Dark Intrusions, 4-5



Terror That Cometh in the Night


pp. 59-60 sleep-paralysis widely known in New-found-land

p. 59

"One of the great pioneers of SP research in David J. Hufford, ... Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, and author of The Terror That Comes in the Night. ... During the ... years he called Newfoundland home, Hufford ... discovered ...

p. 60

the fact that ... Although commonly knon as "the Old Hag," the SP phenomenon ... was known by many other names as well, such as the "diddies," "the hags," and "hag rid." To have had such an experience was to have been "hagged."

p. 62 shaman's need for a helper-spirit who can act on the material world from the leverage-point of a subtle plane-of-existence

"an occultist or shaman ... is, as a general rule, unable to succeed independently and must employ the assistance of ... spirits (or ... spirit), for they are able to act on level that he {or she} is not [able to act on]. Being inhabitants of the astral realm, they operate on astral level; it is their natural habitat, and this makes them masters {or, in the case of female spirits, mistresses} of that realm. ... Although man possesses a dimension of mind that operates on an astral level,

our [material body's] natural environment is the physical, material world.

{By the same token, however, our astral body's "natural environment" is the astral world.}

In our present {viz., waking-state, non-trancing} state as physical beings {actually intending to mean, "while occupying a material body"}, the nature of the astral realm is beyond our ability to fully comprehend or manipulate."

{By the same token, however, while we are astrally embodied in the astral plane, though we cannot influence the material world, we can compraehend and manipulate the astral world; just as (in commonplace, everynight experience) while occupying a dream-body in the dream-world, we can affect that world, though we cannot at that time muchly affect the material world.}

p. 62 helper-spirit as an immaterial "intermediary" employed by a sorcerer

"The ... spirits that sorcerers employ to do their bidding operate as intemediaries ... . ... Because ... on an immaterial, or astral, level, it is necessary for the sorcerer to employ the use of an intermediary -- i.e. spirit -- to help him effect change on that level."

pp. 63-4 a woman who, during her episode of sleep-paralysis, supposed that she was about to be sexually violated by a male apparition {In "the actualizing of a body's potential for activity" ("KN&SPs", p. 247), this could be a male (i.e., a woman's) version of the psukhe; i.e., the male animus (which according to Carl Jung must belong to a woman).}

p. 63

"A young woman ... from the U.S. ... had been living in Newfoundland ... at the time her experience occurred ... waking up in the night ... and finding herself in a state of paralysis ... . ... There appeared to be a man lying next to her, holding her arm. His head was resting on her shoulder. ... Each time she tried

p. 64

to move ..., she felt her arm being gripped tighter. ... "And I started thinking, 'Now if I move again, he's going to rape me." The "man," she said, had a very strong odor ... . ... The next thing she knew, the "man" was lying on top of her. ... He appeared to be wearing "a really funny {odd}, ghostly-looking kind of mask.""

"KN&SPs" = Scott Greer : "A Knowing Noos and a Slippery Psyche". In :- Marcel Kuijsten (ed.) : Reflections on the Dawn of Consciousness. Julian Jaynes Society, Henderson (NV), 2006. pp. 233-63.

p. 66 sleep-paralysis as "omnijective"

"Talbot, the author of The Holographic Universe, came up with the term "omnijective" to explain the nature of certain types of paranormal phenomena, particularly UFOs. The term is used to refer to something

that is neither objective nor subjective, but halfway in-between."

{Vajra-yana deities are of this "omnijective" nature : autonomously existent, and yet are aspects of mind. [written 16 June 2017]}

p. 66 the sensation of one's bed's rocking during an episode of sleep-paralysis

"a young woman from California, told Hufford that, as a child, her bed would sometimes start rocking on its own, "up and down, back and forth." ... As a young teenager, she would often ... in the room ... hear a strange "snurfling" sound. One time she saw an ape-like creature with glowing red eyes.

I too have experience a rocking bed sensation ... . It feels as if someone is standing at the foot of the bed, pushing it back and forth. ... .

{This may be a praeliminary to an effort, on the part of the divinity involved, to shaking loose the mortal's astral body from the material body -- the only available means of inducing astral projection when the mortal's own effort hath not been successful. Very likely, in order for the divinity to proceed to the shaking phase, it would be necessary for the mortal, while being rocked, to requaest that vigorous shaking be applied to his or her material body so that success can be achieved in inducing the sought-for astral projection.}

... the rocking sometimes goes on for what seems like hours."

