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p. xii "Acknowledgements"

"Finally, to the guides, angels, masters, and others in spirit who lighted my path, I offer my gratitude".

pp. 3-4 medium-assisted contact with spirit-guides

p. 3

"She explained that each of us has spirit guides, non-physical beings with whom we plan our lives prior to incarnation.

p. 4

Through her I was able to speak with mine. They knew everything about me – not only what I had done but also what I had thought and felt. ...

Eager to understand the suffering I had experienced, I asked my guides ... . They explained that I had planned these challenges before birth -- ... for the growth that would result."

pp. 5-7 author’s soul’s plan for this book : finding one’s soul

p. 5

"I was in enhanced, immediate communion with my soul. ...

p. 6

At first I thought the idea for the book had originated in this lifetime. In truth, however, I had simply remembered my own pre-birth planning. ... I spoke with many wise beings in spirit about my challenges and about pre-birth planning in general."

p. 7

"It takes a great deal of courage to live the plans you made before you were born. ... Within that recognition, you will find your soul."

pp. 10-1 profundity; vibrational attraction

p. 10

"In general, the more profound the challenge the more likely it was chosen before birth. If you ... ponder whether you planned it, then it is likely you did."

p. 11

"we are the creators of everything we experience, and ... challenges occur when we vibrationally draw them to us because we need the wisdom they can engender."

"Therefore, this book will be most helpful if you focus on why you may have planned a particular challenge in your life, not on whether you did." {Similarly, concentrate of how the deities (or angels) assist us, not on whether they do so.}

p. 13 prae-incarnational dialogue : single & many

"to our pre-birth planning sessions, all her readings ... provided actual conversations ... . This dialogue afforded a remarkable glimpse into the non-physical realm, one in which we were privy to ... our souls."

"souls speak in the first person; however, ... a soul refers to itself as "we." ... spirit guide explained that the souls saying "I" are focused on the one life that is being planned, whereas souls saying "we" are focused on their many previous incarnations."

p. 14 spirit-media’s channelings

"If they are clairaudient, they hear the thoughts of nonphysical beings. ... At such times true telepathic communication takes place.

If mediums or channels are clairsentient, they have the ability to feel the emotions of others.

Clairvoyance is the ability to visualize things that have happened or will happen;

claircognizance is an inner knowing, often in the form of a feeling.

Channels are adept at "stepping aside" so that another consciousness may speak directly through them. ... Mediums and channels communicate with a variety of beings, including spirit guides."

pp. 15-7 soul-planning

p. 15

"Prior to birth, we have in-depth conversations with our spirit guides and with the other souls with whom we will share our incarnation. We discuss the lessons we hope to learn and the ways in which we will learn them. When [the spirit-medium] accesses these discussions and the places in which they are held she sees certain commonalities :

a room in which the incarnating souls gather to talk;

a smaller, adjoining room from which the guides monitor the planning, coming forth when called for advice;

a black-and-white "chessboard" or "flow-chart" used to map if-then scenarios in the fire to come. The squares on the chessboard are developmental stages in the individual’s life.

p. 16

... . ... her guide later told me that these things exist. He explained that in the non-physical realm, though is literally and instantly creative. ... [The spirit-medium] provided the following information about the place in which souls conduct pre-birth planning :

In this particular building, there are eight floors and eight planning rooms on each floor. I am told [by Spirit] that this is because eight is the number of karma and destiny. ... This building is one of eight laid out like flower petals in a circular shape. The buildings are rectangular. They are each eight floors, eight planning rooms within each floor. They tell me there are twelve such groups of buildings on the other side, most of which are used for planning lives on earth. ...

When [the spirit-medium]’s spirit guide conveys to her conversation from pre-birth planning sessions, he is accessing the Akashic Records, though he prefers the term "Book of Lives." This is a complete record of our every experience, act, word,

p. 17

and thought. ... When [the spirit-medium] sees a male or female soul in a pre-birth planning session, it is because that soul is ... trying on ... the upcoming incarnation (which [the spirit-medium] and her spirit guide refer to as "the cloak of the personality")."

pp. 21-2 why we incarnate

p. 21

"The planning we do before birth is far-reaching and detailed. ... We choose our parents (and they choose us), when and where we will incarnate, the schools we will attend, the homes in which we will live, the people we will meet, and the relationships we will have. ... In many planning sessions, we use the name and take on the physical appearance we will have after birth. ... The feeling of de’ja` vu is often accurately attributed to

p. 22

a past-life event, but many de’ja` vu experiences are memories of pre-birth plans. When we enter the Earth plane, we forget ... . We know prior to incarnation that we will have such ... amnesia. The phrase behind the veil refers to this state of forgetfulness."

