Dark Intrusions, 11



Psychic Attack


pp. 147-8 forceful continuing effects may be employed by the spirits summoned at se`ances

p. 147

"a case reported by the Jungian psychoananalyst Mary Williams and published in the ... Journal of Analytic Psychology ... also mentioned in Gooch's The Origins of Psychic Phenomena ... concerns ... a ... man .... named Roger, who ... started attending se'ances.

In one session, ... Roger ... felt odd sensations of ... hands brushing his cheeks. These strange phenomena continued throughout other sessions : Roger experienced sensations of cold, heard thumps, and witnessed the movement of objects. Roger ... soon began to produce automatic writing. While outside the circle, moreover, he began to experience the same pdd sensations of somone touching his ... face. ... Doors would fly open in his presence, raps would sound, and he was constantly touched. On a number of occasions,

p. 148

his head was grasped and turned. ...

At one point, while Roger was relating a dream, "the cupboard door in front of us opened slowly and silently." ... Meanwhile the poltergeist ... would get hold of him in bed, and hold him fast while it tickled his face and tugged his hair. ... It was only a few days later that ... It came to him in bed and lay beside him ... pressing up against his side, then it seemed to be merging with him, and he experienced it as loving ... ."

pp. 148-9 parapsychology resultant in mysterious death

p. 148

"During the heyday of spiritualism ..., ... automatic writing and other forms of mediumship, ... cases of ... people having their sanity threatened by ... discarnate entities, can be found in ...

p. 149

Spirit Possession, Madness, and Multiple Personality, written by the late, great parapsychologist D. Scott Rogo, whose mysterious death (... in 1990, aged 40) is further proof that those who dedicate their lives to paranormal research often meet a tragic fate."

pp. 149-50 departing into another world for dreaming

p. 149

"In ... "Eskimo Sleep Paralysis," the authors, Joseph D. Bloom and Richard D. Gelardin, explain how the Eskimo people of Alaska perceive the SP phenomenon. ... Bllom and Gelardin discovered that SP is well known among the Eskimo and is discussed openly; just about everyone has heard of the phenonmenon and many have experienced it first-hand. The Eskimo believe {read "understand"}, explain the authors ["ESP", p. 23], "that when people are entering sleep ... or emerging from sleep, they are more susceptible to influence from the spirit world. ... One of the informants felt that if an individual

did not believe in the spirit world ...;

{i.e., did not realize/recognize that the hypnagogic realm and the hypnopompic realm are regions of the spirit-world}

'a spirit would come to

p. 150

you and make you realize that there are spirits.'"

{i.e., would demonstrate that spirits do, indeed, abide in the hypnagogic realm and in the hypnopompic realm}

This strikes me as a comment ... that some of the spirits who make their presence known ... are simply trying to let you know that they exist, and that the "spirit realm" is real." ...

{Yea; but not merely that. The pragmatic reason for their demonstrating these fact may be that ignorance, in this concern, on the part of mortals, could have some dire consequence, such as those mortals' being in worse circumstances in their next lifetime.}

According to another explanation the authors were given, paralysis occurs because a spirit has temporarily possessed the person; the spirit has entered their body and is controlling it."

[("ESP", p. 23) "Other people explained the sleep paralysis syndrome as a possession state in which a spirit enters the body of the susceptible person. The paralysis is related to the fact that the sufferer is “controlled” by the spirit and thus cannot initiate movements of his own."]

"ESP" = Joseph D. Bloom & Richard D. Gelardin : "Eskimo Sleep Paralysis". J OF THE ARCTIC INSTITUTE OF NORTH AMERICA 29 (1976).1:20-6. http://arctic.journalhosting.ucalgary.ca/arctic/index.php/arctic/article/view/2784/2761 (PDF)

{\Uqamairineq\ and \Uqumanigianiq\ are Inuit terms for 'sleep-paralysis'. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-94-009-5251-5_10}

{See also :- Samuel Law & Lawrence J. Kirmayer : "Inuit Interpretations of Sleep Paralysis". http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1363461505050712}

{("ESP", p. 23 "The first patient stated that her grandparents always told her that “if you see any spirits, tell the people about it.” There was the implication that discussion of the events with other people would be helpful." [Though this may be true enough in classless primitive tribal society, yet in class-ruled societies (especially the United Stated and Europe) to mention as such matters in public is likely to result in one's being involuntarily committed to the state-owned "insane asylum", wherein the involuntary "patients" may be forcibly injected with agonizing poisons.]}

