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A. I

Biological Internet


p. 20 inverted social values of so-called public servants

[quoted from Michael Ellner] "Doctors destroy health;

lawyers destroy justice,

universities destroy knowledge,

governments destroy freedom,

the major media destroy information and

religions destroy spirituality."

p. 22 how we entered the physical body; psychics

""what we call Creation is made up of infinite frequencies and dimensions all sharing the same space. ... These different ‘worlds’ can share the same space because they are resonating at different frequencies.

When our consciousness enters a ‘physical’ body some time after conception, it becomes locked in, tuned in, to this frequency range; so that when babies are born they see this ‘world’ and not another one. ...

Psychics tune their consciousness to other frequencies and access a channel for information to be communicated. Some of this can be fantastically advanced".

p. 23 psychic powers of animals

"Animals don’t experience this shut-down process, ... and they retain their ability to see beyond the frequency range of human sight. ... . ... dogs and cats ... wouldn’t enter a house or room that was ... haunted. ... the animals ... are using the natural sensitivities that society has closed down in so many humans."

p. 23 evil other-world connection of the rich

"I began to realize that the conspiracy was much bigger than just a group of families seeking global control. In my meetings with a stream of people with knowledge and experience to share about the ‘other world’ connection, it was clear that the ‘human’ network ... was only one level of a multi-dimensional conspiracy. ... The next level of manipulation beyond the ‘human’ ... involves entities in another dimension or realm that is very close to this one on the frequency spectrum."

pp. 24-5 shape-shifting

p. 24

"these entities can ‘shape-shift’ ... . ... The body is a vibrating energy field and the shape-shifting ... is a switch between fields of resonating energy."

{The type of body which can do shape-shifting, is the astral body; never the physical body.}

p. 25

"non-human entities operate in realms unseen by human sight. When they do move in and out of our tiny frequency range they seem, to human witnesses, to suddenly ‘appear’ and ‘disappear’."

{A type of body which can appear and disappear is the aitheric body; never the physical body.}

p. 32 interspaces

"they appear to operate in an ‘in-between’ world that Giuliana Conforto ... calls the ‘interspaces’ ... . These lie between this dimension and the next one, at least from our perspective of reality, and they might even be like vibrational crevices within our dimension, too."

p. 38 mental screen

"some people see ghosts and others don’t. The mystic, Sri Aurobindo Ghose, said that most people possess a ‘mental screen’ that keeps us from seeing beyond ‘the veil of matter’."

{This "mental screen" is something imposed upon persons by deities; in punishment either for those persons’ own impiety (lack of respect for deities) or because of those persons’ neglect to rebuke other persons who have shewn impiety.}

p. 39 what we are

[quoted from Carlos Castan~eda] "We are awareness; ...

we have no solidity. We are boundless".

p. 41 ayahuasca

"Ayahuasca is known as the ‘teacher plant’ and the ‘plant of the gods’ because it allows people to experience unseen realms or dimensions ... where the ‘gods’ of myth reside on frequencies outside the range of the five senses." {outside the range of the senses of the material body, but not outside the range of the senses of one’s other, non-material bodies}

pp. 41-3 author’s experience with ayahuasca

p. 41

"I took the ayahuasca over two nights in the form of a liquorice-tasting drink ... . ... As the ayahuasca kicked in, I began to speak in a voice very unlike my own. The words were not preceded by thought; they just emerged slowly and powerfully without any help from me. ...

p. 42

The flow of energy changed and I felt it arch from my chest to my head ... . With that I began to speak fluently in my altered state.


The words spoke of an Infinite Consciousness, referred to as ‘The Infinite’, ‘Oneness’ and the ‘One’. ...

{The "One" is Neo-Platonic; "Oneness" (Hunab) is Yucatec Maya.}


The difference was between Oneness in awareness of itself and Oneness that had forgotten what it was."

{Forgetfulness about itself by the soul is a theme of Neo-Platonic and Gnostic epistemologies.}


"On the second night ..., the ayahuasca experience was even deeper and ... I began to hear a loud, clear, female voice speaking with great dignity and clarity. This was ..., of course, ... communicating telepathically ... . I heard the words in English ... . ‘David,’ the voice said, ‘we are going to take you to where you come from, so you can remember who you are’. With that I was taken to a realm of indescribable bliss ... . ...

p. 43

‘This is the Infinite, David’, the voice said. ‘This is where you come from and this is where you shall "return".’ I was told ... : ‘Infinite Love is the only truth – everything else is illusion’."


"Infinite ‘Love’ is also Infinite Intelligence, Infinite Knowing".

pp. 43-4, 46 creation of the material world by Oneness

p. 43

"Oneness is Infinite Possibility with a limitless imagination to manifest anything and everything." "I came across ancient Hindu myth. {This myth is mentioned in, e.g., Rampuri : Baba.} It said that human consciousness had begun as a ripple that had decided to leave the ocean of consciousness – the ‘timeless, spaceless and eternal’. When it awakened to itself in this disconnected state, ... it forgot that it was part of the infinite ocean and felt isolated and separated. ...

p. 44

But, basically, the imagination of Oneness created an illusory realm ... . This ‘world’ began to forget it was Oneness, like a dream forgetting ... . With this amnesia came the phenomenon we call fear ... . Fear comes only with ... separation when consciousness perceives itself as a part and not as the whole."

