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Your Energy-Body



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Primary Energy-Centre Work



Charging Energy with Intention






Self-Healing with Energy






A Few Last Words



1. (pp. 1-15) "Your Energy-Body".

p. 7 bodily centres

"The human energy body contains

seven primary energy centers (also called Chakras ...), ...

three storage centers (also called Tan Tians)".

p. 7 "Subtle energies are also taken in through the hands and feet".

p. 9 the 2nd-ary bodily energy-centres

"Secondary energy centers ... have four poles each and a central connecting core. Each pole is a small vortexlike energy structure that flowers on the surface of the skin and directly above the joint. These poles are connected to larger internal conduits".

pp. 10, 12 energy-storage centres


sub-__ centre

location in body

its function is to store raw __



midway betwixt navel & pubic line

(2 inches inside body)

"physical vitality"



middle of chest betwixt nipple

(2 inches inside body)

"emotional energy"



betwixt eyebrows

(inside head)

"mental/psychic energy"

pp. 12-4 the 3 major energy-conduits

p. 12

"The central channel (called Sushumna {sus.umna} ...} flows vertically through the middle of the body, from the base center (centered in the perineum) to the middle of the crown center (middle top of head). An energy field can be felt extending and mushrooming from the central channel above the head, varying from a few inches to a couple of feet above.


Two major energy conduits weave through the central channel, called

Ida on the left side and

Pingala on the right side ... .

The roots of these rise up through the legs ... . These conduits then weave up through the central channel, crossing each primary energy source as they rise. They pass through the mouth ... at the back of the mouth ... .


... the physical area occupied by the central channel is central not to the spine, but to the torso and head. The central channel feels to be about four inches in diameter for the average person, narrowing slightly as it passes through the neck.


The outer part of this structure feels magnetic. This rotates clockwise and then counterclockwise. I have observed rotational changes happening at various

p. 13

intervals Ė 10 to 60 minutes or more. The timing and duration of the rotational phase varies from person to person and in response to changes in consciousness ... . The central channel rotation is not consistent. It will naturally rotate longer in one direction and shorter in the other. ... This change in rotation appears related to the natural flow of energy up through the legs, with legs alternating in dominance. Energy flows up through one leg at a time. When the dominance of leg energy flow changes, there is a short period of turbulence in the central channel as it stops and reverses direction. If you are tuned into and sensing the central channel during a changeover, some moments of dizziness may be felt during this event".

p. 14

"The inner parts of the central channel feel electric to body awareness senses. The coiling and uncoiling of myriad delicate energy threads can be sensed inside the central channel ... . There is also a subtle energy pulse moving through the central channel."

pp. 14-5 egg-shaped glow around body

p. 14

"Imagine an egg shape enclosing the physical body about one yard (one meter) thick ... . ... This often creates a bandlike appearance in the human aura if viewed clairvoyantly. ...

The human aura ... is a complex and subtle energy field projected

p. 15

from the front and rear of a person. {The Kic^e` distinguish between front and back souls of each person (Earle 1986:163; 2000:88).}

The human aura can be perceived in two basic ways : with aura sight and with clairvoyant sight. ... Aura sight involves observing a subject with peripheral vision, by gazing slightly to the side of a subject and unfocusing the eyes. This gaze must be held, as the aura will disappear if focused upon directly. Clairvoyance is a significantly higher level of visual psychic ability, and this involves direct perception ... . With visual clairvoyance, the eyes can be open or shut. ... However, to view the deeper structures of the energy body requires clairvoyance. These structures are most visible when a subject is observed from directly in front. They are less clear when viewed from the rear, and difficult to see at all when viewed from the side." {Would this indicate that the direction of the lightís longitudinal vibration is forward-and-backwards only, and not to the sides?}

Earle = Earle, Duncan. 1986. "The metaphor of the day in Quiche`." In :- G. Gossen, ed., Symbol and Meaning Beyond the Closed Community. New York: Institute for Mesoamerican Studies. Reprinted in :- Virginia Garrard-Burnett (editrix) : On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Religion in Modern Latin America. Scholarly Resources, Wilmington (DE), 2000. JAGUAR BOOKS ON LATIN AMERICA, No. 18.


