Dark Intrusions, 7-8



Enfield Poltergeist


pp. 92-3 beginning of the haunting; attempt to photograph poltergeist's activity

p. 92

"The first manifestations of the haunting began on August 30, 1977, at the house of single mother ... Hodgson and her four children : ... Janet, eleven; Pete, ten ... . The house, located in the suburb of Enfield, North London, ... was a place of considerable despondence ... . ... Pete and Janet shared the same bedroom. That evening ..., something shook their beds ... . ... The next evening, the children heard a strange shuffling noise, as did Mrs. Hodgson. They also heard four loud knocks. ... They all watched ... as a heavy chest of draw{er}s slid out from {away from} the wall on its own. ...

As soon as the lights were switched off, the knocking started. The sound emanated from different areas of the house and would often shift around from wall to wall.

p. 93

Sometimes it would come from the ceiling. That same night, the police were called in ... Just as they were preparing to leave, ... A chair levitated off the floor and began moving across the room. ... .

... the Daily Mirror sent a reporter and photographer ... . Once again, objects began flying around the room at great speed. The photographer began snapping pictures ... . ... When the photographs were later developed, they were found not to exhibit any poltergeist activity whatsover. The poltergeist ... had {successfully} tried to make sure its actions were not caught

on film. Everything it did must have taken place just outside the range of the camera."

pp. 93-8 investigations, conducted by the Society for Psychical Research, of the Enfield poltergeist

p. 93

"the Daily Mirror decided to contact the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). The first SPR member to arrive at the scene was Maurice Grosse, whose daughter, Janet, had recently died ... . He had joined the SPR shortly after her death; ... he ... wanted to find ... life after death. The other SPR member ... was Playfair, who would later pen a successful book on the Enfield Poltergeist entitled This House is Haunted (1980). ...

During the course of their investigation, Playfair and Grosse witnessed and documented ... strange phenomena. Ornaments floated in mid-air; objects mysteriously disappeared, only to reappear later in odd

p. 94

locations; pools of water suddenly showed up on the kitchen floor. And ... there were the ghostly sounds, ... knocking sounds, which somtimes emanated from inside walls as well as from the floor. "I was quite intrigued by the way they seemed to come from all parts of the floor at once, as if several different knockers were at work," explains Playfair. ... Footsteps were also heard. ... An armchair tipped over; then the bed shot across the room. A book, appropriately titled Fun and Games ..., flew off the bookshelf, landing upright on the floor. ... The poltergeist continued to knock ... . One time it did so for two and a half hours, ... it wnted to communicate. To facilitate ..., ... medium ... Annie Shaw was invited to the house, along with her husband ... . Annie went into a trance and ... was "taken over" by an entity. She screamed ..., began to cackle, and even spat ... . She she uttered the words,

"Gozer, Gozer, help me.

{\Gozer\ = \Ghoster\ ('more of a ghost')}

Elvie come here." ...

{\Elvie\ = \Elfie\ ('little elf')}

Annie said that Janet's aura was leaking energy and that her mother's was too. ...

p. 95

Before leaving, Annie ... performed an aura[-]healing exercise ... . ...

While ... at the house one morning, Playfair became aware of a "tremendous vibrating noise. ... The whole fireplace had been ripped out. ..." ... Loud crashing sounds could be heard coming from one of the upstairs bedrooms. ...

Wanting to communicate with the poltergeist further, they asked it to write out a message on a piece of paper. They left a pencil nearby. When they returned ..., ... something had written ... : "I will stay in this house. Do not read this to anyone else ... ." ...

p. 96

Janet ... The poltergeist had ... under its spell. ... The following night, Janet went into convulsions again, and, while in a trance state, began wandering around the house, saying out aloud,

"Where's Gober? He'll kill you." ...

{\Gober\ = \Hob-gobber\ ('more of a hobgoblin')}

In December 1977, the poltergeist began making whistling and barking sounds. Then it began to speak. The voice said its name ... . ... Furthermore, it seemed incapable of talking politely and would frequently use obscene language. ... The voice continued to make rude remarks. ...