{This protracted effort on the divinity's part would be intended to allow the mortal ample time to think of requaesting that one's astral body be forcefully shaken loose.}

p. 67 a man who, while undergoing sleep-paralysis, was spoken to by a female divinity

"on the second floor of the university library, ... As he lay there, paralyzed, ... heard someone approach from behind. Judging from the sound of their {the} footsteps, it appeared tobe a woman wearing [high] heels. ... He then heard a female voice that he could not recognize. "... And it said, 'You knew that I would come.' ... And then there was a lot of talk [by her] about ... her face. ... And she didn't want me to look at her ..., because of her face." ... He then felt two arms press down on his arms. ... tried to struggle against the pressure but was unable to move ... ."

p. 68 haunted locations

"Hufford devotes a section to the relationship between hauntings and SP ..., and ... SP ... experience ... more frequently than usual while {in the process of awaking from} sleeping in haunted locations."



Ghost of Bowling Green


pp. 71-9 in a log-cabin nigh Bowling Green, KY : hauntings by ghosts, accompanied by sleep-paralysis in human guests

p. 71

"Located out of town, the house was believed to be around one hundred years old. Half of it was of log construction, and it was in this section of the house that ... most of the disturances had taken place. ... Rumor had it that the previous tenant -- a woman -- had been involved in witchcraft. ...

p. 72

The first strange incident occurred about two weeks after the women had moved in. Ruth ... fell asleep on the couch ..., and began having "a very pananoid dream" in which "everybody was like horribly distorted," and "really cruel-looking." A moment later, Ruth woke up but was unable to move ... "because "something wouldn't let me!" ... Despite the fact that it was a very hot day, her body, according to Joan, "was just freezing."

Before long, the women began to hear "strange noises," "particularly thumps," and that of footsteps on the stairs. Sometimes one of the beds would start shaking while nobody was in the room. ...

One night, while lying in bed, reading, Carol suddenly heard a voice from the air, calling out her name "in a sort of whisper." ... Ruth also heard a whispery, disembodied voice. It called out her name two or three times while she was relaxing on the couch. (For some reason, spirits enjoy calling out people's names. This

p. 73

is not only true of hauntings in which the voice is heard while the witness is fully awake,

it also occurs frequently in cases of SP. I've heard my name called out numerous times.) ...

{I likewise have, many times (beginning in the house of a couple whereof the husband said that he had been experiencing this before I began to) but only while in the process of awaking out of sleep.}

On night, while staying in the house alone, Ruth was woken up at about three o'clock in the morning "to this insane racket in Carole's room ... like someone was just picking her iron bed up and throwing it on the floor."

One stormy, rainy night, ... they heard a "prominent loud knock" on the front foor. ... They then heard the knocking sound again. ...

p. 74

Creepier still, they also heard footsteps in the hallway ... . The women exited the house via the back door and ran ... . ... .

p. 75

... happened to Carol. ... . ... she was woken up "by this real, hysterical, cackling laughter." ... As she lay in bed, still half-asleep, her attention was drawn to an odd rustling sound coming from the direction of the stairs. Carol explained ... : And then I smelled this really foul odor. ... And then my bed starts rocking sideways ... . And then I was touched on the neck and in the shoulder area. ... And from that point outward I just tingled all over. And again I couldn't move and I couldn't scream. ...

p. 76

Because Ruth and Carol were too scared to sleep alone, they now slept together, with the light switched on all night. ... . ... Joan ... "woke up" from a "bad dream" at four o'clock in the morning. ... While in the state of paralysis, she saw a series of images in her mind's eye. The experience, she says, ... "... Like I was watching ... all these horrible killings. ... Then I started seeing these axes flashing through the air!.." ... As the "power" tried to possess her, Joan felt a pleasant tingling sensation enter her body, eradicating the pain and discomfort caused by the virus she had contracted. ... She saw, once again, a "picture show" in her mind. "I saw myself murder Ruth and Carol!" She saw herself wielding an axe, chopping Ruth and Carol into pieces. As she struggled once more to resist the "power," the tingling sensation returned. ... . ... "... your nerve ends are just all being stimulated by some real pleasant vibration ... ." The tingling ... is accompanied by a "heaviness" {weightiness} or "pressure" {pression} in one's chest, which spreads throughout one's body "until you can't move ... or like you just

p. 77

don't think about moving really ... Because it feels good." (I, too, have had this experience, and would describe it in much the same way.) ... She stayed awake for the remainder of the night, ... while listening to the ghost call out her name. ... Joan left the house for good that day ... . ...

