Dark Intrusions, 14



Spirits in the Brain


p. 188 frequencies of brain-waves associated with states-of-awareness

"When we are active and busy, ... our brain will exhibit beta wave activity ranges in frequency from abut twelve to thirty Hz."

"our brain wave activity ... alpha state ... ranges in frequency from eight to , which , which twelve Hz. The SP state is characterized by abundant alpha activity."

pp. 189-90 praeternatural imagery viewing during sleep-paralysis

p. 189

"Our body becomes paralyzed during REM sleep to prevent {hinder, obstruct} us from "acting out our dreams {in the waking-world}. The brain {specificly, the cerebellum} locks down muscles in the body ... . Inhibitor signals are transmitted by the nervous and endocrine systems. ... When, during the SP state, you are lying in bed in a state of paralysis ..., it's quite possible ... that these same systems keep sending out signals that simulate dreaming, resulting in a quasi-continuation of the dreaming state ...; thus your brain {read "mind"} is flooded by {read "with"} images, sounds, and sensations

that may be taken to be real but

{They are real; it is the waking-world that is illusory.}

which are actually a product of the dreaming state."

{Incorrectly stated! Whereas the illusory waking-world is the mere product of the waking-state consciousness (specified by karman); yet, in contrast, the subtle immaterial objects appearing during sleep-paralysis originate in the divine reality of the dream-universe.}

p. 190

"Hufford disagrees, noting that "the specific contents of the experience ... have not been explained. ...

If they are related to ordinary dreams by the presence of REM physiology,

{"REM physiology" merely would mean that the mortal's waking-world eyen are moving in concord with that mortal's dream-body'e eyen. But what is seen would be utterly different, varying from-realm-to-realm of the dream-universe.}

why is their content so consistently the same without apparent regard to culture?"

{Actually, sleep-paralysis visionary imagery is entirely dependent on culture : thus, while I was experiencing sleep-paralysis I was witnessing a message written in Maya hieroglyphics because I had recently seen texts of such in the waking world. Another person experiencing sleep-paralysis would see text from whatever culture that person had studied.}

In Bruce Bower's article, Night of the Crusher, Hufford is quoted as saying : "I don't have a good explanation for these ["SP"] experiences.""

{It is deducible that they emanate from the region (of the specific portal out of the dream-world into the waking-world) most closely connected with sending pertinent messages thence to one's spirit-guides.}

p. 191 the character of praeternatural messages via divine voices heard by a mortal while awke

"the voices SP sufferers {read "benefactees"} hear ..., in Cheyne's words, "are typically smple and direct." {The only mortal who would receive a "simple and direct" message would be one whom divine entities do not trust to assist them to control the material plane.} ...

{In our own experience, a message which I have heard was a formulary couched entirely in enormously intricate mathematical terminology, which I took to describe vibrational transformations needed for traveling among the [sub]planes-of-existence.}

"And why ... do people in haunted houses experience the same types of phenomena as SP sufferers?" {It may be because they are ingesting, or associating with other persons ingesting, the same psychedelic drug, which would open communication with praeternatural denizens of the same subplane.}

{My most notable experience with a "haunted house" was the demonstration to me, by my brother (in a house in a suburb of D.C.), of a poltergeist's persistent knocking. Because he had at times past ingested psychedelic drugs, I assume that he met with the poltergeist through this means.}

pp. 191-2 attracting praeternatural channeling-effect by means of magnetic field

p. 191

"Canadian neuroscientist Dr. Michael Persinger ... . In Persinger's experiments, participants were made to wear helmets that targeted their [cerebral] temporal lobes with ... magnetic fields ... . About 80 percent of the participants said they felt ... experiences ... on a highly spiritual nature ... . ...

p. 192

A group of Swedish reseachers at Uppsala University ... attempted to replicate Persinger's results ... . ... Bur Persinger strongly disagrees, arguing that the Swedish group failed to replicate his work because they did not expose the participants to magnetic fields for a long enough period of time to produce an effect.

Regarding these new findings, [Susan] Blackmore is quoted as saying : "Whe I went to Persinger's lab and underwent his procedures I had the most extraordinary experiences I've ever had.""

p. 193 praeternatural entities and geological tectonic strain

"Persinger's Tectonic Strain Theory (TST) ... states that a correlation exists between geomagnetic activity and paranormal expereinces and events, particularly the sighting of UFOs. ... Anyone with even a superficial understanding of ufology and the alien abduction phenomenon would realize that

Persinger's TST ... might explain [only] a very small number of UFO sightings ... ."

