Convoluted Universe, Lib. III, Secc. 6-8


24. (pp. 407-16) "Back to the Beginning".

pp. 407-9 pulsating lights; iridescence; triangles; swirling sparks; blueness; energy-arch

p. 407

"entire world composed of crystals.

... it disappeared and was replaced by a brilliant blue containing pulsating lights. "Thereís energy coming off them in whites and yellows, like bursts of energy. ...

Theyíre blending together now. Theyíre not individualized, but theyíve all formed one energy. ...

Now itís changing again. Itís formless, but itís moving. ... Itís formless, but yet every part that comes out has a different shape to it. ... It ... shimmers across. ... There are colors in it, but theyíre more iridescent. ...

There are sparks of light forming now within it, but itís more of a fluid, flowing, swirling thing. ...

p. 408

Iím seeing symbols. Iím seeing triangles that are dimensional. ... Itís almost like a mist that swirls around and around. ... Iím hearing that as you think, your thoughts will create whatever it is that you want to create. ...

And then the sparks occurred, but the sparks occurred only when the thought was there. ... Then the sparks came out of the mist, and they were starting to take form. ...

p. 409

I feel like I still have my individuality, but Iím also part of the whole. Iím not separate from it, but I am. ...

What happens at that first time you are called to leave that place, and go somewhere else.[?]

... Itís more of a pulling. ... I only see something ... . It has the shape and form [arched] of a rainbow, but it doesnít have the colors of a rainbow. I feel like Iím surrounded by energy."


25. (pp. 417-32) "Different Law of Creation".

pp. 419-22 creation : of universes; of planets & of creatures

p. 419

"The whole idea was to create all these different colors, like this universe is. ... Itís iridescent and sparkly ... . It turns one way and itís one color, and it turns one was and its another color. ... They can be all shapes and forms. And then they all have a vibration. So you have the vibration of the color, and the vibration of the shape. And they all have their sound. ...

p. 420

In some of them, you ... create the shapes, the sounds, the sounds, the movements patterns of the shapes ... . They are all different patterns because the different patterns can make different sounds. ...

p. 421

In another one, they would do figure eight-ey things, and spinning. ... Initially, there was a whole group of us that wanted to create, and different groups created different colors. ...

p. 422

Or you could go around and be a creator of the beginnings of all. ...

They would create everything that would make those planets ... . And in some, everything was red. The creatures were red. They didnít have plants in the red universes."

p. 424 return to the Source

"The council and boards of masters. elders and guides became necessary. so that the soul could eventually get back to the Source. It had to be out of its experiencing and the forgetting of where it came from."

p. 429 replacement by more advanced spirits

"The normal human spirits that have been on Earth for many, many lifetimes ... are leaving. And being replaced ... by these more advanced spirits who will be able to handle .. the shift. Even those who were normally doing guardian angel work are being called in".

pp. 430-2 in different places simultaneously; being more; shifting people

p. 430

"Actually, I have many parts of me going many places simultaneously, so this is only a very small part of me here. ...

p. 431

In a sleep state, I am more; or in a meditative state, I am more."

p. 432

"Her mere presence shifts people. If she thinks of them, they shift. ... They start to awaken. To remember who they are. ... There is a spark that she can render them that will help them. Oh, itís like they just explode in their light, and then their sparks go off and do the same for others. ... Itís like a fireworks display."


26. (pp. 433-60) "Creation of the Oceans".

pp. 440-2 experience by the Light

p. 440

"I went back to the Light. ... Itís to experience, so that the Light can experience physicality. ...

p. 441

So that the wholeness, the Light can experience. We are an extension of the Light, and the experience is necessary. ... The Light is whole. The Light has to experience individuality. .... We are a spark of Divinity. ...

p. 442

In your travels, when you come to the end of the life, the body would eventually die, wouldnít it?

... And then we reintegrate into the Light."

pp. 452-3 Counsel; blueprint for worlds

p. 452

"What kind of form do you have on that other world, the star?

I hear, "We are pure energy. We are golden energy."

What kind of work were you doing ...?

... I was Counsel.

Were they many who were Counselors?

