Far Journeys, 12-16


12. (pp. 157-172) "Hearsay Evidence".

pp. 157-8 following another flying projector




"It was whirling, stopping, starting, moving slow then fast, passing through

strange flashes of percepts, into a brilliant sun and out the other side,

dodging around clusters of forms who seemed startled at their percept of


us. ... in and out of clouds, bands of energy that were like gusts of hot

and cold air, electrical shocks, straight through the walls of a magnificently

spired city."

pp. 162-169 allegorical tale about a crop called "Loosh"


13. (pp. 173-181) "Shock Treatment".

pp. 174-5 explication of the "Loosh" allegory




"Loosh, an energy generated

by all organic life in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most

potent coming from humans—engendered by human activity which triggers emotion, the highest of such emotions being—love? Is love loosh?"


"I released the loosh rote and turned deeply inward, scanning. It was

easier from this perspective, or perhaps it was the presence of the INSPEC

energy. It presented itself much as a simultaneous mixture and sequence

of musical chords and short melodies, only it wasn't sound, it was patterns

in colors of light. Scattered among the clutter of harmony, dissonance,

discord, excitement, fun, fear, and emotion, and beginning shortly after

birth, I had the percept of occasional surges of white . . . first from my

mother and father, then smaller flashes I was unable to identify as to

source. ... The bright red and pink chords and urgent

melody were impressive".

pp. 178-9 directly perceiving Loosh




"W i t h g r e a t d i f f i c u l t y , I n a r r o w e d a n d h e l d o n t h e c e n t e r o f t h e f o r m

. . . a n d I b e g a n t o c o o l a n d c a l m d o w n . . . s l o w l y m y r a t i o n a l a n d

obs e rvi ng se l f began to eme rge aga in, domina t ing the ove rwhe lming emotional surge that had enveloped me . . . it was as if I perceived through a

d a r k ly t i nt ed window and I h a d to wo rk cont i nua l ly to ke e p t h e e mot i on

be low the thr e shold l e ve l , the wond rous and br i l l i ant joy , awe , re ve r enc e ,

m e l d e d i n t o o n e y e t w i t h f l a s h e s o f e a c h s p a r k i n g m o m e n t a r i l y . "


"there, in the long view, was a radiant living form of incredible size,

my first percept that of a tall standing humanoid, arms outstretched in

front, palms upward . . . but just as quickly, it was not . . . instead, a

shining globe, edges indistinct, behind it another, identical in appearance,

behind it another, a continuous cascade moving away into infinity,

beyond my p e r c ept ab i l i ty . . . f rom e a ch c am e numb e r l e s s beams or

rays, some huge in their diameter, others no wider than a pinpoint, all

uniform in size throughout their length and beyond my percept as to their

destination, some of them moving past me so close that I felt I could

reach out and touch one . . ."


14. (pp. 182-204) "One Easy Lesson".

p. 189 nation-states

"humans form

big clubs they call nations and try to destroy other nations who they think

threaten their survival"

{Actually [not "humans", but] ruling-classes, trick subjugated working-classes into mistakenly believing that other nations threaten their survival, so that the working-classes will consent to support opulently the war-mongering ruling-classes.}

pp. 192-3 soul of dead man unsuccessfully soliciting a living prostitute


unaware dead


"The older man trying to buy the offerings of two young

hookers standing by a doorway leading upstairs, angry because they don't

know he exists, watches as a physical man steps up, waves a double sawbuck in one girl's face as she turns and leads him up the stairs; the first

man following."


"What's the matter with them? They've

died physically and they don't know it. All they remember is human

physical existence and they're trying to hang on. That's all they got, they


p. 193 sexual intercourse among souls of the dead [cf. pp. 88-9]

"They've died physically and they at least know they're different ... . But, uh, what

are they doing, like that?

They have no interest but reproducing, not to make copies, but just the

act of reproducing. That's all they know and all they care about."

pp. 201-3 guides of the inner rings




"I led us to the

very outer fringes of the outermost ring, where the haze was quite thin.

The rim had a glow to it as we approached, and as we entered, the glow

broke down into soft individual light sources, those who resided here.

These were the teachers, the helpers, the so-called guides of the inner


rings—all on temporary but dedicated duty. ... One form broke away from a group and approached us.

It was only slightly humanoid in shape, glowing softly. ... .

... it' s th e wi ld e s t bunch of game s inside o f game s

. . . With, uh, rules on top of rules that get so mixed up you don't have

any percept at all of which game you’re playing. Then they get so busy

playing so many games they forget it is a game, the whole thing. Even why

they’re playing it and how they got in it to start. ...


Most of us here—where you are now—we

spend our energy going in to help other humans, however".


15. (pp. 205-227) "Promised Plan".

pp. 206-7, 210-7, 219 future possibility




"We can escort you to a physical earth possibility at a point in your time

measurement beyond the year 3000. The principal inhabitants are what we

call H-plus, humans-plus, to indicate modification from those in your present time. As you are now, you will be a visitor. ...

We were high above the earth, much as one would perceive it from

halfway to the moon, which was still there, behind us. The earth was the

same blue-green color, with white covers of clouds partially obscuring the

land below. We moved in steadily, and I was happy to see that the deep

gray and brown rings were no longer there—which meant the blockage


got cleaned up. ... But it was the new feature that

pulled my focus and wouldn't let it go. Around the earth was a single flat

ring, much like the ones around Saturn, and it was radiating and sparkling,

not from the reflection of the sun, but from its own internal source. ...

