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capp. 0-3.


0. (pp. 1-3) "Introduction".

p. 2 inducing OOBE by screaming "lucid dream!"

"I realized that I was having a lucid dream ... . I screamed over and over again, "Wow, Iím having a lucid dream!" Suddenly I felt ... I was falling through a brilliant tunnel of bright light. After the brightness ended, I seemed to be falling into darkness.

I woke up normally, or so I thought {dream of false-awakening}, and headed for the door in my room. Only ... I floated through the hallway ... . ... That was my first completely conscious OOBE." {Mentioning aloud in the dream that one was having a dream was what praecipitated the OOBE. This may be the most usual way of inducing OOBE for the first time.}


1. (pp. 5-12) "Is it Real ...?".

pp. 6-7 near-death experiences

p. 6

"A common occurrence in NDEs is a feeling of extreme peacefulness and a bright light or tunnel. In many such cases the subject follows the light ... .

p. 7

The tunnel in this situation represents ... a means of travel to a different dimension."


"A subject experiencing and NDE may very well have a choice as to whether or not he wishes to return to his body. A subject experiencing an OOBE has no such choice and will return to his physical body whether he wants to or not."

pp. 6-7 praeternatural acquaintances in OOBE

p. 6

"non-physical entities do ... exist. ... I personally have met plenty of them".

p. 7

"After a while you become accustomed to OOBEs and exploring the fundamental nature of the universe. ... but you eventually may grow bored with your non-physical explorations unless you know someone with mutual abilities."

pp. 8-9 reality of entities in dreams

p. 8

"I ... realized that I was having a lucid dream. I thought about my physical body and felt the vibrations course through me. ... I told him that I was out-of-body. He said he already knew that. I wondered how he knew. ... Then it struck me that he was a character in a fictional book. I asked him if he was ... from my book and watched as he instantly disappeared." {To accuse divine beings in dreams of being fictional may be regarded by them as so insulting that they may vanish from sight by way of reprimand to the accuser.}

p. 9

"While in the OOB state ... the mind "sees" by searching its memory banks for the closest resemblance of a certain object or person and substitutes the closest resemblance for the actual object or person." {More accurately, the deities who govern the OOB world search the human experiencerís memory banks for the closest resemblance, and then substitute the closest resemblance for the actual object or person. This resemblance is manufactured on the template of the experiencerís memory, and then introduced into the scene; much as the OOB experiencerís astral body is manufactured by those same deities, and installed around the experiencerís soul as its discernable vehicle.}

pp. 9-10 manifestation of force-fieldís lines of force as visible lines

p. 9

"I ... realized that I was dreaming. ... I pulled myself out and floated outside. I seemed to keep getting tangled up in what looked like brown lines.

p. 10

... . ... then I realized what they were, ... the high voltage electricity in the area."

p. 11 detectable manifestation of oneís OOB praesence

"ostensibly unintentional kinetic effects can occur as a by-product of a narrowly localized OB (out-of-body) vision."

"it is possible to control your density while in an out-of-body state. ... What all this means is that while in an OOB state your non-physical body has mass ... . This mass has the ability to control its density, and is affected by electricity and other energy sources. The non-physical body can also travel from point A to point B nearly instantaneously no matter the distance."

pp. 11-2 self-convincement as to existence of OOBE & of the soul

p. 11

"There is nothing more convincing and belief altering than being lifted out of your body and turning around to see your own physical body sound asleep. When this happens there will be no doubt in your mind. ...

p. 12

You do have a soul and to some extent it does leave your body every night in dreams whether consciously or not."


2. (pp. 13-9) "OKay, so what?".

pp. 13, 19 dreaming & death are alternative ways of departing from the material body

p. 13

"everybody leaves their body at night to some degree or another during dreams."

p. 19

"death is ... only a new beginning. ... The second you lift out of you own physical body and turn around to see our physical self sound asleep there will be no doubt in your mind. Yes, you do have a soul."

pp. 14, 16-7, 23 thought-intensive; indent on a friend in order to commence a telepathy-session

p. 14

"The OOB state is thought intensive, and it is my belief that your existence is nothing more than conscious thought when in an OOB state."

p. 16

"In an OOB state you can visit anyone, anywhere. While out-of-body all you have to do is think of your friend while simultaneously screaming her name. This is called an indent. You must have an indent to visit someone. [p. 172 "Indent : This is a lock or "address" on the conscious awareness of another being or place. You must have an indent in order ... to shift while out-of-body."] If everything goes according to plan, you will feel or hear a rushing sound as your consciousness shifts."

p. 17

"You can also communicate with your friend, but not verbally. You will communicate through a form of mental telepathy that comes natural in an out-of-body state. Your friend will talk back to you with this same form of mental telepathy. If questioned later she will not consciously remember the conversation."

p. 18 OOBE of volcano via deathstone

"she was wearing a strange necklace with a red stone. .. She insisted that there was a deathstone, and that she was wearing it. ... I flew ... and had my first aerial view of the extinct volcano."

