Inverted sequential correlation : Hopi-World Ages & Cakra-s of Yoga

Hopi-world ages (BH)

cakra-s of yoga; etc.


"Echo" reverberating through the earth (p. 4)

goddess Hakini (cf. hakka ‘calling to an elephant’ – elephants being believed to uphold the earth)


Tokpa "Dark Midnight" (p. 15) :

{"On very dark nights" ("M") there occurred


"the world ... rolled over twice ...

the hurihana (overturning) of the world ("TP") by Mata-aho.


as the world ... froze into solid ice." (p. 16)

"After ... Mataaho", "snow, hail, etc., would be loosened" (LWhW, p. 180).}


anwuwi ‘crow’; c^o:vio ‘antelope’ (p. 17)

Kakini ‘crow’ goddess; she & god each riding a black antelope


hollow reed (p. 18)

fire held by goddess and by god, each {cf. fire brought by Prometheus in pithy interior of the (otherwise hollow) giant fennel}


4 islands (pp. 18-9) are submerged under water (p. 20)

Makara, the animal-god ruling over water; goddess Rakini = Raka (one of the 4 lunar-phase goddesses)


monwau ‘owl’ (p. 22)

D.akini ‘witch’ {owl is the bird of witchcraft}

BH = Frank Waters : Book of the Hopi. Viking Compass, 1972.

"M" = "Mataaho"

"TP" = "Turning of Papatuanuku"

H. T. Whatahoro (transl. by S. Percy Smith) : The Lore of the Whare-Wānanga. 1913.

Hopi, Hellenic, etc.(names of the planets according to Akhilleus Tatios and Aristoteles – M, p. 120)


Hellenic planets’ names; etc.

yoga deity


Nemesis (according to Akhilleus Tatios), who became (GM 32.b) a swan (white)

white goddess S`AKini


{Hopi "muha, the little four-leaved plant" (p. 11); the chief leafy vegetables being the cruciform (i.e., four-leaved) ones}

(cf. S`AKa "potherb , vegetable , greens")


Phaethon (< */Ghas-adhn-/ : with /ghas/ cf. /ghas-mara/, /ghas-vara/ ‘voracious’; /adhn-/ ‘ethnic’)

IS`a {cf. <ES`aw the voracious foreigner}


{Skt. /ghas/ is cognate with <ibri^ /qeset/ ‘inkstand, inkhorn’ (for night dark as ink?)}

cf. "black antelope for night" (TB)


Puroeis ‘fiery’

holding fire


planet of Hera (according to Aristoteles) [Hera was cow-eyed and yielded milk]

moon {cf. cow who jumped over moon}

M = Frances Rolleston : Mazzaroth.

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

TB = Taittiriya Brahman.a

written May 2011