Explorations Out of the Body, 6-8


6. (pp. 75-85) "Beginning Explorations".

pp. 76-7 controlling oneís own thoughts during OOBE

p. 76

"Remember your thoughts are your existence while in an OOB state, therefore, your thoughts cause an instantaneous reaction.

p. 77

During your first couple of OOBEs you may experience some difficulty in controlling your motions. My best advice is to think of single words so you donít confuse your thoughts. For instance if you want to fly simply say "fly". Donít think about flying for all this does is clutter your thought processes. Just think mentally to yourself "fly" if you want to fly. If you want to go up simply think "up". If you want to go forward think "forward" and so on."

pp. 77-8 misidentified state of the U.S.A.

p. 77

"The first thing I did was try to visit L. Angel with her indent, but as before I was unsuccessful. I must have used the wrong name. ...

[vide p. 30]

p. 78

I now believe that the name Phoenix is actually the name of a street and not a city."

[p. 31] {Actually a city, but in AL, not GA.}

p. 78 silver cord

"A common report in OOBEs is the existence of a silver to bluish looking cord connecting you to your physical. I have never seen this cord".

{Perhaps the author did not see the sliver cord because he doubted the importance of divine entities who enable OOBE, and who enable the silver cordís visibility to dreamers.}

pp. 80-1 eavesdropping on telephone conversations during OOBE

p. 80

"I literally jumped out of my body and flew outside ... . ... When I was flying down my driveway I started hearing voices next to the telephone pole. I flew closer to listen. I was actually hearing someoneís telephone conversation! As I floated there listening to the conversation I got tangled in the brown lines originating from the telephone and power pole. ... I untangled myself from the brown lines and flew away into the night."

"In the night to follow the brown lines became less and less noticeable until they disappeared all together. ...

p. 81

Once you become used to the electricity in the area the ... brown lines will disappear."

"I have "eavesdropped" on numerous telephone conversations while being in the vicinity of a telephone pole."

pp. 81-2 dream-body as body of OOBE

p. 81

"One of the most common interpretations [of existence] in an OOBE state is your dream body. ... You can appear

{Deities can transform oneís OOB form howsoever they are requaested to do; just as they can produce oneís dream-body in any form requaested.}

p. 82

to be any conceivable shape imaginable such as fairy, vampire, werewolf, etc."

p. 84 absence of smell & taste

"I have never smelled anything in an OOB state nor have I tasted anything. This does not mean that these sensations are impossible, only that I have never experienced them. Maybe some other daring OOB explorer has."

{"The projected double uses the same basic senses as the physical body, albeit at a greatly enhanced level. It can still see and hear and smell and taste and touch" (AD, p. 30).}

AD = Robert Bruce : Astral Dynamics.


7. (pp. 87-105) "Cruising the Fast Lane".

pp. 87-8 indenting on friends

p. 87

"a shift in consciousness ... occurs when your consciousness is instantly transported from one place to another ... . ...

p. 88

All you need for a shift in consciousness is a positive indent. To repeat, an indent is a positive lock on the consciousness of another being whether living or dead, human or animal ... . For the most part, a positive indent is most easily accomplished with a friend you know very well. ... First get out of your body then mentally scream your friend[í]s name while simultaneously thinking about his/her personality. ... You will know you are successful when your consciousness begins to shift. During a shift of consciousness you may experience a sensation of strong vibrations, a rushing feeling, or you may feel ... youíre falling through a tunnel of bright light.

Right after you have successfully shifted ... Vision and hearing may ... be somewhat impaired. This is easily corrected by thinking "see" and[/]or "hear." The person you planned to visit may not be right in front of you but is probably in the near vicinity. In most situations you have to fly around a bit to find him or her."

p. 91 changing your mind during an indent

"It is possible to change your indent halfway through a shift. You may, however, experience side effects due to this action. Such side effects include harsh vibrations, a feeling of an unusually long shift, and extreme disorientation after the shift. What happens can be compared to a non-physical whiplash."

p. 91 indenting while in the hypnagogic state

"I left directly from the hypnagogic state by mentally yelling ... several times. I experienced unusually strong vibrations, especially in the jaw area. {I experience a dislocation of my jaw by praeternatural force, while I was confined in gaol in B., GA.} This usually happens to me when I indent directly from the hypnagogic state and do not bother to get out first."

pp. 92-3 how to find the current address of an old friend (whom one hath not seen for some years); an attempt at obtaining a telephone #

p. 92

"This was the same person I had met while out of the body before. We also had several mutual dreams. I do not know his current whereabouts ... . ...