2. (pp. 17-34) "Visualization & Breath-Work".

pp. 17-22 tactile-imaging vs. visualization

p. 17

"The techniques in this book do not involve visualization. Instead, they rely on a non-visual system called tactile imaging."

p. 18

"You do not have to see anything visual in your mind when you visualize. ... Visualization is pure imagination, pure fantasy. ... A visualization exercise ... is exactly the same as any other fantasy, ... nothing is actually seen visually."

p. 19

"Clairvoyants do see what they visualize in a visual mindís eye way."

p. 20

"Your conscious attention, focused on a specific part of your body, energetically stimulates that part. ... This is tactile imaging. ... Tactile imaging is the underlying principle of all energy work ... . ... So, when body awareness is brushed back and forth ..., the nerves there or continually charging and discharging. ...

p. 21

Tactile imaging causes some unusual physical sensations. ... the most common include feelings of ... tingling, buzzing, fluttering, fizzing, mild cramping, and warm or cool sensations."


"To prepare yourself, ... rub or scratch the specified areas of your body ... . ... This helps target specific areas so that body awareness can be focused for accurately. ...

p. 22

Rub or lightly scratch ... a joint. Feel around it, on the sides and back".

pp. 23-9 energy-work demonstration

p. 23

"comb your hair with your hand, brushing your fingers through your hair all over your head.

p. 24

... Remember what these actions feel like so you can re-create them with body awareness alone."

"With the fingertips of your right hand, stroke the whole surface of your left hand from wrist to fingertips repeatedly ... . ... Memorize the feel of this touch. ... You should begin to feel some ... peculiar sensations : ... tingling, or buzzing."

p. 25

"first rub your bare feet on the floor ..., and then wriggle your toes. ...

p. 26

Foot exercises can cause very strong ... tickling and tingling sensations".

"Rub your hands together and wiggle your fingers and make fists ... . Next, hold your hands out in front ..., cupping hands ..., fingers slightly spread. ... Close your eyes and image that an electric blue, tennis

p. 27

ball-sized energy ball is forming between your hands. Imagine and feel this energy ball spinning between your hands ... . Slowly move your hands 12 inches or so apart. Imagine and feel the energy ball staying put and hovering in space between your hands. Next, imagine and feel the energy ball moving so it bounces from hand to hand."

"hold your hands together with fingers linked out in front of you as if you were hugging a tree."

p. 28

"Rub or lightly scratch the middle of your forehead to help target your brow. ... Then brush the whole of your brow from temple to temple ... . Extend this brushing action and move it all the way around your head at brow level, around and around. ...

p. 29

The exercises you have just done can activate ... the brow center ... . Do not be surprised if you feel tingling and/or light throbbing in your ... brow areas".

p. 32 altered states of consciousness

"belly breathing will help you achieve altered states of consciousness. ... When you slip into an altered state, you will feel a warm, cozy, and heavy wave pass over your body. ... You can experience an altered state by observing yourself while falling a sleep. ... In an altered state of consciousness, your mind stays awake while your body is asleep."


3. (pp. 35-52) "Running-Energy".

pp. 38-41 tactile-imaging techniques

p. 38

"The wrapping action is used for stimulating larger areas".

"The tearing action is mainly used for stimulating primary energy centers".

p. 39

"To bounce energy, move your body awareness back and forth through a body part". "Energy cannot be raised or projected effectively until the hand and feet become sensitized and conditioned to a higher flow of subtle energy."

p. 40

"Again, most people will find that one side of the body is more sensitive to energy work than the other. ... Spend more time on inactive areas ... to help balance energy body development."

p. 41

"rub or lightly scratch the middle of your palm to highlight it with body awareness."

pp. 46-9 energy-circuits

p. 46

"An energy circuit is a body awareness action that moves in a continuous loop, utilizing the energy momentum factor."

"imagine and feel as if you are sweeping up water through the body." {This is the Taoist "waterwheel".}

p. 47

"As you start to breathe out, move your body awareness down through your face and neck, and down over your chest. Feel it flowing into your sub-navel storage center as you complete the out breath. ... On the in breath, raise energy past where your hand and

p. 48

arms are resting ... . ... The breathing circuit can also be used to self-heal parts of your body".

p. 49

"The power of this practice can be increased by facing the sunrise or sunset ... . Stormy weather greatly increases the available energy in the atmosphere."

p. 50 energy-movement sensations

"Energy movement causes some unusual sensations ... . The most common include tingling, buzzing, fluttering, throbbing, body hair prickling, ... and warm or cool sensations."

