Human Devolution, 8-9


pp. 329-413 Chapter 8 -- "Apparitions, Angels, and Aliens".

pp. 337, 339-340, 344 communications with the dead





"Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge (1851-1940) made important contributions to research in electromagnetic radiation and radio communications. ... In his biographical encyclopedia of famous scientists, Isaac Asimov (1982, p. 530) wrote about Lodge : "He became a leader of psychical research, and is one of the prime examples of a serious scientists entering ... the domain ... ." ...

Asimov 1982 = Asimov’s Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. rev ed.


Lodge (1916, p. 83) wrote : "I have made no secret of my conviction, not merely that personality persists, but that its continued existence is more entwined with the life of every day than has generally been imagined; that there is no real breach of continuity between the dead and the living; and that methods of intercommunication across what has seemed to a gulf can be set going in response to the urgent demand ... ." ... .

Lodge 1916 = Oliver J. Lodge : Raymond or Life and Death. NY : George H. Doran Co.


... the spirit world was divided into different spheres. [Lodge’s daughter] (Lily) had "gone right on to a very high sphere, as near celestial as could possibly be" (Lodge 1916, p. 229). In the spirit world, like spirits gravitated towards each other. ... [Lodge’s son] Raymond himself was on a middle level, the third, called Summerland, or Homeland. Being from higher realms could visit there, and the persons on Summerland could come up to the earth. He called it a "happy medium" (Lodge 1916, p. 230). Raymond told ... he was once taken up to another level : "I was permitted, so that I might see what was going on in the Highest Sphere. ... The Voice was like a bell. ... he was dressed in ... a mixture of shining colours" (Lodge 1916, pp. 230-231)."



Concerning stubbornly materialist so-called "scientists, Lodge (Lodge 1916, p. 379) addressed the following remarks : "... the truth is that they have bound themselves into a narrow cell by walls of sentiment, and have thus excluded whole regions of human experience from their purview."



"personalities of humans who existed on earth are still existing in some other, apparently nearby, dimension of the universe and are capable of interacting with us here through special channels. Frederick Myers, one of the principal researchers in this field, wrote that "the evidence for communication with the spirits of identified deceased persons through the trance-utterances and writings of sensitives apparently controlled by those spirits is established ..." (Myers 1903, v. 1, p. 29). Some of the communications gave information of even higher levels or dimensions of the universe, inhabited by higher beings."


pp. 345, 349-350 spirit-possession by souls of the dead





"William James was willing to consider the reality of spirit possession."



"Myers drew the following conclusions about spirits and the spirit world : "Spirits may be able to recognise spatial relations (so that they can manifest themselves at an agreed place) but they are themselves probably independent of space; their interactions with each other are all telepathic, and the laws of telepathy are non-spatial laws. ... The spirits of the recently dead may retain telepathic links with spirits still in the flesh and may endeavor to contact them, or to ‘guide’ their activities. Beyond and behind such spirits, but still with affinities to them, are the spirits whose advancement in knowledge and understanding has linked them in fellowship to higher souls" (Gauld 1968, pp. 309-310)."

Gauld 1968 = Alan Gauld : The Founders of Psychical Research. London : Routledge & Kegan Paul.


"Xenoglossy cases can sometimes involve past life memories, but possession is another possible explanation. One of Stevenson’s principal xenoglossy studies ... does seem to involve possession." (Stevenson, 1984)

Ian Stevenson : Unlearned Language. U Pr of VA.

pp. 352-353 indestructibility of the soul




Flammarion "added (1909, p. 303) that his own research had led him to conclusions favoring "the plurality of inhabited worlds ... and the indestructibility of souls ... ." ...