Then it said : "I want some jazz music. Now go and get me some ... ." ...

p. 97

Shortly after the poltergeist started speaking, Janet was seen to levitate above her bed. Two independent witnesses observed the event ... . ...

p. 98

Even though the haunting had been going on for a while, the poltergeist ... began to produce ... new phenomena. It started fires, created horrible smells ... . It even wrote obscene messages on the bathroom mirror, such as

"shit" and "I am Fred" {\Fred\ < Old Norse \Fro`di\}."

{The association between skite (faeces) and Fro`di is thus : (HHKN, cap. 10, p. 14) "when Fjolnir went to visit Fro`thi on the Island of Selund {Zealand}", (HHKN, cap. 10, p. 15) "During the night he went out on the balcony to find a place to relieve himself."}

HHKN = Snorri Sturluson (transl by Lee M. Hollander) : Heimskrilinga : History of the Kings of Norway. Univ of TX Pr, Austin, 1964.

pp. 98-9 how the Enfield haunting was terminated

p. 98

"A Dutch medium named Dono Gmelig-Meyling claims to have been responsible for finally bringing the haunting to an end. After visiting the house, he went on an "astral trip," and met the spirit of a 24-year-old girl . The girl was thought to be Grosse's daughter, Janet, who would have been 24 if still alive. Dono sensed that she was connected to the haunting ... . ...

p. 99

That the case involved two "Janets" is certainly ... interesting ... ."

pp. 99-101 categories of spirits, according to litterature of Spiritism

p. 99

"The Spirits' Book classifies spirits into three different classes :

Impure Spirits, Good Spirits, and Pure Spirits.

... the first class ... is broken down into five principal subcategories :

Impure Spirits, Frivolous Spirits, Noisy and Boistrous Spirits, Neutral Spirits, and Spirits Who Pretend to Know More Science than they Possess. ...

Under the topic of Noisy and Boistrous Spirits... : "They often manifest their presence by the production of ... raps, the movement and ... displacing of solid bodies, the agitation of the air, etc. ..." Clearly, poltergeist are imperfect spirits and ... belong in the noisy and boistrous category." ...

In the Enfield case, ... a group of spirits -- perhaps as many as ten -- attached themselves to Janet. ...

p. 100

During the course of the haunting, Janet behaved as though she were under possession, especially when a sleep, whereby she would sometimes twitch and moan. ...

Imperfect spirits ... are constantly wandering the "earth plane" in search of people whom they can influence ... . ... Attracted to the "scent" {more likely, the vibrational "feel"} of this energy, a spirit or group of spirits would then home in on its source ... . ... In the case of a disturbance {read "poltergeist event"}, it would mean that the spirit (or spirits) have successfully managed

to possess their victim,

{read instead : "to promote their mortal prote'ge'"}

and are harnessing their victim's energy

read instead : "and are harnessing their mortal devotee's willfully donated energy"}

to create various types of manifestations -- e.g. the levitation of objects ... . ...

However, given the fact that the agent is an unconscious medium who's been

{to the contrary, read : "given the fact that the mortal agent is a willingly-entranced medium who hath been abundantly benefited by a spirit,"}

p. 101

taken advantage of by a spirit,

and that this entity is working through them without their full consent or knowledge,

{to the contrary, read : "and that this entity is working through them with their full consent and knowledge,"}

it would not be unfair to say that a spirit has possessed them."

{read instead : "it would be fair to say that the medium hath effectively possessed the spirit."}

p. 101 "assimilation" of a spirit to a mortal {cf. assimilation to the Borg, on StarTrek}

"According to Spiritist doctrine, there is no such thing as spirit possession in the true sense of the term; rather it should more accurately be called "spirit assimilation." Instead of possessing a person -- which is apparently impossible -- a spirit assimilates himself {or herself} to someone {i.e., to some mortal} "who has ... the same qualities as himself {or herself}, in order that they may act conjointly.""