"Strong energy movement sensations always reduce ... as energy blockages are cleared, and your energy body develops."


4. (pp. 53-88) "Primary Energy-Centre Work".

pp. 53-5 primary energy-centres generally

p. 53

"Primary energy centers ... generate vortexes {vortices} of energy that can be seen clairvoyantly as spinning wheels of subtle light on the surface of the physical body. These are most visible when observed from the front and less visible to the rear. Primary centers are smaller when dormant. They increase in size as they develop."

p. 54

"Extending down through the middle of the torso is the central channel. This is like a tube of force that extends through the full length of the torso and head of the physical body. This is centered over the perineum area of the base ... . ...

p. 55

However, an apparently inactive base center will not stop higher primary centers from functioning. All primary centers can function independently."

pp. 57-8 sexual energy and lovemaking

p. 57

"The genital energy center is most naturally active of all energy centers. For the majority of people, this powerhouse of energy provides the only significant energy-related sensations ever experienced. A massive amount of sexual energy is produced and exchanged during lovemaking."

p. 58

"Massage is an excellent way to practice the projection and reception of sexual energy ... . ... Body awareness energy work methods can also be used to enhance traditional Tantric sexual practices."

pp. 59-61 particular primary energy-centres

p. 59

"The largest energy vortex flowers in the chest over the front of the heart, with a smaller one to the rear. A pair of robust energy conduits extend out either side under the collarbones and into the shoulders and arms."

p. 60

"throat center activity can sometimes cause mild choking sensations."

p. 61

"The brow center is involved with extracting subtle energy from the air we breathe. It is also involved with all levels of mindís eye, and is often called the third eye because of this."

pp. 66-7 head-spin

p. 66

"Create an elongated energy ball, like a large banana, positioned vertically beside your head ... . ...

p. 67

Move this energy shape clockwise around your head."

pp. 72-3 two tubes

p. 72

Stage 1. "... imagine and feel you are inside a full length tube of energy, like a glass tube that fits snugly over your body, open at both ends. Imagine and feel this tube spinning clockwise around your body, open at both ends. ...

p. 73

Stage 2. "Imagine and feel that you are inside a larger tube of energy that is full body length and about one armís length from your body. Imagine and feel this spinning counterclockwise around you."


Stage 3. "... have the smaller energy tube spinning clockwise around your body. ... Next, create a second larger tube an armís length from your body and make this spin counterclockwise. Continue spinning both tubes simultaneously, the inner tube clockwise and the outer tube counterclockwise."

pp. 76-7 facial sensations

p. 76

"a typical early brow center sensation is a point of intense

p. 77

pressure ... . A tight band of pressure around the whole circumference of your head at brow level is also common".


"Cobweb-like tickling, tingling, and stinging sensations will often be felt in the facial area. These may start ... during ... meditation ... . This can also happen while you are trying to fall asleep. This can feel like mosquitoes crawling over your face, with some of them biting and stinging. ... . ... ignore them. Try to resist the urge to scratch".

pp. 77-8 cakra-sensations

p. 77

"A sensation ... can appear directly over the site of any Chakra. This is a tickling, tingling sensation. This signals that a

p. 78

center is active at a more refined level than that which produces throbbing and pulsing sensations."

p. 79 astral projection

"spontaneous astral projections ... often happen unnoticed during meditation ... . ... The mind awake/body asleep state allows astral projection to occur."

"At the start of an astral projection, the mind splits into two distinct parts. The original copy of mind and memory always stays within the physical body while it lives. During astral projection, an energy copy of your mind is generated and projected out of body. ... During an astral projection, both aspects of mind, physical and astral, simultaneously exist and function independently from each other. This creates two memory sets for the same time period".

pp. 81-4 Kun.d.alini ouraios

p. 81

"Kundalini is an energy ... that ... is traditionally depicted as a small cobra coiled three-and-a-half time in the sacrum. ... . ... if Kundalini rises spontaneously, it will first cause Kundalini spikes. These spikes are intense and often painful electrical-like burning sensations that

p. 82

shoot up the spine."

