Dark Intrusions, 9-10



Hypogogic State


pp. 121-5 Gooch : his book, and his hand's becoming controlled by spirits who used it to write messages therewithal

p. 121

"Published in 1984 ... is a book by the British psychologist and paranormal researcher Stan Gooch, entitled The Origins of Psychic Phenomena (originally titled Creatures from Inner Space). The first part of the book deals with S[leep]P[aralysis], or what Gooch refers to as succubi {always read : "succubae"} and incubi encounters ... . ...

Born in 1932 in London, England, to a working-class family of Polish descent, Gooch ...

p. 122

completed a degree in Psychology. ... Being ... keen to embark on a career as an independent writer and researcher, Gooch ... turned down ... the position of Professor of Psychology at Brunel University, London.

Published in 1972, Gooch's first book ..., Total Man, ... was very well-received ... . ... What followed next was a series of other equally remarkable and original ... works ... . Some of these titles include

Personality and Evolution (1973),

The Neanderthal Question (1977).

The Paranormal (1978),

Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom (1979),

The Double Helix of the Mind (1980),

The Secret Life of Humans (1981), and

Cities of Dreams (1989). ...

p. 123

Many of his early works are now being republished, and, just recently, he wrote another book, The Neanderthal Legacy (2008). ...

Gooch's involvement with the paranormal began at the nage of 26, ... in Coventry, England. ... Peter, a spiritualist and a medium, invited Gooch to a se'ance ... . ... Soon after it commenced, Gooch had an experience that ... he explains in his book The Paranormal [published just 20 years after the event], "it seemed to me that a great wind was rushing through the room. In my ears was the deafening sound of roaring waters. ... As I felt myself swept away I became unconscious." When he regained consciousness, Gooch was told that several entities had spoken through him while he was in a trance state. ... Told by the presiding medium[ess] that he was a "strong natural medium" ... Gooch began attending

her weekly circle, which consisted entirely of mediumistic individuals.

{Had she herself imparted such a capacity for mediumship to each and every member of "her weekly circle"?}

Sometimes Gooch and the other mediums would channel "higher guides." Other times they would hold what's called a "rescue circle," whereby they would channel the spirits of those who did not realize they were dead ... . In The Paranormal, Gooch explains ... to be "possessed by one of these lost souls ... It feels ... as if another being ... arises within one's body and pervades it. ... There is a very clear and definite sense of another person within you." During one particularly memorable se'ance, a cave man materialized {i.e., arrived as an an immaterial apparition} in the corner of the room. ... He later came to suspect thsat this figure ... was a Neander thal. ...

p. 124

Eventually, Peter allowed Gooch to have a session with his [viz., Peter's] spirit guide,

an alleged American Indian named Grey Hawk. ...

{Quite likely, this spirit-guide was an anthropomorphic spirit-guardian of the material-world species grey hawks.}

As he explained in his book The Paranormal, Gooch ... also developed the ability to write automatically. ...

p. 125

The types of "personalities" that expressed themselves on paper were many and varied ... . He describes some of their comments as "solemn and soulful." ... Gooch soon discovered that, simply by using mental commands, he was able to alter the tone and style of the material he {or rather, his hand} wrote automatically. "I could also lead the conversation in any direction I chose," he explains. ...

As for Gooch's experiences with automatic writing, whereby he was

{Likewise, by the same token, it may well be that politicians who trick the general public (and more especially, the ploutokrats who order the politicians to trick the general public) are constantly being influenced by trickster-spirits. If so, the situation is convoluted enough. [written 13 July 2017]}

able to lead the conversation in any direction he chose, it's quite possible that he was "channeling" trickster entities, and that these entities were influencing his mind, causing him to think that he himself was creating the material that was written."

