Explorations Out of the Body, 4-5


4. (pp. 29-41) "Non-Physical Entities".

pp. 29, 31 meeting non-physical entities while out-of-body

p. 29

"gods or ghosts ... are very much real. ... In order to know for sure, you need to ask ... this question while in an OOB state. "Are you really there?" Ninety percent of the time they will simply disappear ... .

{Of course, they sulkingly vanish from the praesence of a mortal who hath insulted them by expressing, in their praesence, doubt (even if only conditional) of their reality.}


If they donít disappear ..., you have just met your first non-physical entity."

{Those who do not vanish upon their being insulted may simply be of a coarser nature and of a lower caliber of dignity than those who vanish.}

p. 31

"In most situations when you meet a non-physical entity they do not exist physically, at least not in this world. ... The majority of the time you have no clue to their origin or intent. In many OOBEs they will appear randomly to help or assist you in your non-physical travels."

{Helping-spirits who assist a shaman during travels in non-material subtle bodies are a standard feature of shamanism in human cultures worldwide.}

pp. 31-2, 174 out-of-body travel through a tunnel

p. 31

"I realized that I was dreaming and returned to my body to get out from the hypnogogic state. I got out easily ... . ... I met an entity that I had met before. ... I didnít know exactly what she wanted, but I followed her anyway. I felt a shift in consciousness and fell through a dark red tunnel. When we came out ...

p. 32

She, the entity, ... kept looking to me for help."

p. 174

"During some shifts in consciousness you may experience falling through a tunnel. The tunnel ... may be a deeper shade of red or any of numerous colors."

pp. 32-3 immaterial television screen

p. 32

"I have started to experience ... a vibrational television station. I get into the hypnagogic state, but instead of leaving my body I stay inside and see a huge wall sized screen in front of me. This screen appears in the middle of my room, and I see it right through my closed eyelids!

p. 33

The screen constantly changes with different images and voices. ... I felt a tap on my physical cheek and was literally thrown out of my body. When I became reoriented I noticed I was lying outside next to my" automobile. "{I have likewise seen a praeternatural animated cartoon projected on the wall while traveling in a transportation-vehicle (cf. the authorís travel-vehicle).}

pp. 30, 34 instances of misunderstood place-names heard in OOBE

p. 30

"The vibrations came quickly and I spent ... minutes experimenting jumping in out of my body. ... I flew dizzily up ... . Thatís when I met her...


She said her name was L. Angel, and that she lived in Phoenix, GA."

{There are members of the Angel family listed in the telephone directory for Phenix City, Alabama (just across the Chattahootchee river from Columbus, Georgia, where I resided some years). I also resided for the years in the state (of Venezuela) containing ANGEL Falls.} .


She called herself an outgoer which is a term I had never thought about before. the term is well suited for OOB explorers, however."

p. 34

"I was pulled out of my body and a voice told me that I would find ... "enrolla"".

{Would this indicate Rolla, Missouri? If so, there may be some pun of the authorís having ROLLed (as, on p. 23) to achieve OOB state; or even of an adjoining county seatís name "DENTon" with the authorís term "indent on" (as, on pp. 16 & 172).}

pp. 35-6 learning how to move a material object while OOB

p. 35

"I was flying around ... when I saw an older man wearing a purple robe and head piece. He was sitting yoga-fashion on the ground. His skin was dark. This suggests that he was from India. ... He told me that in order to physically move an object I had to use one arm to block the object off with an invisible wall. ... I remembered him from year ago when I was just beginning to have lucid dreams ... . He helped me learn to fly in a lucid dream. ...

An interesting note here is that in Robert Monroeís book Journeys Out O The Body, he describes a similar entity who had once assisted him. ... However, the first time I had met

p. 36

this entity I had never read Monroeís book. ... Robert Monroeís experience with the entity had occurred in 1958. I had met him thirty-six years later."

pp. 37-8 a lucid dream about othersí discussing their dreams

p. 37

"The vibrations coursed through my body and I was in the hypnagogic state. I jumped out of my body and flew outside ... . ... I appeared to be in some type of small classroom. ... Other students in the class started giving accounts of their own dreams and OOBEís. ...

p. 38

At this point I woke up. ... I realized that I was having a breakthrough dream. I then jumped through my wall and flew up into the air. ... I was flying in a city".