{In the name /Enfield/, the initial syllable /EN/ is early usually written /ENE/, from (W:"ET--H") Anglo-Saxon man's name /EANA/, from praesumable proto-Germanic /AUNAN/, which may be cognate with Strong's 209 />OWNAN/. These personal names must be derived from Anglo-Saxon /EAN/ 'lamb' ("KEP-N":"Encombe Farm"), from praesumable proto-Germanic /AUN/, which may be cognate with Strong's 202 />OWN/ 'effort', more specifically (for the Old English) /EANIAN/ 'to give birth' (modern English /YEAN/).} {The city-name Strong's 204 />own/ is identified as Heliopolis 'Sun-City', repraesentable by a winged sun-disk : with such disk, do compare the shape of Coptic Church's round-loaf eucharist "lamb's bread" (so-named because the loaf's dough is impressed with a sigil in the likeness of a lamb).}

{Amidst the wilderness of Enfield-Chase : "to Waltham Abbey, the Monks ... would return in the night from Cheshunt Nunnery, where they were accustomed frequently to pass their evenings" (HT&SNE, p. 20). The street traveled by them is (W:"Ch--H&G") modernly known (because its pimps may wear ermine) as Ermine Street, the Anglo-Saxon name whereof is "Earninga Straete" (W:"ES") : it is so-named on account of the "earnings" of the streetwalker-nuns via their whoredoms. A whore (because CHOmPing on a man's 5th "LiMB") may be designated a "Lamb-chop" (JB:LS, p. 147), while a whoremonger (because meekly submitting to a whore's ministrations) may be designated a "Lamb".}

W:"ET--H" = WIKIPEDIA, article "Enfield Town -- History". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enfield_Town#History

"KEP-N" = "Key to English Place-Names". http://kepn.nottingham.ac.uk/map/place/Dorset/Encombe%20Farm

HT&SNE = J. Tuff : Historical, Topographical and Statistical Notices of Enfield, in the County of Middlesex. London : J.H. Meyers, 1858. https://archive.org/stream/historicaltopogr00tuff/historicaltopogr00tuff_djvu.txt

W:"Ch--H&G" = WIKIPEDIA, article "Cheshunt -- History and Geography". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheshunt#History_and_geography

W:"ES" = WIKIPEDIA, article " Ermine Street". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ermine_Street

JB:LS = Jug Brown : The Laguna Squeeze. https://books.google.com/books?id=gIVpAwAAQBAJ&pg=PA147&lpg=PA147&dq=



Mediumship, Channeling


pp. 103-6 author Joe Fisher

p. 103

"Canadian journalist and best-selling author Joe Fisher ... . ...

{"Joe Fisher was an investigative writer specializing in metaphysical topics. His books had sold more than one million copies in 22 languages." ("SDJF")}

Fisher's works included the metaphysical classics Life Between Life, Predictions and The Case for Reincarnation ... ."

"SDJF" = "The Sudden Death of Joe Fisher (1947-2001)". http://www.anomalist.com/milestones/fisher.html

pp. 104-8 body-parts own alter-consciousnesses; behaviour of spirit-guides : instances of a mortal's erotic infatuation with an opposite-gendre spirit

p. 104

"in 1984 {reminiscent of Orwell's book (G-O:"1984") -- thus suggesting that some assurance be providentially associated}, ... Fisher met ... Australian-Canadian medium ... Aviva Nuemann {spelled /Neumann/ in SCHGh; and stated in the "Preface" thereof to be merely a pseudonym} ... . ...

{This name /AVIVA/ can be connected with name of "Pontefract ..., the location of the poltergeist haunting" (supra, p. 83) : for, "in Yorkshire in 1832", "by a religious community known as The Society of Friends, or Quakers", when "a master at Ackworth School near Pontefract died without making financial provision for his family it was decided that a life assurance association should be created. In 2011, ... Friends Provident formed Friends Life which became part of Aviva in 2015." ("FPE")}

It all started, she said, when she agreed to allow her friend, Roger Belancourt, to try ... her under hypnosis. ... In an emotionless voice in the third-person, Aviva described having been a peasant woman ... who lived through the Russian revolution ... . ... Roger discovered that

every organ of her body, and every aspect of her personality, appeared to possess its own alter-

{Each such body-part alter-consciousness would correspond to the named deities who are described as "Those who activate the limbs are, part by part" (B&M:GB, p. 153); and as "These who are over the senses ... perception ... imagination .. impulse to action" (B&M:GB, p. 154), in the Apokruphon of Ioannes (Marvin Meyer's translation) : the former series assigned to 17:8-29, and the latter series to 17:32-18:2 (Frederik Wisse's translation).}

p. 105

consciousness, each with its own voice.