Gooch 1984 = Stan Gooch : Creatures From Inner Space. Rider & Co, London. (reprinted as :- The Origins of Psychic Phenomena : Poltergeists, Incubi, Succubi ... . Rochester (VT) : Inner Traditions, 2007.)

pp. 126-8 experiences, by a retired policeman, of being seized from behind by a praeternatural entity : firstly by a male entity, and secondly by a female entity

p. 126

"In the first chapter ofThe Origins of Psychic Phenomena, "Incubi and Succubi in Suburbia," Gooch describes the case of a former Metropolitan Police

p. 127

Officer ... who ... began experimenting with hypnagogic imagery and found himself confronted by beings from the spirit realm. ... He also began to talk in his sleep. "And, once, during a vivid dream, I made an eerie, high-pitched whining.

I knew that I was doing it, but I knew that I could not stop till the dream was over."

{Praesumably, some praeternatural dream-controlling entity inserted into his mind a compulsion to do this.}

Disturbed by the noise, his wife would often go downstairs to sleep ... . After ... mere ... weeks, ... hypnagogic experiments began to yield ... results. While in this state,

he would sometimes hear knocking and thumping sounds ... .

{"the island on a sudden trembled, and shook us terribly." ("1VSS")}

He began to hear voices, too, and also conversations going on around him.

{"Presently I heard the voice of a man from under ground, who ... led me into a cave, where there were several other people" ("1VSS").}

One time he heard a nasty female voice cackling in his ear.

{(Cackling is done by geese, which are admired, as a domesticated bird, for their eggs' being bigger than those of chickens.) Cf. the female ruwh^ bird : ("2VSS") "I so much admired ... its egg."}

On another occasion, he was addressed by a male voice, to which he replied. ...

{"They spoke to us as they came near, but we understood not their language" ("3VSS").}

One night, ... Martyn felt something tug his hair.

{"he took me up by the nape of my neck, and turned me round as a butcher would do a sheep's head." ("3VSS").}

A few nights later ..., he heard a loud "whoosh" sound

{"We ... were overtaken by a sudden gust of wind" ("4VSS").}

and was seized from behind by a man-like entity. ... "It pinioned my legs with its legs, and my arms with its arms,

and began breathing heavily in my ear. ...

{"I heard something walking, and blowing or panting" ("4VSS").}

I knew that I was still in bed ...,

{He mistakenly assumed that he was dreaming.}

but I was also standing ... . I knew that there was a light switch just outside the room,

{"I perceived a light resembling a star; I went on towards that light" ("4VSS").}

and I managed to stagger across the room with the 'thing' clinging like a limpet on my back.

{(A limpet is a variety of sea-snail.) This episode is similar to the Sindbad's involuntarily toting on his back "the old man of the sea" ("5VSS").}

I reached through the doorway

{"whose entrance is very high and large." ("6VSS")}

for the light switch, only to find that this

{"I was resolved no more to expose myself"; but was forced to switch out of that vow ("7VSS").}

p. 128

was hidden under a mass of trailing wires and cables. ...

{"the elephants ... encompassed ... where I was with their trunks extended" ("7VSS"). (Drooping trunks of elephants may resemble hanging cables.)}

But with a 'pop' the scene around me changed".

{"This ... to me was like a clap of thunder." ("7VSS")}

"1VSS" = "The 1st Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor", in the 1001 Nights.


"2VSS" = "The 2nd Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor", in the 1001 Nights. http://www.wollamshram.ca/1001/Dixon/dixon01_10.htm

"3VSS" = "The 3rd Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor", in the 1001 Nights. http://www.wollamshram.ca/1001/Dixon/dixon01_11.htm

"4VSS" = "The 4th Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor", in the 1001 Nights. http://www.wollamshram.ca/1001/Dixon/dixon01_12.htm

"5VSS" = "The 5th Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor", in the 1001 Nights. http://www.wollamshram.ca/1001/Dixon/dixon01_13.htm

"6VSS" = "The 6th Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor", in the 1001 Nights.


"7VSS" = "The 7th-&-Last Voyage of Sindbad the Sailor", in the 1001 Nights.


p. 128 experience, by an actress, of being copulated-with by a male praeternatural entity (incubus)

"Gooch describes the "incubus" experiences of a female actor named Sandy, who while lying in bed one night felt .. as though a man were lying on top of her. As the "resence" began making gentle rhythmic motions, Sandy felt pressure on her vagina. ... She began to struggle as the pressure increased and became painful."