pp. 22, 24-5 usefulness of contrasting opposites

p. 22

"It is the contrast between light and dark that leads ..., ultimately, to a remembering. The physical plane provide us with this contrast because it is one of duality : up and down, hot and cold, good and bad. ... The chaos of Earth enhances our appreciation of peace."

p. 24

"Life plans are set up so we experience who we are not before we remember who we really are. ...

p. 25

I refer to such life blueprints as "learning-through-opposites" plans."

pp. 24-5 the soul : who we really are

p. 24

"A soul is a spark of the Divine; a personality ... is a portion of a soul’s energy in a physical body."

p. 25

"Remembering who we really are – majestic, transcendent, eternal souls – is one way to surmount our life challenges. ... Because our challenges call us into recollection of ourselves as souls, the very event that initially caused suffering may ultimately relieve it."

pp. 26-27 raising of our vibrations

p. 26

"each of us is a seed that was planted within our world’s current vibration. When we raise our own frequencies through the growth produced by life challenges, we raise the world’s frequency from within. ... As we create feelings of joy, even if we do so while living alone on a mountaintop, we emit a frequency that makes it easier for others to be joyful. ...

p. 27

"Just as our energetic impact radiates throughout this dimension, so, too, does it extend to other dimensions. ... Higher dimensions vibrate at faster frequencies than our and are therefore non physical, but they overlap and incorporate lower dimensions. ... For this reason our individual frequencies ... emanate endlessly outward, affecting both nonphysical beings and other people ... "elsewhere"".

p. 28 life & death

"Incarnation does not literally remove us from our eternal Home; rather, it simply limits our capacity to see the nonphysical part of it. Death, then, is the dissolution of the veil that screened the nonphysical realm from us."

p. 31 love

"every life blueprint I examined was based on love. Every soul was motivated by a desire to give and receive love ... . ... Literally, we are love. I base this statement ... on ... the revelation of my soul ... . ... Love is the primary theme of pre-birth planning ... . As we enter the physical plane, we are love temporarily hidden from itself. When we remember who we really are, our inner light, our love, shines forth for all to see." {"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works".}

pp. 38-9 angel; soulmate of an angel

p. 38

" "We are from the angelic realm. We remain nameless to you, as our names are not pronounceable. So we appear in your minds only as colors in vague shapes and more as feeling." ... The angel’s greeting reminded us that beings in spirit often communicate with use through ... the colors of both nonphysical beings and the human aura. It was common ... for the disincarnate beings not to use names."


" "I have been incarnate in you realm 867 times," said the second angel."

p. 39

"We are truly what those in your realm consider to be soulmates. Two souls of very similar vibration – a frequency at which we have a color and a sound that are similar."

pp. 43-4 frequencies of vibration

p. 43

"The human body vibrates at very low frequencies. At higher frequencies a revelation of truth commences."

p. 44

"The further distance from the truth of one’s being, the darker it becomes and the lower its frequency. As the soul group through incarnations makes its way through this murky, heavy energy, it clears."

p. 82 prae-planned illness

"Little in life is what it appears to be, and much is the opposite. ... Our power to plan our lives and create the ... experiences we seek is immense. That power extends to planning lives that include physical illness. As souls, we are aware of this reality."

pp. 102-3 the soul’s plan

p. 102

"Our souls are in constant communication with us, lovingly supplying us with yearnings and interests that lay the groundwork for the future."

p. 103

"In the meshing of these life plans is an intricate, elegant coordination of purpose. ... Love increases as it is given away. Because souls are love, souls expand as they love."

pp. 124-5 gratitude; compassion

p. 124

"gratitude is an alignment of oneself with the frequency of the Divine Mind. Gratitude is an elevated, even sacred, vibration, on a par with love, forgiveness, joy, and compassion."