"However, the entity, Varsgoth, had to exist or else I wouldnít have been able to remember his name. {I have often remembered names from dreams.} ... Note : A breakthrough dream is when you wake up in a dream and later realize that you are still dreaming. {This is commonly called a "dream of false awakening".} Breakthrough dreams can last through several cycles. You might wake up four or five times before you wake up for real." {I have done it at least thrice in one sleeping.}

pp. 38-9 seeing & hearing deity while awake; catatonia; multiple-personalities

p. 38

"non-physical entities ... are responsible for all the numerous ghost sightings as well as spirit pictures. Spirit pictures catch an entity on film. Although ususally visible only in the OOB state, it is possible at certain times and for certain physically awake people to see these entities. ...

p. 39

An entity may want to be seen and thus makes itself visible. ... . Letís assume that ... such people who can effectively see and hear non-physical elements while still being consciously awake in their bodies ... would be classified as psychotic. The voices so commonly reported by psychotics ... may actually be real voices originating from an OOB state while consciously awake.

Catatonia may be nothing more than an extremely prolonged separation of the non-physical body from the physical.


Schizophenics possessing true multiple personalities may actually live more than one life at a time. ... I believe that we live several reincarnate lives at once. ...

{The term "schizophrenia" is commonly used very broadly; it its narrower uses it may apply to either (1) spirit-mediumship, or (2) a metaphysical disjuncture, taught in Buddhism, consisting of the essential independence of the skandha-s composing the personality}


Perhaps the individual experiencing multiple personalities is actually relating to these other lives, and can not for some reason create a distinction.

{Actually, all "the individuals experiencing multiple personalities" make clear and definite distinctions, both between themselves and their temporarily possessing "personalities" (spirits), and also among those possessing "personalities" (spirits).}


If a person sees or hears something that ... the majority of society do not see, that said individual is classified as crazy.

{Actually, in traditional Africa, a majority of the human population hath seen ghosts or spirits.}


How many people are now in mental asylums whose supposed sickness is no more than an ability to see non-physical entities and voices from the OOB state while being consciously awake?"

pp. 39-41 visibility to the wake of out-of-body travelers and of ghosts

p. 39

"I have had many OOBEís in which I feel that someone may actually be seeing me. ... I believe these people may be looking at more of a strange radiating or reflecting light than actually seeing my image."

p. 40

"In one OOBE ..., I planned to meet a friend while out-of-body. I did successfully manage to get out-of-body. ... Later ... he reported seeing an image of me at roughly the same time ... I was out-of-body. It is possible that he did actually see my image ... but me may have been in the hypnagogic state ... of consciousness since he was just waking up."

p. 41

"You must remember that ever since [the beginning of] recorded history there have been ghost sightings. I believe that these images of ghosts are nothing more than non-physical entities who may for some reason or another been visible to other consciously awake observers.

As to why these non-physical entities exist you must first question why you as a physical being exist. Their existence is just as real as ours and maybe more so. As I stated in the previous chapter [on p. 26, where, however it is stated of "the physical universe" (rather than of the physical body specifically)], out physical bodies only temporarily slow down our thought processes. " [The term "temporarily" in this context is explained on p. 26 : "After a certain point in the existence of your soul ..., you reach a point where the "physical-buffer" is no longer needed. ... When this point in time is reached the physical body is no longer needed, and you become a non-physical entity."]


5. (pp. 43-73) "Letís Go Flying".

p. 43 recommended books by "OOB explorers that have consciously left their body numerous times, and returned to write a book about it"



Rick Stack

Out-of-Body Adventures

Oliver Fox

Astral Projections

Robert Monroe

Far Journeys

pp. 48, 50 mantra-s (muttered while drowsy) to induce lucid-dreaming

p. 48

"Repeat to yourself over and over again, "Iím going to have a lucid dream. Everything that is about to happen is a dream. Iím already dreaming now.""

p. 50

"Stephen Laberge in his book Lucid Dreaming suggests that you count to yourself just before going to sleep, "One Iím dreaming, two Iím dreaming, three Iím dreaming," and so on. ...