{The "incubus" may have been the astral body of an astrally projected living man, who customarily treated in that woman every lone woman whom he ever came across.}

pp. 129-30 experiences, by Gooch himself, of sexual intercourse with a female praeternatural entity (succuba)

p. 129

"In the same book, Gooch describes several of his own "succubus" {read : "succuba"} encounters, one of which occurred in his mid-twenties ... . ... Gooch says he was "thrilled" by the experience ... he describes ... as "extremely pleasant."

His next "succubus" {read : "succuba"} experience occurred about twenty years later, when, lying in bed in the early hours of the monring, he became aware of a ... female. She shifted closer towards him, pressing her body against his. ...

On another occasion, the entity appeared again, and this time they actually made love. ... He even goes as far as to say that "spirit sex" ... "is actually more satisfying than with a real {read : "material-bodied"} woman, because in the paranormal encounter archetypal elements are both involved and invoked. ..."

p. 130

Assuming the entity was a spirit -- which ... it probably was -- and bearing in mind that spirits are ... able to appear in various forms, it makes sense that ... succubi {read : "succubae"} and incubi ... are able to alter their form as so to appear more sexually appealing".

{This "female entity" may well have been the astral body of some astrally projected live woman who was in the habit of treating in that way every lone man whom she came across in her transvections.}

pp. 131-2 hypnogogic state as gateway

p. 131

"According to Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborne in their book The Shining Ones, ... "if we become conscious ... in the hypnagogic state, then everything collapses into the centre or superconscious. ...

p. 132

What one has to do is

to ... remain awake and aware at the point of going to sleep,

{This feat can be achieved only by means of praeternatural assistance.}

which ... enables one to enter the hypnagogic state. Shamans regard the hypnagogic state as a "gateway" or "portal" to other realms, one of them being the underworld. In these 'other worlds' or 'other-dimensional realms,'" write Osborne and Gardiner, "the shaman encountered all kinds of creature, even human-animal hybrids. ..."

pp. 132-3 sleep-paralysis as gateway; music during lucid dreaming

p. 132

"Included in Wrestling with Ghosts is an article by Lucy Gillis -- producer and co-editor of the Lucid Dreaming Exchange journal and website -- in which she examines the relationship between SP, LDs, and OBEs.Gillis has expereinced all three phenomena herself ... . The SP state, she says, is not only a "gateway" to the out-of-body state but to lucid dreaming as well ... . ... Gillis makes it clear that ... it's possible for some advanced dreamers such as herself to shift voluntarily from one to the other."

p. 133

"Sevilla mentions that one can sometimes hear, and even compose, music while in the "LD universe." It possesses, he says, "a great degree of richness and surrealism ... .""

Jorge Conesa Sevilla : Wrestling with Ghosts : a Personal ... Account of Sleep Paralysis. XLibris, 2004. {This title is an oxymoron : a paralyzed person cannot wrestle.}

pp. 133-4 entry into subtle worlds from portals located in the material world (or in some subplane of the material plane)

p. 133

"While in a trance state (commonly of the hypnagogic kind) the shaman will slip into another reality, entering an "imaginary" {read : "imaginal"}

hole in the earth

{In some regions, these are "sinkholes", holes wherethrough rivers plunge into the underground.}

and eventually reaching the underworld. "The entrance among California Indian shaman ... frequently was a spring, especially a hot one," writes Harner in The Way of the Shaman."

p. 134

"As for Gooch's "trips to the inner universe" ... they usually commence ... with ... movement.

"The movement appears wholly real ... . I may dive backwards, head first, through the pillow and down through the floor ... . ... Then I may land, with a little bump ... on the floor of a cellar

{This is a typical description of a variety of projection of the astral body.}

with a passageway leading off. When I get up and go through the door, or the passage, I am in the magic world."

