Dark Intrusions

{N.B. A more recent book on "sleep-paralysis" is :- Shelley R. Adler : Sleep Paralysis : Night-mares, Nocebos, and the Mind-body Connection. Rutgers Univ Pr, New Brunswick (NJ), 2011. https://books.google.com.au/books?id=kKthXWBdnpYC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_atb#v=onepage&q&f=false}

{Here is an instance of entheogenic-herb-induced analogue to SLEEP-PARALYSIS : "Wild Lettuce (Lactuca virosa) ... Experience." https://drugs-forum.com/threads/wild-lettuce-lactuca-virosa-terrible-experience.14878/

"I used A LOT of wild lettuce ... i suppose it was 20-30 g. ...

i was not able to move, I was having some kind of paralysis,i'm sure i was awake".}

{Here is another herb-induced instance of analogue to SLEEP-PARALYSIS :

"Cyperus articulatus, Searsia spp.". http://www.bluelight.org/vb/threads/806295-Botanical-NMDA-antagonist-Cyperus-articulatus-Searsia-spp

"They also report that as their body falls into a dream state they feel physically paralyzed, while their mind and memory remain intact and coherent, they claim that by maintaining this state of awareness over a period of time they were then able to enter the dream world with complete faculties and recollection."

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Foreward by David J. Hufford


[David J. Hufford is author of the book The Terror That Comes in the Night.]

p. 9 sleep paralysis in Newfoundland

"Sleep paralysis is an episode of inability to move just before falling to sleep or on awakening. ... It was known ... that sometimes people ... had "seen things" during sleep paralysis. I encountered sleep paralysis in Newfoundland ... . ... In Newfoundland they called it "the Old Hag." ...

My research showed that in Newfoundland it was common ...; around 20 percent ... said it had happened to them. That was far too common for what I had read of sleep paralysis".

{Perhaps this praevalence was a continuation (ever since the epoch of the Beothuk tribe) of contact with divinities abiding in the twilight-zone betwixt waking and sleeping.}

p. 10 D.J.H.'s personal experience of sleep paralysis

"I had experienced the entire ... in Philadelphia in 1963, as a college student, without ever having heard of "the Old Hag" or any such thing. I had been awakened in my dark off-campus room by the sound of my door{'s} opening, and then footsteps{'} approaching my bed. I tried to turn on my bedside light, but I found that I couldn't move. I felt the bed go down as if someone was {were} climbing on it, and then I felt someone kneel on my chest. I felt I was being strangled and thought I would die."

p. 10 Enlish names for the entity of apparition in sleep-paralysis

"In Newfoundland they say that ... The person who is paralyzed is ridden by a hag --

{"an old hag - sits or "rides" the chest of the victims, rendering them immobile." (ThC:""OH"S")}

they are {he or she is} "hag rid," the origin of the term haggard ... ! {Another meaning of /haggard/ is 'butcher of swine' (SND, s.v. "haggard").} ...

{"hag is a witch, sorceress, or enchantress; ... As a verb hag is to harass" ("Hag vs Haggard")} {"In Old English there are a variety of terms like haegtesse, hegge and hagge that are used to describe female demons" (EN:"Etymology of Hag").} {Anglo-Saxon haeg-tesse 'a fury, a she-monster' (20CE-MD, p. 896a).}

In older English they called it the Mare, from the Anglo-Saxon root merran, "to crush.""

{As a component of the compound word /night-mare/, Old English /maere/ 'goblin' (with single /-r-/) cannot, however, be directly derived from Old English /m[i]erran/, Middle English /marren/ (with double /rr-/) 'to mar'. The term with single /-r-/ may, instead, be directly cognate with Hellenic /Maron/ (in the Odusseia, the name of a priest who furnished protection against the one-eyed monster Polu-phemos).}

ThC:""OH"S" = "The "Old Hag" Syndrome". https://www.thoughtco.com/the-old-hag-syndrome-2594415

SND = Scottish National Dictionary. http://www.dsl.ac.uk/entry/snd/haggard_n2

"Hag vs Haggard". http://wikidiff.com/hag/haggard

EN:"Etymology of Hag". http://etymologynow.blogspot.com/2010/02/etymology-of-hag.html

20CE-MD = N. B. Ranade : The 20th Century English-Marathi Dictionary. 1916. https://books.google.com.au/books?id=d0UJnxGe-sgC&pg=PA896&lpg=PA896&dq=