"a full Kundalini rising, which I experienced ... this event Uraeus Serpent of Fire: "When Kundalini Uraeus rises to the full, the event begins with intense electrical burning spikes of energy shooting up through the spine, called Kundalini spikes. Next comes a

p. 83

massive column of energy shooting up through the central channel. After this, the serpent energy sensation rises up through the body, way up through the perineum, coiling three-and-a-half clockwise up through the torso (around the central channel), and then up through the neck and head. When this reaches the head, an intense brilliant flash of light occurs in the mindís eye. This is a massive brow center strobe. The rising serpent ... is, I think, ... an internal snakelike manifestation of ectoplasm. {Actually, it is a snake-bodied goddess.} ... After this, it feels as if the crown and brow centers temporarily fuse. It then feels like a heavy flap of flesh is hanging over the eyes and nose." {Of the Maori eel-god Tuna it is said that "Kawa and Maraenui were hanging on his forehead like veils Ė Wohl, Trans., vii. 19 and 44." (M-PCD, p. 552b)}

p. 84

"After the initial main event, Kundalini evolves with each subsequent Uraeus serpent of fire experience. ... The Medusa effect is ... a Kundalini Uraeus phenomenon. This feels like the whole top of the head disappears and hundreds of fat, snakelike antennae extend from the surface of the brain. {In antient Peruvian religious art, "snakes emerge from the head of figures at Chavi`n de Huantar and Tiwanaku" ("H-AI").} ... These antennae form specific geometric patterns, which I think relate to ... mandalas. {Are these the geometric figures in the corolla of each waterlily-blossom for each cakra?} These patterns respond to thoughts, and the patterns change as oneís thought change. Some antennae will point to the object of the thought in the real world, if there is an object." {The name /Medousa/ is from */Medonsa/, cognate with Skt. */madsya/ (/matsya/) Ďfishí : what species of fish is implied is indicated by the snakey-haired Hellenic goddess, where a snakey-shaped fish must imply an Ďeelí, just as the Maori myth would imply.} ...

The Aummm effect ... begins to manifest with or after the Medusa effect is established. This feels and sounds like a deep, solid, "aummm" sound vibrating all around and through you. This is a constant sound and vibration, like would come from the throats of many ... in a cave vibrating and resonating the "aummm" sound." {The OM-kara is resounding in Tri-kut.i, according to the Radha-Swami.}

M-PCD = Edward Tregear : The Maori-Polynesian Comparative Dictionary. Wellington, 1891.

"H-AI" = Rebecca Stone-Miller : "Human-Animal Imagery, Shamanic Visions, and Ancient American Aesthetics". ANTHROPOLOGY AND AESTHETICS, No. 45 (Spring, 2004), pp. 47-68.

pp. 85-7 Kun.d.alini strobe-spike

p. 85

"When a primary energy center accumulates enough energy, it ... releases that energy in an energetic burst. This burst is ... the strobe effect. All primary energy centers have the ability to strobe. They can strobe independently or in groups. ... The intense burst of energy from a strobing primary center can flash activate heavy-duty energy circuitry that did not exist {existed, but was inactive} a moment before."

p. 86

"Brow center strobes ... can happen to some people while they are trying to sleep, or they may awaken to a brow center strobe." {If woken suddenly (by a noise) while falling asleep, I commonly see a momentary visionary irregularly-shaped white light.}

p. 87

"The heart center can strobe during the act of giving a healing. ... A full heart center strobe during the healing act involves a massive tingling energy surging up through the torso and pulsing down through the arms and into the patient. This event lasts several seconds and the energy has a definite pulsating feel to it as it pumps".


5. (pp. 89-117) "Charging Energy with Intention".

p. 90 "Water of Life"

"consciousness is the soul ... forming beautiful crystals flowing throughout your entire body ... (Emoto and Thayne 2005)"

Emoto & Thayne 2005 = Masaru Emoto & David A. Thayne : The Hidden Messages in Water. Markham (ON) : Atria.

pp. 93-4 charging with colors

p. 93

"Hospitals use pastel colors to calm patients. ... Soft pastel colors are best for healing ... . ...

p. 94

Soft yellow ... helps calm emotional upsets. ... If a person is low on vital energy, imagine vivid orange".

p. 99 effects of excesses of elemental-energies


effects of excess of it


"airheaded, ... and silly"






"vacillate ..., indecisive"

p. 102-6 praeternatural implements of healing

p. 102

"The golden net is used to ... remove ... lumps of toxic energy".

p. 103

"A circular energy sieve ... can be ... picking up sticky bits and toxic energy stains."


