Far Journeys, 6-11


6. (pp. 63-73) "Segue".

pp. 65-6 being medically assisted aboard a UFO




"Two discs came to me. ... I was put

on one of them. I am spinning around and there is a light being put on

me. I had a pain in one part of my body and they are working on that.

They are spinning me around on this disc and shooting a light beam on

me. ... There is light over all my body. I think the light is coming from the

other disc which is up over me. It is as if I am between two energy discs."


"When I go up I have to leave that energy ball back down with my

body. What I'm supposed to do is put the energy ball right down my

spine and when I take off. I will try it on and this will keep protection on

my physical body and I feel then that they are saying then at that point,

they will be able to talk through me and work through me and I will feel

completely comfortable, and that I am in control, that I had left my

energy ball which I have been working with as part of me, that I will have

that there in my body to keep the protection and also that I'm going to be

out exploring other things and they will be able to talk through my vocal


pp. being instructed by deities




[statement by deities :] "We are trying to show that she is multidimensional, and

this is why she is able to see as a great circle of self, of many forms, of the

self. It appears to her to be like many selves extending from a circle and



"The first thing that came is that we're part of one

another. But we are kind of lost in communicating with one another. It's

there on the tip but it's not out in the open. The white presence is trying

to help us or pushing me. It's kind of a transparent, feeling me. . . .

... I've been practicing going in and out of this

tunnel, back down and up there. They thought it was kind of important

to practice that. So I've been zooming up and zooming down."


7. (pp. 77-90) "Surveys and Schematics".

pp. 77-8 idiosyncratic terminology (used by the author & author’s otherworldly contacts)




"M Band: Part of energy spectrum commonly used for thought, not

electromagnetic, electrical, magnetic, nucleonic, etc. M Band noise is

caused by uncontrolled thought.

Ident: Mental name or "address," i.e., energy pattern of item

Rote: Thought ball ...


Closed: Tune down (or out) external stimuli

Flickered: Uncertain

CLICK!: Instantaneous change in consciousness

Blank: Don't understand

Turn in: Consider, think over

Vibrate: Show emotion

Smooth: Get it together, in charge of self ...

Rolled: Amused, laughed

Curl: Organized energy, usually intelligent, local slang

Plied: The way things are, goes with the territory"

pp. 78-9 having a quasi-material body, adscititious to the material body




"One of the earliest discoveries made in the new mode of Let-Somebody-Else-Do-the-Driving was that I had more than one nonphysical body.

Upon return, I began to notice it took a small additional effort to get back

into the physical. Initially, I assumed this to be nothing more than some

minor misalignment as I tried to reenter. On one particularly difficult

attempt, I pulled back slightly, stopped trying, and examined the problem.

My physical body appeared to be not one, but two—much as when your

vision is slightly impaired by astigmatism. They seemed very close together, no more than three or four inches apart, one slightly behind and

fainter than the other. I approached the nearest of the two slowly, slid

into it very easily. I held this position for several moments. It seemed as if

I were partially interspersed with the physical, yet not quite in phase. The

condition had a familiarity that took me all the way back to the vibration I

first encountered and the physical paralysis that went with it. The sensation was near-identical—without the panic.

From there, it was easy to reenter the physical with a simple twitchlike

movement, akin to a shrug of the shoulders. Thereafter, I began to take

particular notice of physical reentry and found that I did indeed reenter a

second form just prior to the physical body. In appearance, it was identical

to the physical, only less dense. However, upon return this second body

appeared more real, the more solid of the two. Upon entering the second,

the actual physical then seemed more definite. Also, I began to observe

more closely my separation process, presuming that if the premise were


valid, I would be able to perceive the release from this near-second body. I

found it was very real. I could stay in the second body, hovering near the

physical, but could move no more than ten or fifteen feet away. It was

reminiscent of my first limited out-of-body activities. It also brought back

the memory of the many frustrative attempts in those early days to move

away farther—and the moment I found the release point. Without being

aware of the reason, I had provided subsequently to others in training the

key to such release—the mental "security repository box," where one can

place thoughts that get in the way.