{Old English /merran/ may relate (besides, to /marra/ (L&Sh:LD, q.v.) 'weeding-hook', mentioned by Plinius for the Danube river-basin, i.e., as a word in the Getic language studied by Publius Ovidius Naso) to French /marron/, Italian /marrone/ 'chestnut', as in the quote "Beneath the spreading chestnut tree", where "with strong and stalwart hands" is intended to allude to the Homeric word /MAR/ 'hand'. The herb MARonion (L&Sh:LD, q.v.) is the Centaurea major, referring to the kentauros Kheiron (named for /kheir/ 'hand'); and a MARonist is an admirer of the author of the Aeneid, describing the adventures of Ascanius (named for lake Askanias in Bi-thunia, a Thraikian-speaking nation), while Is-MARos (native city of priest MARon) is likewise in Thraike.} {Parthenos ('virgin') MARia (the name being a component of the tribe-name /MARian-dunoi/, located likewise in Bi-thunia) is likely named, not for anything "marine" (which is Latin, and therefore inapplicable; and certainly not for any "dew of the sea"), but from her use of her hand in addictive masturbation (the term /masturbate/ deriving from /mas/, Samskr.ta for 'meat'-- viz., "beat the meat" -- and for -- with allusion to menstruation -- 'moon'; and from /turbare/ 'to rotate' -- alluding to the /iung-/ 'whirlygig' employed in Hellenic erotic magic).}

p. 10 terms for 'sleep paralysis' around the world

"very different terms -- ... the

da chor, dab coj, poj ntxoog, or dab tsog in southeast Asia;

the sitting ghost or bei Guai chaak (being pressed by a ghost) in China;

in Japan the kanashibari ...;

the Mara of Sweden ... --

refer to the same event as the modern term sleep paralysis."

{(BY, p. 11) "Based on the Slavic and other Indo-European cognates of iaga, Brian Cooper finds that ... The name suggests ... a female spirit who weighs on or suffocates people during the night, producing nightmares."}

BY = Andreas Johns : Baba Yaga : the Ambiguous Mother and Witch of the Russian Folktale. Peter Lang Publ, 2004. https://books.google.com/books?id=yVN64AACjMAC&pg=PA11&lpg=PA11&dq=



Foreward by Colin Wilson


p. 13 praeludes to projection of the astral body

"the condition called sleep paralysis ... when someone wakes in the middle of the night and finds himself unable to move; a state that may last seconds or minutes. ... Many "psychics" experience it as a prelude to an OBE, an out of the body experience. For example, Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute in Virginia, began to have them in the late 1960s ... .

He began to experience ... "vibrations" on the point of sleep. ... And soon Monroe was having full-fledged OBEs."

p. 13 sexual encountres

"Like my friend Stan Gooch, author of Total Man, Louis Proud has even had sexual encounters when in the SP state."

pp. 13-14 strange experiences experienced by published authors

p. 13

"So what he has done here is to gather together many strange experiences, like ...

p. 13-14

Whitley Strieber's "contact" experiences,

p. 14

Stan Gooch's hypnogogic visions,

Trevor Constable's UFO-related discarnates,

Joe Fisher's ... deceitful ghosts, and

Dion Fortune's alarming contacts with an ill-disposed witch,

to make a book ... ."





p. 15 author's original onset of sleep-paralysis

"When I was seventeen years old something changed within my mind; a shift of awareness occurred, and I became receptive to ... sleep paralysis (SP) ... ."

p. 15 author's curiously awkward definition/description of so-called "sleep-paralysis"

"SP is a condition whereby a person experiences

temporary paralysis of the body

{except for the eyelids and eyen!}

shortly after {actually, immediately when} waking up (known as hypnopompic paralysis),

There is no discernable time-interval immediately upon awaking before the commencement of sleep-paralysis, as the expression "shortly after" incorrectly would imply.}

and, less commonly,

shortly after {actually, shortly before} falling asleep (known as hypnogogic paralysis). ...

{The author's phrasing is quite unreasonable : for, if experienced "shortly after" falling asleep, then at that time any paralysis occurring would needs be experienced in the dream, which is never the case.}

Generally, when SP occurs, the brain has awakened from an REM state, yet bodily paralysis is taking place."

{To assert that the "brain" in general hath awaked is inaccurate. The cerebellum (which is in charge of awareness) hath awaked, but the cerebellum (which is in charge of voluntary muscular movements in the body) hath not as yet awaked.}

{These particular statements of the author's (in not mentioning the exception; and in inaccurately stating the timings of the sleep-paralysis episodes; and in not distinguishing among components of "the brain") are so awkwardly worded, that it would seem that he must have been in some manner of trance (perhaps in some glamor cast on him by dream-spirits) when he indited the foregoing.}

pp. 16-17 night-mare (moriath)

p. 16

"a famous painting by the British artist Henry Fuseli (1741-1825), called The Nightmare (1781), ... shows a young woman lying on her bed, asleep, with a large hairy demon sitting on her chest. Floating above the foot of her bed is

the ghostly head of a rather goofy-looking horse.

{This is at least as much camellike as it is horselike.} {In a certain style of Vajra-yana art, each god is depicted with the head of Haya-griva towering above : as /griva/ 'throat' would imply, /haya/ is a species of long-necked herbivore (perhaps the camel).}

The painting almost certainly depicts an SP".

{“mara, [is] a spirit that, in heathen mythology, was ... to suffocate sleepers. A morbid oppression in the night resembling the pressure of weight upon the breast.” (KhA"HF:N", quoting Samuel Johnson’s A Dictionary of the English Language (1755))}

"the types of sounds and voices that SP ... hear vary widely. Buzzing, grinding, whirring, whistling, and riniging sounds are commonly reported. ... . ... the sounds and voices people hear during

p. 17

SP episodes are ... distinctly experienced as be external to the hearer ... . ... Most of the entities I see are dark ... with long, thrashing tails. I also see orbs of various sizes, which look like balls of liquid smoke."

