Handbook of Contemporary Animism, 31-33



Action in Cognitive Ethnology

Marc Beckoff


p. 396 cognition "in aliens from space"

"Many people are more willing to countenance cognition ... in aliens from space, than in rodents, amphibians, or insects."

{The reason for this regard is that the "aliens from space" include guardian-deities from other planes-of-existence, whence they participate in controlling the minds-and-bodies of the robot-like animals which, on the material-plane, swarm over this planet.}

{By praying to such otherworldly guardian-deities, it is often the case that a shaman may cajole such deity to send some robotic-minded game-animal, who will thereupon stroll into the village and wait patiently to be cudgeled-to-death by humans.}



Embodied Oiko-Paganism

Adrian Harris


p. 403 analysis to determine propre functions of body, of soul, and of spirit

"contemporary animists are concerned with ... "discourses that

divide spirit and flesh, soul and body, {indeed, how can any metaphysics neglect to make such distinctions?}

{This dividing is advocated throughout the New Testament, "even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit" (EH 4:12).}

subject and object ..." (G. Harvey 2005b:83)."

{This distinction is basically grammatical, for useful convenience in diction.}

Harvey 2005b = G. Harvey : "Animism". In :- Bron Raymond Taylor (ed.) : The Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature. London : Continuum. pp. 81-3.

EH = Epistole to the Hebraioi http://biblehub.com/hebrews/4-12.htm

p. 411 entry of praeternatural spirits into a mortal's body for spirit-mediumship

"As the drumming increased, ... there was a participatory communication between Gordon's {named after "Flash Gordon" of the comic-strip?} and the spirits in process,

{Where the mortal medium be in communication with the spirit-entity, this is of the nature of an "overshadowing" (instead of a "possession").}

the other-than-human was {(singular,) implying one-spirit-at-a-time} coming through into the human form.

{Entry of such extraneous spirits must be one-at-a-time : not until after an extraneous spirit already temporarily in occupation of the mortal spirit-medium's body hath departed, can another such spirit entre.}

At times ... [the human spirit-medium]'s body appeared to act out ... expressive movements. (Greenwood 2005:94)"

{In a mediumship-se'ance, spirits often indicate their own personal identity by causing the mortal spirit-medium's body to make identificatory gestures.}

Greenwood 2005 = Susan Greenwood : The Nature of Magic : an Anthropology of Consciousness. Oxford : Berg.

p. 414 experiential unification of self with other-that-self

"At some level the mind/body/place matrix is "one indivisble totality" (Ingold 2000:9), and the self/other distinction ceases to function, as evidenced by the phenomenological experience of deep trance."

{This sensation of unification of one's seslf with the [generalized] other-that-self is brought about by a collective of divine entities as a praeliminary to their entrance into telepathic communication with one's self; it is commonly accomplished with the assistance of having ingested a psychedelic drug, which is the eucharist expected by those deities in order for one's self to achieve communion with them.}

Ingold 2000 = Tim Ingold : The Perception of the Environment. London : Routledge.

p. 414 experiential microcosm's aequivalence to macrocosm

""Your physically felt body is ... -- in fact, the complete universe. ..." (Gendlin:[1978])"

{Taoist mystics, during trance, sometimes witness the divine universe (including deities) within their own waking-state body.}

Gendlin 1978 = Eugene T. Gendlin : Focusing. NY : Everest House. [reprinted 1981 NY : Bantam]

p. 414 experiential quasi-dream of thought-transference

"Like being in a great big dream, relevant messages are being spoken everywhere, telling me things I need to hear, and to which I need respond" (Fisher 2002:103)."

Fisher 2002 = Andy Fisher : Radical Ecopsychology. Albany (NY) : State Univ of NY Pr.



Animistic Research Methodology

M. J. Barrett


http://www.porosity.ca/ copyrighted by Mary Jeanne (MJ) Barrett

pp. 418-9 methods & processes

p. 418

"Specific methods include ... meditation (e.g. Bai 2001),

dowsing (e.g. Hansen 1982),

dreaming (e.g. Castellano 2002; Bernard 2007) and

non-local communication (e.g. Sheldrake 2003)."