"Flammarion (1923, v. 3, p. 346) said : "The body is but an organic garment of the spirit; it dies, it changes, it disintegrates; the spirit remains. ... The soul cannot be destroyed." This is remarkably similar to the ... Bhagavad Gita (2.22) : "As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old"".

pp. 371-373 apparitions at Fat.ima in Portugal




"Rogo (1982, p. 226) said, "... The sun dimmed, and a kaleidoscope of colors bathed the Cova. ..." ... Around noon they saw the sun become dim and they could see the stars in the sky. They also so a globe of white light settle on the tree ... . ... the vice-general of the town of Leiria, said, "... I saw clearly and distinctly a globe of light advancing from east to west, gliding slowly and majestically through the air. ..." (Rogo 1982, p. 227) . On this occasion there was also a rain of white flower petals, which mysteriously disappeared before they reached the ground." {falling through the air of spectral flower-petals is an commonplace of Bauddha lore} ...


"People who looked ... saw a glowing slivery disk. Some researchers believe this was a UFO. Others believe the movements were those of the sun itself. {when I have seen (on several occasions) the sun move around erratically in the sky, it was always colored (yellow or blue); when the sun did not move except to set at its usual rate it was uncolored (black); when there was something silvery in the sky (on various occasions) I deemed it a flying saucer} The glowing disk revolved on its axis, sending rainbow-colored beams of light in all directions. This continued for twelve minutes. Then the disk, moving in zigzag fashion, plunged earthward. ... Suddenly the disk rose back into the sky. ...

"I ... saw it looking like a well-defined disc, bright but not blinding. ... This chequered shining disc seemed to possess a giddy motion. ... It turned on itself with an astonishing rapidity. ... The sun while keeping its swiftness of rotation, detached itself from the firmament and, blood-red in color, rushed towards the earth ... .


..." (Rogo 1982, p. 230).

"... I looked fixedly at the sun, which appeared pale and did not dazzle. It looked like a ball of snow turning on itself. ... Then suddenly it seemed to become detached from the sky, and rolled right and left, as if it were falling upon the earth. ... During the long minutes of the solar phenomena, the objects around us reflected all the colours of the rainbow. Looking at each other, one appeared blue, another yellow, a third red, etc. {these colors which the people became may have been manifestations of their auras, or rather, perispirits} ..." (Rogo 1982, p. 231)."

Rogo 1982= D. Scott Rogo : Miracles : a Parascientific Study. NY : Dial Pr.

pp. 376-377 apparitions on mt. Krizevak nigh Medjugorje in Croatia




"Hancock (1998, p. 39) states : "... Many ... reported ... the sun spinning furiously in its orbit." According to Hancock (1998, p. 62) the witnesses to the solar miracle saw the sun "spinning on its own axis" as it moved toward them and then receded. Describing her own experience on another occasion, Hancock (1998, p. 62) wrote, "... I found myself staring at this vortex of gold, seemingly


covered by a disk that protected my eyes. It was a pulsating brilliance ... . As it spun, it seemed to move toward us ... . It seemed as if it could move in any direction at any given moment. The colors were vibrant fuschsia, violet, lavender, silver, and emerald. As soon as one color could be identified, it immediately melted into another"".

Hancock 1998 = Ann Marie Hancock : Be a Light. Westchester (PA) : Whitford Pr.

pp. 385-391, 394, 403, 405 encounters with UFOs





"After initial reports of UFO sightings in 1947, ... General Nathan Twining, chief of staff of the U.S. Army and commanding general of the Army Air Force, wrote ... :

"1. The phenomenon reported is something real ... .

2. There are objects probably approximating the shape of a disc, of such appreciable size as to appear to be as large as man-made aircraft. ...

Cordon 1969 = Edward U. Cordon (ed. by D. S. Gillmor) : Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects. NY : E. P. Dutton.


4. The reported operating characteristics such as extreme rates of climb, maneuverability (particularly in roll), and action which must be considered evasive when sighted or contacted ..., lend belief to the possibility that some of the objects are controlled ..." (Cordon 1969, p. 894)."


"To carry out Twining’s directives for a study group, the Air Force organized Project Sign, which continued until February 1949. ... Thereafter, work ... continued under the name Project Grudge. ... George C. B. Cabell, director of Air Force intelligence, reactivated Project Grudge in 1951, putting Captain Ruppelt in charge. ... Although he was ready to take unidentified flying objects seriously, he had problems with reports of UFOs that landed. {perhaps because their landing in a country might indicate their staking a claim to ownership over that country?} And there were quite a number of such accounts. Ruppelt later wrote that he and his team systematically eliminated such accounts from their reporting system (Vallee 1969b, p. 28)."