KhA"HF:N" = "Henry Fuseli, The Nightmare". https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/becoming-modern/romanticism/romanticism-in-england/a/henry-fuseli-the-nightmare

p. 19 white rabbits

"one of my uncles is, as far as I can determine, a chronic SP ... . An artist of some note, my uncle ... frequently paints white rabbits dressed as people, gathered in the forest under the moonlight, surrounding nude, vulnerable girls. Some of these artworks remind one of Alice in Wonderland."

{I, who once (some four decades ago), on awaking to the morning light, experienced sleep-paralysis accompanied with a view of a praeternatural green Maya hieroglyphic inscription (covering the ceiling), have (a few years afterwards, in a different state of the nation) seen while I was out-of-doors during the day nigh my then-residence, a rabbit which I did not realize was a praeternatural spectre until it started rising into the air (at an oblique angle). The Yucatec Maya day-glyph aequivalent to Aztec day-sign Tochtli 'Rabbit' is Lamat, depicted as dots at the inner corners of a cross : these dots could be intended as rabbit-holes, seen at intersections of visible lines of longitude-and-latitude on one of the astral subplanes (as witnessed by a certain adept in astral projection). Cf., of course, Alice-in-Wonderland's subterranean entry via rabbit-hole.}



I ... Fear for My Soul


p. 25 development of experiences

"I was seventeen when my SP experiences began. ... My SP experiences have changed over the years, gradually becoming more and more intense."

p. 29 astral body

"the majority of SP ... occur on an astral level, and ... the SP state involves a partial dislocation of the astral body from the physical body.

According to many occultists, the astral body leaves the physical body regularly during the sleep state, while dreams are ... memories of astral journeys we take. ...

In my experience, the sensations of {touching} the {assumedly} astral body {of an unwordly alien entity} are very different from those experienced by {touching} the physical {viz., material} body. For instance, the "hand" of a spirit feels slightly synthetic, almost rubbery ... . "Spirit skin" feels nothing like human skin."

{Divinities normally praesent their mental body (rather than any astral body of theirs, if they even have one) to astrally projected mortals -- as, for work in assistential consciential projection. Therefore, the author (L.P.) may be describing here the sensation in a mortal's astral body's touching a mental body. It may be, furthermore, noted that sexual encountres between astrally projected mortals of opposite gendres are sensed quite differently. "it is possible to use the magnetic energy of the heart power-point to attract a would-be astral lover ... . Many astrals will respond quite warmly ... to sexual intercourse, and usually without any inhibition" (PsE 1.35, p. 26).}

PsE = Vee van Dam : The Psychic Explorer. Skoob Bks Publ, London, 1989.

p. 32 incubus & succuba

"The incubus, ... on women, was ... to lie on top ... in order to have sexual intercourse with them. ...

Their true form is ... with horns, bat-like wings, and a pointy tail. {Bon deities are likewise often bat-winged.} ...

{"These Erinnyes are crones, with snakes for hair, dogs' {bitches'} heads, coal-black bodies, bats's wings, and bloodshot eyes." (GM 31.g)}

Legend has it that succubi {succubae} would collect semen from the men they slept with, which incubi would then use to impregnate women. One cannot help but be reminded of modern day alien abduction stories, involving the collection of sperm from men and the artificial impregnation {insemination} of women."

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. Penguin Bks, 1955.

p. 33 experiences by the author (L.P.) with succubae

"In comparison to ordinary sex, "spirit sex" is certainly far more intense, being more of an internal process than an external one. ... One might describe it as a merging {melding} of two souls, of two energies of opposite polarity, which, when combined, complement and galvanize each other.

I have described the beings I encountered as "female spirits," not succubi (succubae)

{Mediaeval European accounts, being indited as ecclesiastical propaganda, are extremely slanderous. In actuality, such erotic encountres were (and are) never unpleasant, despite routine deliberate vilifications contrived in the official litterature.}

Not once have I felt drained of energy following an encounter of this sort. ...

During one encounter, I managed to open my eyes ... while the experience was taken place. ... the female being on top of me had the appearance of a half-human, half-alien grey.

She was tall and skinny {slender}, with legs like tall stilts.

{Such is, likewise, the usual description of Russian goddess Baba Iaga.}

Her body was slightly translucent, as though she were a ghost."

{The H.uwriy (litterally, 'free') goddesses in the Muslim Paradise are often described as transparent-bodied.}

{Indeed, the official ecclesiastical doctrine that incubi and succubae are proprely gendreless (assuming male and female shapes only in order to deceive mortals), is itself another slander. (Indeed, every writing by Christians is simply a bundle of deliberate mendacities, ghost-written at secret instructions from the commoner-oppressing ruling-class of hereditary "noble" bigots.)}


Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions : an Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences. Anomalist Bks, San Antonio (TX), 2009.