Dark Intrusions, 2-3



Strange Hallucinations


pp. 36-7 hearing praeternatural voices during sleep-paralysis

p. 36

"In my case -- and I suspect this is true of most ... -- I will usually hear voices and sounds during the final moments of an SP episode, never at the beginning, and rarely during the middle. ...

p. 37

When the being ... is firmly "locked on" to one's mind, which ... is something that can be felt, then the voice one hears will be loud and clear. ...

Sounds of people moaning, screaming, and laughing are also reported ... . During a typical SP episode ... I will almost always hear a clear and comprehensible voice address me directly. One time, ... I heard a male robotic voice;

it was robotic in the sense that it sounded as though a machine produced it. ...

{Praesumably, this would mean that it was spoken in a monotone; which is the probable significance of the expression "still, small voice" employed to describe the divine voice in the TNaK.}

I've heard the voices of old men, old women, teenagers, middle-aged people, and ... hillbillies and "robots" as well. Each one is very distinctive. Some of them -- at least two -- are recurring. ... Of the majority of the voices I've heard so far, their tone could best be described as intelligent, sophisticated ... ."

p. 39 feeling praeternatural bodily sensations during sleep-paralysis

"in my SP episodes ... have I experienced a feeling of vibration ... . The sensation was most unsusual ... . As I lay there, totally paralyzed, I felt the vibrations throb throughout my body, from my head to my feet ... . The energy seemed to pulse back and forth at a specific frequency. And, I discovered to my amazement, I was able to alter the frequency of of the pulsations simply by willing them to change. Robert Monroe describes a similar phenomenon in Journeys Out of the Body. ...

And another wrote : "My whole body felt like it was vibrating inside at some incredible rate. ... I also felt a numbness and electrical vibration, and would feel stuck to the bed." ...

Another person wrote : "I felt I was in a sandstorm. I could hear the wind and sand rushing past my ears with a loud ... gust of wind."

Other natural sounds include "a rushing/roaring sound like ... in a sea shell ... ."

Could ... these sounds ... be attributed to perfectly natural causes?"

{Such sounds are those naturally produced by the environs in whatever dreamlike world (as described in, e.g., the litterature of the Radha-Swami occult society) one's awareness hath been supernaturally transported into.}

p. 40 beastly-growls heard during sleep-paralysis

"animals sounds ... I've heard on several occasions ... sounded like beings from hell. ... And its scream is far more powerful than mine; so powerful in fact that it almost tears me apart. ...

On the University of Waterloo's SP webpage, one individual wrote, "I have heard 'growls' like a dog from hell or some other monster." ...

There must be more than a few "dogs from hell" roaming the realm of the astral.

{One such hell-hound would be Kerberos.}

Or maybe we encountered the same one! Whatever the case may be, it was a very aggressive beast".

pp. 40-1 hypn-agogic visions and hypno-pompic visions

p. 40

"Hypnagogic hallucinations precede sleep, occurring when one is in a drowsy state of mind.

{This drowsy state of mind while one on the verge of entring sleep is likewise conducive to synaisthesia (for instance, a sudden sound's producing an instant's view, with one's eyen closed, of an irregular white blotch, which I have viewed on quite a number of occasions under these conditions at a formal meditation-society sitting).}

p. 41

They are more likely to occur than hypnopompic visions, and, as a result, have been more extensively studied.

{Alike unto the white irregular blob typically seen in a noise-to-vision synaisthetic conversion, "Hypnagogia often begins with amorphous blobs" (WLD:"HS").}

WLD:"HS" = "The Hypnagogic State: How to Have Lucid Dreams Using Hypnagogia". http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/hypnagogic-state.html b

p. 41 spider-spectre dangling above one's

"One time, after I had just woken up, I saw a spider dangling from a silver cord just above my head. It was shiny, black and metallic".

