Convoluted Universe, Lib. III, Secc. 1-4








Let Us Go Exploring


My Evolution



Summary of Typical Cases



Life in Non-Human Bodies


Other Lifeforms



Different Lifeforms



Structure Not Important



Everything Hath Consciousness



Help from Beings


Black Hole Energy



First-Timers on Earth


The Volunteers



Birth of a First-Timer



The Source


Past Lives No Longer Important



The Spark Separateth



The Orb



Temple of Knowing



Parallel Worlds



The Void





Back to the Beginning



Different Law of Creation



Creation of the Oceans



Destruction of a Planet



New Earth


Help in Time of Chaos



Unusual Energies


Answering the Call



Traveler of Worlds



The Healing Energy Speaketh



The Absorption


[quaestions by hypnotist-authoress are italicized.]


1. (pp. 7-21) "My Evolution"

p. 13 body

"You are not a body! You have a body! The "real" you ... is what lives forever, going from body to body".


2. (pp. 22-52) "Summary of Typical Cases".

p. 39 insight into thought-forms

"People who have concentrated on the problem ... have opened themselves up to receiving and actually connecting to this thought form. ... To those people, the invention or idea for the invention may have come in a dream or a flash of insight."

pp. 39, 41 universal simultaneity of all times

p. 39

"There is really no such thing as "before". All exists simultaneously."

p. 41

"Other probable ... centuries are occurring now ...?

Yes, and they are influenced by things we do now, in the future, and may have done in the past, using those human terms."


3. (pp. 55-72) "Other Lifeforms".

pp. 69-70 incarnation : as gas; as consciousness

p. 69

[case in Legacy from the Stars] "The man saw himself (along with many others) as part of the atmosphere. ... When he was not doing his job he would fly in and out of the flowing lava".

p. 70

(another case : planet covered with crystals) "He did not have body. ... He seemed to be part of the planet, ... he could see light which looked like it was coming from flowing lava. He went in and out of it, ... but he was aware that there were consciousnesses around him."


4. (pp. 73-100) "Different Lifeforms".

p. 78 womanís bodily glow

"They have a substance, a structure ..., but it extends into this glow. ... Oh, my body does that too! A glow! ... And the light, the glow, just keeps on going, and then it gets weaker and weaker as it goes away, but itís still there. Thereís a substance structure inside of this light, but its like youíre in a glass globe thing. ... Some are brighter than others, and some are a little different color, like some are peach, and some are more like strawberry. Mine is a creamy yellow. And weíre all floating."

p. 80 fae:ries

"We came here to help the fairies in their work ... . ... And the fairies are very happy when we come ... . We live in the sky! Where people canít see us, but the fairies can."

pp. 96-8 streams of thought; into the light

p. 96

Do you know what this light does ...?

... it helps give direction to how creation needs to move. ... Itís like a stream of thought that merges with all the other streams of thought. And when that happens, new things are created. Some of it flows back to where it came from; some moves forward into new directions of exploration; and some of its is saved, or curls around itself, and creates an intensification. Thereís a divine mind that we know that weíre part of that appreciates this experience, and is utilizing it to expand and to deepen."

p. 97

"Where is the group?

Theyíre in the light. I go into the light. And thereís a feeling, an understanding, a knowing. When youíre in that light, you can feel a calling, or a pull. Or you are attracted, and you can feel your way to it to see where itís going, and what itís doing. ... It is the gathering. This is the gathering point and the release point. But it spirals, weíre always moving. ... Itís a oneness of mind that is moving in all directions, at all times."

p. 98

"I want her to remember the stream of consciousness, where it goes. I want her to remember the state of oneness, and that the thoughts and focus come from multi-mind."


6. (pp. 108-20) "Structure Not Important".

p. 109 scene gradually set up

"The street were empty, but this often happens when the subject first enters the scene. They are usually alone with no sign of life. Then as we talk, beings and other things enter the picture, almost as though the scene has to be set up first, then the rest catches up.