Vallee 1969b = "The Pattern behind UFO Landings". In :- Aime’ Michel : The Humanoids. Chicago : Henry Regnery Co.


"In 1953, ... the U.S. Air Force enacted Air Force Regulation 200-2, restricting public reporting of military UFO sighting. ... The effect of this policy if that if there are observations of extraterrestrial UFOs, there will be no public reports about them coming from official military and governmental sources.

Air Force UFO reports did, however, continue to be collected by Project Grudge. In 1959, the name of the Air Force UFO research program was changed to Project Blue Book. ...



In 1969, the Air Force stopped its official Project Blue Book investigations. ... Since this time, the official policy of the U.S. government and military has been to keep silent about the UFO phenomenon. Nevertheless, high government officials have reported UFO experiences".



"chief of Brazil’s air force general staff information service, said to members of the Army war college, "The problem of flying discs has polarized the attention of the whole world. ... Almost all governments of the great powers are interested in it, dealing with it in a serious and confidential manner ..." (Burt 200, p. 311). ...

"chief of staff of Japan’s air self-defense force, said, "Much evidence tells us that UFOs have been tracked by radar ... . UFO photographs and various materials show scientifically that there are more advanced people piloting the saucers" (Burt 200, p. 314)."

"Soviet chief of air defense forces, discussed military encounters with UFOs ... : "... this information can serve as

Burt 2000 = Harold Burt : Flying Saucers 101. Los Angeles : UFO Magazine.


officially documented evidence of UFO validity. ... The objects have been spotted by technological means. Pictures are available ..." (Burt 2000, p. 315).

The French government ... UFO research program ... began in 1976, when the Institute des Haute Etudes de De’fense Nationale (IHEDN) formed a committee to study UFOs ... the Groupe d’Etude des Phe’nome`nes Ae’rospatiaux Non Indentifie`s (GEPAN)."



"Commander-in-Chief of the RAF Fighter Command, said about UFOs : "... I am convinced that these objects do exist and that they are not manufactured by any nation on earth. I can therefore see no alternative to accepting the theory that they come from some extraterrestrial source." (Burt 2000, p. 312).



A Soviet Air Defense Forces commander "stated, "... The movement of the UFOs was not accompanied by any type of noise and was characterized by astounding maneuverability. The UFOs appeared to completely lack inertia. ..." (COMETA 1999, p. 16 ...)."

COMETA 1999 = UFOs and Defense. Levallois-Perret.


One particular UFO case in New Hampshire "was the subject of a book titled The Interrupted Journey by John G. Fuller. The book was excerpted in Look magazine, and was turned into a television movie called The UFO Incident." From its star-map information, it was "determined that the points of origin for the humanoids were the stars Zeta 1 Reticuli and Zeta 2 Reticuli."



"A Brazilian farmer named Antonio Villas Boas in 1957 was abducted and taken aboard a craft manned by beings of the "gray" type. While he was on board, he was approached by a naked woman ..., and she seduced him. ... (Creighton 1969; Thompson 1993, pp. 135-136)."

Creighton 1969 = "The Amazing Case of Antonio Villas Boas". In : The Humanoids.

pp. 409-413 paranormal aspects of UFOs





"The aeroforms are thought-constructs, mind constructs. As such, they are in effect, the vehicle of the actual entity who creates them. ... This ... may be of any shape or size ... – such as the indefinite and changing shapes reported by observers of flying saucers throughout the world. [p. 395 : (UFO in France) "It appeared to change shape, from a bell-shape to a disklike shape."] ... The impenetrable steel of landed disks is ... ‘etheric steel.’ The shapes and vehicles and entity operating them form one being ... . The body of this Etherian entity is a thoughtform which can go anywhere, and penetrate our earth and sea as easily as our air’ La[y]ne 1950; in Clark, p. 697)."

Layne 1950 = N. Meade Layne : The Ether Ship and Its Solution. Vista (CA) : Borderland Sciences Research Associates.