{About the only praeternatural entities who might take an interest in geological tectonic strain would be the type praesiding over that process, and/or other entities closely communicating with them.}

pp. 194-5 praeternatural effects from fluctuations in geomagnetic activity

p. 194

"In Wrestling with Ghosts, Sevilla explores the hypothesis that a connection exists between geomagnetic activity and the frequency of SP ... . ...

p. 195

Sevilla has so far conducted two studies on the matter ... . ... What he discovered ... : the "paranormal experiences" -- in this case, his own SP episodes -- occurred more frequently during periods of high geomagnetic fluctuation. The same was true of his lucid dreams."

pp. 195-6 demonstration, via successive exposure of the two cerebral hemisphaires to fluctuating magnetic fields, of mutual mental independence of the twain

p. 195

"Persinger's subjects were exposed to ...

complex magnetic fields ... .

{By "complex", 'fluctuating' is meant. Fluctuating of magnetic fields is automatically resultant in electrical current, so that the "subjects" must have been experiencing anomalous electrical current in their cerebrum.}

The fields were first applied over the right hemisphere (temporoparietal lobes) for about fifteen minutes, then over the left hemisphere. ... The outcome of these experiments can be better understood when one considers that the left and right hemispheres of the brain are two different ... "selves," says Persinger. It is thought ... that awareness is focused in the left hemisphere -- that we "live" in this

p. 196

part of the brain.

When the "other self" residing in the right hemisphere is stimulated, he says, allowing it to intrude into left hemisphereic awareness, "the experience is that of an ego-alien 'presence'. Effectively this 'presence' is the other 'you.' ... Persinger mentions, furthermore, that the "entity" is often identified as male by women, and as female by men, and that it usually appears {apparitionally} on {to} the left side of the body."

pp. 197-8 effects of "extremely low frequency (ELF) ... acoustic (infrasound)" on humans

p. 197

"ELF waves fall within the range of frequencies that are emitted by parts of the human body ... and can therefore disrupt the body's ordinary functioning. ...

p. 198

ELF fields surroud almost all electrical appliances, including power lines, and are particularly strong near power transformers.

A number of studies have indicated ... a link between regular exposure to strong ELF fields and a number of ill effects, including headaches, nervous tension, memory loss, ... dizziness, depression, ... irritability, restlessness ... . It is not uncommon for those who live in close proximity to mobile phone towers, ham radio towers, or power pylons ... to develop some of the conditions just mentioned. ...

{"The patients manufactured, inspected, repaired or operated microwave equipment. ... The patients at these clinics suffered from headaches, fatigue, weakness, sleep disturbance, irritability, dizziness, memory disability ... . Many developed emotional instability, anxiety or depression ... ." ("EHH&SR")} {"epidemiological study of the health of people living close to cell[-telephone] towers." ("HECPh&CT")}

In one German experiment, in which honeybees were confined to an area containing an EM field of 50 Hz at 6,000 V/m (volts per meter), the bees became restless and aggressive, and even started attacking each other. ...

In The Cycles of Heaven, written by Guy Lyon Playfair and Scott Hill, the authors mention the case of a California woman who "was made physically ill and almost driven mad" by her extreme hypersensitivity to EM waves".

"EHH&SR" = "ELECTROMAGNETIC HYPERSENSITIVITY – history and scientific review".


"HECPh&CT" = "Health Effects of Cell Phones and Cell Towers". http://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/?page_id=542

p. 199 the Frey Effect

"There is a phenomenon called the microwave auditory effect (also known as the Frey effect), whereby clicking, buzzing, and chirping sounds induced by pulsed microwave frequencies can be heard directly outside, and also within, the head -- even though others nearby may hear nothing at all. The effect was first reported during World War II by persons working in the vicinity of radar transponders and was later studied by the American neuroscientist Allan H. Frey ... .

was later studied by the American neuroscientist Allan H. Frey ... .

{"two decades Frey, funded by the Office of Naval Research and the U.S. Army, was the most active researcher on the bioeffects of microwave radiation in the country." ("WAHF")}

It was later found to be possible, using signal modulation, to produce sounds ... in this fashion ... ."

"WAHF" = "The Work Of Allan H. Frey". http://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/?page_id=594

p. 200 electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EH)

"According to Budden's theory, ... the presence of EM radiation induces an allergic reaction in ... individuals, one symptom being that

they emit their own personal EM fields,

{Such "personal EM fields" would surely have to them subtle (astral, mental, and causal) qualities imprinted by the mortal's spirit-aspects. [written 28 Aug 2017]}

which can apparently cause electrical equipment in their presence to malfunction.