This description ... is consistent with typical shamanic {or, alternatively, near-death experience} journeys to the underworld, the passage or tunnel

through which one {if it be at a descending incline} slides or {if it be vertical} falls

{or, in near-death experience where it is horizontal, one must walk}

often appearing as a long, ribbed tube, the end ... flooded by light ... . One emerges through this ... exit ... into another landscape ... ."

p. 134 continuation of this adventure

"Gooch continues ... : "... Then perhaps I to, or start off in, a town. Here the architecture is of amazing beauty and variety. ... I talk to the people. I may meet a girl, and with luck, go to bed with her. The sex s not just as good as, but better than that obtained in the real {read : "waking, material"} world, because one's own personal ... wishes and fantasies may be, and often are, lived out.""



Pope of Spiritism


pp. 136-42 Brazilian author Chico Xavier : how he was empowered into mediumship through Carmen Peracio

p. 136

"June 30, 2002, ... marks the death of ... a Spiritualist medium, having written all of is books automatically -- more than four hundred -- some of which were best sellers. His name was Francisco de Paula Candido Xavier, better known as Chico Xavier. ...

One of nine children {siblings}, Xavier was born on April 2, 1910, ... in the ... state of Minas Gerais. ...

p. 137

Xavier's career as a practicing medium began in 1927, after one of his sisters ... went insane ... had been taken to a local healing medium, and diagnosed ... "spirit possession," and promptly cured. ... the Xavier family ... renounced Christianity right then and there and became Spiritists. ... the healing medium's wife, Carmen Peracio, decided to found a small ... Spiritist center, which Xavier began attending. During one session in 1927, Mrs. Peracio heard a voice instructing her to hand Xavier a pencil and some paper, which she did. A moment later, Xavier handed her a seventeen-page message of spiritual guidance, which he {or rather, his spirit-guided hand} had written automatically in a state of trance. (Spiritists call automatic writing "psychography," and one who practices psychography, a "psychographic" medium.)

During another session, Mrs. Peracio had a vision of a man dressed in priest's robes who introduced himself as "Emmanuel." The man, who had a brilliant aura, told her he was Xavier's spiritual friend. ... in 1931, Xavier also "met" Emmanuel, ... his chief spirit guide. ... Through Xavier, Emmanuel would go on to write a series of bestselling, historic novels. ...

In another significant vision, Mrs. Peracio saw ... books ...

{His mis-hearing may have been controlled by a spirit who was alluding to the admonition (issued by the so-called kephale 'head' of the Ekklesia) not to put <asiys 'new wine' (symbolizing new doctrines, in the form of books) into old winesacks : >amteh.at 'sack' being a skin-bag, the mouth whereof is /PODAon/ in the Dorian dialect (/podeon/ in Attic); this word appearing in the form /PODA-/ in the name of the healer-hero PODA-leirios (mentioned in the Iliad), the /leirios/ component of his name meaning (in Hellenic) 'lily'.}

p. 138

around Xavier's head. ... When she described the vision to Xavier, he misheard her, thinking she'd used the word lirio (lily) ... ." {He would naturally be thinking of the admonition (on account of melek S^lomoh's not being arrayed in such glory as a lily's glory) not to gild a s^uws^an ('lily'); which he (or his spirit-guide) would be referring to (Strong's 7802) /s^uws^an <eduwt/ 'trumpet of testimony', the trumpeteering (as if by mal>ak Rapa>el, the rapah 'healer') qualified by (Strong's 5715) /<eduwt/ 'testimony, witness' [praesumably implying that all the mal>akiym (angeloi) of s^amayim (ouranos) themselves testify to the verity of Xavier's psychographic revelations].}

pp. 138-41 how various spirits have written though the hand of Xavier

p. 138

"While still employed ["as a fingerprint expert", supra p. 137] at the Ministry of Agriculture, Xavier wrote -- or rather, fifty-six discarnate poets wrote -- a 421-page volume of poetry containing 256 {= 2^8; the # of combinations in Ifa'-divination by the Yoru`b'a} poems entitled Parnassus from Beyond the Tomb. ... this highly impressive ... book, published in 1932 by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB), became an immediate bestseller. ... The book contains poems by such distinguished Brazilian and Portuguese poets as Guerra Junqueiro, Antero de Quental, Augusto dos Anjos, Castro Avles, and many others; each poem is written in the author's own distinctive style. Decades after it was published, the book was still causing a sensation in Brazil. ... The late Monteiro Lobato, one of Brazil's most influential authors ..., had ... praise for Xavier's book of poems from beyond the grave. But the most notable admirer ... was Humberto de Campos, a journalist and leading literary figure of his time. ...

p. 139

Oddly enough, Campos died ... and quickly became a member of Xavier's "team of discarnate authors.