"There could be no greater distortion of what is happening at the present time in man’s relation to the spiritual world than to spread the delusion that physical machines are coming to earth with physical beings from outer space" (Lloyd 1969; Clark 1998, p. 699)."

Lloyd 1969 = FLYING SAUCER REVIEW 15(1):9-11.


a particular UFO transportation experience [Choctaw] : "As he was resting on a bed, breathing deeply, he felt himself sucked into a whirlpool of colored lights and found himself in a garden, in which he saw a silver disk. Standing on steps coming from the bottom of the craft was a small, ... greyish humanoid with large eyes. ...



[The subject] willingly entered the craft with the ... humanoid. Then the craft started its voyage. Through a small window, [he] saw the moon and sun and then countless stars pass by as if in an instant. The voyage ended in ... hovering over a city with beautiful white buildings. [They] descended to the city by ... "dematerialization and rematerialization" (Mack 1999, p. 177). The people in the city ... wore white garments. [The subject and his] humanoid guide walked down a street lined with white buildings three hundred stor[e]ies high ... . {The subject] learned that the people there ... received nourishment through breathing. {to receive nourishment through breathing is particularly Taoist} ... During his return voyage, he again saw the stars passing. Then came the sun and moon. He found

Mack 1999 = John E. Mack : Passport to the Cosmos. NY : Random House.


himself in the garden where he had first seen the craft, and then went through the vortex of swirling colored light and found himself once more on the bed".


"Mack (1999, p. 269) added, "It appears ever more likely that we exist in a ... multiverse. ... The cosmos ... appears to be filled with ... spirits, intelligences, gods ... that through the millennia have been intimately involved with human existence.""



pp. 415-461 Chapter 9. – "Paranormal Modification and Production".

pp. 415, 423, 436-437 paranormal modification

p. 415

"This paranormal modification can take place in many ways, including ... the transference of physical modifications from one life to another by agency of a surviving soul, and the influence of superhuman beings from ... the cosmic hierarchy on the human organism."


p. 423

"Stevenson (1997, p. 34) noted that usually a variety of paranormal phenomena, in addition to stigmata, manifest in the lives of stigmatics, including "visions, bilocations, healing powers, extrasensory perception, the ability to live normally without food and water, and postmortem incorruptibility of the physical body.""

Stevenson 1997 = Ian Stevenson : Reincarnation and Biology. 2 vols. Westport (CT) : Praeger Publ.

p. 436

In the state of Goias, Brazil, "John of God begins his day by calling upon one of the thirty-three spirit entities {33 is a number of deva-s conventionally mentioned in the Veda} to enter him. Pelligrino-Estrich (1997, p. 42) says, "The entities are spirits of deceased doctors, surgeons, healers, psychologists, and theologians who ... continue to elevate in the spirit plane ... ." ... After the entity enters him and takes over his body, John of God begins his work. Although he can incorporate only one entity, he can change entities at will. ... (Pelligrino-Estrich 1997, p. 44). People coming before him first pass through two rooms, called "current rooms," where mediums sit on both sides, for the purpose of generating spiritual energy, or current. In the first current room are twenty or thirty mediums in meditation; in the second, or main, current room are fifty mediums. As the patients walk through the two rows of mediums in the second current room, they come before John of God ... . As the patient comes before John of God, the entity within him assesses the patient’s past lives ... . ... Those requiring invisible operations go to a treatment room ..., guided ... by twelve special healing mediums, while they also undergo invisible operations by the entities. ... (Pelligrino-Estrich 1997, p. 19). ...

Pelligrino-Estrich 1997 = Robert Pelligrino-Estrich : The Miracle Man : the Life Story of Joao de Deus. Triad Publ (Australia).

p. 437

Pelligrino-Estrich (1997, p. 96) says, "The record is imprinted in the superconscious mind and carried in the soul ... when it is reincarnated. ..." ... At the end of the day, John of god has a special session with all of his assisting mediums, and then he allows the possessing entity to leave his body."



Michael A. Cremo : Human Devolution. Torchlight Publ, Badger (CA), 2003.