{("ESP", p. 25) "It was his supposed ability to have his soul leave his body and travel about {in a dream, of course} with his “familiar” spirits {who have acquired, with the aid of a "spirit-guide", during praeliminary dreaming} which provided the basic mechanism for him to seek out the causes of disease." [Such persons as are capable of dealing with ailments in this mode are generally known as "shamans" (\angakok\ in Inuit).]}

p. 150 Violet Mary Firth ("Dion Fortune") and her books

"Born Violet Mary Firth (1890-1946) in Bryn-y-Bia, Llandudno, Wales {Cymru}, {\Dion\, named for Hellenic goddess Deione} Fortune {translated from name of Hellenic goddess Tukhe} reported visions of Atlantis ... and is said to have developed mediumistic abilities in her twentieth year. ... rawn to the occult, she joined the Theosophical Society and was later inititated into the London Temple of The Alpha et {kai} Omega (formerly named The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn). Fortune eventually founded her own magical order, The Society of the Inner Light. ... she is best remembered for her ... books on magical subjects, such as

The Cosmic Doctrine,

The Mystical Qabalah, and ...

Psychic Self-Defence,

all of them classics in their field."

"Fortune is supposed to have had access to the "Akashic Records," that great storehouse of knowledge encoded in the aether. She supposedly drew from this knowledge, channeling it into her literary work."

SPP = Brett L. Bolton : The Secret Powers of Plants. Berkley Publ Corp, NY, 1974. http://grotesque.00.gs/Secret_Powers_of_Plants.htm

pp. 151-3 Dion Fortune's "psychic self-defence"

p. 151

"For an occult attack to be possible, for there to be an "entrance to the soul," the aura of the victim has to be pierced, says Fortune, and this always occurs ... "by the response ... towards the attacking entity." ... These attacks are usually carried out at night, she says, while the victim is asleep ... . "If there is a definite psychic attack ...," she writes, "there soon begin to appear characteristic dreams. These may include a sense of weight upon the chest, as if someone were kneeling on the sleeper." These effect, she says, ... is caused by a concentration of .. ectoplasm; ... an intermediary substance beween mind and matter. "Occultists explain that mind affects body by means of the etheric double," she explains. ... Apparently, a medium can project this substance in the form of either "long rods" or "nebulous clouds," which they can then use to affect matter directly ... . ...

Throughout Psychic Self-Defence, Fortune mentions two subtle bodies -- the etheric and the astral ... .

p. 152

... According to occult thought, the aura is said to comprise a number of subtle bodies ... . The etheric body is a double ... of the physical body, duplicating it in all its parts and organs. ... Next up from the etheric body, and of an even more subtle constitution, is the astral body, which is said to be the seat of ... the emotions.

The astral body is known to Spiritists as the perispirit.

{The astral body may be called \perispirit\ so long as it is not-as-yet separated from the material body.}

Plants, animals, and humans all possess etheric bodies, but

only animals and humans possess astral bodies. "The astral body is of emotional substance," explains Constable ... .

{More praecisely, only only animals and humans are capable of detaching their perispirit from their material body by means of astral projection. That plants experience emotions had been proven by Jagadis C. Bose and by Cleve Backster (SPP).}

It has been said that only those with some degree of psychic ability can perceive this vehicle.

In Psychic Self-Defence, Fortune mentions the time sh was subjected to a series of psychic attacks by a woman ... at an occult college "in the sandy fastness of the Hampshire barrens," ...

p. 153

That night, Fortune experienced "one of the most violent nightmares I have had in my life, waking from sleep with a terrible sense of oppression on my chest, as if someone were holding me down or lying upon me. ...

I saw distinctly the head of Miss L., reduced to the size of an orange, floating in the air at the foot of my bed, and snapping its teeth at me. ..." ...

{This would be an instance of the 2nd of Annie Besant's "3 classes of thought-forms", to wit : ("ThCTh-F") "When a man thinks of his friend he forms within his mental body a minute image of that friend, which often passes outward and usually floats suspended in the air before him."}

The head of the community ... Every night ... "sealed the threshold" of Miss L's room with the pentagram so that nothing could get out. ... According to the famous French occultist Eliphas Levi,

the pentagram "exercises a great influence upon spirits and terrifies phantoms.""

