Dark Intrusions, 17-18



Aitheric Organism Pioneer


pp. 247-8 Trevor James Constable & the books authored by him

p. 247

"Trevor James Constable was born in New Zealand in 1925. ...

p. 248

In 1952, he immigrated to the United States ... . ...

His first book on the topic of UFOs, They Live in the Sky, was published in 1958 ... . This was followed, in 1976, by his masterwork, The Cosmic Pulse of Life : The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs. The latter is basically an explanded version of the former".

pp. 248-50 Constable's discipleship apprenticed to George van Tassel

p. 248

"George Van Tassel (1910-1978) ... lived in the desert of Southern California and had built his home around Giant Rock, the largest freestanding boulder ... . Beside the rock, Van Tassel had also set up ... the facilities for his annual spacecraft convention. A chamber had been

p. 249

hewn out of the ground beneath the giant rock, and it was in this space that Van Tassel held regular channeling sessions with the Council of Seven Lights ... inhabiting a spaceship orbiting our planet. Constable began attending these communication sessions ... .

The first stage of these se'ance type gatherings -- called ... the "call phase" -- involved chanting and singing songs, so as to attract the attention of the UFO intelligences with whom they desired to communicate. ... For the "call phase" to be successful, he says, Van Tassel was required to function as a "psychic radio operator," focusing "the power of his transmitter" -- "the biological energies of his gathering" -- in a very speciic way, so that the UFO intelligences would receive his "signal" and thus respond accordingly. ... Within moments, an entity would speak through Van Tassel. Immediately after it had finished, another entity would speak, then another. ... When the various intelligences spoke through him, says Constable, "there was in each case a distinct change of the speech pattern, pace, voice timbre, accent and subject matter. ..." But ... Constable knew the voices were genuine. ... before they issued from Van Tassel's mouth, Constable was able to hear ... the thoughts of the particular UFO entity who was speaking at the time. As a result, Constable "knew what Van Tassel was going to say before it got out as audible sound." Constable was greatly surprised by this phenomenon. ... .

Constable, wanting to become a medium for UFO intelligences himself, asked Van Tassel how

p. 250

he should go about it. ... Van Tassel gave him certain routines to follow, which Constable practiced with "diligence and persistence."

p. 250 unintended results in Constable of the mind-reading technique wherein he had become adept through practicing the teaching which he had received at Giant Rock

"he unintentionally developed the capacity to read the minds of other people ... and what they were about to say ... ... Whenever the phone rang ..., he instantly knew who was on the other end of the line before picking up the handset.

... UFOs would manifest in his presence after promising to do so ... .

{Cf. the sort of "saucer sighting predicted and "called down" by Solem." ("FSP")}

In The Cosmic Pulse, Constable explains the extent of his troubles : "A constant struggle soon ensued ... against unseen interlopers. I was fighting continually against various forms of automatism. ...""

{All these difficulties ensued because he declined to reside (as did George van Tassel himself) as an isolated hermit, but instead determined to dwell in a city filled with ill-minded saecular persons who were filled with unclean spirits.}

"FSP" = "Flying Saucer Prophet". http://ifo.00.gs/flying_saucer_prophet.htm

pp. 250-1 how Constable switched over to being a disciple of Franklin Thomas

p. 250

"Franklin Thomas, ... As well as being the owner of a new age publishing company,... ran his own bookshop where he gave lectures on esoteric topics. "This ... little man had conscious control of the hidden

p. 251

forces of nature, and he wielded his power in setting me free," explains Constable. ... Constable ... was told that one of his missions in life was to help solve the UFO mystery".

p. 252 animate flying saucers

"Kenneth ... Arnold concluded ... that UFOs

"are groups and masses of living organisms that are a much a part of our atmosphere ... as the life we find in the oceans.""