He used the "voices" to monitor Aviva's health. ... When brought back to full consciousness, Aviva had no memory of while had transpired while in trance. ...

While channeling her own guide -- ... named Russel ... -- ...

{This name may have been intended geographically. \Rusellae\ was the antient name of a town in Etruria. (It is now Rosello, Toscagna.)}

p. 106

Fisher felt ... talking to a separate being ... . Russel told Fisher that humanity was divided into two groups : souls and entities. ... Entities were classified as individuals, while souls were said to have more of a group mentality.

Fisher's guide turned out to be a young Greek woman named Filipa Gavrilos. ... Each day, Fisher would close his eyes and will Filipa to communicate with him".

"a small group of ... enthusiasts had gathered around Aviva, all of them eager to commuincate with their guides. ... No guide was available for those who were classified as souls, because

the souls of guides,

{read : "the guides of souls"}

it was said, occupied a separate and inaccessible plane to {read "from"} that of [guides of] entities. ...

As the sessions continued, however, Filipa became "... my ideal lover." ...

{This factor of one's so-called "spirit-guide" as being of opposite gendre from the mortal being counseled thereby, is of the same nature as one's soul is described (namely, of opposite gendre from that of the mortal) by Carl Gustav Jung (and detailed in his personal dream-experiences recounted in his Red Book).}

p. 107

The guides said they could read the minds of their charges ... . They knew certain things about their charges that only their charges knew. They could, for instance, describe that their charge had been doing or thinking on a particular day and at a particular time -- information that could only have been gathered psychically. Every so often, said the guides, it was necessary for them to intervene directly in the lives of their charges. ...

Fisher's daily attempts to communicate ... on a mind-to-mind basis began to yield ... results. Whenever contact had been successfully established,

"a loud buzzing sound would reverberate in my ears, a sound that could be likened to an internal droning of cicadas." ...

{This could possibly indicate that she thought of herself as goddess Selene, and of him as her sleeping Tithonos.}

During these meditative sessions, images would sometimes appear in his mind."

p. 108

"Fisher ... was able to interact physically with Filipa and even have sexual intercourse with her." {These activities could have occurred during dreaming.}

{Among, e.g., the Goldi (a Manc^urian tribe), one's spirit-guide is not only of opposite gendre from one's self, but is also considered to be married to one's self : such marriage to be consummated during dreaming.}

G-O:"1984" http://www.george-orwell.org/1984/

SCHGh = Joe Fisher : The Siren Call of Hungry Ghosts. http://www.paraview.com/fisher/fisher_excerpt.htm (short except). And also https://books.google.com/books?id=7SrBBAAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover (text nearly complete).

"FPE" = "Friends Provident established". https://heritage.aviva.com/timeline/

B&M:GB = Willis Barnstone & Marvin Meyer (transll.) : The Gnostic Bible. Shambhala Publ, Boston (MA), 2003.

Apokruphon of Ioannes (Marvin Meyer's translation) http://gnosis.org/naghamm/apocjn-meyer.html .

Apokruphon of Ioannes (Frederik Wisse's translation) http://marcion.sourceforge.net/nag-hammadi-library/apocryphon-of-john-nh2-en.html

pp. 108-12 occult teachings offered by spirit-guides

p. 108

"Fisher admits to being impressed by the teachings and advice offered by the guides. They [Fischer and his fellow mortal communicants-with-spirit-guides] were taught ... about the history of Atlantis and Lemuria; about the workings of the mind; about reincarnation, karma{n}, and spiritual development."

p. 109

"D. Scott Rogo ... explains in The Infinite Boundary. He ... reading the Seth books ... says, "... I eventually found .. the leaves from my mulberry tree ... spiritually enhancing."" {Because Chinese mulberries themselves tend to be white, therefore their leaves may be alluded to as if brightly silvern.}