{"The pentagrammic talismans, or hayākil in Arabic, can be found in many Islamic occult texts of white sorcery and magic. The form and symbol of the pentagram ... within each of whose inner six houses are written the names of the Archangels of Proximity (malā’ikat’ul-muqarribūn) : Mikā’īl, Isrā’fīl, ʿIzrā’īl, Jibrā’il, ʿAnyā’īl and Ruqīyā’īl." ("FS.O")}

"3CTh-F" http://www.gutenberg.org/files/16269/16269-h/16269-h.htm#THREE_CLASSES_OF_THOUGHT-FORMS

"FS.O" = "Fāṭimīya S.ufī Order". http://www.monamagick.com/media/the-fatimiya-sufi-order/

pp. 154-5 Dion Fortune's "thought-forms"

p. 154

"According to Fortune, ... it's ... possible to create, from your etheric body, a kind of "artificial ghost." Those who have read Alexandra David-Neel's Magic and Mystery in Tibet (1929) wil be familiar with the concept of

tulpa[-]s or "thought-forms." ...

{Bodish \sprul-pa\ (whereof "tulpa" is a local dialectal variant) is translation of Skt \nirmita\ 'thoughtform' (W:"Tulpa").}

David-Neel claims to have been "haunted" by a tulpa she brought into being ... .

In Psychic Self-Defence, Fortune distinguishes between "thought-forms" and what she calls "artificial elementals," explaining that the latter, unlike the former, "possess a distinct and independent life of their own ... ." In accordance with Fortune's terminology, then, David-Neel's ["tulpa"] was really an artificial elemental. ...

While lying in bed one afternoon, ... she "drifted toward the borders of sleep," and began thinking of the Norse wolf-monster Fenrir. "Immediately I felt a curious drawing-out sensation from my solar plexus, and

there materialized beside me on the bed a large wolf."

{This would be an instance the 3rd of Annie Besant's 3 classes of thought-forms.}

She describes its "ectoplasmic form" as grey and colorless.

{Ectoplasm itself is, at least when initially extruded from an occultist-medium's body, simply whitish in color, lacking hues. In this case it is grey, i.e., dim, because associated with a mortal's navel : "the Downward-Bliss produces the Dim Innate when it reaches the center of the navel" (ETTT, pars II, capitulum III, p. 159).}

p. 155

She mentions, moreover, that it possessed weight {or mass}, and that she could feel its back pressing against her body. At the time the "materialization" took place, Fortune was obviously in the hypnagogic state-- a state in which "the etheric double readily extrudes." ... .

... Fortune ... pushed it off the bed ..., saying "... you will just have to go on the floor." The creature then changed from a wolf into a dog {hound} ... . The following morning, a woman who lived in the same house said her sleep had been disturbed by dreams of wolves, and that she had woken to see the shining eyes of a wild animal.

Before ... the creature was able to "sever

the psychic navel cord that connected it to

{Because (according to "3CTh-F" in B&L:Th-F) all thought-forms are imported (viz., by means of one's own internal mental body) from the mental plane, and because one's means of externalizing (into the space of the waking-world) of imports from the mental plane, is one's own golden cord, that must be what she employed on the cakra-level of her solar plexus.}

my solar plexus,"

{The divine entity had gone beyond its own blissful plane by descending down below (into the material plane) through the just-above-navel solar plexus of a mortal : "coming down ... to the navel the Beyond-Bliss arises" (ETTT, pars II, capitulum V, p. 191).

Fortune managed to summon the creature and absorb it back into herself,

{She had employed her own body as portal (opening into the material plane/universe) for exit, out from the mental plane/universe : in order to summon thence this divine theriomorphic denizen of that plane/universe.}

which involved drawing the life out of it,

{This theriomorphic entity must have returned (alive, of course) back into the mental plane-of-existence whence it had been temporarily extracted by D.F.'s contemplation of Fenrir.}

"as if sucking ... up a straw.""

{The subtle-body-internal subtle-tube/channel employed in the pertinent yoga is described as hollow in, e.g., 6YN.}

W:"Tulpa" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulpa

ETTT = Chang Chen Chi (transl.) & C. A. Musés (ed.) : Esoteric Teachings of the Tibetan Tantra. Falcon's Wing Press, Indiana Hills (CO), 1961.

ETTT, pars II, capitulum III : "The Arising and Perfecting Yoga". http://www.sacred-texts.com/bud/ettt/ettt12.htm

ETTT, pars II, capitulum V : "The Art of Gtum-Mo or Heat Yoga". http://www.sacred-texts.com/bud/ettt/ettt14.htm

6YN = The Six Yogas of Naropa.