{"Twilight, while watching these HUGE spiders of abnormal size ... glide down over their heads from webs" (ShPAS&H).}

"ShPAS&H" = "Shadow People, Astral Spiders, & Hypnagogia". https://thepaganandthepen.wordpress.com/2009/12/10/shadow-people-astral-spiders-hypnagogia/

p. 42 one arm is gripped

"Another SP ... woke up to find "... a man leaning over me in bed, who had my right arm in a tight grip ... . ...""

pp. 42-3 during sleep-paralysis : visitation by an alien grey

p. 42

"One of the most recent visual hallucinations I've had was of an alien grey standing right beside my bed ... . I was lying down at the time, and had just woken up. The being's head, I recall, was at the same level as mine, so I was able to stare right into his face. ... {In order for the out-of-dream-sent entity to have that entity's head at the same level as the level of a mortal human reclined on a bed, the bed would needs be (if the entity were of the full usual stature of an adult human) a tall bed, having its level-for-being-reclined-upon quite high, at least as high as is usual in the upper level of a modern-day bunk-bed. It would appear that, in the antient royal-kingdoms (/wanak-/ 'royalty' in Minoan Linear B) aira of Hellas (i.e., the epoch described in the Iliad), as in similar royal-kingdoms in the antient Levant (including Mesopotamia) generally, beds for royalty were purposely constructed so tall, specifically in order for the mortal's head to tbe on the same level as that of the from-dreamworld-sent divine visitant to the paralyzed just-then-awoken mortal.} ...

{\Oneiros\ ('Dream') is this sort of instance employed as propre name of the praeternatural entity manifest as apparition in the case of sleep-paralysis : (JJC:"DA", pp. 199-200) "[p. 199] Oneiros comes in ... and stands at the head of [the mortal (in this particular instance, a military general) experiencing sleep-paralysis] and tells him essentially to get up and start the ... War. This common phrase "at the head" is used throughout the Greek literature, used in cuneiform [p. 200] literature, ... but why that that phrase "at the head?" ... . [Said military general] never thinks he is anywhere except in this bed ... and he is never doing anything except sleeping. [That is to say, sleep-paralysis is described as a variety of sleep.] The Dream says to him (dream with capital "D," because it is the name of the god) : "You are asleep [0! military general], now hear this ... ." ... The next dream in the Iliad, however, ... comes in, and ... says, "You are ...," and then ... that he [i.e., the sleep-paralyzed mortal] wants his bones to be buried ... ."}

JJC:"DA" = Marcel Kuijsten (ed.) : The Julian Jaynes Collection. Julian Jaynes Soc., Henderson (NV), 2012. Article 20 (pp. 196-206) [p. 196 : "Transcribed and edited from a lecture by Julian Jaynes at the 2nd Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Dreams, held at the University of Virginia {in Charlottesville}, June 17-18, 1985"] : "The Dream of Agamemnon".

{N.B. Royal beds in TL-MRJ as depicted in extant art, beside one being found intact in the tomb of TW-t-<NH^-YMN : they are merely of the stature of modern beds; which would be suitable for head-level, of deity and of mortal, on aequal levels if the standing dream-god for the sleep-paralysis experience were the exceptionally short-statured ntr ('god') BS, whose (AHE:"Bes") "feminine aspect is Beset". BS, enshrined in own his temple as "protecting the grapes of the vineyard" (AHE:"Bes"), is evidently aequivalent to Priapos, (GML:"Priapus") "where his statue served as scarecrow, watching over vineyards [vinyards]". The town of Priapos is Lampsakos, cf. (L&S, q.v.) /lampsane/ 'Brassica arvensis (charlock, also known as wild mustard)', which is edible when cooked (E&MP:"SA"). A connection with sleep may be observed in that (AHE:"Bes") "Bes was often carved onto ... beds to protect people (especially children) from evil spirits or ghosts which might come in the night." The sleep-inducing lulla-bye is likewise associated : (AHE:"Bes") "The Magical Lullaby of ancient Egypt was a spell a mother or older sister would sing to ward evil spirits away from a sleeping child, and Bes was sometimes invoked along with this poem ... ." That hearing clacking music in dreams could be attributed to BS and to BS-t is suggested by the fact that (AHE:"Bes") "Isadora of Artemisia (c. 206 CE), for example, was a famous castanet dancer who had a tattoo of Bes on her thigh." Besides this clacking, that laughter and dancing witnessed in dreams would be similarly associated, is likewise suggested : (AHE:"Bes") "Bes is as often seen in art laughing, dancing".}

GML:"Priapus" = Greek Mythology Link, article "Priapus". http://www.maicar.com/GML/Priapus.html

AHE:"Bes" = Ancient History Encyclopedia, article "Bes". http://www.ancient.eu/Bes/

E&MP:"SA" = "Sinapsis arvensis". http://plants.for9.net/edible-and-medicinal-plants/sinapis-arvensis/

pp. 42-3 during sleep-paralysis : visitation by a wrinkled troll

p. 42

"My most impressive visual ... to date took place ... in which ... Having drifted into a deep SP state .. I became aware of a presence near the end of the bed. From what I could gather by "reading its mind," the presence ... appeared to be part-human, part elemental. ...