"These forms of consciousness ... are often not accessed and acknowledged given the ... methodological imperialism demanded in academic

p. 419

discourse (L. Smith 1999; Battiste & Henderson 2000).

Such "imperialist" {/inflexibly materialist/ could be an apter term} discourses make it difficult {as, indeed, they are intended by the materialist ploutokrats who originated them, and who compell the universities to submit to them} to engage that which

"has been been muted or repressed and gone unheard

{But wherefore hath it "been been muted or repressed and gone unheard"? -- Because such concerns are deemed potentially adversarial to the oikonomic ("imperialist") interests of the ruling-class ploutokrateia! (And such concerns are as yet unabated; they are as valid and outstanding as ever.)}

in representations of our practice" (Lotz-Sisitka 2002:118). ...

Since the processes of knowledge production and acquisition that support


{commonly known as /transcendence/ or the like}

exist beyond the intellect and are often not explained within

conventional Western

{read /ploutokrateia-promoted capitalist-materialist/}

frameworks of knowing (see Bai 2003, 2009; Stuckey 2010),

they are frequently marginalized and seldom explicitly taught or acknowledged in in most academic contexts (for some exceptions, see Braud & Anderson 1998; Dillard 2006a,b).

This "shadow knowledge" (Abram in Abram & Jardine 2000:176) is sometimes assumed to be spiritual in origin ... and referred to as "derived{-from-spirits} knowledge" (D. M. Smith 1998), or "revealed{-by-spirits} knowledge" (Castellano 2002:24)."

Bai 2001 = Heesoon Bai : "Beyond the Educated Mind". In :- Brent Hocking; Johnna Haskell; & Warren Linds (edd.) : Unfolding Bodymind. Brandon (VT) : Foundation for Educational Renewal. pp. 86-99. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CCoQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fsummit.sfu.ca%2Fsystem%2Ffiles%2Firitems1%2F13201%2FBai%2520-%2520Beyond%2520Educated%2520Mind.pdf&ei=0VVrVciUHoOXyATM4oCIAg&usg=AFQjCNEFUOTW_E0w

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pp. 419-20 fallacies of materialist hypocrisy in peremptorily disregarding the praeternatural

p. 419

"socially constituted {i.e., ploutokratically-imposed} epistemologies and ontologies that assume that the more-than-human {i.e., divine} world (Abram 1997) does not ... interact with humans in a dialogic relationship"

p. 420

""methodological atheism" (Ezzy 2004:118), and avoidance of the "S" word (spirit) in discussions of discussions of research methodology (see Shahjahan 2005; Dillard 2006a,b)"

"a range of suspicion, fear (Ezzy 2004) and delegitimization (Dillard 2003) of ways of knowing and knowledge that do not have rational {sic : read "materialist"; for, spiritual ways of knowing are at least as "rational" as are any other "scientific" ways} explanations (... Findlay 2000; Hufford 2003; Jonas & Crawford 2004)"

"shamanophobia ... (... Walter & Fridman 2004)"

"ontologies that ... deny (or ignore) the energetic connections among all things as articulated by ... indigenous science scholars (e.g. Cajete 2000)".

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pp. 420-1 hazards, in a hypocritical world, of academic research into the praeternatural

p. 420

"not being part of the academic club (see Boler 1999)"

"being told "your hands can't know""

{Contrast the book-title ThHFI.}

"living contradictory subjectivities/identities simultaneously in both my personal and professional lives -- one {i.e., the hypocritically faking a praetense to condescend to materialism} of which I reveal {fakingly}, and the other {i.e., the genuine, the sincere praeternaturalism} which which often ... remains hidden"

"inappropriate performing {i.e., neglect to act hypocritically enough} as a human, or as an academic, are they are currently conceived, in Western {/in Western/ being a euphemism for 'in ploutokrat-dominated capitalistic culturisms'} and academic contexts (and ... being told I am crazy) (see Plumwood 2002; Jensen [2000]; G. Williams 2005)"

p. 421

"being explicit about using a dowser as an important research tool".

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