She noticed what looked like a cloud of bronze coppery colored shooting stars in the dark sky above the city."

pp. 113-4 becoming : the cosmos; a planet

p. 113

"I get, ... feeling like the whole cosmos. Like being full of planets and stars ... . ... It seems Iím everything. We are all together. Itís not separated. ...

p. 114

Where did you go when you had to separate?

First, I feel like becoming a planet."

pp. 114-5 everything is from the same Source

p. 114

Then you just go from body to body and place to place ...? Is there ... anything that tells you where to go?

Itís like being called from inside. ...

[quaestion to possessing-spirit about entering spirit-medium :] Why did you decide to enter that body?

I felt pulled down into it."

p. 115

"The spirit can inhabit anything. ... There are many life forms everywhere. ... It doesnít matter what kind of a body sheís in. Everything has the same information inside, or has sprung from the same information. From the same Source. ... And it can take on any shape and form and consistency, whatever. ...


She was the cosmos, but also at the same time in something that was more original, like light, pure light. That was before she became a planet. It felt like the Origin."


8. (pp. 131-53) "Everything Hath Consciousness".

pp. 143-6 consciousness is in everything

p. 143

"People in ancient times knew this : in daily life, respecting the consciousness of fire, the consciousness of your cooking pot, of the food that youíre eating. There is consciousness in everything. Absolutely everything! There is consciousness in every animate and inanimate thing in this universe, in this reality, and every other reality. It is at base consciousness. ...

p. 144

It is consciousness that is the substance, the only substance. ...

p. 145

What we have to realize is that technology has consciousness. Manufactured things have consciousness. ... And acknowledging that once we create it, it has its own collective, its own individual consciousness that exists, that can be addressed. ...

p. 146

But in everything, on the physical level, there is an element of consciousness."

p. 146 cause-&-effect in ritual

"every word that we speak, every action that we take on this planet, has an effect. And when we participate in ritual behavior, because of the level of consciousness that we bring to it, it can have a greater effect and bring things into other realities, other than physical realities. Because of the intention, it perhaps gives greater permanence or greater reality. ... And the stronger one speaks, the stronger the consciousness. With the greater the intent, ... the longer it can last."


11. (pp. 182-95) "Black-Hole Energy".

pp. 186-7, 191 copper-energy; group of 19; ET-vibrations

p. 186

"If someone {a Venutian?} needs copper energy, they wouldnít be able to handle the other energies. ... Some people may need the vibration of copper. The metal."

p. 187

"Now theyíre telling me about my group. A group of 19". {cf. the significance of # 19 in Baha>i}

p. 191

"What I was just being shown was that different ETs have different vibrations, also."

pp. 193-4 Great Central Sun

p. 193

"is anything real?

... the great central Sun. ...

p. 194

What is the great central Sun?

To me it looks like youíre in a creamy, golden, yellowish light, but it has the sense of being in flames."


13. (pp. 217-54) "The Volunteers".

pp. 218-9 imprint (subconscious past-life memory of others, subsumed as if oneís own)

p. 218

imprints (mentioned also in Keepers of the Garden and Between Death and Life) : "a soul cannot exist on Earth in a human environment without the information and data of past lives in its subconscious. It must have something to related to and fall back on; otherwise, everything is too new, too drastic, too overwhelming. ... This means that no one ... comes in with a clean slate. It always has the background of other lives and experiences in its subconscious mind to help it relate to life in the physical. ...

The spirit ... would be totally lost without some type of background. So before it comes into the body, it is allowed to pick other peopleís lives from the vast inventory in the library (or Akashic records) that it thinks will benefit it when it enters the physical. ...

p. 219

These are them imprinted onto the soul, and become a part of their soul memory. ... The imprint becomes as real as an actual life. All the memories, emotions and feelings are there."

pp. 220-1 three waves of people on Earth

p. 220

"As I wrote about in Book Two of this series, I have now found three waves of people ... on Earth.

The first wave ... had the most difficult time adjusting.

The second wave ... have not had as many problems and are moving through life much more easily. They usually live a life of helping others ... . ...

