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Encountres with Spirits



Encountres with Apparitions



Encountres with Se'ance-Room Spirits



Encountres with Dark Forces




Encountres with Spirits


p. 77 spiritism

"Contact via a specially gifted 'medium' who acts as a channel of communication, enabling messages to be passed to and fro, and occasionally permitting

the dead to materialize in a form visible to the living;

{Because souls of the dead incarnate typically redincarnate promptly, these alleged "dead" must be something else : former guardian angels, some other divinity sent to repraesent the dead, or whatever.}

this is spiritism or ... spiritualism."

{Because the "spirits" possessing, or speaking through, a spirit-medium are, in most regions of the world (e.g., West Africa, Tibet, etc. etc.), believed to be major deities, such spirit-mediumship would be more aptly designated /deitism/!}

p. 80 confession of faith (in metempsychosis), by Sokrates

[translated from P:Ph] "I am confident

there is such a thing as living again, and

that the living spring from the dead, and

that the spirits of the dead continue to exist."

P:Ph = Platon : Phaidon.



Encountres with Apparitions


p. 86 a case of an apparition at Launceton in Cornwall in 1665 (extracted from the personal diary by the witness)

[quoted from Hawker 1893] "that which he saw every day must needs be her soul or ghost. ...

{much more likely [given the fact that actual human souls very promptly do redincarnate], must have been her guardian-angel, assuming her guise by due authority so to do}

We had hardly reached the accustomed spot, when we both saw at once her gliding toward us; she floated across the field ... . So deep was the awe that overcame me, as I stood there in the light of day, face to face with a human soul ..., but I stood like one amazed and speechless ... . ..."

"Randall ... went alone to the field, and prepared a circle like those used by magicians. When the spectre appeared, he persuaded it to enter the circle, where he questioned it".

Hawker, 1893 = R. S. Hawker : "The Botathen Ghost". In his Prose Works (Blackwood, Edinburgh).

{At that epoch, the Cornish language was as yet in vogue, and thus must have been the medium of this colloquy.}

p. 87 hauntings

"Hauntings seem to be located in space. ...

A recurrent theme of our study will be the probability that {praetenatural} encounters occur only to certain kinds of people, or to people in certain kinds of state."

p. 88 [quoted from PROC OF THE SOC FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH] a case of an apparition's being attracted by music-playing, and by trudging a staircase

"1881 ..., as I was playing the piano in the drawing room, I was suddenly aware of a figure {viz. an apparitional one} peeping round the corner of the door ... . ...

{Once (in the late 1970s) in T.P., suburb of D.C., I noticed, peeking around the corridor's corner within our apartment, an apparitional deer.}

A litttle later in the year, ... I was coming down the stairs alone, when I heard a voice {viz. a praeternatural one}".

{I once (in the mid-1970s) in Ch., IL, while climbing the staircase between storeys within my apartment, heard a voice repeatedly saying the very sentence ("I am a saint") which my wife of that time [she often heard uncanny voices] had been repeating until I had had her exorcized by an exorcist-priest of the Holy Order of MANS.}

{In my case, the apparitional deer may relate to Carlos Castan~eda's account of a "magical deer" which causeth praeternatural music to be heard from all directions.}

{The connection between the twain (viz., the deer-music and the staircase) was revealed to me in a dream of mine more than a decade later : I then heard music while I was climbing (in that dream) a staircase -- though I could not recall ever having heard music in a dream prior to that occasion.}

pp. 89-90 [translatd from Lukianowicz, 1959] apparition in the form of their mother, to a brother and his two sisters

p. 89

he stated : "Since my mother died, her apparitions comes usually twice a week through the closed door of my bedroom and stops at the foot of my bed. She stands there for a while and stares at me."

the sister he lived with reported : "At night I have seen her in my room, standing near my bed, or near the fireplace. She has also appeared to walk through locked door. ... Upon waking I have seen her, standing at my bed, just looking at me."

p. 90

the sister down the street : "I have seen my mother very often, but I wouldn't tell anybody".

Lukianowicz, 1959 = N. Lukianowicz : "Hallucinations a` trois". ARCHIVES OF GENERAL PSYCHIATRY.

pp. 90-1 a case of an apparition's imparting automatic writing

p. 90

"Matthew Manning, a noted psychic, in his own home ... had ... encounters with former {but bye-then deceased} occupiers of the house ... . Much information was provided, chiefly through automatic writing, all of which when checked proved correct."

p. 91

[activating one of his house-haunting-ghosts, quoted from Manning, 1978 :] "he had looked wax-like and lifeless until I had spoken to him. He had almost come back to life then."

Manning, 1978 = Matthew Manning : The Strangers. Allen, London.



Encountres with Se'ance-Room Spirits


p. 93 "spiritual telegraph"

[quoted from Britten, 1870] "From the first working of the spiritual telegraph by which the invisible beings were enabled to spell out consecutive messages, they ["the spirits"] claimed that this method of communion was organised by scientific minds in the spirit spheres; that it ... pointed to the ultimation of a science whereby spirits, operating upon and through matter, could connect in the most intimate relations the worlds of material and spiritual existence."