Once I had become aware of the actual process, it became automatic,

and both separation and return contained these elements—leaving the

second body in "orbit" close to the physical, moving and being entirely

apart and separate from the physical in a "third" body, or an energy

essence (without form?). I no longer concerned myself with the details.

Understanding it functionally—if not the reason—was enough for my


p. 79 sleeper’s classes


classes—attended by countless humans during a portion of their deep

sleep, during the sleeping out-of-body period. ... How

many times I had been here long before I knew it, before I knew anything

about OOBEs and the like! I just didn't remember when I woke up".

p. 85, 87 an otherworldly brothel

p. 85

"An archway, rounded, was in front of

me, and it appeared dark beyond—no, not dark, just lit differently in a

mixture of colors.

I strode confidently through the archway and into the colors. ...

From all sides came

the overwhelming attraction of female sexuality, inviting, asking, offering,

promising—it was too much."

p. 87

an earthquake

{Is the earthquake intended to imitate orgasm?}

pp. 88-9 projection into a sexualized death-world {cf. Buddha’s description of a prostitute as a female corpse}

p. 88

"one night when I rolled out of the

physical, and before I could release from the second body, an overwhelming drive for sexual union rose in me. ...

p. 89

The forms ... were human! Second, the incredible, staggering radiation of

sexuality, both male and female, that emanated from the seething mass.

Third, they all were physically dead. ... .

... another emotion washed through me—

intense compassion for those trapped in the undulating mass, so focused

and intent on seeking sexual satisfaction they were unaware of any other

existence ... . The

moving bodies were male and female, of all shapes and sizes, glistening

with wetness."


8. (pp. 91-106) "Contact Point".

p. 92 being instructed in a classroom via NVC (non-verbal communication)

"I was escorted frequently to what

might be loosely described as another kind of class, in that there was an

instructor and there were students, including me. It was entirely different

from the sleeper's classes I remembered. Here, freely translated, there was

a brilliant white, radiating ball of light that was the teacher. I could detect

radiation of others—presumed students—all around me, but nothing beyond that, no form or any indicators as to who and what the others were.

Instruction consisted of a seeming sequential bombardment of packages of

total experiential information to be absorbed instantly and stored thought

balls, whose actual name cannot be translated into a word, which I called


pp. 94-5 hindrance of barrier, which is thereupon explained by a deity {cf. barrier of "gateless gate", in C^>an/Zen}




"homing on th e ident

. . . went through normal reach and stretch procedure . . . moved rapidly th rough ring sys t em . . . and b e yond , wh ich d id not surpr is e me

. . . began to feel warm, more so as I went until it became almost too

uncomfortable and was at the point of turning back . . . when I rammed

headlong into something and collapsed, shaken . . . I reached out and

there was a barrier, smooth in texture, rigid, impenetrable . . . still very

uncomfortable from the heat, I pulled myself together, knowing this was

the end of the line, I might as well turn back to the physical . . . and a

bright light, very intense, glowed in front of me, first ovate, reshaping into

a tall humanoid form, so bright I cringed from it ... .


You encountered a condition similar to that which your scientists call a

standing wave ... . ... The most reasonable explanation from your

perspective is that you are just outside the portal, the gate to our reality, a

conversion point. ...

Well! There are gates to heaven, after all."


9. (pp. 107-123) "Rainbow Route".

p. 109 When he was a child, Robert Monroe was once (according to a restored memory of his, perhaps a spurious one) stunned by a lightning-strike.

pp. 120-1 in a tunnel/tube




"I am in a bright white tunnel and moving rapidly. No, it is not a tunnel,

but a tube, a transparent, radiating tube. I am bathed in the radiation which

courses through all of me, and the intensity and recognition of it envelop

my consciousness and I laugh with great joy. Something has changed, because the last time, they had to shield me from the random vibration of it.