{Because "This calf resembles ... much ... a ... mulberry" (GM 90.c); therefore, there may be intimation of "the Golden Calf", which was praefigured by (LB, p. 400) "The circumstance that while passing through the Red Sea, ... they saw the ox." This 4th "silver leaf" (LB, p. 400) was reserved for "a woman to store it away", after (LB, p. 400) "the scattered bones ... united themselves"; much alike unto when there "are gathered together ... the Limbs of the Ineffable" (GC, p. 56) : "the Limbs of the Ineffable ... from the scheme of the Sethians" ("LLC", p. 259).}

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

LB = Louis Ginzberg : Legends of the Bible. Konecky & Konecky.

GC = G. R. S. Mead : Gnostic Crucifixion. ECHOES FROM THE GNOSIS, Vol 7. Theosophical Publ Soc, London & Benares, 1907. https://www.scribd.com/document/18167946/Gnostic-Crucifixion

"LLC" = J. Redwood-Anderson : "Ladder of the Luminous Cross", II. THEOSOPHICAL REVIEW 41 (1907):258-67. https://books.google.com.au/books?id=KeswAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA259&lpg=PA259&dq=

p. 112 incapacity of Ellison, and of Fisher, to cope with the teachings from their spirit-guides

"While working with the guides who were teaching him to channel "healing energies," Ellison suffered from "... muddled thinking." ... Before splitting with the guides, Fisher, like Ellison, had felt poorly. "I was more jittery than usual," he says, "more susceptible to insomnia {due to inadequacies in his contacts with spirit-guides in dreams} and nervous tension ... ." ...

{To have coped with such esoteric teachings, would have required (as minimal prae-requisite) having already been steeped either in Qabbalah and in Midras^ and in Gnostic litterature, or else in aequivalent occult litterature from Bharata (India); either whereof was readily available from a combination of litteratures of the Golden Dawn Order and of the Theosophical Society. Of these litteratures, however, Ellison, Fisher, et al. remained willfully ignorant.}

Fisher befriended a woman ... who .. channeled her own

spiritual teacher -- or guide -- ... named Pinkerton.

{This name -- that of a detective agency -- was apparently chosen by the spirit so as to indicate that the local mortal would-be spirit-guide-seekers needed to be investigated on account of their virtually-criminal neglect to familiarize themselves with occult litteratures prior to praesuming to communicate with the spirit-world.}

Called "wise" ... by those in the Toronto ... community, Pinkerton sometimes

"spoke so sweetly that it was hard to tell whether his politeness was genuinely considerate or gloatingly sarcastic," says Fisher." {An ordinary erudite mortal would not have been so excessively polite, but would have forthwith rebuked both Ellison and Fisher on account of their arrogant ignorance.}

{As for the extent whereto the spirit-guides comments were intended sarcastically, this was, of course, a result of the incompetence of Fisher on account of his lack of familiarity with standard occult litteratures (as published by Golden Dawn Order, by Theosophical Society, and others of that ilk).}

p. 115 distinction betwixt "mediumship" and "channeling"

"researchers make a distinction between the terms "mediumship" and "channeling", explaining that

the former involves communication with discarnate persons, while

{Though in the few legitimate cases, such "discarnate persons" are the immortal spirit-guides (belonging to a category of divinity); but the sort who, though claiming to be the soul of some defunct person, evince no special knowledge proving this, are generally imposters (and are the sort usually summoned by the spirit-media of Spiritualist Churches).}

the latter involves communication with ... exotic intelligences, many of them ... in separate reality to {read "from"; unless "adjoined to" be implied} our own and of a much higher vibrational level."