Britten, 1870 = Emma Hardinge Britten : Modern American Spiritualism. NY.

p. 95 a female visionary having clairvoyance

[quoted from Gregory, 1851] "frequently went, spontaneously and without warning, into a state of exstasis. ... her mind was chiefly occupied with visions, apparently of another state of existence, and of what appeared to be spiritual beings.

She could, when asked, perceive any concealed object by clairvoyance".

Gregory, 1851 = William Gregory : Letters to a Candid Inquirer on Animal Magnetism. Taylor, Walton, & Maberly, London.

pp. 96-7 Oliver Lodge & Leonore Piper

p. 96

"the distinguished scientist Sir Oliver Lodge ... was ultimately persuaded by personal experience that intervention by the dead was the most logical explanation. ... .

On ... 1915 the America] n medium Leonore Piper receives a message naming itself 'Richard Hodgson' (... the surviving {postmortem} spirit of a leading psychical researcher who when living had been known to Lodge) addressed to Lodge ... on behalf of Myers (another dead researcher known to Lodge). The message ... says among other things that Myers will 'act as Faunus' while Lodge would 'take the part of the poet' ... . Lodge ..., as 'Hodgson' suggests, ... consults Mrs Verrall, a fellow psychical researcher and ... she explains that the reference is to a poem by Horace {Horatius}, in which the poet is protected by Faunus from a falling tree. ...

p. 97

Feeling an obligation to pass on to others this impressive reassurance, he rapidly prepared a detailed account of the case; his book [namely, Lodge, 1916] was rushed into print and was predictably a bestseller ... . ...

[quoted from SOC FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, PROCEEDINGS vol. 29 (1918) : Mrs Sidgwick, reviewing Raymond :] ... A considerable number of the communications ... from Raymond Lodge show knowledge which, while it can hardly have reached the medium in any normal manner,

may without improbability be accounted for by telepathy from the ... other living person."

{Telepathy betwixt living persons is by nature even more supernatural than communications between the living and ghosts of the dead : for, although a ghost may communicate by ordinary direct-voice (say, whispred into the ear of a living recipient) simply by having come into the proximity-range of hearing; yet a telepathy message conveyed at a range of hundreds of miles, must have been praeternaturally carried thither by some supernal divine messenger[ess] (e.g., Hellenic goddess [W]irid-). [written June 6th 2014]}

Lodge, 1916 = Oliver Lodge : Raymond, or Life and Death. Methuen, London.

p. 98 Stainton Moses

"Stainton Moses ... in ... his classic Spirit Teachings, published under his nom de plume of 'M.A. Oxon. ... worked chiefly through automatic writing. His entranced hand was borrowed by Bible prophets (Elijah, Daniel, John the Prophet), sages and scholars (Plato, Aristotle, Linacre), musicians (Beethoven, Mendelssohn) and many more".

p. 99 instance of automatic writing directed by a spirit

[quoted from Smith 1923] "Do you doubt my identity? ... sometimes I doubt it myself. I might retaliate by doubting yours. ... I have sometimes thought of founding an academy of celestial doubters ... . Our first object[ive] might well be to insist on investigating the reality of the existence of ... ["a leading British investigator and Research Officer for the S.P.R. ..."]. ... is he romance or reality? Fact or fiction?"

Smith 1923 = Hester Travers Smith : "The Return of Oscar Wilde". OCCULT REVIEW, Aug 1923.

p. 101 a case of a female spirit-medium who telepathically obtained information from a male Psychical Society researcher (SOC FOR PSYCHICAL RESEARCH, PROCEEDINGS vol. 35 (1926) : S. G. Soal : "Some Communications Received through Mrs Blanche Cooper".)

"A case occurred in 1921 ... . Blanche Cooper, a well-known {spirit-}medium, had in the course of a seance made some factual statements which were capable of being checked, Dr Soal of the Society for Psychical Research ... went to the area indicated{, confirmed her factual statements}, and returned with further information, which was confirmed by Cooper {before he had told her about that further information} at the next seance. ...

Note that though the spirits come badly out of this case, the medium emerges with honour, for she certainly demonstrated her ability to acquire information from Soal's mind by psychic means."

{Although so-called "spirits" (i.e., praesumably quondam guardian-angels of persons by-as-of-then having died and departed from the material plane) may be regarded as not factually accurate some in cases (perhaps because they are so ultra-polite as to agree with whatever their mortal correspondents may propose), yet nevertheless the spirit-"medium emerges with honour, for she certainly demonstrated her" co-operative compatibility with the divinities who were extracting the information from the male doctor-researcher's mind, and who were praeternaturally transmitting that information to her. [written June 6th 2014]}

pp. 101-2 automatic writing by Geraldine Cummings (Cummings, 1965)

p. 101

"Geraldine Cummings ... In 1957 ... found herself receiving messages from ... a Mrs Coombe-Tennant (1874-1956), who ... had been connected by marriage to the psychical researcher Myers, and through him has been in contact with ... the Balfours and Lytteltons who were involved in psychical research early in the twentieth century. She herself had taken

p. 102

up automatic writing ... . The messages which Cummings received ... from Mrs Coombe-Tennant ... contain ... many checkable facts such as names and dates; ... they mix thoughtful reminiscences about the past with perceptive comment on the praesent, implying an up-to-date view of events which

cannot be explained by dredging from the communicator's {i.e., the ghost's, or rather the dead person's quondam guardian-angel's} memory at the time of her death."

