Explorations Out of the Body, 9-12


9. (pp. 127-44) "In a Physical World".

p. 129 mass of non-physical body

"During my first conscious OOBE I felt a light resistance while I walked through my door. Now when I experience this phenomena I mentally focus my consciousness to make my form less dense and pass through a wall or door with ease. What this means is that the non-physical body has mass even if it is only on the subatomic level. This mass is controllable. ...

Perhaps the non-physical body should be called ... the ... astral".

p. 131 moving the physical body (by telepathic control) while out of it

"When ever I tried to physically move an object while in OOB state I caught myself actually physically moving a part of my body."

{This (moving the physical body, by telepathic control, while out of it) is also mentioned by Vieira.}

p. 132 to act without thinking in OOB state

"The ability to think without thinking is useful in an OOB state so that you do not essentially do everything that you think. After many hours spent out-of-body you should learn how to do this. ... Do not tell yourself anything."

pp. 132-4 success in moving an object by means of oneís non-physical body while out-of-body, must perforce result in that objectís afterward moving itself (by its own power of autolevitation) back to its earlier location

p. 132

"I ... upgraded by now lucid dream into an OOBE. ... I mentally thought, "Denser, denser," and said this repeatedly for almost five minutes as determined by my alarm clock. ... When my form was as dense as it could possibly get, I focused on picking up the [implement]. ... I moved the [implement] two feet away ... and set it down.

p. 133

I was about to return to my body only a few feet away, when the [implement] started to float up in the air. It landed back [where it had been moved from]. ... I refocused my density and picked the [implement] up and placed it on the floor. For a few seconds the [implement] stayed right where it was. Then it started to slowly float back up until it landed right back [where it had been picked up from]. ... I successfully started moving other objects around my room, but always the same thing happened. After a few seconds the object floated back up in the air and landed right back in its original position."

{I have likewise had experience with a self-moving object (self-unlocking lock).}


"In no way was this an exclusive event. In the next several weeks when I found myself in an OOB state I successfully moved a physical object. Each time just a few seconds later the object floated back to where it originally was.


Perhaps this is an example of nature trying to reassert that which is not meant to be."

{The levitations could be explained as having been performed by some invisible deity (spirit). It would be that particular category of deity (rather than simply "nature") which is thus asserting its praesence (and, very likely, its willingness to communicate through means of physical objects).}

p. 134

"some type of universal law wasnít allowing this physical manipulation. ... if someone such as me gained the necessary ability to physically move an object while in an OOB state, nature would step right in and move the object back".

{The invisible deity involved must be a close congener to a poltergeist; insofar as each is concerned to affecting physical objects, with its activity being very deliberately ostentatious. And in its purposive effect, this invisible deity is a close congener to a gremlin; for each is concerned to hinder or to interfere with some physical event Ė though the gremlin is not so demonstrative of its praesence. Overall, it would seem to be somewhat intermediary between a poltergeist and a gremlin.}

pp. 136-8 (All remote-compatible television-sets were, when tested, interfered with by the authorís close proximity whilst out-of-body.)

p. 139 manipulation of electricity

"Through OOB activity I have determined that there is a definite adverse effect to electricity while in the OOB state. This includes "seeing" brown lines while close to a power source, hearing telephone conversations, and damaging televisions."

{Is this manipulation correlated to the commonplace refusal of electrical devices in a dream to function correctly?}

p. 141 divine intervention

"When I have a long OOBE over twenty minutes I almost always make contact with a real entity ... . Oftentimes these entities ... may help you perform or otherwise complete a non-physical action that you are having trouble with."

p. 143 encountring, immediately upon waking, a deity from the out-of-body world

"When I woke up, standing beside my bed as clear as day, was one of the entities I had encountered in the OOBE.

{This deity standing as oneís bedside is a standard feature of antient Mesopotamian traditional dream-lore.}

I then opened my eyes again and realized that I had just had a breakthrough OOBE. The entity {had} vanished."