{Likewise, "Victor Hugo ... had the reputation amongst Caodaists of having been himself interested in spiritism" ("ICD2", p. 577); consequently, in the Cao-Da`i ("'high tower' or 'high palace'" -- "ICD2", p. 578) religious system of Viet-Nam, subsequent to their demises, (CVT, p. 50) "The most important spirits and source of revelation are ... Chinese poet Li Bo and Victor Hugo."}

Through Xavier he wrote a total of five books between 1937 and 1942, all of them highly praised. ... As of 1971, the discarnate Campos had written a total of twelve books ... . ...

In the first chapter of The Flying Cow, Playfair relates the time he met Xavier at a book signing ... in the 1970s. Almost a thousand people attended the event ... . ... Playfair describes Xavier ... as a "one-man welfare service" ..., noting that he ... always put the needs of other's above his own, and refused to accept any payment for the sale of his books, instead spending the money ... on food, clothing, and medical

p. 140

assistance for the poor. ... Xavier 's books, all of which were published by Spiritist publishing houes, have been translated into several different languages, including English, Japanese, French, Esperanto, and Greek. ... Of all the spirits who wrote through Xavier, [Andre`] Luiz's work has sold the most. ... According to a recent estimate, 25 million copies of Xavier's books have been sold. ... A significant portion of Xavier's automatic writing took place during Spiritist session in full view of witnesses. ... The many people who saw him write were amazed by the speed at which he was able to do so. ...

p. 141

"When I am writing automatically," Xavier once said, "I can see, hear, and feel the discarnate spirit who is working by means of my arm, ... often ... without knowing anything about the subject matter on which he is writing." According to Xavier, the sensation he felt while writing the poems in Parnassus "was that ... Sometimes there seemed to be a non-material volume in front of me,

where I read and copied them;

{or, more adequately, "where the spirit (looking through mine eyen) read along with me, and copied them".}

while at other times it seemed more like somebody dictating them into into my ears.""

"ICD2" = R. B. Smith : "Introduction to CaoDai[i]sm, II : Beliefs & Organization". BULLETIN OF THE SCHOOL OF ORIENTAL & AFRICAN STUDIES, UNIV OF LONDON 33 (1970).3:573-89.


CVT = Sergei A. Blagov : Caodaism : Vietnamese Traditionalism and Its Leap Into Modernity. Nova Science Publ, Huntington (NY), 2001. https://books.google.com.au/books?id=fzKjJndNTjIC&pg=PA50&lpg=PA50&dq=

p. 141 collaboration with Vieira

"Luis wrote, through Xavier and another medium -- a young physician named Waldo Vieira -- a highly technical book entitled Evolution in Two Worlds (1959) on the functioning of both the physical and spiritual worlds. To produce this obscure, collaborative work, Xavier ... would write one chapter, while Vieira, living in a separate city 200 miles away, would write the next a few days later, without having any contact with the other, each taking turns as the medium."