I hear, "Nine." ...

What kind of job did you have when you were with the council?

I hear, "Counsel of Supervisor of a Star System." ...

p. 453

I hear, "It is the blueprint for the worlds. ... The blueprint is worked in the non-physical world. Refined in the non-physical world. ...""


28. (pp. 469-97) "Destruction of a Planet".

pp. 474-6 strands of light; light in animals

p. 474

"They change strands of light. When they take these little strands of light, anything can happen. ... They take it in their mind and then they make stuff form. ...

p. 475

There are animals on Earth, and every one of them has a little piece of light. And if you change that piece of light, it becomes a different looking animal. ...

p. 476

If they change the light, the animal changes."

p. 485 planetary consciousness

"The Earth decided to share its body with another planetary consciousness. And this other planetary consciousness were those from Mars. After these bodies were created, Martian souls came into them. We all did."

p. 487 loss of knowledge of oneís luminous body; find oneís luminous bodies

"And on Earth, you donít know who you are. You lose your connection when you came to Earth. You donít see your light body when you come to Earth. You donít know that you are a light body. Boy, it is tough to find out too! ... On Earth, itís hard. And everybodyís so lost! ... I didnít have a clue ... either, for a long time. .... I didnít really have a clue. I lost all my memories."

"Open your light bodies, find your light bodies. Thereís more than one light body too Ė there are more!"


30. (pp. 516-39) "Help in Time of Chaos".

pp. 534-5 world of multi-layered energies; protectors

p. 534

"meditation is important, because it raises a vibration to handle stronger energies, and more multi-layered energies that are mode of varied vibrations, and they can work with them."

p. 535

"And sometimes there are protectors in various dimensions, that many people are not aware of, protecting the planet and its people ... for the group soul, or humanityís soul at that time."


35. (pp. 598-613) "Answering the Call".

pp. 602-3 golden world; body of energy; wave-topography; craft to deflect frequency-distortions

p. 602

"Iím from the star; from a golden world. ... There are five suns in our world. ... They give off light, but their light is given off because of knowledge. Knowledge is their light. ...

So you donít need a physical body in that world.

You donít need one, but you can wear whatever kind of body you want, if you want one.

What would you look like in your normal state?

p. 603

... Itís an energy field that looks a little bit like a jellyfish. Instead of tentacles, theyíre sparkling electric fields that we give off as we communicate. Some of us keep those forms, but we can change. We can morph into anything by a thought. ... We can try any forms on ..., because the knowledge from the suns gives us the means to do that. ...

What is the topography like in a place like that?

Itís undulating. There are things that look like mountains, but they move like frequency waves. They come and go, and they rise and they fall. ...

How do you travel when you go to the other worlds?


You donít need a craft or any kind or ship?

Not unless the energy of the world we go to has distorted frequencies that would corrupt our thoughts. Then we create vessels or ships to keep our thought clear, and the ships deflect the distortions. Itís like a shield that allows us to stay in integrity with why weíre here."

pp. 604-5 reception of thoughts; dissolve oneís form in order to enter the craft

p. 604

"There are a few of us who ... are able to receive and translate the thoughts of those that look towards us. They are almost like a satellite dish. Itís almost like an organic computer than [anything else which] can take in information and read it."

"Do you change form ...?

p. 605

I drop the form. I do not need it. Itís like a costume. ...

In this world there is a craft, because of the atmospheric frequencies. So I simply dissolve the form and transmit myself to the craft."

p. 606 community of different worlds

"There are ... different worlds that have expertise and experience in areas that we do not. ... Thereís a community of many different worlds that are able to scan life in universes. ... And this council, this group of worlds, is able to see into the future potentials. They are able to see a matrix through time to know potential outcomes. ... Almost like a holodeck that is capable of extending time into eons of progression, but it is only a short break in our time."

pp. 610, 613 world of the five suns

p. 610

"The mind begins to see visions of other realities that are carried from the five suns ... . ... And they have to be gently downloaded ... to begin to understand that she has access to that other world and the knowledge. ...

She says that she has had the feeling that something else was inside her looking out of her eyes. Is that you?