{These may serve as valuable companions to such mortals as they serve.}

p. 115 an alleged distinction betwixt "mediumship" and "channeling"

"In his article "Channeling ...?," the late Suhotra Swami explains ... :

"Mediums {\Media\ (not "mediums") is the correct Latin plural of \medium\.} are experienced clairvoyants who 'fish' for {seek out, perhaps to the annoyance of spirits} discarnate entities," whereas

{A spirit-medium of the sort here referred to is someone who, for a client (who is often paying cash for this unnecessary service), will contact a spirit alleging to be a particular mortal human sought by that client; this is usually sought by the client for some frivolous purpose, and not for any practical reason.}

channelers are "initially psychic greenhorns {read : "persons in need of self-protection"} who ... are taken over by the entities."}

{As in the instances above-mentioned, channelers are usually persons who are each seeking out his or her own personal spirit-guide, who may be vitally needed for protection.} {The spirit-guide must remain in close contact with the mortal in order to furnish adequate protection : this may (in an emergency involving rescue of that mortal from imminent danger) involve temporarily entring and temporarily controlling the mortal's body.}

p. 115 channeled entities vs. entities professing to be some dead mortal {This statement by the author is a sort of rebuke against the sort of assertion made by Suhotra Swami.}

"Channeled entities ar not just anyone; they're more "spiritually evolved" than

{Here, "spiritually evolved" is intended to mean "able to rendre actual spiritual benefit to the mortal channeler (provided that the channeler be worthy to receive such benefit)".}

Great Uncle Joe on the "other side" ... ."

{Meaning, "some useless spirit alleging to be a defunct relative of the mercenary medium's paying client".}

pp. 115-6 instance of channeled spirit-entity : "Seth"

p. 115

"[Channeled entities] include entities like Seth, who spoke through the late Jane Roberts and described himself as an "energy personality essence ... ." ... Were it not for the publication of Seth's voluminous, intellectual "teachings," channeling would never have gained the popularity that it ... still enjoys ... .

p. 116

If Seth was indeed a highly involved being, one can't help but wonder why he felt the need {he may have been acceding to the requaest by the channeler to do so} to invade {was eagerly invited, did not "invade"} the body of a human being ... . He even admitted to enjoying the material realm through Roberts's senses." {What invited guest would not expect a host to furnish enjoyable hospitality? Is author L. P. a rudely inhospitable host?}

{This is likewise the case in traditional West African religious trance-channeling. Deities in general (without specifying any specific one) are invited; whichever one (or ones) may arrive -- and temporarily occupy the body of a mortal (or several mortals) at the religious c aerimony --, that one is (or those ones are) identified by the peculiar behaviour of the temporarily possessed mortal's body. While the congregation is worshipping the temporarily thus-incarnate deity by furnishing hospitality (favorite music, favorite garb, favorite foods) to the deity, that deity is simultaneously granting blessings to the community.}

pp. 116-7 instance of another channeled spirit-entity : "Ramtha"

p. 116

"By far the most popular ... channeler at work today is the American J. Z. Knight ... . In 1977, says Knight, while in the presence of her husband, she placed

a paper pyramid

{perhaps intended as a representation of mt Rainier}

on her head, and "we both started laughing until we cried." The next thing she knew, a "very large entity" was standing before her. "He looked at me ... and said, 'I am Ramtha ... . I have come to help ... .'"

At Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE) ...

{\Ramtha\ (i.e., \RAMTa\ ) must surely be a variant of (DMWA, p. 416b) \RAMaT\ 'log raft' (such as the one built by Sind-bad, whose name-element \sind-\ < \sindhu\ is cognate with \siddhi\, the 'perfection; success' considered in Burmese alchemy to be achieved through ("HMMA&B", p. 824) "forging of amalgamated ... "essence balls"." These are ("WS&RP-B", p. 119) "datlon (metallic balls made by alchemical means)."}

in the town of Yelm, Washington, ...

{"The word "Yelm" ... means "shimmering heat waves from the sun."" ("YH") -- With \YeLM\ cf. \ILMarinen\, name of the Karelian smith-god whose forge-furnace's heat could be likened to heat-waves.}

p. 117

One can master remote viewing in just four days ..., and thus be able to "see the past, present and future of anything at any distance at any time." ... .

... Ramtha describes himself as a 35,000-year-old Lemurian ... who ... gained enlightenment. ...

According to various ex-members of RSE, ... The organization ... has a small inner circle, to whom its most esoteric Ramtha teachings and pronouncements are revealed ... ."

DMWA = J. Milton Cowan : Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic. 4th edn. Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 1979.

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Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions : an Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences. Anomalist Bks, San Antonio (TX), 2009.