As we moved around, not through, the sparkling ring and headed inward, I became aware of another change. The M Band was full of communication, but no noise. No noise! That could mean only one thing—man

had finally got it together. Further evidence was the lack of the haze M

Band noise creates. No more random thought-clutter. ...

No ships. I reached out along the horizon and far beyond. Not even a

rowboat or dinghy. I scanned overhead across the sky with its streets of

white cumulus clouds. No aircraft ... . ...


I reached the edge of the woods and started to enter, when I ran into a

barrier, something that threw me back into the field. ...

A man and a woman came out from under the trees and

stood in front of me. ... Both

appeared to be in their late twenties ... . ...


Year? Oh . . . time. They gave up that kind of measuring somewhere

after they reached the 3000 mark. Didn't need it anymore. What next?

I flickered. Where are we? I know from the way we traveled on our

approach that we’re just inside the United States near the coastline.

... Not the United States any longer. No states or countries anywhere.

Don't need them. ...


We store our favorite human bodies here under the oak trees until we need them. ...

We put a super Reball around it ... It's

so tight not even a virus can get through, so certainly it won't be bothered

by ticks, mosquitoes, or anything larger. ...

"Reball," short for resonant energy balloon,

which we were clumsily trying to generate, with mixed success, an energy

field around the body to shield and protect, back when. ...


The Reball ... keeps an air temperature layer all around the physical, just whatever you want it to be. ...


We were hovering over a rolling landscape, at about ten thousand feet.

Directly below us was what seemed to be the center of a lotus blossom,

the outermost petals in magnificent glowing colors spreading out in all

directions for five or six miles. ...


I'm sure there are any number of bodies under

those beautiful cherry blossoms.

I pressed. We each could take over one, just like that?

Yes, of course. ...

But what about the physical bodies

you left under the oak trees? Can just anyone occupy those if they want to?

... Sure, why not? ...


We were floating amid thousands upon thousands of white sparkling

forms, each animated and vibrating. ...


We moved easily through the sparkling forms ... .

I could feel the radiation ease back in

front of me, providing a pathway, so to speak, of low-level energy that I

could tolerate. I was surprised when, passing various forms, a spark would

fly out and touch me. In the sparks were spoken words that I heard very

clearly . . . Hello, Bob. Hi, Robert . . . ...

In front of us was the First Entry.

Station. It appeared much the same. There was a large cluster of gray

forms hovering around it. ...


I'm floating over a wide brown field, just about three thousand feet up

. . . I'm flat on the bottom and strong life energy is pouring up at me

from below . . . I'm getting larger and larger and I eagerly convert the

energy into being me . . . I'm a whirling vortex and my action takes

water out of the energy and helps me get bigger, and I become more

conscious, more aware . . . as I get bigger, I'm able to know more . . . ...

Clouds have consciousness?"

pp. 220, 223-4 assuming non-human bodies




"I ' m

a fish, a very big fish! . . . I can feel my stabilizing fins waving gently to

ke ep m e i n pl a c e , my vi s i on i s spl i t , I c an' t s e e exa c t ly s t r a i ght i n f ront of

me . . . be hind me i s a l mo s t a b l ind spot , but my pe r i ph e r a l s e e i ng i s

t r e m e n d o u s , d e t a i l i s e x q u i s i t e".


"We were hovering just above the ground, and I looked down. Below us,

breathing shallowly and slowly, lying in the grass, was ...

another panther body, a darker brown one, which I had



"I'm soaring . . . as a bird, am a bird!"

"I was back in among the sparkling forms, and I closed tightly."

p. 226 Loosh-plant for homing-ray

"To gather loosh?

... No. To sow it, to plant the

seeds. That lets the, uh, ray have an ident to focus on."


16. (pp. 228-237) "The Gathering".

pp. 229-31 outmost ring; the Gathering




"We were on the far rim of the outermost ring. I could recognize it from

the very thin ambience of haze. The soft white forms were all around us. ...


Then I became aware of the intent inward focus of

the entire outermost ring, the inhabitants thereof. ...

I followed the line of their focus. It was the physical

planet earth, indistinct and nebulous from this perspective. ...

We were out in space somewhere between the earth and the moon,

indeterminate distance, fifty thousand miles plus from the surface of

earth. ...

My immediate percept of the earth was a pinpoint of reflected light in

the distance, no larger than a small star. From it came irregular waves of

energy, multidimensional, pulsing, intermittently broken by occasional

quick flares ... . ...


As far as I could perceive in all directions, with the earth at the center, was a host of forms, countless numbers,

it seemed. Some had shape, others appeared as no more than a wisp of

cloud vapor, all glowed in various degrees of intensity. ...

(It is what we call the gathering. These have manifested from other

nearby energy systems only to witness the big show, as you call it, just as

those within the physical spacecraft and your final-process humans. This big

show which is about to occur is actually a very rare event—the conflux of

several different and intense energy fields arriving at the same point in your

time-space. It is this rarity that has attracted so much attention. In terms

that you can perceive, it may occur once every eighty-seven million of your

earth years."

pp. 233-4, 236 pyramid at pond

p. 233

"Below us

was the physical earth, about five hundred feet. It was night and occasional lights dotted the countryside. Almost directly under us was an area

of water like a small pond or pool, and immediately beyond, a green

pyramidlike structure with a light glowing inside. ...

p. 234

The three of us moved down slowly, just over the top of the green

pyramid and beyond ... . ...

p. 236

The green pyramid, the three of us, serve

humankind . . . green, green pyramid roof, three on a beam".


Robert Monroe : Far Journeys. M A I N S T R E E T (an imprint of DOUBLEDAY, a division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc.), NYC, 1985.