{"there is a reality that exists separate from physical reality called the imaginal realm. In the imaginal realm there exist animated beings that are created by our thoughts and emotions called thoughtforms and tulpas. Thoughtforms in general are created by our intentions both consciously and unconsciously. However, tulpas are thoughtforms that are created with conscious intention. ... Once created, thoughtforms and tulpas exist in all spiritual realities and make up what is known as the imaginal realm. The imaginal realm interpenetrates all existence {or more praecisely, "all sub-planes of the material plane", these sub-planes of the material plane being collectively known in Bodish as "srid-pa bar-do", litterally 'existence between-becoming'} and is the repository of collective thought formations and energies. Thoughtforms and tulpas can be experienced physically, but in most cases they are experienced as apparitions. Nonetheless, they exist as separate entities manifesting both as physical and apparitional formations. ... In Tibetan Buddhism those who create tulpas are naljorpas and tulkus. Naljorpas are ascetics possessing magical powers and tulkus are special lamas that consciously incarnate into their next lifetime as bodhisattvas (highly evolved spiritual beings). In the Bön religion, magicians known as ngagspas create tulpas.

According to Theosophists Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater [1901, pp. 26-30], there are three classes of thoughtforms. The first class is “that which takes the image of the thinker.” The second class is “that which takes the image of some material object.” The third class is “that which takes a form entirely its own, expressing its inherent qualities in the matter which it draws around it.” To this list I will add a fourth class – that which takes the collective form of a group mind {viz., the "group mind" of, typically, the collective "inner order" membreship of an occult society} known as an egregore." ("ThT&E")}

"ThT&E" = "Thoughtforms, Tulpas & Egregores". https://www.newdawnmagazine.com/articles/thoughtforms-tulpas-egregores

Besant & Leadbeater 1901 = Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater : Thought-Forms. Theosophical Publ House, London. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/16269/16269-h/16269-h.htm

p. 156 Where are involuntarily captive persons who are legally labeled by political-state-appointed "alienists" as "psychotic", actually "trapped"?

"According to this analogy ..., the seriously mentally ill {actually, the only persons who are the " mentally ill" are the "alienists/psychiatrists" themselves, along with the greed-crazed superrich who appointed them}, particularly the hallucinating schizophrenic {this is sheer slandre : no inmate of any "insane asylum" ever hallucinated; and schizophrenia never existed, except in fictitious opprobium}, could be likened to a man ... trapped inside a pantry". {Apparently implying starvation in the midst of a plenitude of food, due to failure to recognize food as food. Perhaps author L.P. is hinting that such inmates typically fail to recognize the spiritual value in the metaphysical content of non-Christian religions. If this be author L.P.'s intended meaning, this point is reasonably valid. [written 25 July 2017]}

{Such persons as have been legally entrapped by hypocritical political-state-appointed "alienists" (now usually called "psych-iatrists", litterally 'soul-healers'; though such so-called "soul-healers" in fact are all required by the political state to deny the very existence of the soul -- the term \alienist\ was too simplistic a declaration that their involuntary so-called "patients" are really imprisoned because they are alienated from -- inimical to -- the oikonomic interests of the greed-maddened ploutokratic families which control the political state) are actually innocent of all accusations (of being "ill", "insane", etc.) wherewith they are ongoingly slandred by the agents of the ruling class.}

{When author L.P. is speaking metaphorically of insane-asylum inmates's emitting "flatulence" in a "pantry", it would appear that what is intended by the term "flatulence" is 'insults against all other religions'. Now, it may be true that typical insane-asylum inmates are not erudite in classical lore of metaphysics (Neo-Platonism, etc.), and that due to such omission of what may be considered in polite society as indispensible for a Renaissance-style scholar, there is very little effort on the part of university-departments to rescue the state-psychiatrists' mislabeled victims -- yet nevertheless, a better historical analogy would be the Reformation-aira persecution of persons mislabeled as "witches" in Western Europe (largely in Germany and in England). These "witches" were persecuted for much the same reason as were "Juden" in 1930s-1945 Nazi Deutschland -- namely, to distract the working class from the fact that it is being grossly exploited, which distraction is most effectively perpetrated by wildly accusing all and sundry of non-existent imaginary offences. [written 25 July 2017]}

p. 156 Is it feasible that one's own "aitheric double" could possibly "return" to "haunt" one's self?