"The flaming torch ... is used ... to burn away energy blockages".

p. 104

"The spray gun is used ... to wash away toxic energy."

p. 105

"Brilliant fluid is a penetrating ... to add concentrated, positive energy to any area of the body."


"Energy needles ... are inserted ... to pierce ... toxic nodules".

p. 106

"Iron pincers are heavy-duty tools that are used to rip up ... tumors".

p. 111 two-dimensional beings

"all negative spirit entities are bound to the surface of the earth. They are essentially two-dimensional beings".


6. (pp. 119-132) "Energy-Blockages".

pp. 121-2 energy-cysts

p. 121

"Spirit entity attachments can also cause ... energy cysts and blockages."

p. 122

"more severe reactions to intensive energy work on energy cysts and blockages are localized physical infections. ... . ... some energy cysts and blockages seem to contain such large amounts of negative energy that, when disturbed, physical infection can result."

p. 123 the skin

"The skin is the largest organ of the physical body. This is subtly represented by the outer layer of the egg-shaped aura of the energy body."

pp. 126-7 the feet

p. 126

"The feet are the major conduits into the energy body. This is where energy is exchanged with the planet."

p. 127

from a case history : "Deep calluses grew in the middle of my soles for no physical reason during my teens. ... These calluses are directly in the bubbling well points. [Taoist term for middle area behind the toes ... ]" {I likewise decades ago had for years a deep callus in the middle of my sole; it cured itself when I started eating raw lentils.}

pp. 129-30 long-session meditative-energy-work

p. 129

"Long session meditative work can activate sluggish and dormant areas of the energy body. ...

p. 130

If everything goes well, you will find yourself in a profound mind awake/body asleep state (also called a trance state). ... Psychic and spiritual experiences are more likely to occur in this ... state of consciousness. Brow center strobe episodes and clairvoyant experiences are also more likely to occur, as are awake lucid dreams and spontaneous astral projections."


7. (pp. 133-148) "Self-Healing with Energy".

pp. 133, 135, 137 higher self

p. 133

"healers produce biomagnetic energy fields that trigger healing processes in their patients."

p. 135

"Your higher self ... is inside of you and all through you, above you and below you and all around you. It is a higher aspect of you and the great observer between and behind your thoughts. It is an intimate part of you. ... It lives intensely in the present, in the now. ... Its language is mental imagery".

p. 137

"The higher self does not understand negatives and reversals of words. It does not understand past and future tense. It only understand the here and the now. So, affirmations must not read like, "Iím a non- ..." or "I do not ..." because non and not will be misunderstood."

pp. 141, 145 healing oneís own body

p. 141

"When you go to bed, focus on the healing affirmation and intention ... . ... This will also increase the frequency and vividness of your dreams and lucid dreams."

p. 145

"An injured, paralyzed, or dysfunctional body part needs to be highlighted, loved, and appreciated."


8. (pp. 149-160) "Heart-Centre-Healing".

pp. 151-6 healing of othersí bodies

p. 151

"An energy pump is used to raise energy up through the body to the heart center, and then to push it out through the arms and into the patient. This action alone ... causes the heart center to begin accumulating energy. When this reaches a critical point, the heart center will strobe and release a strong, pulsing flow of energy on the primary center level. ...

p. 152

Typically, healers feel a tingling energy flow up their backs, down through their heads, or both. ... Some of these methods can be learned from a book whereas some, like Reiki, require a hands-on attunement from an established practitioner. (An attunement involves experiencing a healing energy frequency so one can then tune into the same source of healing energy.)" {Such "source" is a deity or a group of deities.}

p. 153

"I can now enter the healing state in a few seconds."

p. 154

"I normally sit side on to my patient and place my left hand over the back of their head and my right hand over their heart or brow. I then move my hands over the body, an inch or so above my patient, not touching. I often find warm, cool, or tingling patches. These are areas needing attention ... . I finish by returning my hands to my patientís head and heart. ... Some healers prefer to hold their hands several inches or more away from their patients. ...