... The radiation flow is

two-directional in the tube. The flow moving past me in the direction from

which I came is smooth, even, and undiluted. The flow that I am is moving

in the opposite direction and appears much different. It is organized in a

more complex form."


10. (pp. 124-143) "Newfound Friend".

p. 124 idiosyncatic terminology

"R u n t h e r o t e : G e t d e t a i l s

S m o o t h: G e t i t t o g e t h e r

T S I : Phy s i c a l uni v e r s e

T u r n i n : C o n s i d e r

Vi b r a t e : S h ow emo t i o n"

pp. 126, 130-1, 133, 136, 139-41 blue-green planet for entry into human status; explanation; entry (rebirth) in New York City




"The blue-green ball rushed closer until it blotted out all other perception. Then they were hovering just above tall rectangular masses set in

orderly rows. In deep furrows between the masses, objects of various

shapes were moving slowly. Noise level in the M Band was near unbearable."


"Before him was the blue-green

planet, indistinct. Around the planet were rings of haze, gigantic thick

rings, of indeterminate number. Demarcation between them was vague as

wisps and tendrils reached from one to the other. Except the ring nearly

touching the planet itself. It appeared isolated. With this exception, the

others were flowing rapidly through portals in the Entry Station. ...


The band was composed of forms,

living forms! He opened slightly, focused, one band after another. They

were all the same. Thousands—no, millions, maybe billions of living

forms. ...



there’s the Old-Timers, who mostly remember after going the route, uh,

repeating being human a number of times. These hang around and do what

they can to help. They don’t remember quite enough to go home. ...


Take this pre-brief rote and focus through it all the way. You’ll

need to imprint your agreement and acceptance when you pass through the

entry point. ...


The haze was gathering into clusters, some large, some small. Each had

wispy spirals of rote that brushed through ... . ...

Do you know what they’re going through over there? ...

Untold suffering. Millions upon millions of them, lying and deceiving

one another, violating every known law, including the ones they thought up

themselves, illusion upon illusion, digging deeper and deeper patterns . . .

It’s horrible."


"Ready for you at entry portal! ...

Imprint here, acceptance and agreement terms contained

in pre-briefing. ... What do I do now! ... Jump! Jump through the slot! ...


A new ba by c r i ed lust i ly in the bedroom of a New York t ene ment . Both

m o t h e r a n d m i d w i f e g r i n n e d h a p p i l y , s w e a t r u n n i n g d o w n t h e i r f a c e s."


11. (pp. 144-156) "Rescue Mission".

pp. 149, 152-3 world-rings




"The temporaries knew they were nonphysical; they built all of

this to be in familiar surroundings while they thought over and prepared

for their next human cycle ... . ...

You could spend thousands of years in the rings and never

explore all aspects of them. Some parts are great, some not so great. I was

told that whatever man can think of is somewhere in these rings; thus

more is being added constantly as man thinks more. Also I was told some

humans do spend thousands of years here, rotating in and out of physical

earth life."


"The haze ahead was

much thicker, dull gray, with only occasional flares of light moving

through it. I understood the lights; they were those from the outer rings

coming in, trying to help or meeting loved ones at their physical death. ...

These were the ones who had just been released from their

physical body via death and vaguely knew they had but didn't have the

rote to do much, if anything, about it. ...


The inhabitants of this ring ...

didn't or couldn't or wouldn't realize they were no longer physical. They

were physically dead, no more physical body. Thus they kept trying to be

physical, to do and be what they had been, to continue physical one way

or another. Bewildered, some spent all of their activity in attempting to

communicate with friends and loved ones still in bodies or with anyone

else who might come along, all to no avail. Others were held attracted to

physical sites in which they had instilled great meaning or importance

during their previous human lifetime."


Robert Monroe : Far Journeys. M A I N S T R E E T (an imprint of DOUBLEDAY, a division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc.), NYC, 1985.