ...

p. 365

Do you know about all the lives you are living?

Oh, there are so many. So many.

Do you watch them all?

Itís just like shuffling cards. It goes too quick. There are hundreds of them. I just hear my grandfather say, "... Those were just like shells on a beach." {qlippo^t}

The bodies ...?

Yes. ... Theyíre like cicadas." {For the Chinese and the Hopi, "the cicadaís life cycle symbolized resurrection." ("CChF")}

Do these shells have a will of their own? (Yes) ...

But the main part that stays up there doesnít accumulate karma?

... Thereís a string, a cord that attaches to the heart. ... And he says, "Itís like climbing a ladder, and you climbed past that lower vibration. ...

p. 366

There are many rope ladders. There are other people who are ... still trying to find the ladder." [the specific ladder which leadeth beyond the reach of karman] ... Some people ... find the rope, ... and they fall back down."

"CChF" = "Cicada in Chinese Folklore"

pp. 367-9 discussion by authoress, of time & of "multiple-personality"

p. 367

"one main soul part can be can be aware of others [other soul-parts of the same person] ... . At one time, I asked ... about simultaneous time. "How is it possible that everything is happening at the same time? ... We see it as a linear progression. How can it all be happening at the same time?" It answered, "Because it isnít happening at the same time. That denotes a beginning and an end. It is existing at the same time.""


["multiple-personality" :] Quote : "Some therapists believe that the best treatment ... is to bring out the hidden identities, called Ďaltersí, ... helping alters leave messages for one another. ..."

p. 368

"this theory that we are actually pieces, facets, splinters, of a much larger soul which is sending out pieces to experience as much as possible in a quicker time frame. ... I have found that ... a personís life can become so traumatic that another "piece" decides to come in for a limited while to relieve the pressure on the spirit occupying the body. If this were not done, the trauma would be too great for the spirit assigned to the body. I believe this has been the case in books ... about multiple-personalities, such as Three Faces of Eve and Sybil."

p. 369

"One of the things I do, is to make sure that when I have brought an entity from another life, the entity is returned to its own time period."


22. (pp. 370-88) "The Void".

pp. 370-3 as sparks or stars

p. 370

"Iím going through the symbol of a criss-cross, of an X. Iím moving through the middle of the X. ...

p. 371

And my bodyís ... breaking into these sparks of light going through this intersection ... .

... youíre not a body?

Thatís what it looks like : sparks, particles. ... And they can come in and out. I can be part of everything when Iím in the blackness. And then I can bring it together to be a form. ... I go back in and out. ...

Where are you ... in this form?

Itís everything. ... Itís just expansive. ... It just goes on and on, like thereís no end to it. ...

p. 372

Letís say the thereís this whole view of different energy sparks, [which are] entities, whatever. And when I go into this place, I know where I belong as part of the Whole, but then we become the Whole. ... Iím a spark of light and these are other sparks of light. And they know where I belong and I know where they belong. ... Weíre one thought, one energy, but we can be many energies when we split off. ... Like thereís a global purpose and thereís an individual purpose. ...

p. 373

And the only light is our light. Itís like having stars all over the black sky, and those stars are individuals. ... Itís like we all become a central mind, but yet weíre individual minds. ... We all know as a whole what we must do, and yet were individuals in that thinking. We contribute."

pp. 374-6 emission of codes; "one mind"

p. 374

"Because there are certain light codes that we give off when weíre in these places. ... But weíre emitting codes while weíre while weíre interacting and going through this process, even if itís the most difficult situations or learning of exercises. We emit. ...

p. 375

But weíre them Ė you could call it a "structure in codes" Ė they can use to access it so they can progress. So they can learn, but again most important, itís so that we donít remember. ... So we have to go back through that ourselves with these other beings ... We do go back and that knowledge also enriches, if we could call it "one mind" {cf. "one mind" in Yoga-acara} Ė itís not really a mind. It enriches the space that I come from ... . And each different spark will go somewhere different ... . ...

p. 376

And when we come back, weíre part of the Whole again. And it knows when some part of it is out. ... So itís like everything into one. Itís spiritual, itís physical, itís non-dimensional and dimensional. ... You could be involved in creating something that are systems of physical places."

p. 377 formless energy-beings

"There are places that are just energy. Thereís no form involved. There are being of higher learning, and they donít have a need for physical space, whether itís a planet or a world. Some of it is just color. Some of it is just sound. Yet there is living consciousness in all of these things. ... They could be individuals. Some of them are similar to what we have as a whole. They become as a group. So theyíre part of their group, but itís not like an individual, because they donít necessarily have individual characteristics. Theyíre just part of that place that has no form." {cf. Sthavira-vada Bauddha "formless (a-rupya) heavens"}

pp. 378-9 regaining of memory about higher places {as in Platonism & in Gnosticism}

p. 378

"Because thereís no memory of who you are, you get caught up in what youíre working with. ... You get attached to it, ... and you forget where youíve come from. You come from a higher place of peace and wonder and abilities. Here, youíre limited and you forget. ... Slowly you start coming out of it ... .

p. 379

But again, thereís an understanding, thereís a hope, thereís a spark. Thereís something in us that tells us, ... and you will find your way back again."

p. 380 strange view of systems

"Itís very strange the way I see it. I see it separate and yet itís part of everything. Itís like this place that I am is there. The other systems are in a different situation, and yet I know that is a part of everything. Like we are all a part of everything. ... And some of us, even though weíve experienced situations on earth or anywhere else, weíve always come from this spot."

p. 383 the place & time for universal repose

"When all the sparks are back together, what happens to the creations they have created?

... At some point, everything has to come back, whether weíre the individual spark, and weíve created worlds and whatever. ... Theyíd all come and be a part of the Whole again, so those creations are brought back, because theyíre all manifestations, really. ... And that is when the whole of everything comes back for a rest. {A movement and a repose. (Gospel according to Thomas)}

... everything they created is gone.

Yes ... . Thereís not a force to hold it there. All of that is back into its resting place for a time.

So at that time when all of the sparks go back into the Whole, everything they have created just disappears.

Itís like a drawing in. For instance, I would have created so many things. They integrate back into me, and I integrate back into the Whole. ... It goes back into that, and you feel a part of everything. Thereís no separation."

p. 386 we are God

"We are all God. ... And if we have any inkling at all, there are higher beings beside us. ... What matters is the soul. That higher existence that is eternal. ... And not to be caught u again and lose our Ė we call it "divinity"".

pp. 387-8 the darkness whence luminosity cometh

p. 387

"It is the darkness from which the light comes. It is beyond the

p. 388

light. ... From my vantage point, I can tell you that the light comes from the darkness. ... It is simply that which contains light. ... And from the light comes the differentiation that we call the somethingness."


Dolores Cannon : The Convoluted Universe. Book 3. Ozark Mountain Publ, Huntsville (Arkansas), 2008.