{According to the Puran.a-s (TV:"WhRWhA"; illustrated at OP:"VG&G"), certain particular divine animals are ridden by certain deities, whether through the atmosphaire, through the ocean, or wherever. (This would tend to confirm the frequent observation that flying saucers have their anthropoid pilots.)}

TV:"WhRWhA" = "Who Rides What Vahana (Animal or Bird)?" https://tamilandvedas.com/2012/10/26/who-rides-what-vahana-animal-or-bird/

OP:"VG&G" = "... Vahanas Of Gods and Goddesses ...". http://blog.onlineprasad.com/25-vahanas-gods/

p. 252 can immaterial entities accurately be said to "materialize" and to "dematerialize"

"With the widespread use of radar ..., a large number of invisible, airborne objects were detected ... -- objects ... nicknamed "angels," among other things, and they continued to show up on ... radar screens.

Those who saw them were astonished by the fact that

they could materialize and dematerialize almost instantaneously ... ."

{These entities, in themselves all entirely immaterial, may invisibly entre into, and exit out of, the material universe, coming from, and returning to, the dream-worlds and the antara-bhava (universe of existence occupied by souls between successive lifetimes).}

p. 253 Are immaterial entities really able to be "harmed" by energies of the material universe?

"If indeed some UFOs are living creatures --

and, like us, can be harmed by microwave energy --

{There is no reason to imagine that any immaterial entities nor immaterial devices -- whether divinities, spirits, or flying saucers -- can be harmed nor damaged by any effects of anything in the material universe.}

this might explain why they're sometimes observed to glow in the night sky."

{Absurd! In actuality, the varieties of illumination beamed forth by praeternatural entities and by their praeternatural equipment would be intended as signal-lights to inform mortals' spirit-guides how to control mortals to as to achieve certain results.}

p. 255 invisible aither ships

"In time, UFOs that were ... clearly structured, engineered craft, began to appear on Constable's infrared photographs. He calls them "ether ships." These objects, he says, are powered by orgaone energy, which is utilized in such a way as to produce a whirling force field around the craft."

pp. 255-6 "bioforms" or thought-forms?

p. 255

"Included in The Cosmic Pulse are six ... frames, excerpted from infrared motion picture footage, showing "bioforms" swarming in the

{These are sure to be photographs of thought-forms.}

p. 256

air above Constable's head."

p. 256 orgone energy

"Orgone energy functions appear across the whole of creation, in microbes ... and galaxies. It ... animates the natural world ...," explains James DeMeo in his ... book The Orgone Energy Accumulator Handbook. "In addition,

it is the medium which communicates emotion ...,

{If communicating emotion, then it must surely be confined to immaterial planes-of-existence, namely, the astral plane, which (according to the Theosophical Society and to other occult societies generally) is the distinctive realm of emotion; and also "the lower mental" plane ("Th-FNO&C").}

through which we are ... made kin with all that is living."

"Th-FNO&C" = Brendan D. Murphy : "Thought-Forms : Their Nature, Origin, and Creation". In his Science Meets Spirituality . https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_psycho47.htm

p. 257 Can orgone energy be accumulated in inanimate substances?

"Reich's experiments with orgone energy {futile, when conducted in relation to inanimate substances in the material plane} led him to construct a device called an "orgone energy accumulator," which ... consists of a box lined with alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials, which serve to absorb or reflect this energy."

{The every existence of orgone energy is largely a deduction from the function of orgasm in vertebrates (viz., in their astral body); which deduction may possibly be confirmed by personal experiences of practitioners of Kaula (vama-acara tantra) rites. That any energies existent in the material plane, such as those which may be stored in inanimate substances, have any definite relation with the orgone energy pervading the bodies of entities of the astral plane, may, however, be dubious.}

{Because Wilhelm Reich was selling such devices for alleged medical use without satisfactory evidence of results, he was imprisoned. Because the notion of orgone energy is largely maintained traditionally (ever since the mediaeval epoch, since a good millennium ago) in Kaula religion, and likewise in the Shang-tung variant of Taoist religion; therefore, Wilhelm Reich could have legally marketed sold his devices as Kaula and/or Taoist ritual implements -- but he stubbornly (and rather senselessly) refused to do so, resulting in his untimely demise.}

pp. 257-8 investigators in Italia and in Romania

p. 257

"In the late 1970s, following the publication of The Cosmic Pulse, Constable received ... from a UFO researcher in Genoa, Italy, ... Luciano Boccone ..., ... how he and his team of researchers had managed to obtain, independent of Constable,

identical photographs of biological UFOs.