{"Waldo Vieira ... was a friend of Chico Xavier, the most important Brazilian medium ... . The partnership with Waldo ... in result {produced} several literary works , especially the saga of the spirit André Luiz psychographic , produced from 1950 to 1960 . ... 1965 ; Waldo Vieira travelled with Chico Xavier to the US in order to disclose spiritism abroad ; ... they launched the book titled The World of The Spirits . ... Professor Waldo Vieira was born in Monte Carmelo/ Brazil on April 12, 1932 . ... Waldo has a broad curriculum : he is a medical doctor ; wrote twenty books and numerous articles on Projectiology and conscientiology ; ... co – founded the International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology ( IIPC ) , the Centre for Advanced Studies of Conscientiology ( CHSC ) , the International Academy of Consciousness ( IAC ) , the International Association for Development of consciousness ( ARACÊ ) , the International Organization conscientiotherapy ( OIC ) and the International Association of Existential Inversion ( ASSINVÉXIS ) . ... At the beginning of the new millennium he moved to Iguazu Falls ... ." ("P&C -- WV")}

"P&C -- WV" = "Projectiology & Conscientiology – Waldo Vieira". http://www.hospitaller-soulspirithealing.org/projectiology-conscientiology-waldo-vieira/

pp. 141-2 move to Uberaba

p. 141

"In 1958, Xavier suddenly ... went to live in the city of Uberaba, Minas Gerais, located about 250 miles away. ...

p. 142

At Uberaba, ... he lived for the remainder of his life ... ."

p. 142 Xavier's daily routine; the occasion of the demise of his material body on this planet

"A highly disciplined, dedicated, and energetic individual, Xavier rose each morning before seven, after about four hours sleep, and would spend most days typing up his manuscripts, replying to the hundreds of letters he received each day ..., and attending Spiritist sessions."

"Xavier was twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize : in 1981 and 1982. He died in 2002, age 92 ... . ... he passed away on the same day that the Brazilian soccer team won its fifth World Cup ... .

Xavier [had] prophesized that his death would occur on a day of national celebration so as to lessen the grief of those who would miss him."

{Of this forecast he must have been informed by a spirit-guide of his; and surely he was conducted, after the demise of his material body on this planet, to his next destination, where similar labors awaited him.}

pp. 143-4 Nosso Lar

p. 143

"Xavier's all[-]time bestseller, ... Nosso Lar (Our Home), written by the spirit Andre Luiz, is a ... work ... containing much wisdom. In the first chapter of this apparently semi-autobiographical story, the protagonist, Luiz, finds himself in the lower zones of te spirit realm ... .

The lower zones, the book explains, "are the ... regions where excessively self-centred souls ... find themselves ... ." ...

{In our interpretation of the Netherworld realms, these zones would be, instead, regions where a defunct's former spirit-guide-while-as-yet-animate is temporarily relegated for re-training purposes.}

p. 144

Luiz is eventually "rescued" from the lower zones by a group of kind souls and taken to a transit city

called Our Home. ...

{In similar fashion, the Cosa Nostra 'Our Thing' could be modeled on a corresponding Casa Nostra 'Our House'.}

The citizens of Our Home put themselves to work, so as to keep the city running, while they either prepare to be reborn on earth, or to ascend to a higher plane.

they either prepare to be reborn on earth, or to ascend to a higher plane.

{In our interpretation, the spirit-guides are praeparing to serve another mortal client, who is to be be reborn on earth; or else the spirit-guides are praeparing to be transferred to another subplane-of-existence.}

In an effort to ... give something back to the larger spiritual community, Luiz procures a job ... in the Chambers of Rectification -- where ... souls who habe been rescued from the lower zone spend time recovering."

p. 144 In the Domain of Mediumship

"In the Domain of Mediumship (1955) is another ... book in the Our Home series, of which

there are fifteen altogether.

{The which may correspond to the 15 temple-steps of the 15 Psalms of Ascent.}

Written in the first-person, this ... book, which is ... a work of "spiritual science" ..., follows the protagonist and his son Hilario as they journey around the physical {material plane, or rather some particular subplane thereof}, learning about the ins and outs of mediumship -- not from our {mortals'} perspective, but from that of a spirit{-guide}. Their instructor, Aulus, takes them to a Spiritist center ..., where they are gives {given} the opportunity to witness mediumship in action. At one Spiritist session, the protagonist sees a group of spirit{-guide}s gathered around the incarnate mediums, "like moths ....," {\psukhe\ 'soul' being also the term for 'butterfly/moth'} many of whom desire to communicate with loved ones {persons formerly loved by the defuncts whose spirit-guides they formerly served as} ... . So as to receive counseling {re-training}, some the ... spirit{-guide}s are given the opportunity to temporarily "possess" {temporarily to guide} the body of one of the mediums and thus communicate through them. This ... is called full[-]trance mediumship."