If ever I get around to it I can find out his whereabouts simply by asking for his address while out-of-body. This can be done through subconscious telepathy which allows one to communicate with a consciously awake person while out-of-body."

p. 93

[instance of communicating with an embodied person, while out-of-body] "I realized that we were communicating through telepathy and not sounds. I told her ... to write down my telephone number. ... Finally I realized that this wasnít working and I asked for her telephone number. She told me it. ... I tried to wake up quickly so I could immediately write the number down. ... I grabbed a pen and to my surprise may hand went right through the table and the pen! I was still out-of-body. ... When I had woken up for real I had completely forgotten her telephone number."

pp. 96-7 indenting on the detached consciousness in order to achieve mutual dreaming

p. 96

"if at nighttime you get out and try to indent on a friend there is a good possibility that your friend may also be dreaming or is in an OOB

p. 97

state and that her consciousness is already based outside her physical body. In this situation the person you visit is her detached consciousness and not her physical body.

This is how the phenomena of mutual OOBEs and dreams occur. ... This actually happens quite often[,] for the average OOB explorer leaves his body at night which is the same time that most people dream.

If you ever try to indent on someone and feel that you are having a bad hallucination it may be that you are actually in the personís dream. ... If you indent on someone and then later question whether you are in the other personís dream, you can find out ... if you are trapped in a dreamscape".

p. 99 being pulled out of the material body

"Another possibility is literally pulling your friend out of her physical body while she is in the hypnagogic state.

{Vieira mentioned doing this, usually in co-operation assisting a divine entity in performing this.}

On numerous occasions I have had entityís [efforts] pull me out of my body, sometimes willingly, sometimes not."

{This was also mentioned by Vieira. (It always happened willingly with Vieira, who was always compliant).}

pp. 99-100 indenting on, or having a mutual OOBE with, oneís pet

p. 99

"you can indent on ... household pets ... . I have a pure breed dog ... which I have not only indented on while out-of-body, but have had several mutual OOBEs with."


[instance of a mutual dream of false-awakening, shared with a pet] "I woke up in my dream .. and I noticed that my room looked kind of

p. 100

funny. I thought that maybe I ... was having a breakthrough dream.


To answer my question I thought about floating up and I did. ...

{I have likewise floated into the air in my room, in a recent dream of false awakening.}


I flew down my stairway and was about to fly out the door when I noticed [the pet dog] was whimpering and shaking in his sleep. ... Curious, I indented by mentally screaming [the dogís name], and felt my consciousness shifting. ... For the next couple of minutes my dog and I took turns chasing each other flying back and forth".

pp. 100-1 pet noticing out-of-body owner; haunted by ghosts of dead pets

p. 100

"Whenever I am out-of-body and in the near vicinity of my house, my fully awake dog knows this and usually wants to play or beg for food."

p. 101

"if you had a pet that died recently you may still be able to see its non-physical presence around your house


while you are out-of-body. ... Robert Monroe in his book Far Journeys describes an OOBE where right outside his house he notices three "relaxed and observant" cats. [Robert Monroe : Far Journeys. NY : Doubleday, 1985. pp. 257-8] Later he realizes that these cats were all favored household pets that had died physically in the past three years."

p. 102 instance of being told, in oneís dream, that one is dreaming

"I remembered a previous meeting with this entity and mentally screamed "Johnston," which was his name. Instead of my consciousness shifting and me traveling, he appeared before me.

{The name "Johnston" is likely intended to signify "Johnstown", where the dam was "authorized in 1836", commenced in 1840 ("RPC"), damaged in 1862 ("PRO"), repaired in 1879 ("DSV"), enlarged in 1887 ("SRJF"), and burst in 1889.}

I asked Johnston how long he had been doing this and he told me for 128 years."