Yes, it is the consciousness from the golden world Ė from the world of five suns."

p. 613

"Some of the New Earth is modeled on the golden planet with the five suns."


36. (pp. 614-34) "Traveler of Worlds".

pp. 614, 617 colors

p. 614

[initial vision] "I see a sun, but itís bright orange." {cf. setting sun as initial vision in Amita-ayus Dhyana-Sutra}

p. 617

"Iím really bright red! ...

I go to as planet with all yellow looking people. ... So now Iím buttercup yellow."

pp. 622, 624-5 orbs; slow energy; hexagons

p. 622

"I see waves of energy moving, like Iím moving through it. ... Iím seeing all the energy around me displaced as I move. ... I am in the slowest energy possible."

p. 624

"does Reiki and energy healing on people. ... While she was working on people, orbs, balls of light of different sizes, appeared in the room. ...

p. 625

When she sees the orbs, she needs to gather that energy and suck it in."


She "had been seeing glowing six-sided geometric figures ... . ... If she understood, she could transport anywhere she wants to be and we wouldnít have to be doing this slow energy. ... If she reads the symbols, she will know how to enhance peopleís healing."

p. 630-1 time-tunnel

p. 630

"The man there that understands the stars is going to guide me through a tunnel, some kind of passageway. ...

What does the tunnel look like?

Itís like an expansion of time ... expanding our awareness of time, and allowing the soul to move through it. ... Iím the first to go. ... I can smell some of the flowers and plants and stones all around us.

p. 631

Theyíre all giving off an essence to assist in the separation of the body. I feel myself lifting out. ... I enter into the time space he has created, and thereís just a really quick whoosh of time and many bright colors like a circular tunnel, in a way."


37. (pp. 635-50) "The Healing Energy Speaketh".

p. 636-9 as sparkly snowball; music; assuming a form; entry as energy into an existing form

p. 636

"She saw a white iridescent landscape that shimmered like mercury. There were colors moving in and out : pinkish, bluish and greenish tints. The sky was shimmery blue and white, and the surface and the ground melded together. ... her body ... looked like a snowball. ... . ... there were others there like herself. ...

p. 637

And we can merge, to communicate. ... And everybody works together as a body. ...

p. 638

Thereís music. ... There is music and lots of color. Itís soft, pastel, shimmery color. ...

Where does the music come from?

The movement of our body. Sort of, as you would think, an accordion pushing in and out. ... I hear bells too. ...

p. 639

But we go and we create pockets of energy. ... If it serves our purpose, we can become a form; a human form, animal form. ...

... pockets of energy? ...

Just the same bellows thing ... . Going in and coming out, in this energy shape. Itís a kind of rhythmic pulsation. ... People donít recognize us, per se, as a form, as a shape. But some recognize the energy."

pp. 640-2, 646-7 co-occupancy of a living body by an alien energy and a native spirit; repairing

p. 640

"I can go into any existing form and use it. ... You ask permission. ... This is energy. ... But you do ask permission, because the energy changes things. ...

Do you have to ask the occupying spirit for permission?

Yes, in essence itís a matter of making the spirit aware that we are coming in. ... Itís as though the spirit and the energy have an understanding. Theyíre aware of each other. ... Itís like when youíre given permission to come into someoneís home. ... Itís a kind of agreement.

So you wouldnít remain in the body.

No, no. Itís a temporary thing. Itís a means of bringing the energy, to help the person or the situation. ...

Does the physical person have to ask for this to happen?

p. 641

No. But ... if they create the situation and the environment there, it would be helpful for us to come in. But it doesnít have to be c conscious choice.

Do they feel anything when you do this?

... yes. ... Itís a very uplifting experience. And itís as though it provides this person with the energy to do something or to be something, and try to accomplish something. ...

Well, do you ever feel the need to become a physical body?

No, no, I donít. We come and go. We donít become a permanent part of the body. Weíre here to assist as is needed. ...

p. 642

But the spirit ... has to stay with the body?

Yes, like an assignment.

They have to stay with that body the whole term of its life?

Yes, I believe thatís the agreement.