p. 43

As I tried to determine what the entity was ..., the SP state in which I was ... became much lighter ..., though of course my body remained paralyzed. I could sense that the entity ... regarded me with intense curiosity ... . A moment later, I could feel the entity sitting on my solar plexus ... . ... It shifted closer, sitting down at a spot on my left side {shoulder?}, not far from my head. ... I found I could open my eyes ... . ... With its large, wrinkled head and glassy, black eyes, the entity resembled some sort of troll. ... Still paralyzed, I lay there ... until suddenly it noticed I was staring at it ... . ... The entity rose into the air, began shrinking, then vanished ... ."

p. 44 waved at by hand-spectre during sleep-paralysis

"Floating in the air, a couple of feet from my face, was a large, translucent hand ... . It had a beautiful blue luminosity about it. ... It extended and retractd its fingers in a smooth, graceful motion. ... . ... the hand began to rise in the air. Before finally disappearing, it waved at me, as if to say goodbye ... ."

{"Mothers would draw an image of Bes on their child's left hand and wrap the hand in cloth blessed by the temple so the child would have pleasant dreams. The image of Bes on the hand associated with the dream world would drive away any spiritual elements which might give the child nightmares." (AHE:"Bes")}

pp. 44-5 leech-spectre witnessed during sleep-paralysis

p. 44

"For about a year, while I was living at the Buddhist center in the city,

[p. 34 said "center" is in Carlton North] {This is the"E-Vam Institute, Nth Carlton" -- mostly Bodish, but including one "Zen" instructor, i.e., from Nippon ("E-VI").}

there was one particular entity that I kept seeing again and again ... . ... The creature ... is dark in color and shaped like a large leech. ... On those ... occasions ... I had just wolen up , and was in the hypnopompic state. ...

p. 45

Also, you are likely to feel a strong sensation of something latching onto your head.

It's a kind of sucking sensation, such as that caused by a vacuum cleaner nozzle attached to the skin." {Do modern-day Nipponese whores now-a-days conventionally liken themselves to vacuum-cleaners?}

{A "sucking sensation" can at least as pertinently be described as a "buss" (/bus/ in German). WNUUD quoteth Herrick : "We buss our wantons". /Buss/ may be cognate with TL-MRJ language /BS/ and /BS-t/ : and, just as a whore will crave being bussed, so similarly "Prostitutes also were tattooed with images of Bes as Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley notes" (AHE:"Bes").}

"E-VI" = "E-Vam Institute". http://www.evaminstitute.org/evam/courses/teaching-program-evam.html

WNUUD = Jean L. McKechnie (ed.) : Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary.

{N.B. The Leech-deity is prominent in S^into religion : "According to Kojiki, after bearing the "leech child" (Hiruko) and the island of Awa, both of which were abandoned and not counted among their official children, Izanagi no mikoto and Izanami no mikoto bore eight islands" (ESh:"ŌShG").} {"Their first child was the leech, whom they straightway placed in a reed-boat and sent adrift." (T&PJS:S1, p. 15) -- "The leech was identified in after times with the God Yebisu." (T&PJS:S1, p. 15, fn.) Likewise, the child abandoned in a reed-boat could be likened to the infant Mos^eh, abandoned in "an ark fashioned of bulrushes" (G:LB, p. 289).} {Thus, "the leech child, henceforth called Ebisu, who was found by the Ainu" ("LGOG"), is matched by the infant Mos^eh, founded by the Par<oh's daughter, who was thereby miraculously cured of leprosy (G:LB, p. 290). Here is also connected why "We buss our wantons" : "When he was born, and the house was filled with brilliant light, [<]Amran kissed her [Miryam] on her head" (G:LB, p. 289), which is a prime instance of "something latching onto your head."}

ESh:"ŌShG" = Encyclopedia of Shinto, article "Ōyashimaguni". http://eos.kokugakuin.ac.jp/modules/xwords/entry.php?entryID=133

T&PJS:S1 = Nihongi. TRANSACTIONS & PROCEEDINGS OF THE JAPAN SOC., Supplement 1. London, 1896. https://archive.org/stream/nihongichronicl00astogoog/nihongichronicl00astogoog_djvu.txt

G:LB = Louis Ginzberg : Legends of the Bible. Konecky & Konecky, Old Saybrook (CT).