{The date was in (p. 101) 1993; 128 years earlier would have been 1865 (end of the Civil War).}

"In an earlier visit Johnston met me in a dream and proceeded to tell me that I was dreaming".

{On one occasion, I was told by a deity in a dream that I was experiencing a dream. [This happened when I had just said to that deity that I wondered whether the scene were a dream. Indeed, the deity was willing to tell this to me only because I had (without being prompted) some nights earlier hailed one such deity as "dream-deity".]}

"RPC" = "The South Fork Reservoir of the Pennsylvania Canal" http://www.jaha.org/edu/flood/why/dam_canalera.html

"PRO" = "History of the Southfork Dam under Pennsylvania Railroad Ownership" http://www.jaha.org/edu/flood/why/dam_rr_era.html

"DSV" = "The Disaster Scientifically Viewed" http://www.jaha.org/edu/flood/why/beale-dam.html

"SRJF" = "Special Report on the Johnstown Flood" http://www.jaha.org/edu/flood/why/engineer_report.html


8. (pp. 107-25) "The Time Travel Highway".

p. 110 supposed OOBEs by animals

"I do not believe that humans are alone in having these unconscious OOBEs. ... Hours before a storm birds have been reported flying to safety in the thousands. All types of animals ... have been seen running from a fire in an uncontrollable panic for no apparent reason. Hours later a forest fire starts ... . ... Perhaps these animals also have unconscious OOBEs which warn them".

{A monitory OOBE would not (especially not any "unconscious" one!) cause these animals to flee (because they would not well understand, nor heed, it); however, some protective spirits may be inducing panic in the animals, causing those animals to flee without the animalsí knowing why.}

p. 112 escaping the deinosaur-world via a tunnel-chute

"I seemed to be in some type of primeval swamp ... . Large reptiles resembling creatures now alien to us were in this swamp eating the vast flora that grew so plentifully.

My consciousness began shifting and I fell through a tunnel or more correctly I was punched through a tunnel for the speed was amazing."

p. 118 bodhi is imparted to the author by a Tantrik goddess during OOBE

"In another OOBE I was flying with a black female entity. She was trying to teach me how to increase my clarity of awareness while in an OOB state. ... The results were amazing. ... Everything that I saw seemed to be enhanced in brilliant colors."

{To notice, and be duly impressed, with colors (and the like) in oneís environs is an indication of having just achieved bodhi (kensho).}

p. 120 memory of a past life

"You live several multiple lives at once, not in succession. ... The hypnotist then tells the subject to look even further back to a past life. After successful regression library research is done to help validate the existence of this past person."

{Another "out of body" experiencer and admirer of Robert Monroe, namely Val Valerian, likewise hath likewise disapproved (in his Matrix series of books) the terminology of "sequential lives".}

{Howbeit. to define "memory" as Ďliving simultaneously with remembered eventsí is a queer sort of way of defining it. A vividly life-like memory need not be described as literally reliving the time so remembered.}

pp. 121-3 meeting oneís alleged "other selves"

p. 121

"You can visit one of your other selves if you so desire. In an OOB state indent by saying, "I seek another self," again and again until you feel your consciousness begin to shift. After you stop and are reoriented look around

{By meeting a past self, one would be influencing oneís own past, a logical impossibility. What one could meet would be a spirit/deity falsely impersonating oneís self.}

p. 122

you. You will probably see your other self. ... you will recognize him or her instantly for they are your other self(s).

p. 123

"One of the most fascinating OOBEs you can try is meeting an older self. Unlike meeting a younger self, the future is always changeable"

{A "changeable future" is not really a future at all.}

p. 125 prae-cognitive dreams

"OOBEs involving a probable future ... are commonly and incorrectly called precognitive dreams. They are not a dream at all."

{Since it is quite impossible to enter (and thus influence) the future and then return, these cannot be any OOBEs; but must indeed be truly dreams.}

"remember that you currently live several lives as once."


Eddie Slasher : Explorations Out of the Body : a Beginnerís Roadmap to the Universe. Kroshka Bks, Commack (NY), 1996.