{Again, Boccone made the same error as did Constable, of mis-identifying human-originated thought-forms as "biological UFOs".}

Not only that, explained Boccone, but a Romanian friend of his by the name of Florin Gheorghita independently substantiated Constable's findings as well."

p. 258

"To detect the presence of invisible UFOs in their vicinity so that they could be photographed using infrared film (as well as other types of film, such as ultraviolet), Boccone and his colleagues used a variety of ... instruments, including

Geiger counters, magnetic compasses, temperature indicators, and ultrasound and ultraviolet indicators."

{These sorts of instruments, though not practicably useful for detecting, specificly, flying saucers, could be helpful in detecting the praesence of unusual human thought-forms.}





pp. 260-1 Buhlmann's peculiar technique for achieving astral projection

p. 260

"In William Buhlmann's highly readable Adventures Beyond the Body, the author lists numerous techniques on how to induce OBE ... . To do this, he says, you must ... wake up very early in the morning ... .

Once awake ... you should move to another area of the house and lie down. ...

{It may well be that this technique is able to function through one's dream-ensconced spirit-guides taking one's tranferral of one's sleeping-site as a signal that the mortal is eager to transfer the location of that mortal's astral body to another location, namely outside the material body.}

p. 261

"Using this technique, many people report an out-of-body experience immediately after they drift to sleep," writes Buhlmann."

pp. 261-3 L.P.'s 1st success in achieving projection of the astral body, by means of induced sleep-paralysis

p. 261

"I managed to enter the hypnagogic state. Within moments, my body became paralyzed ... . There was .... an entity ... I could feel ... sitting on my legs. It mind had a strong odor ... . ... The next thing I knew, the entity, which still sitting on my legs,

began rocking back and forth ... . ...

{A rocking motion is the alternative to vibration, either effect being induced by a praeternatural entity assisting in the accomplishment of astral projection.}

A second later, I felt as though I were floating. ...

p. 262

The next thing I knew, I was flying through a patch of thick, grey clouds ... . Below he was a beach. ... The moment I crashed into the beach, the LD came to an end. ...

The experience gave me a taste of what can be achieved by using the SP state as a portal to other "worlds.""

pp. 263-4 L.P.'s 2nd such success : extending his lucid-dream experience into outer space (in the close vicinity of planet Earth), recognizing the archipelago relevant to his personality

p. 263

"As I lay on the bed in a state of ... comfortable paralysis, I could hear various activities going on around me. .. As I listened ..., I ... came to realize that what I was hearing were ... "astral noises." I've heard such noises before, but never has theexperience lasted so long. Most of these " astral noises" were of doors shutting and closing, footsteps, and people talking. ... What followed next was a brief period of ... sleep. When I "woke up," I was ... in the SP state.

A humming sound -- like that of a ... engine -- ... heralded the beginning of the OBE ... .

{When praeceded by neither vibration nor rocking, the astral projection may be praeceded by a humming or a buzzing sound.}

I then seemed to shoot out from my body ... . As I continued to rise higher and higher, I glanced below and was able to discern the lights of the city. A split second later, I was floating in outer space, looking "down" as the Earth. ... I should mention that

everything I saw during this experience, including the Earth, was highly detailed and in full color; it all looked entirely real ... .

{This hath been our own experience also. We have thus seen the curvature of the planet, with the land and sea appearing realistically, as seen from outer space, easily identified on the planetary globe with regions in their propre climatic coloration.}

As expected, I was positioned above Australia and Asia.