{The author thus is ascribing this feature (of Mesopotamian lore) to a dream of false-awakening in immediate consecution after an OOBE. Could this imply that it is a demonstration of divine interco-operation; of the OOB deity commanding/inducing the deities praesiding over the false-wakening sector of the dream-world to allow the passage into that sector of the deity from the OOB world?}


10. (pp. 145-56) "Mind Games".

p. 145 telepathy

"When you are in an OOB state you subconsciously communicate with people through a form of mental telepathy. I believe that this is essentially the same thing [in ordinary telepathy]. When I thought ..., some degree of my actual consciousness indent and traveled ... . It was subconsciously communicated ... . This happens more often than people realize."

{Just as the process of "indenting" is mediated by deities (who transport, during OOB state, into the praesence of the person being indented on); so likewise is telepathy facilitated by deities, who operate the associated communicatory mechanisms.}

p. 146 praeternatural hearing of oneís name being subliminally called

"Another fairly common example of mental telepathy is hearing someone speak your name when in reality no one spoke at all. Someone thought about you though that much is for sure. ... Subconscious communication works ... . You "hear" your name".

{I have heard my name called often, usually while I am waking up from sleep. Surely it must be a deity who is guiding the soul from the dreaming-universe to the waking-universe, who is doing the calling. Any other such communications are likewise originated by deities.}

pp. 153-5 controlling the minds of others

p. 153

"advance mind control techniques" include "remote viewing ... . Realize that remote viewing is the same thing as OOBE only with much less clarity of awareness because you donít believe that you are truly out-of-body. ... Believe me, an OOBE is a much easier way to accomplish remote viewing.


The key to successful mind control from an OOB state is to think from the exact voice of the person trying to be manipulated. {By "from the exact voice of the person" the author is intending to mean "in the exact voice of the person"; this "thinking" is intended to be mentally intoned.} This way the said person feels as if your thoughts are his own. ... Thinking from another person[í]s voice is difficult at first and you may want to try this consciously. ... Memorize this phrase consciously so it is easier to remember while you are out of body. When you do find yourself out-of-body ...,

p. 154

tell ... this phrase again and again for as long as you can keep your conscious awareness. My current record is over two hours.

There is an even more advanced technique. When you start telling the person the phrase try to do so using the same accent, tone, and feeling that the subject in question does. Now ... you are communicating through subconscious telepathy ... . ... By telepathically speaking the same accent, tone, and feeling as well as the same voice as the said subject, your thoughts become his. Done correctly, he wonít be able to distinguish the difference. He may even ask himself why he is thinking this, but just as soon as he asks himself this he thinks the same thought again."


"To a limited degree it is possible to induce your thoughts into another while you are consciously awake. ... The trick is the same as in an OOBE. Speak in the personís own voice, accent, tone, and feeling, and make your thoughts his own. ... Needless to say, this technique is much more effective when performed in the OOB state. ...

p. 155

If you practice this technique a lot you may be able to successfully cause more and more drastic actions to occur."

pp. 155-6 communication during OOB state

p. 155

"The ability to communicate while in an OOB state comes with no great conscious thought. In fact, you probably think that you are talking normally until you realize that this is not possible in your current state. You can talk to other entities and other OOB explorers. You can talk to whomever you visit ... .

{All this telepathizing is made possible, facilitated and abetted by deities (of telepathy), even if they do not render themselves noticeable. Once they have assisted a human experiencer with telepathy during an OOB state, they may continue to assist the same person while in non-OOB state.}

p. 156

... Communication is an essential and a natural part of your being while in an OOB state. ... When you are in the OOB state mental telepathy is your universal communication. It works regardless of language or even human existence."


11. (pp. 157-62) "Medical Explanation".

pp. 157-9 poltergeists

p. 157

"It is important that you realize that in most situations a poltergeist is not a spirit but originates from an "epicentre", the person in the house responsible for their actions."