"LGOG" = "Link the Gaijin : the Outsider God". https://withaterriblefate.com/2015/05/09/link-the-gaijin-the-outsider-god-and-the-hero-in-the-legend-of-zelda/

p. 46 during sleep-paralysis : visitation by jellyfish-spectre

"On several occasions, I've spotted strange jellyfish-like creatures floating leisurely around my bedroom, their bodies expanding and contracting in ... rhythm."

[infra, p. 53 : a woman-correspondent (with L.P.) "saw ... an entity with the appearance of a jellyfish. ... It was about the size of her hand, light orange in color, and "had very fine black stripes ... .""]

Nipponese : {There are "Enigmatic jellyfish monsters that look like they are on fire and which fly through the air instead of in water." ("K-N-H")} {This is reputed observed "at Zenshoji temple in Ishikawa prefecture" ("KNH").}

"K-N-H" = "Kurage-No-Hinotama". https://www.pinterest.com/pin/423408802444323927/

"KNH" = "Kurage No Hinotama". https://www.pinterest.com/pin/477311260477730009/

p. 46 during sleep-paralysis : visitation by smoky orbs

"I've seen mysterious orbs of dark, smoky energy hovering in the air near my bed. ... Covering their "bodies" is a kind of watery skin, giving them the appearance of soap bubbles filled with smoke.

{Perhaps a form assumed by a beaver-elementary, as exemplified in the one who "then tumbled into a ball, commenced to rotate, involved a cloudy form" (WAES 704, p. 290).}

If one were to look closely at the skin {emulsion} of a soap bubble, one would notice how it moves ever so slowly, ... rotating. The orbs I've seen had this exact same quality -- their skins were able to move.

{Could Irish legends of mythic animals who rotate within their skins be relevant?}

Interesting, too, is that there appears to be a field of subtle radiation surrounding these entities, a kind of aura."

WAES = Thomas Lake Harris : The Wisdom of the Adepts : Esoteric Science in Human History. Fountain Grove : [privately printed,] 1884. http://www.strange.00.gs/Wisdom_of_the_Adepts,_XVII-XIX.htm

p. 47 grabbed in bed by two "souls"

"I then found myself in a mild SP state ...; I could smell two souls in the room ... . ... Using considerable force, they grabbed me by the hands, one on each side, and attempted to drag me out of bed. I woke up properly a couple of seconds later."

{These "souls" may have been attempting to extract his astral body out of his material body.}

pp. 47-8 cuddled by childish spectre during sleep-paralysis

p. 47

"There's one elemental that ... will often lie close to my body, as though trying to soak up some warmth and attention. ...

p. 48

What ... contact ... reminds me of a cuddly child. ... There is less in the way of mind-to-mind contract and more in the way of sensation."

p. 48 spirits who visit cemeteries

"But according to that famous book of the Spiritists, The Spirits' Book (1856), ... On the day of ... funerals ..., "spirits go to cemeteries in great numbers ... called thither by the thoughts of a greater number of persons, but each spirit goes solely ..., not for the crowd of those ... .""



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pp. 50-1 sleep-paralysis among immigrants from Kamabhoja {Samskr.ta nation-name : /kama/ 'desire' + /bhoja/ 'enjoyment'}

p. 50

"Bower explains ["NCWN"] that there appears to be a connection between SP ... and panic attacks, as shown ... in 2003, ... Lowell, Massachusetts, involving ... Cambodian refugees. (Lowell has the second-largest Cambodian population in America.) ...

p. 51

Apparently, SP attacks are traditionally known among Cambodians as "the ghost pushes you down" ... . "The Cambodians told Hinton that sleep paralysis ... creates 'bad luck'," wrote Bower. ...

In Hinton's opinion, ... simply by placing a paranormal label on on these experiences and saying they're caused by spirits ... creates anxiety for the SP sufferer ... .

{In utter actuality, by decribing "sleep-paralysis" experience as supernatural, there is enabled a glorious means to provide joy to whomever is so divinely blessed as to be graced by it, shewing that the experiencer of it is under protection by powerful immortal principles controlling the universe, and furnishing reason for hope in continuation of such benevolent divine protection into one's future lifespans.}

... there's one crucial factor that Hinton's failed to take into account -- most ... are always going to believe that their experiences have a paranormal cause. To deny {the experiences' divine source, and to allege} otherwise would require one to lie to oneself."