The third wave ... have come in with all the knowledge needed ..., and they are prepared

p. 221

to proceed with little or no problems ... . ...

Why did the first group have so many problems and difficulty adjusting? ... they were the "trail blazers", the "way-showers". They prepared the path for those that followed."

p. 226 other planets

"Sheís never felt at home on this planet. There are other places in the Universe where ... she feels like she belongs. Other places sheís lived ... where people live at peace, where people help each other, people care about each other."

pp. 231-2 energy-ball; energy-stages

p. 231

"I just see this ball of light, life energy."

p. 232

"Tell me what happens as you come to Earth. Whatís the procedure?

I see myself going through different stages as energy. If feels like ... checking in with different entities and beings before coming here, and each one giving me information. ... And theyíre all giving me advice or information to be used."

"When I look in the mirror, I think I should look like this beautiful glowing being of light. Itís who I am underneath."

p. 242 form of communication from Grey ETs

"Each word was coming across individually, as though it was a difficult energy to enunciate. I have had this happen before, especially when one of the little greys is trying to communicate. A very remarkable example occurred in my book The Custodians. This is mostly because, in their natural state, they do not use verbal communication, but mind to mind. So they must utilize the vocabulary of the subjectís mind."

pp. 245-6, 250 crystal city

p. 245

" "... I know itís a crystal city where everything is made of crystal. ... Iím just visiting on Earth. ...

p. 246

And the crystal city feels like home to me ... . ...

p. 250

What was the crystal city ...? She said it was like a resting place.

... It isnít actually a physical place."

p. 251 language of angels

"She also said that sometimes she sings in a strange language. She didnít know where it came from. It was also spontaneous. ...

Where does the language come from?

The Angelic realm.

Does this mean that she was a member of the angelic realm before she came to Earth?

(She whispered, "Yes.")"

p. 254 volunteered to be a prostitute in order to study humans

[in London] "She curtly said to me, "Iím a hooker! ..." ... During the session we discovered she was one of the second wave of volunteers who had come to observe and report back. What better way to learn about humans than to study their sexual behavior as a prostitute?"


15. (pp. 269-96) "Birth of a First-Timer".

pp. 270-1 energy-web

p. 270

"There is a web that I am hooked into, that is connected to everything. Like a spiderís web, but itís just an energy web that is connected to everything. ...And therefore I am still connected to everything. Itís like ...

p. 271

you can feel everything, the entire thing. Itís just a matter of where I am actually taking my attention to."

p. 272-3 incarnation (of a woman) via energy-beam

p. 272

"My guide pointed out, to this island ... . And then she told me Iíd live here. And my guide actually pushed me, and she told the energy to change. And then I just went inside. ... And then I just entered, and I was born in the human body. And they threw me into that energy

p. 273

light beam. And like a shooting star I just shoot into the ... island, this island. And then I was born."

p. 274 loss of memory about other worlds; telepathy

"But when you come into the body, you donít remember where you were before ...?

Iím probably not allowed to remember very much.

Is there a reason why?

Because I have to pretend to be a human. ... Itís probably better not to have different memories."

"Whereas other planets are more telepathic, people here have different bodies and different languages."

pp. 289-90 Great Council; energy-grid

p. 289

"There were many problems in a part of the galaxy where Earth is situated. ... And the Great Council came together, and it was time to start infiltrating the system. ... She volunteered for the job".

p. 290

"Iím getting a picture of the planet having a grid around it, and their energy that theyíve brought is helping to shift the grid into a new position."

pp. 293-4 symbols are implanted through dreams

p. 293

"The information is often implanted during dreams, especially dreams of many different symbols. These symbols contain whole blocks of information, and this is being put into the mind."

p. 294

[comment by authoress :] "This was reported in my book, The Custodians. I was told this is the way the aliens communicate, not with words, but with symbols."


Dolores Cannon : The Convoluted Universe. Book 3. Ozark Mountain Publ, Huntsville (Arkansas), 2008.