On evening after arriving home ..., they were surprised to discover that several lights in the house, including the porch light, ... had been turned on ... . Before they had the chance to switch the porch light off ..., it mysteriously turned off by itself. ... Following this incident, ... One of the ghost's favorite pastimes was to call out their names -- and this it did quite frequently. And at night, it would often produce loud banging sounds. ...

p. 78

One night, while lying down to go to sleep, Carol noticed that she couldn't move. Then she felt something touch her body. ... Ruth and Bill slept in the bed together ... . Thast night, Bill had a ... "dream" during which he was unable to move. He described it to the others a a "recurring dream," adding that the last time that he had had it was ... years ago. ... .

p. 79

... Bill heard moaning sounds coming from Carol's bedroom. ... he noticed she was still asleep."

{A praeternatural sound of mourning (such as, of moaning) could be the voice of a banshee-goddess, warning that someone praesent (other than the hearer) is about to die.}

p. 79 a haunting previously experienced by the same woman

"At age eighteen or nineteen, Carole had been invited to stay with some friends, a couple ... . ... Soon after she lay down in bed, the door handle began to jiggle, and then the door opened. ... Looking ... at the doorway, she saw a "bright shimmering substance," a "very vaporous-looking thing" float over to the foot of her bed. She could hear it breathing heavily ... when she held her breath. "And I couldn't move. ... Paralyzed! ..."

Carol felt a strange tingling sensation travel up and down her spine.

{This is the sensation of the movement of god Kun.d.ala (masculine in the case of a female, practitioneress; though of goddess Kun.d.alini in the case of a male practitioner.)}

Meanwhile, images of a knife {Aztec day-sign Tecpatl} began to flash through her mind ... . She then felt pressure on the bed, felt it sink down as though someone were sitting on it. The pressure was suddenly released as "whatever it was" moved over to the foot of the bed and "hoevered there for a while." As it exited the room, Carol saw the door close behind it. ...

The following morning, Carole reported the incident to [the couple who had invited her]. ... Sometimes, they told her, they'd hear the rocking chair rocking on its own. Or the record player upstairs would suddenly start playing music."

pp. 80-1 the natures of ghosts and of poltergeists

p. 80

"based on the ... information given ..., it would appear that the house was haunted ... by a poltergeist or "noisy spirit." ... In an article on the poltergeist, Colin Wilson mentions that "they are by no means a rarity; at this very moment some case of poltergeist activity is probably going on within a dozen miles of ["where you are at the moment"]."

p. 81

"The fact that Ruth's body was extremely cold [cf. supra p. 72] after she'd just has her first SP ... -- the first to occur in the house -- is an interesting observation because

there is often found to be an absence of heat in haunted houses ..., and

{With \psukhe\ 'soul (especially of the dead)' are cognate (neuter) \psukhos-\ 'coolness; cold weather' and \psukheino-\ 'cooling' and \psukhro-\ 'cold'}

sometimes, in certain locations, "cold spots" will be present, as though the entity responsible for the haunting has sucked all the thermal energy out of the air. ...

There have been plenty of poltergeist cases recorded in which furniture and other objects have been thrown around and levitated, often in full-view of witnesses."

\psukhos-\ http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.04.0057%3Aentry%3Dyu%3Dxos

\psukheino-\ http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/morph?l=yuxeino%2Fs&la=greek&can=yuxeino%2Fs0&prior=yuxa/zw#Perseus:text:1999.04.0057:entry=yuxeino/s-contents

\psukhro-\ http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/morph?l=yu%2Fxra&la=greek&can=yu%2Fxra0&prior=yuxqro/s#lexicon


Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions : an Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences. Anomalist Bks, San Antonio (TX), 2009.