Far Journeys, 17-19


[17.] Epilogue (pp. 238-264) : "End Game".

pp. 238-40 denizens of the Inner Ring




Countreparts of awake alive beings : "The first inner layer or ring was clear and more distinct from my nonphysical perspective, and all seemed to be completely focused on the

activities of the in-human physical condition. ...


All were attempting to participate in physical life in one way or another with no

success whatsoever. ... They

were completely unaware of any existence other than physical."


"The Dreamers: This group has a distinctive vibration or radiation that

indicates they are attached to a physical body somewhere in the current

earth time-space. This infers {implies} but does not verify that they may be in an

out-of-body state during sleep. ...

What might be loosely termed evidence of their origin is

that they suddenly "wink out" or disappear in the middle of an action.

Are they awakening in the physical again, out of sleep?"


"The Locked-Ins: These are very similar to the previous category, and

might be confused with them initially but for several key differences. This

group is composed solely of those who have permanently exited their

current physical body—dead physically but don't know it. Consequently,

they are trying constantly to continue a physical existence to which they

have become habituated. They often remain around physical locations,

such as houses, and physically living persons to whom they have become

attached. Some continue to attempt reentry into their dead physical bodies and to reactivate them, even into the grave—which may give credence

to the strange radiation effects sometimes perceived in cemeteries."


"The Wild Ones: Much lesser in number than the above but with the

same motivating drives expressed in an entirely different manner. ...

The Wild Ones do not realize they

have lost the use of their physical bodies, and they do not perceive anything other than physical matter reality. However, they are very much

aware that they are somehow different. They don't understand the whys

or hows of it and have no desire to learn. All they realize is that such

difference releases them from all of the restraints, obligations, and commitments that were a part of their physical lives."

pp. 241-2 denizens of other Rings




"The next ring outward ... is composed of those

who do realize they are no longer in physical human life, but have no

awareness or memory of any other possibility. Often they are stunned by

the loss, and do no more than remain in a motionless, nonperceiving

passive state, as if waiting for something to take place. They are usually

easy to contact, instruct, and lead to a suitable outer ring."


"Moving outward, the next ring is the largest of all, and contains an

apparently limitless number of sub-rings. However, they all come under a

strong general category: At least, all residents here know they have passed

through physical death. There may be ... differing beliefs as to

what and where they are at this point; hence the often sharply delineated

sub-rings. [differing beliefs due to differing religions] ...


The pattern of human passage through this particular ring is most fascinating, again from the external view. It is composed of energy in human

experiential form moving in two directions, both inward and outward. The

inward flow is composed of fresh energy from the NPR [Nonphysical Reality] area first encountering the HTSI [Human Time-Space Illusion] field, becoming more and more attracted by it through a

series of in-human existences, passing through this particular ring more

rapidly once the null point is crossed. From that point inward, the movement accelerates to the inner edge of the ring and through it, terminating

usually in the lowest of the inner rings. ...


The single outermost ring is composed solely of those who are preparing

for their final in-human experience—the Last-Timers, or Seniors, whichever suits your perspective. They have lost their gray appearance and

much of their humanoid form; they are nearly white in radiation with

occasional sparkling patterns around them. They are tightly closed, and do

not respond to any communication attempts except possibly among themselves. It is difficult to observe their final reentry into human experience.

It is either too rapid or instantaneous. Their exit from the final cycle is

represented by a sparkling glowing light which moves rapidly outward

through the rings, with occasional pauses for some unknown reason. Upon

passing this outermost ring, they suddenly disappear from perception,

leaving no residual image or trace." {cf. the Moon-Buddha-s (in the 10,000-Buddha scheme of the S^in-gon, a scheme perhaps of Taoist provenience), who all have only a very brief samsarik existence.}

p. 248 melding together of a male and a female consciousness

"One enters as male and the other as

female. The drives, needs, enculturation, and other factors all may be

designed to literally force the accommodation, melding, and understanding between these two systems of consciousness." [On p. 35, for a female "to meld" with a male is considered similar to engaging in "physical sex".]

{The union of couple (a male and a female) as a "melting together" (TS, p. 86), of "becoming very quickly and entire one" (TS, p. 90), is usually described as a sensation of sexual intercourse.}

TS = Jenny Wade : Transcendent Sex. Paraview (Simon & Schuster), 2004.

p. 251 conventional religious teachings

"As the first-timer lives his human life, he finds virtually nothing to guide

his mentation in directions other than those directly related to time-space

physical matter. Unfortunately for the human, this includes those organizations who purvey belief systems based upon individuals both present and

in past history whose knowledge of origin-identity was operational during

their human sojourn. In the retelling and conversion to verbal human

communication ... only portions of

the process remain. ...

Only in very rare instances do these provide clear access to

the source."

p. 257 Superlove


Love (SL) ... is indestructible, as stated. Once activated, no

subsequent thought, emotion, or event can have any effect upon it. SL is

not in any way dependent upon manifestation in physical matter, or activity therein. SL has no object, animate or inanimate, although such may be

one of the catalysts to trigger the generation thereof. SL is a continuous

radiation, totally nondependent upon like reception or any other form of

return whatsoever."

p. 260 transcendental significant of sexuality

"what you experience here sexually is a very weak

imitation of a part of a totality.