Later as you become more experienced with this technique you only count to yourself."

{Counting to oneís self is a trance-induction technique used in Dhyana/C^>an/Zen, etc.}

pp. 49, 56-7 hypnagogic state

p. 49

"youíre in the hypnagogic state . ... You feel vibrations coarse {read : "course"} up and down your body. You may also see right through your close eyelids."

p. 56

[inducing the hypnagogic state :] "imagine that your feet are not only falling asleep but, they completely disappear. Imagine seeing your body without feet. Then imagine your lower legs disappearing, and so on. ... .

... you have induced the hypnagogic state. It is a very unique experience. Your entire body feels like it is vibrating. ... If you continue to stare upwards you will see right through your closed eyelids."

p. 57

"So you successfully induced the hypnagogic state. You feel vibrations course up and down your body, you see right through your closed eyelids, and your whole body feels as if it is paralyzed."

pp. 52-3 out-of-body in outer space

p. 52

"OOBE in which I was flying deep in space. I actually saw the bluish white globe we call Earth as I went further into space. ... .

p. 53

... all I could see was thousands of stars. I was somewhere deep in space and very much out of my body."

p. 58 jaw-vibration to achieve OOBE

"I felt vibrations course through me which seemed to be created by a slight movement of my jaw. ... The jaw movement phenomenon has happened to me numerous times. Robert Monroe in his book Journeys Out Of The Body has also described this technique whereby you slightly move your jaw while inducing the hypnagogic state. ... In fact, in recent OOBEs I felt very strong vibrations originating in

my jaw to the point where I feel that my jaw may shatter."

{so-called "glass jaw"}

p. 59 rotation to achieve OOBE

"Another interesting way to get out is to simply roll over. This technique usually works for me, but ... I have a tendency to keep rolling once I get out-of-body. If you "roll" out too fast you literally spin in the air for a few minutes until you lose momentum."

{This may be related to the shamanic technique of traveling to another plane-of-existence through a whirlpool (or, sometimes, a whirlwind).}

pp. 60-1 instance of false-awakening [This is apparently the author (E.S.)ís only experience of false-awakening, an event that is quite frequent in some persons (including in myself).]

p. 60

"I jumped out of my body so quickly it seemed almost too easy. ... I was pretty sure I was out-of-body, but just to make sure I turned around to look at physical body which by all rights should have been lying on the bed directly behind me. ... My body wasnít there! ...

p. 61

This was the first and only time that this has ever happened to me."

p. 62 indenting-out

"Instead you can indent out. Remember an indent is a lock on the consciousness of another being. For instance, you can indent by thinking of a friend, not just the name but the personality too. Consequently you will visit you will visit your friend wherever she happens be while in an out-of-body state. ... You can do this directly from the hypnagogic state ... . Scream your friendís name over and over again while simultaneously thinking of her personality. When you are successful you feel very strong vibrations in your body. You also feel your consciousness beginning to shift. ... This technique insures nearly one hundred per cent success in getting out."

pp. 65-6 OOBE via "warm sensation"

p. 65

"I lay down ... . After about five minutes I felt a "warm sensation" come over my entire body. I looked around my room and realized that my eyelids were still closed. ... I literally jumped out of my body".

p. 66

"I experienced a "warm sensation" which I believe to be a very high level or high vibration frequency. Robert Monroe in his Journeys Out Of The Body [pp. 214-5] reports being able to increase the frequency of his vibrations until they reach such high frequencies that they take a warm sensation. He theorizes that the higher the frequency of vibrations the easier it is to actually get out. ... If you experience difficulty in getting out from the hypnagogic state try to increase the frequency of vibrations. This will help. ...

To increase the pulsations while in the hypnagogic state, focus on the vibrations and try to mentally picture them flowing up and down your body. Now imagine the vibrational cycle speeding up. Continue doing this until they seem to take on a warm sensation."

pp. 70-1 OOBE via hypnosis

p. 70

"I myself once managed to successfully hypnotize a person to have OOBEs. ... If you do wish to try

p. 71

hypnosis, self-hypnosis is probably your best bet."


Eddie Slasher : Explorations Out of the Body : a Beginnerís Roadmap to the Universe. Kroshka Bks, Commack (NY), 1996.