{Some persons are so beloved to the deities (spirits) that poltergeists habitually visit them. Such persons become known as "epicentres" of poltergeist-activities.}

p. 158

"Naturally I believe that poltergeist activity does not involve a spirit or detached consciousness of any type. Rather I was the epicentre of this activity and experienced recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis or RSPK for short. This RSPK activity ... occurred at my bedroom door. ...

{The deities involved in poltergeist-activities are so inobstrusive that even the persons to whom they come to visit are not necessarily fully aware of their praesence. Not seeing the poltergeists (but merely hearing them), the visitee may imagine the evidence to be merely adventitious.}

p. 159

I knew right away that I was the the source or epicentre of this activity and ... I was able to somewhat control when the door would shake and when I wouldnít.

{The author apparently never did realize that a deity (perhaps Janus, god of doors) was shaking the door, by following the thoughts of the author.}


... After about three months the RSPK completely stopped".

{The deity became disgusted with the authorís arrogance.}


"A good book to read on this subject is Ghosts with an introduction by Brian Inglis which goes into much detail about these epicentres and RSPK phenomena."

{The author (E.S.)ís encountre with a poltergeist "occurred right about puberty" (p. 159), which is about the earliest in someoneís life that a deity may come to test oneís piety; in the authorís case, the deity found a situation of such obnoxious impiety that the deity departed (after merely 3 months, a minimal test). In cases where the deity can find evidence of true piety (viz., the tested personís truly believing in the existence, and mundane activity, of deities), the deity will persist in coming throughout oneís adulthood; as in the cases of myself and of my relatives.}

pp. 158-9 drugs inhibit psychic abilities

p. 158

(The author (E.S.) was forced from childhood [ceasing at age of 12, p. 159] to take Ritalin, Phenobarbital, and Tegretol on account of his demonstrating psychic abilities; the Tegretol caused "chills".)

p. 159

"I do believe that something in the drugs I was taking, Ritalin, Phenobarbital, and Tegretol was inhibiting my abilities to have OOBEs That is why I advise the would be OOB explorer to avoid all ... prescription drugs if they are not absolutely necessary."


12. (pp. 163-9) "Philosophy of an OOB Explorer".

pp. 164-5 alleged time-travel

p. 164

"You can travel both into the past and the probable future and witness the events that occur. The past ... can be witnessed ..., but can never be changed."

{Any witnessing of the past by traveling into it would change it, because oneís additional praesence there would have an altering effect.}

p. 165

"Since the OOB state does not recognize time as we know it, these reincarnated lives all live at once. If you so choose you can visit your other selves while in an OOB state."

{Different times cannot occur "at once" (a logical contradiction); nor can one visit oneís "other selves" (also entailing somewhat of a contradiction).}

{These scenes so witnessed during OOBE are merely "virtual realities"; they are not actual past nor future, neither of which can be thus visited (not any more than remembering is a visitation into the past Ė for it is not --, nor than planning for the future is a visitation into the future Ė for it is not).}

p. 165 drugs & OOBE

"Any drug that reduces your conscious awareness such as sleeping pills ... compromises your ability to have an OOBE. Any drug designed to inhibit dreams is especially harmful.

Hallucinogens such as LSD may actually help induce the OOB state." {Actually, much more effective than LSD for inducing the OOB state are henbane and wolfbane (both of which have historically been taken by European witches, usually by applying their juice to the skin), and also jimsonweed (taken by North American Indians).}

pp. 167-8 recruiting proselytes

p. 167

"you may begin to grow "bored" with your OOB explorations if you have no one to share and talk about your experiences with. For this reason I suggest that after you have had a few OOBEs you try to recruit someone else to join you. If you gain real proficiency in your OOBEs you may be able to meet your friend while out-of-body. If you do try to recruit someone else ...

p. 168

give them a gift such as my book. After they have finished reading the book and have a great deal of excitement about OOBEs they will be anxious to have one themselves."


Eddie Slasher : Explorations Out of the Body : a Beginnerís Roadmap to the Universe. Kroshka Bks, Commack (NY), 1996.