And you can come and go.

Yes. And itís possible the spirit knows to ask for us, if it thinks the person, the physical body would need it. ...

So the spirit knows more about what the body needs. ... And I guess you donít have to be involved in that part.

I donít have to stick around. ... Iím a happy repairman."

p. 646

"This energy ... facilitates the frequency for the healing. ....

p. 647

We provide the raw material for this fixer energy."

pp. 648-50 spirits : individual, & different forms of, & vacation for

p. 648

[authoressís comments] "I am used to working with the spirits of humans that reincarnate and occupy various bodies ... .

p. 649

That I am a very small part of a large soul ... . And that these other parts of myself will never be aware of each other, because it would be too overwhelming and defeat the purpose of the game. ... . ... that these ... facets can exchange places in times of need, similar to walk-ins, yet different, because they are part of the same soul. ...


Now I am getting information about different forms besides the spirits that occupy our bodies. ... I have communicated with those fulfilling the duties of a guardian angel (or guide), and creator beings. ... Then I encountered the "hitch-hiker" energy (or spirit) that ... comes to Earth when it is rewarded by having a vacation, and is allowed to hitch-hike or use the human vehicle to observe and absorb emotions and reactions for a limited time."

"Now ..., ... yet another type. An energy that has no desire to occupy a human body, but is there to be used by the occupying spirit for healing or whatever use is needed."

p. 650

"The amazing thing is that they have a definite personality. They can communicate with me, yet they are totally separate from the person that I was speaking to before the session. And the person is totally unaware that this spirit or energy is occupying the same space as they are.

This all definitely challenges our conception of reality, and just what our lives are all about. The more I explore this world, the more I am convinced that what we perceive as our human life and existence is merely a fac[,]ade. A veil that hides a much deeper and more complex world that exists along side of us, and yet is totally invisible to us."


39. (pp. 671-93) "The Absorption".

pp. 673-4, 678 God dreameth; dreamer dreameth; dream dreameth

p. 673

"The words blended into tones that took on a musical quality". {In the Vis.n.u Puran.a, "a musical performance ... carries reference to the dreams of the sleeping god Visnu" ("W&PM", p. 298).}


"If you can imagine that God dreams, then you will begin to see that all creation is a beautiful dream of God. {The God "that keepeth Yis`ra>el doth neither slumber nor sleep" (Thilli^m 121:4). But, in contrast, it is written that Vis.n.u dreameth, and that the physical universe is the dream of Vis.n.u.} ... .

p. 674

... we are allowed to become an investment of that dream. ... And, in turn, each spark can dream. ... And each dream is part of the greater dream. ... You are in the dream. You are the extension of the dream. ... God dreams, the dreamer dreams, the dream dreams. And at the point where the dreaming has reached the "twilight", ... then ... you are absorbed back into the dreamer. {"When Vishnu enters this period of dreamless sleep, all of his lotuses become simultaneously reabsorbed." (GC, p. 124)} ...

p. 678

You are dissolved; absolutely."

"W&PM" = Giridhari Lal : "The Work and the Pilgrims of Music". In :- Andreea Ritivoi (ed.) : Interpretation and Its Objects: studies in the philosophy of Michael Krausz. Amsterdam, 2003. pp. 293-302.

GC = Paul A. LaViolette : Genesis of the Cosmos: the ancient science of continuous creation.

p. 679 beyond the dream-plane

"The God that is given to dream, the God that is known to dream, to produce sparks, to expand and to have the return ... is but one plane. There is beyond that plane. I tell you there is beyond that."

pp. 683-4 thou art God; ye are Gods

p. 683

"You are God. You are God! ...

It is given to you to manifest, to manifest your God beingness. ...

Open your God self, I say to you! ...


p. 684

"You embody ... God!"

p. 688 the dream-world

"she always feels that the everyday {waking} world where she lives and works is the illusion, and the dream world is the only reality. ... For her it [the dream-world] is the more real world than this [waking-world] place."


Dolores Cannon : The Convoluted Universe. Book 3. Ozark Mountain Publ, Huntsville (Arkansas), 2008.