{Our own interest different, in that (although the material body was in the vicinity of Washington, DC) the viewpoint was from the sky over the Indian Ocean (similar to the viewpoint experienced by Carl Gustav Jung).}

Because, for some reason, Japan stood out from the other countries I could see,

{Our own experience was similar, in our looking down on on a island : in our case (as likewise in the experience by C. G. Jung) the isle of Serendipity, Sarandip (Simhala/Ceylon).}

I decided to fly down and take a look. Reaching my destination was almost

p. 264

instantaneous, and I seemed to land with a slight jolt. ... I was standing on what looked like the shore of a lake."

p. 265 "psychiatric" diagnosis of "schizophrenia"

"SP could lead to the development of something akin to schizophrenia ... . ... David Hufford ... wrote : "... ordinary SP experiencers are at great risk of being diagnosed as schizophrenic. ... ." Hufford's right".

{All diagnoses by "psychiatrists" in state-controlled "insane asyla" of "schizophrenia" in their involuntarily-committed "patients" are deliberately fraudulent mis-diagnoses. There is no such thing as "schizophrenia".}

p. 266 diversity of phainomena included among flying saucers, and among other experienced states-of-awareness

"not only is the UFO phenomenon complex, multi-layered and elusive, but UFOs consist of many different things ..., from intelligent "earth lights" to possible craft from ... other "realities." ... UFOs cannot possibly be one thing, but rather a variety of different things ... .

The same rule applies to SP ... . Some of them could be caused by thought-forms, others by ... spirits ... ."

pp. 266-7 Hypnagogia mentioned in Beyond the Occult

p. 266

"In Beyond the Occult ..., Wilson suggest that "deliberately-induced hypnagogia might ... open ... the whole field of the paranormal ... ." Wilson discusses work of Dr. Andreas Mavromatis of Brussels University, who, having extensively investigated the hypnagogic state by teaching himself and his students how to induce it, discovered that it encourages psi. As detailed in his book Hypnagogia (1987), ... Mavromatis concluded that "some seemingly 'irrevelant' hypnagogic images might ... be meaningful

p. 267

phenomena belonging to another mind.""

p. 267 inter-world portal-nature of hypnopompic/hypnagogic trance

"Wilson puts forward aother theory : "If the twilight state between sleeping and waking makes human beings more 'psychic' (i.e. allows them entry into another condition of being), then it may be a two-way door that also allows the denizens {transcendent deities} of the psychic {divine} realm to invade {accede to visiting; be invited into} the physical {mere material} realm."

Because the SP state is basically a hypnopompic/hypnogogic trance and can sometimes last for an extremely long duration, it could well be not only the most direct and steady portsl into the spirit realm ..., but ... the main means by which spirits, alien beings, and maybe even UFOs are able to enter and leave our dimension. ...

This might explain why, at the beginning of an alien abduction experience as well as at the end, the abductee is usually in a SP-like state."

{A prime type of instance of this, is a lucid dream wherein the mortal dreamer is transported aboard a flying saucer to its home-planet, and returned in the same transport to the mortal dreamer's waking-world sleeping-place.}

pp. 267-8 telepathy during sleep-paralysis connection between states-of-awareness

p. 267

"It makes sense that the ability of someone in this condition {i.e., sleep-paralysis} to pick up information telepathically would be far, far greater than that of someone in the typical REM state because

the SP state involves a profound degree

{The sleep-paralysis state may involve a profounder (more direct, more intense) connection between the waking-world and the dreaming-world, than may the dream itself.}

p. 268

of awareness during REM sleep {in-so-far as sleep-paralysis can be categorized as a variety of rapid-eye-movement sleep}."

p. 268 findings thus far

"The findings of this book demonstrate that there exists another reality -- a "spirit realm" -- impinging on our own, whose inhabitants influence us profoundly and play a much larger role in our lives than we care to imagine -- or are able comprehend."


Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions : an Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences. Anomalist Bks, San Antonio (TX), 2009.