{If most ordinary persons, when they die, are unable (or else, their former guardian-angels are not arighted) to maintain on ongoing acquaintance with current events, that is because such persons had neglected to befriend, and thus to ingratiate themselves with, praeternatural denizens of spirit-worlds while as yet alive on this planet. [written June 6th 2014]}

Cummings, 1965 = Geraldine Cummings : Swan on a Black Sea. Routledge, London.

p. 104 spirit-mediumship is proved by evidence

[quoted from Hawthorne 1893] "these marvels ... bring the whole world of spirits down amongst us, visibly and audibly; they are absolutely proved to be sober facts by evidence that would satisfy us of any other alleged realities".

Hawthorne, 1893 = Nathaniel Hawthorne : Passages from the French and Italian Notebooks.(COMPLETE WORKS, vol 10. Kegan Paul, London.)



Encountres with Dark Forces


p. 105 deceitful?? malevolent??

"Since the entities themselves claim to be spirits of the dead {not really, for the claim is made by the "spirit-"medium and is transferred from the "spirit-"medium to the summoned spirit}, it follows that {nay! it doth not so follow!} if they are not the spirits of the dead, they {actually, not the "spirits", but their mortal "spirit-"medium} are lying. {Really?!} So every one of these alternative models {nay! not any feasible, intellectually honest "alternative model"} presupposes entities which are harmful, if not downright malevolent.

{If, for the benefit of the deity-medium summoning them, summoned deities must claim to be "spirits" of dead persons in order to be heeded by the summoner, then such deities are compelled perforce to make such a claim. Not the deities themselves, but the spirit-medium is deceitful (or rather, ignorant and obtuse) in supposing that no deity can be helpful to the deity-medium or to that deity-medium's clients; just as the spirit-medium is deceitful (or rather, ignorant and obtuse) in supposing that persons who have died (and, or course, have since been incarnated into another life on some remote planet or world elsewhere) take any in further interest in their praevious lifetime[s]. [written June 7th 2014]}

If they agree on nothing else, the various religious and occultist approaches are unanimous in attributing these phenomena to 'Dark Forces' of one kind or another."

{Actually, Christianity, along with the Mitnagedi^m and the like, are the only such "Dark Forces".}

{It the deceitful and malevolent nature of Christianity which is productive of a fallacious and misleading delusion that souls do not promptly redincarnate elsewhere; and productive of an aequally fallacious and misleading delusion that no independent divine entities (not guardian-angels nor any other) can answer for and in the authority of any defunct person postmortem.}

pp. 105-6 grades of spirit-possession (Allison, 1980)

p. 105

Grade __

the controlling agent is __


"the mind of another living human being"


"the spirit of another human being {a dead one}"

pp. 105-6


"a spirit that has never had its own life history"

Allison, 1980 = Ralph Allison : Mind in Many Pieces. Rawson-Wade Publ, NY.

{# "V" is the only one of these which is actual : "IV" and "III" are praetenses necessarily made to audiences who require them ("IV" to attenders of spirit-mediumship se'ances; "III" to adhaerents of particular occultisms).}

p. 106 instance of a set of poltergeists (quoted from Raupert, 1906)

"[After midnight,] "A hundred hands seemed to be hammering away on walls and doors and table and bed, and every now and then there was the sound of feet tramping along the floor. Nothing that we said or did seemed to have the slightest effect upon the authors or causes of the strange phenomenon ... . ...

Sitting in that spirit-haunted room, and listening to the noises which were disturbing the household and which we could not control, there seemed at that moment nothing so ludicrous as the sceptical {frivolously and querulously doubting} attitude of the conventional man of science, who denied the objectivity of the phenomenon."

Raupert, 1906 = J. Godfrey Raupert : The Dangers of Spirtualism. Kegan Paul, London.

pp. 107-8 parasitic discarnates

p. 107

"Certain discarnate entities do actually exist, permanently and autonomously. However,

being parasites with no means of upkeep of their own, they are not able to manifest unless they can obtain the support

{Being magnanimous and philanthropic, they furthermore seek to manifest to pious saints whom they provide with inspirational support.}

p. 108

... of the ... mind of an individual ...

unbalanced ... by drugs."

{balanced and perfected by the entheogen-elixir}


Hilary Evans : Gods, Spirits, Cosmic Guardians : a Comparative Study of the Encounter Experience. Aquarian Pr, Wellingborough (Northamptonshire), 1987.