The body, explains Budden, "re-radiates ambient fields, transforming them into a more coherent form ... . It is these 'beams' which interfere with aspects of the environment, often identified as poltergeist activity.""

{It is more likely that, drawn to their attention by the anomalous malfunctioning of the electrical equipment, praeternatural entities normally abiding abiding in some other subplane-of-existence could readily detect a mortal in this subplane of ours, and therefore are induced to manifest themselves in that mortal's vicinity as poltergeists. [written 26Aug 2017]}

pp. 201-2 L.P.'s criticism of Budden's extravagantly praeternatural-entity-denying hypotheses

p. 201

"Budden's ... certain aspects of his ... Electro-Staging Hypothesis are extremely difficult to accept, especially when we consider that a significant number of UFO sightings, poltergeist hauntings, and other paranormal events involve multiple witnesses -- not all of whom could possibly be EH.

Although, according to Budden, this can be explained by the supposed transmission of ambiant fields from one mind to another, resulting in a group-hallucination effect, there is little evidence to suggest that this phenomenon is possible.

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, one can't help but question whether its actually possible for EH sufferers to experience vivid, life-like hallucinations as a result of EH exposure.

There is, I admit, a strong link between high EM activity and paranormal phenomena in general, and it seems to be that spirits, aliens, and other entities of this nature, being energetic beings, possess the ability to manipulate and harness various energies ... .

In Electric UFOs, in a section on the Enfield poltergeist case, Budden attempts to convince the reader, somewhat feebly, that there were no entities involved ... .

In my view,

p. 202

however, in order to make at least some sense of this case, one must factor in the existence of one or more discanate intelligences ... ."

{If there were any validity to the line of reasoning being employed by Budden in this hypothesis of his, then it would be likewise feasible to argue that the immaterial imaginings by psychic persons and by pneumatic persons (in contrast to hylic persons, in a Gnostic cosmological scheme) could be so transmitted, telepathically, to hylic persons as to cause an illusion of an existence of a material universe to arise out of the interplay between (1) the soul-originated imaginings by psychic persons, and (2) the spiritual-originated imaginings by pneumatic persons. If so, then the dream-experiences and trance-experiences by the latter categories of persons would be adequate to account for manifest contents of an entirely illusory, actually immaterial but speciously appearing to be material, universe. Indeed, this possiblity could be, by far, more feasible than Budden's own quite inane remarks. There would result, however, in a sort of cosmology boldly conjectured, perhaps, by no scheme of metaphysics currently in vogue among mortals on this planet -- but quite possibly very much in vogue among denizens of dream-worlds, of dreamless-sleep worlds, of trance-worlds, of ectoplasm-worlds, etc. etc. [written 28 Aug 2017]}

p. 202 What sort of energy is employed by praeternatural entities in their manipulating events in the material universe?

"Spirits' energy ... is "orgone," and ... it is is said to have an antagonistic relationship to EM radiation. {Such "antagonistic relationship to EM radiation" could quite possibly imply anti-energy, such as may be suggestfully inhaerent in the potential of gravitational force-fields, such that anti-graviational levitation could be readily achieved on a pragmatically-usable scale through the mechanical manipulation of it by technically savvy mortals. [written 28 Aug 2017]}

{As is evident by the context of L.P.'s remarks, the "Spirits' energy" being referred-to here by L.P. is not the energy required by them to control events in their own universes-of residence (aitheric plane, astral plane, mental plane, and causal plane), such as, within the dream-universe and within the trance-universe, but rather, instead, within the material universe. That the emotional energies which must be inhaerent in the spirits of living mortals must be manipulated in order to achieve any discernable effect within the material universe is being, in effect, asserted here by L.P.}

It's much more likely, I think, that the former is a "side effect" of the latter, in the same way that the generation of heat is a side effect of incandescent lighting." {This analogue must, however, be modified in order to take into account that "orgone energy" is typically considered to be primarily sourced in the bodies of living beings and dependent of shiftings of such mortal beings' emotions status. Whenever is is considered as sourced also elsewhere, this consideration is based on an assumption of emotional status of inanimate substances, such status correlatable with their energetic interaction (such as, in lightning, in volcanic eruption, etc.).}

{Conceptualizing how events inhaerent in the nature of the material universe could, in a mode distinct from the "orgone energy" originated from the emotions of living mortals, may require for mediation would evidently entail a source originating from the emotions of the so-called "elemental spirits" (known, and prominent, in the Rosicrucian interpretation of the alchemical connection between mind and matter outside the living bodies of mortals).}


Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions : an Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences. Anomalist Bks, San Antonio (TX), 2009.