{Sexuality is no weaker than other polarities, such in gravitation, magnetism, etc.; and the physical forces could be as readily regarded as "imitations" of the biotic ones.}

No male or female "owes" the other an

obligation to copulate. ...

{This obligation is required even in divine worlds, as can be seen in Tantrik depictions of copulation between male and female deities.}

Load is induced when more is

made of it than it is.

Sexuality is not love, if love is defined as an expression of Prime Energy,

but may well be a procedure through which the individual eventually

learns of its existence. If this does indeed take place, keep the love and

release the sexuality, then no load exists."

{The deities in their divine worlds do not regard sexuality as unnecessarily burthensome; but, rather, it is their way of expressing their Prime Energy in controlling the universe. Likewise through sexuality, mortal humans learn of the existence of the immortal deities; and when this learning taketh place, the humans can be released from their burthen of guilt which originateth in the mortal-mind’s attitude of despising the divine sexuality of the deities. Love without sexuality would be a dead love (much as faith without works is a dead faith). Those who dread sexuality commonly become hermits, fleeing from all association with others.}

p. 261 ethics

"good-evil, right-wrong, exist only as illusion. In orbit, there is no up-down."

{Ethics (especially public ethics) is real enough. In orbit, there is a definite distinction between the direction away from, and the direction toward, the planet being orbited.}

pp. 261-2 laughter & humor

p. 261

"Laughter Is a Purging

Process ... .

{Laughter is a process physiologically and emotionally very similar to orgasm. How can the author seriously encourage humor while disencouraging sexuality?}

p. 262

... humor in life is something not to be missed. It relaxes, de-tunes

the ego, puts any event into its proper perspective."


[18.] Appendix I (pp. 265-270) "Out-of-Body Experience : Most Frequently Asked Quaestions and Answers".

pp. 267-70






... It can happen, as it

did to me in the early days."





The only ones recognizable to me have been domestic cats which have been a

part of our household family. They evidently have at least a second body, too,

which can be perceived if they are asleep when you are out of body".



There are a number of reports that this has taken place, and it may be possible."



... your second or immediate nonphysical body ... "remembers" the human form and thus is near-identical. ... The farther

"away" from the physical, such memory or its effectiveness becomes less. If left to

its own devices, you may become a ball, a teardrop, a small cloud, or just a "blob.""



This question has been asked of our nonphysical friends, who report that it is

not only possible but does take place frequently. We have no further information

about it, how or why it occurs, except that I personally was given the name and

location of a "second life" I am living—but I have not had the time or the courage

to verify it, if possible."


[19.] Appendix II (pp. 271-274) Stuart W. Twemlow & Glen O. Gabbard : "OBE Psychophysiology".

pp. 271-2 astral aspirations of famous authors

p. 271

"Robert Monroe ... did not have out-of-body

experiences until the age of forty-two."

p. 272

Tolstoy "had ecstatic notions about

merging with the moon".

{Perhaps related to the Neo-Platonic doctrine of poste-mortem merger of the psukhe with the moon.}

p. 273 an astral projection by Robert Monroe as observed by eyewitnesses

The witnesses "reported the impression of a

heat wavelike distortion beginning at Monroe's waist, so that it was difficult to get

a clearly focused picture of his upper body, although his lower body was in clear



[20] Appendix III (pp. 274-290) Stuart W. Twemlow; Glen O. Gabbard; Fowler C.

Jones : "Out-of-Body Experience: Phainomenology".

p. 283 self-awareness without clouding of consciousness

"An old theosophical tract [Besant & Leadbeater]

used the concept of "thought form." In

the general case the OBE is a typical "thought form," the question really being :

What form does this thinking take? ... .

... our research has raised

in our minds fundamental questions about the nature of what is "really real." In

addition to the sense of separation of mind from body, what becomes apparent

from the survey is that total mind, perhaps best referred to as "sense of whole

self," is separated. There is visually no self-awareness in the body. The whole self,

including observing and experiencing ego functions, is located at a point in perceptual space other than the brain, with the physical body being seen as inert and

"thoughtless." There is no clouding of consciousness as is reported in hypnogogic,

hypnopompic, and dream, including lucid dream states; in fact, consciousness is

felt to be quite clear.".

Besant & Leadbeater = Besant, A., and Leadbeater, C. W. Thought-forms. New York, London, and Benares: The Theosophical Publishing Society, 1905.

p. 284 The Republic

"In the Republic, Plato delineates four levels of experiential reality: imaginary,

physical, conceptual, and direct transcendental cognition, which he calls direct

seeing or "the Good." In the story of Er (Republic, 616-17) the story is told of a

valiant man, Er, who died ... and who later revived and told a story whereby

his soul had departed from him. Plato ...

says that only after death, when we are free of bodily influence,

shall we know the whole crux of being. Plato feels that freeing the psyche from the

body is an essential condition for the philosophic journey to ultimate wisdom."


Robert Monroe : Far Journeys. M A I N S T R E E T (an imprint of DOUBLEDAY, a division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc.), NYC, 1985.