"... sought to know herself as compassion and so chose a life in which she would listen with her heart. The heart has a language of its own, and ... is mastering its cadence. ... .

p. 125

... planned a life in which she would listen to her inner voice – the voce of her soul."

p. 148 the brain is an encumbrance

"When we are Home in spirit and thus unencumbered by the hazy, distorting filters of a physical brain, ... heartfelt knowing is our very nature. If we choose to incarnate in the current epoch ... we may lose touch temporarily with our hearts ... . In short, we explore who[m] we are not."

pp. 203-4 illusion vs. oneness

p. 203

"When we incarnate – that is, when we place a portion of our consciousness in a body and focus our perceptions on the physical realm – we create an illusion in which we appear to be separate from one another and All That Is."

p. 204

"In spirit, we are ever aware of our oneness with all creation. We know that we are part of the Divine and that we are divine. Though we can never lose our divinity, we can while in body forget our awareness of it."

pp. 244 communication with souls of the dead etc.

"The "solitary" mourner is surrounded and embraced by ... spirit guides, angels, and the departed ... . ... They are able to place ideas in our minds – both when we are awake and even more when we dream – and feelings in our intuition. ... . ... spirit guides and angle ... can arrange for "coincidences" that guide, heal, or otherwise benefit us."

pp. 245, 266 all death is consensual

p. 245

"Ultimately, the death of the physical body is a decision made by souls after their life plans have been fulfilled. ... Fatal accidents ... are simply some of the exit points planned by our loved ones before birth. For you ..., know this : no one dies without consent."

p. 266

"Sometimes, they only want to stay so many years ... . An accident is planned so that they have an exit point."

p. 266 walk-ins

" "And my guides just showed me that sometimes a soul will stage a walk-in. Sometimes, it is an opportunity for a different soul to walk in[to the body] and let the [original] soul walk out." ... When a soul concludes either that it has learned or never will be able to learn all that had been sought in a particular lifetime, the soul can "walk out" of the body, meaning that it withdraws ... from the physical form. ... If, however, an other soul feels that its learning is best served by starting an incarnation later in life rather than newborn, it can choose to "walk into" that body. In this way, an exchange takes place. ... Some walk-ins are consciously aware of what has taken place; others are not. Many who are aware choose not to share this information".

pp. 269-70 peace

p. 269

"In the realm of peace, tranquility, and serenity from which we came and to which we will return, we experience no opposites. ... An so we decided to take from in a world of opposites, a place where these things are scarce but can be created by us as we live our life plans."

p. 270

"The hermit who sits alone on a mountaintop radiating a vibration of peace does more to bring harmony to the world than the angry peace marcher".

pp. 285-6 divine library

p. 285

"You may ascend to the place that holds all of your records past, present, and future – the Akashic Records – and access your life plan. ... Simply ask your guide at the Akashic Library to materialize your file in its current

p. 286

form, and meditate on the ... higher planes of consciousness. ... your angelic guides ... are always present ... in your heart. Ask them to emote ... into your divine consciousness as you enter the Akashic Records."

p. 305 forgetfulness & unconsciousness

"As souls cross the veil onto Earth, they forget the plans they made before crossing. ...

In unconsciousness after an accident, we have full access to the soul. We work to remind the soul of the soul’s chosen purpose and destiny , ... during that period in unconsciousness. When full consciousness returns, the soul would have the unconscious seed planted to produce the desired effect."

p. 309, 311-3 supernatural light & its radiating

p. 309

"In our nonphysical Home, there is only light. ... There, we know ourselves to be love and so express only that, for only what is known can be expressed."

p. 311

"And your impact radiates farther still, throughout the dimensions, dimensions that appear to be, but are not, far removed from you. ...

p. 312

When we return to spirit and recall the pre-birth plans ..., their light becomes apparent to us once again. Until then, our challenge is to see their light while we are in the body, behind the veil, screened ... by our own self-selected amnesia. We can do so by realizing that the people in our lives are eternal, nonphysical souls playing temporary roles on a physical stage. ... they are part of a larger plan that often remains from us. Yet we can know that each person we encounter is a spark of Divine Light, a loving transcendent being with whom we are one. ...

p. 313

To see only light is to see only Divinity in each person who walks on Earth. It is then we remember who[m] we really are."

pp. 316-7 meaning & purposefulness

p. 316

"I have come to believe that everything has a higher meaning. ... I this way I have come to recognize that little is as it seems. ...

p. 317

I now see a divine order in and to everything. ... I now see perfection – the perfection of lives unfolding just as we planned them. ... . ... nothing happens by chance, and all is in divine order. ...

I have realized, too, that each of us has a divine purpose, ... to see light in seeming darkness. Each of these souls came here to be the love they are. Courageous souls, one and all."

Robert Schwartz : Courageous Souls. Whispering Winds Pr, 2007.