{The 15 Psalms of Ascent would correspond to the 15 Jaina ranks of praeternatural entities, which would in turn repraesent 15 training-stages for the re-cycling of a spirit-guide.}

p. 145 novelistic history-books written by Emmanuel through Xavier

"Second in popularity to Luiz's books are those written by Emmanuel, Xavier's chief spirit-guide. ... Emmanuel's first {historical} novel, Two Thousand Years Ago, tells

the story of Emperor Tiberius's envoy to Palestine. {This envoy was charged with the founding of the city Tiberias, and the propre equipping of its temple for regular emperor-worship.}

{As centre for the cult of very-God-and-very-Man imperator Tiberius (whose very name is Etruscan), the city TiBeRias (so located as to be on the sea of Galilaia, as nigh as possible to mt TaBoR) required to be staffed by a large contingent of Etruscan priests.}

This book, like Emmanuel's other works ..., is filled with detailed descriptions of sex, which are {not} unlikely to have come from {erotic rites of "Black Mass" conducted in subtle-plane spirit-worlds}."

{It is well-known that in Western Europe throughout the mediaeval epoch, nunneries served as whorehouses, with nuns as whores (the monks serving as their panderers); so that in the Canterbury Tales, the term \nun\ regularly hath the signification of 'licensed whore'. This situation persisted until the Council of Trent.}

{Thrice, on 3 distinct days, imperator Tiberius rose visibly from the dead, emerging publicly from his coffin, the final of these prodigies declared in 1st Korinthioi 15:4 to be "on the Third Day, according to the Scriptures" -- meaning, of course, Etruscan scriptures (even if aequivalent to "the 16th Nisan", ITCh, p. 99). As a feminine diminutive, from \Tiberis\ is extracted the title \Sibylla\ -- the Epistolai toio Apostoloio (in their function as expositions of the Eu-angelia) being deduced from the Sibylline Oracles.}

1st Korinthioi 15:4 http://www.knowing-jesus.com/1-corinthians-15-4/

ITCh = Ernest de Bunsen : Islam, or True Christianity. London : Tru:bner & Co, 1889. https://books.google.com.au/books?id=NaoaYjpyoH4C&pg=PA99&lpg=PA99&dq=

p. 145 doctrinal books written by Emmanuel through Xavier

"Emmanuel has also written, through Xavier, a number of books on Spiritist docrine, such as

On the Path of Light,

{This book's Portuguese title, A Caminho da Luz -- which as published in 1939 --, is usually translated into English as (W:"ChX -- MPs") 'On the Way to the Light'.}

an examination of history as perceived by those beyond the physical world.

According to the book, humanity is currently on ... a cataclysm,

{The aira of this cataclysm, as praedicted by Chico Xavier, (S:"LH") "a period 50 years was given from July 20th 1969 ... time that expires on July 20th 2019." That historic epoch hath been largely marked by worldwide aggression undertaken by the United States of America while dominated by the Republican National Committee, largely under the control of the George-Bush family of military-weapon manufacturers (on the board-of-directors of the Thyssen Corporation, which manufactured the cannons and tanks used, e.g., by the German Axis Government against the United-Nations Allies).}

after which will follow an age of peace and enlightenment."

{"Our planetary regeneration will increase from July 2019." (S:"LH") -- This would praesumably imply a retreat of the George-Bush family from its long-term controlling of world-affairs.}

W:"ChX -- MPs" = WIKIPEDIA article "Chico Xavier", section "Main Psychographies". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chico_Xavier#Main_psychographies

S:"LH". SPIRITISM "The Last Hour". http://spiritism.com/spiritism/the-last-hour/


Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions : an Investigation into the Paranormal Nature of Sleep Paralysis Experiences. Anomalist Bks, San Antonio (TX), 2009.