When you are ready to give healing, draw energy up from both feet and legs, up through your torso and back, and into your heart primary center on the in breath. On the out breath, push the energy out through your shoulders and arms and into the patient. ...

p. 155

When your heart center does strobe, tingling waves of energy will be felt pulsing up your back, down through your arms, and into your patient. ... You may also feel tingling energy flowing automatically down through your head. When your heart center strobes, the intensity of your breathing will increase and you may find yourself panting for a short time."

p. 156

"If your brow and crown centers become involved in the healing act, visions and psychic impressions can manifest. These will usually relate to the patient at hand. ... Anything notable can be passed onto patients after the healing session is completely finished."

pp. 156-8 healing at a distance

p. 156

"The heart center healing method can also be used for distance healing. A letter, photograph, or email letter can be used to make the healer/patient connection. ... A telephone conversation or instant messaging chat session will provide the best connections. A small lock of hair or similar, combined with a photograph, also provides a good connection for distance. {The good connection is due to the healerís helping-spirit being able to recognize and identify the patient by means of the photograph etc.} ... Hold the letter or

p. 157

picture or place it before you, or sit in front of your PC with the letter or picture onscreen. ... When you are ready to begin, imagine that your patientís head is within easy armís reach. Then reach out and place your hands (your real physical hands) where you image your patientís head to be. ... Sometimes patients will feel your hands on them while you are giving them healing and/or the energy or the healing act. But sometimes patients will feel the healing energy arrive many hours or even days later." {The timing would depend on the transportation-system for the energy as arranged by the healerís helping-spirit.}

p. 158

"At some time during every contact or distance healing act, mentally express love and appreciation to your patient {via, of course, your own helping-spirit as relayer of the mental message} and affirm and imagine your patient and their disorder as being perfect. I always say, "I love you" as powerfully as I can in my mind several times, and I imagine my patientís condition as being perfect. I can feel my higher self {main guiding-spirit} engage in this.

For distance healing, imagine that your patient is standing before you if you are sitting or floating above you if you are in bed. Imagine that you can see inside your patientís body to the problem area. ... Finish by affirming and imagining your patientís disorder as being perfect.

An interesting phenomenon can occur ... during distance healing. Sometimes the patient will appear before you, seen clairvoyantly in your mindís eye. ... may see inside their bodies, their internal organs laid bare and problem areas highlighted in color."

pp. 158-9 energy-cords to others

p. 158

"Both contact and distance healing involve temporary energy connections forming between healers and patients. ... Energy cords can then form, connecting healers with the underlying spiritual and energetic problems of their patients. These cords can adversely affect the life and health of a healer, particularly when such cords have been allowed to accumulate.

p. 159

To over come this problem, dissolving connections and releasing patients from your space is recommended at the end of each healing act. This is easily and quickly done. In your mindís eye, imagine your patient floating before you, bathed in brilliant light. Mentally state the firm command "I revoke all connections and release you from my space." Then image you patient shrinking away and happily dissolving into the light. This clearly demonstrates to you higher self {main guiding-spirit} that you do not want any energy connection with this person to continue outside the healing session."


9. (pp. 161-3) "A Few Last Words".

pp. 162-3 the divine nature within oneís self

p. 162

"God exists as much inside of you as outside of you. And if you consider this also applies to ... the universe, then you will have a glimpse of your divine connectedness with the universe and the greater reality. ... The secret is that your higher self and everything divine is closer and ore directly approachable and reachable within your own self in the here and now. ... Your body, mind, and spirit form an inseparable unity with your physical existence. ... Your closest and most direct link to the divine and the greater spiritual reality is therefore through your own body and self. ...

p. 163

From ancient Zen and Taoist teachers ... the importance of body awareness, of going within, of self-observation, or knowing yourself, ... comes through loud and clear. Eckhart Tolle is the author of The Power of NOW ... and other books ... . ... While the same principles apply, I teach a more systematic approach to energy work."


Robert Bruce : Energy Work. Hampton Roads Publishing Co, Charlottesville, 2007.