{There is one factor that the author (L.P.) hath failed to take into account -- most residents of Hina-yana countries have been seduced by their governments to imagine that deities are powerless, mortal, and not manifestations of the aeternal principles of existence, and therefore such residents easily fall prey to any government-promoted denunciation of any-and-all divine manifestations.}

"NCWN" = Bruce Bower : "Night of the Crusher : the Waking Nightmare of Sleep Paralysis Propels People Into a Spirit World". SCIENCE NEWS ONLINE, July 9, 2005.

{The disadvantage with conventional inhabitants of Kamabhoja is that they have been seduced by an atheistic government not to trust in the protective benevolence of the immortal deities abiding in the aeternal divine worlds controlling the material plane, and therefore such government-seduced pessimists tend to take amiss every possible evidence of divine benevolence, deludedly ascribing malevolent motivation to entire benevolent divinities. The psychiatrist (D.E.H.) is another one of those atheistic deceivers who is attempting (in collusion with the atheistic government) to deceive the populace into ill-advised further misappraehensions.}

pp. 52-3 insects : inserted into human mouth; hopping; biting on human

p. 52

"several creatures ... had invaded her "aura" and

would keep her up at night by buzzing loudly.

{Wood-boring beetles make a buzzing sound.}

Apparently, they would speak to her.

... the "critters" would place insects in her mouth at night. When she would eventually spit them out, in large quantities, a sticky substance {resin?} would accompany them. ... .

{Jaina monks wear mouth-veils lest insects entre their mouth.}

Shortly afterwards, ... saw ... an entity with the appeance of a jellyfish ... . ...

p. 53

When she goes to bed, ... often hears, in addition to the loud buzzing sound ..., a chirping noise ... . ... Some nights she'd wake up frequently "from getting so much vibration like electricity through my body" ... . ... came to believe ... that there are several "critters" living in her aura. Sometimes, while lying in bed, she'll

hear them "hopping" on the mattress

{Are they toad-spectres?}

and will feel their presence beside her, touching her body and breathing in her face. ...

It's not uncommon for SP ... to feel and hear what they think is a person breathing in their face. So too is the feeling of vibration. ...

On another occasion, ... while reading, ... felt something bite her on the arm ... . ... the invisible "critters" often bite her on the back of the neck as well, "and that is when I start to feel foggy or I have a veil {i.e., visual obscuration} over my eyes." {The nape of the neck is the site, on the projected astral body, whence the silvern cord extendeth to the material body.}

{Formerly, at intervals, spread over some years, I would occasionally feel that which I considered to be an invisible praeternatural insect, biting repeatedly on my penis. Some years before this started, the woman L.E. (apparently while cohabiting with me in the MD suburb of DC) told me on several occasions that an insect (invisible) was biting her back; this ceased when once I applied alcohol to the site. She for years used to have me rub the nape of her neck (to treat the whiplash she had contracted there).}

At times, objects in her house mysteriously disappear, reappearing later in odd locations."

{This sort of event used to happen to (while he was as yet alive in this world) my father sometimes (so my sistre hath told me).}

p. 55 statement by woman-correspondent (with L.P.) who achieved astral projection out of a sleep-paralysis status

"I half woke up with my eyes open but totally paralyzed ... . ... I made an enormous effort, willing myself to move but popped out of my body and started travelling upwards ... . Furthermore, I recall there was a slight whooshing sound as I travelled upwards and out of my body. I quickly panicked as I thought I was dead. ... When I really panicked I returned to my body and instantly woke up."

pp. 56-8 sleep-paralysis with "alien energy field" and with the nape of one's neck being drilled

p. 56

"Aeolus Kephas ... Author of The Lucid View : Investigations Into Occultism, Ufology and .. Awareness, ... was generous enough to send me ... account of his SP experiences. His experiences and observation are ... "My experiences of sleep paralysis have almost always entailed ... a non-human presence ... . ...

p. 57

I was aware of a consciousness outside my own, ... focused on me ... . ... I definitely had the sense that the being ... was 'ancient,' wise, and extremely powerful, and essentially benevolent. ...

p. 58

Somehow, my body knew instantly that some unknown form of energy was present ... . My mind ... observed this ... with a measure ... of fascination. ...

I suffered a recurring dream over the years.

I could feel ... an electric charge, like something actually drilling into the back of my neck.

{Because the projected astral body's silvern cord is extended backward from the nape of its neck, therefore the "drilling" would have been a praeparation for the astral body's extension of such cord, without which the projection cannot occur.}

I could hear a strange voice or voices, and knew that some 'being' was working on me. ...""


Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions : an Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences. Anomalist Bks, San Antonio (TX), 2009.