"Fortune says about the period between sleeping a waking being a condition "in which the etheric double readily extrudes," then it's quite possible ... that these thought-forms will eventually return to "haunt" him {viz., the person who hath extruded such a thought-form}".

{In this circumstance, that which is involved is what Annie Besant described as the 1st of the "three classes of thought-forms", to wit, ("3CTh-F") "That which takes the image of the thinker." An instance of such a thought-form's having returned to haunt its originator, is known in the biography of Russian empress Catherine the Great, who once witnessed a duplicate of herself (invisible, however, to other persons then praesent).}

"3CTh-F" http://www.gutenberg.org/files/16269/16269-h/16269-h.htm#THREE_CLASSES_OF_THOUGHT-FORMS

{HOWEVER, all "thought-forms" consist of entities and devices indigenous to, and attracted from, the mental plane into the space of the material plane; and therefore cannot be identical with the aitheric double, which (while itself an intrinsic functor of the soul-spirit complex) performeth the double-duty of (1) acting as liaison connecting astral-mental-causal composite consciousness, with the material body (so that the intellect can control the material body), and (2) excluding the material body from interfering with the intellect. Carlos Castan~eda stated that anyone (any mortal) witnessing that own mortal's double, is therewith dead.}

{Concerning the 1st of the 3 classes of thought-forms, it is explicated that ("3CTh-F") "The thought which generates such a form as this ... necessarily ... employs ... the matter of the mental body, so that though the form is small and compressed when it leaves the thinker, it draws round it a considerable amount of astral matter, and usually expands to life-size before it appears at its destination." Where as yet the the form is small and compressed, this would appear to be the so-called "man of the heart" (small enough to fit into one's heart) of the Vatula (colloquially known in Vangala/Bengal as "Baul") lore. Where it hath expanded "to life-size", this would appear to be the so-called "doppelga:nger", well-known also in Norwegian lore.}

pp. 156-8 Dion Fortune's energy-sucking "vampires"; ectoplasm from blood; smoke-rite for ghosts

p. 156

"Psychic Self-Defence includes a chapter on vampirism. However, the types of vampires Fortune describes are ... earth-bound souls who have avoided

the "second death" -- in other words, the disintegration of the astral body --

{In the litterature of "Projectiology" disintegration of the astral body of defuncts in often mentioned, for the reason that the major "assistential" activism therein is projection of one's astral body in order to assist the divinities (who, because they cannot lower the nature of their own bodies below the mental plane, are ineffective at communicating with [what are alleged to be] souls of defuncts) to convince any such as are in denial of the reality that they have died, of this fact.}

and have "maintained themselves in the etheric double" by vampirizing the living. ... It sometimes happens, says Fortune, that the entity attaches itself permanently to its human vampire victim,

p. 157

much like a parasite, stealing the energy from its victim ... ."

"I myself have long, sharp canine teeth, and many people have commented that they resemble those of a typical movie vampire. ... Fortune explains : "... I remember waking up one morning to find a patch of blod the size of the palm of my hand on the pillow." Following a disturbed sleep, I too have noticed the presence of such marks on my pillow and bedclothes ... . Interestingly, reports of mysterious bloodstains also appear in cases of alien abduction, as do chronic nosebleeds, abductees claiming ... them ... often.

According to occult thought, blood ... contains a large amount of ectoplasm ... . When shed, "this ectoplasm readily separates from the congealing blood and thus becomes available for materializations," explains Fortune in her book Sane Occultism."

"In certain Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies, offerings are made to the beings that inhabit the hungry ghost realm.

p. 158

... particular types of smoke are ... used. ... As the ceremony was being performed, the scented smoke ... would waft around ... for swarms of hungry ghosts who had gathered in the vicinity.

In western ceremonial magic, incense and other volatile substances are sometimes burnt as a means of allowing entities to manifest ... . When burnt, says Fortune, these sustances release "ethers" -- and this is what the entities make use of."

p. 158 manifestations by poltergeists

"In Psychic Self-Defence, Fortune discusses the various types of

physical manifestations

{By \physical manifestations\ is intended "indications manifest to (observable by) persons abiding in material bodies.}

that can occur ... : lights, "usually taking the form of dim balls of luminous mist, drifting ..."; distinctive odors; the movement of light objects, which are sometimes thrown about the room; and inexplicable noises, "usually creakings, thuds, or more rarely bell-like notes ... ."


Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions : an Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences. Anomalist Bks, San Antonio (TX), 2009.