{According to Solomon Islanders, after death oneís soul traveleth to a volcano in order to reside in it.}

pp. 18-9 sexual encountres during OOBE

p. 18

"Sex with a non-physical entity is also possible while in an OOB state. {Sexual relations with deities can result in accrual of all manner of benefits, manifested especially after death.} ... Even if you do

p. 19

encounter a real entity, there will still be your hallucinated dream body and well as the hallucinated dream body of your partner. [p. 171 : "Dream Body ; The hallucinated image of yourself that your mind creates".] {The term "hallucinated dream body" is the authorís idiosyncratic jargon for what is usually termed "astral body" (or the like) : oneís "astral body" is produced for oneís occupancy by deities praesiding in the astral plane. The material universe is, however, a genuine hallucination (maya).} ... Needless to say, sexual encounters ... are one of the more enjoyable things to do while in an OOB state." {Sexual encountres while out-of-body are a major feature of mediaeval European witchcraft literature.}


3. (pp. 21-7) "Thought-Existence".

pp. 21-2 inducing OOBE by screaming "out-of-body!"

p. 21

"I found myself in a dream. I screamed, "Iím out-of-body! Iím out-of-body!" several times until I felt the vibrations flow through my body. {In order for screaming such to have such an effect, the words would needs be heard and approved by a vibration-producing deity in the aitheric plane.}

p. 22

I experienced some difficulty in getting out, but I made it just before the vibrations faded away."

p. 22 non-thinking during OOBE

"In an OOB state it is impossible to "thin." ... It is, however, possible not to think. This comes from prolonged OOBE practices."

p. 23 think of friendís personality in order to indent

"when you try to visit a friend. Although it helps to scream your friend[í]s name over and over again, you must also think of the personality of your friend and not just the name."

pp. 23-4 entry to another universe (plane-of-existence) by means of rotation, whilst praeternaturally assisted by a deity

p. 23

"I felt vibrations course through me and I literally "rolled" out of my body. I spun in the air for a few seconds ... . I then screamed for ... a girl I had met earlier that day. Instead of meeting [her] I felt a hand grab on the back and literally lift me up. I went higher and higher until it seemed like I was floating in some type of abyss. It was as if I was in the middle of nothingness. Occasionally I saw what looked like blue cells. The hand kept pushing me at a phenomenal speed only I couldnít distinguish which way was up and which way was down. I screamed, "I seek a higher plane." After screaming this I felt by consciousness shifting again. I was in a different abyss that seemed to have a light grey color." "Based

p. 24

on the length of time it took me to return to my body, I believe that I had traveled a very long distance indeed ... even a different universe or dimension".

p. 24 conservation of mass, inclusive of non-material bodies

"I hallucinated or created children ... . ... {Said "children" are actually divine immortals appearing as if children (similar to Sanat Kumara).}

A basic law of physics states that no energy is ever destroyed. {And likewise that no mass is ever destroyed; and that neither is ever created out of nothingness.} ... Since ... your non-physical body has ... controllable mass as does energy {energy hath no mass; but can be stored in matter containing mass}, ... it cannot be destroyed. What this means is that in order to create the children ... I ... gave the children both thought and energy from me." {They had appeared on their own accord out of the divine world, when summoned by being thought of; and did not consume any mortalís thought nor energy for their substance.}

p. 25 dreams

"Remember that in most dreams your consciousness is already based outside of your physical body to some degree or another.

{In Projectiology, dreams are designated "partial projections" out-of-body.}

Often times the mere realization that you are out-of-body and not merely in a lucid dream causes the hallucinations to disappear."

{The "hallucinations" are deities; they deliberately disappear because to think of them as "hallucinations" at such a time is taken as an insult by them; and to call their divine dream-world "merely" anything, is taken by them as an insult to their world. Their deliberate disappearance is intended by them as a warning not to think of them in their praesence in such insulting terms.}

"Now letís consider all the dream characters and hallucinations you create. Since they are born of thought, they must contain some form of energy. They are not destroyed, but exist ... also have their own dreams and thus become gods ...".

{The same law of conservation forbidding energy to be destroyed also forbiddeth its creation out of nothing; therefore but the same token that these "gods" are indestructible, they are likewise uncreateable. In truth, they are aeternal, uncreatable, beyond control by mortals. Furthermore, being the deities which create (out of recycled materials) the content of human dreams, such office would seem to praeclude that they "have their own dreams".}

p. 26 purpose of the physical universe : free-will

"I believe that the physical universe is merely ... for the sole purpose of slowing down the thought processes. In an OOB state ... it is impossible to "think." The physical universe acts as a buffer allowing us humans to think ... . Incidentally the physical universe must exist because it is born of our own conscious thought."

{In Vajra-yana and Veda-anta metaphysics, the material universe is said not to exist (but to be mere illusion, maya) for the same reason, namely that it is produced out of thoughts. In those metaphysics, the reality is, instead, the divine worlds (consisting of what this author, E.S., would call "hallucinations") because they are self-existent and unable to be affected (except on their own initiative) by human thoughts.}

"I believe that you live several incarnate lives at once."

"It is highly possible that a non-physical entity may want to live as a physical being again, and then later become non-physical in a continuous and never ending cycle determined only by free will."

{This is likewise the Yoruba understanding of why redincarnation is voluntarily chosen by a disincarnate human soul.}

"This point cannot be explained in a time context nor in a sequence of events. I believe that you live several reincarnate lives at once. ... Perhaps this point is reached more as a matter of free will than anything else. ... There is no such thing as predetermined fate. ...

{Multiple self-contradictions on the authorís part are evident here : if "not ... in a time context" then it must be a matter of a fixed destiny (beyond time) controlling aeternally repeating cycles of events; and extra-temporal

The element of free will is a fundamental truth in all of our existence. ... You control your destiny by your thoughts."

praedetermined fate will always seem to the observer as "free will", if thoughts are praedetermined.}


Eddie Slasher : Explorations Out of the Body : a Beginnerís Roadmap to the Universe. Kroshka Bks, Commack (NY), 1996.