{Several variations on the theme of distress entailed by voluntary separation of the self from the universal divine community, occur in the past-life regressions (of possessing-spirits!) by Dolores Cannon.}

p. 46

"The ... self-aware fear ... sought to generate as much fear as possible to empower and expand itself."

p. 53 where is the location of consciousness?

"This reality is not out there, it is ‘in here’ – inside out heads.

{This is apparently the reverse of the doctrine of vibhu, stating that the material body (including the head) is an illusion, and that our consciousness is located outside the body.}

Or, more accurately, it is in our genetic data bank, DNA."

{Along with the material body, the DNA is, of course, another illusion. The material world cannot store consciousness, though the akas`ik records (non-material) do.}

p. 55 DNA double helix = caduceus

"DNA massively magnified would look like a serpent ... and, not by coincidence, a major symbol throughout the ancient world was the double helix snake image known today as the caduceus ... . This is the symbol of the medical profession."

"many people from many tribes all seemed to be symbolically describing the very same source as the source of all the shamanic knowledge about plants and creation itself - the serpent or snake - or DNA." ("CS&D")

"CS&D" = "The Cosmic Serpent and DNA" continued at

p. 57 DNA as emitter of light

"DNA, he [Mike Lambert] pointed out, was a crystal that emitted light energy in the form of photons to such an extent that it had been compared, by some, to an ‘ultra weak laser’ (the same with RNA)."

{"DNA was the source of this photon emission. ... According to the researchers who measured it, ... it has "a surprisingly high degree of coherence, as compared to that of technical fields (laser). ... DNA emits photons with such regularity that researchers compare the phenomenon to an "ultra-weak laser."" ("CS-D")}

"CS-D" = "The Cosmic Serpent - DNA"

p. 57 magnetic control of the brain

"DNA ... is a very good magnetic antenna."

{"Magnetite has also been found in animals that navigate by compass direction, such as bees ... and fish." (SCIENCE, vol. 256, p. 967c)} {" magnetite crystals enabled animals from bees to whales to navigate by using the earth's magnetic field." (NY TIMES, May 12 1992)} {"magnetic deposits" in the human brain "are where the dowsing ability resides." (RR, p. 65)}



RR = Stephen P. King : Rapid Recovery: Accelerated Information Processing & Healing. Victoria (BC) : Trafford Publ, 2004.

pp. 57, 59 telepathic control of mortals by the "Matrix" (central control-computer praesiding over the material plane-of-existence)

p. 57

"DNA is a perfect antenna/transmitter. ... It is through this receiver/transmitter that we are connected to the Matrix."

p. 59

"DNA/RNA is a like a computer reacting to the data it receives. This data can come from the Matrix. ... The DNA is decoding the signals from the Matrix ... to create the human collective mind. ... The DNA/RNA is a biological computer ... in the same way that the crystalline brain decodes".

p. 60, Fig. 44 c^i in the acupuncture-meridians

"The energy flowing through the meridians, known as chi in acupuncture, consists of photon carrying information around the body."

{The acupuncture-meridians and their c^i are parts of the aitheric (not of the material) body.}

pp. 64, 66 "junk DNA"

"Scientists call some 95 to 97 per cent of DNA ‘junk DNA’ because they don’t know what it does."

{" According to science, about 97% of our DNA is made up by "junk" sequences that are not a code ... . ... . ... by dismissing the repetitive chunks of genetic material as "junk", they simply denigrated a part of DNA's mechanisms that they were unable to understand." ("SShW")}

"There is no ‘junk’ DNA; it all has a purpose".

{" At a closer look, these "useless" sequences present series of palyndromes ("words" that can be read in either left-right direction; in this case, aminoacids are the letters in which DNA is written) ... . This is similar to music ... . In December 2007, the media published scientifical articles explaining that DNA emits real music waves!" ("SShW")}

"SShW" = "Snakes of Shamanic Wisdom"

p. 70 the material body

"What we call ‘personality’ (mind and emotions) is a DNA program and we have been kidded to believe that this is who we are."

"Giuliana Conforto, wrote in her book, Organic Universe (Edizioni Noesis, Italy, 2004) : ‘We have to remember that ... our biological body ... is just a "costume" .., it is not our true identity or "I".’ "

p. 71 the Collective Unconscious

"Humans did not have separate, or personal, unconscious minds and instead shared a single Universal Unconscious, Jung said. What we call the conscious mind was rooted in this, he believed, and to him the mind was shaped according to universal patterns.

I’d say ... that the archetypal patterns come from the Matrix ... . The Matrix, at this level of reality, ins Jung’s Universal Unconscious".

pp. 80-1 levels of social awareness

p. 80


Members of the plutocracy "are bodies without consciousness ... . ... one way of picking them out ... is the lack of energy coming from them. They resonate to a different frequency to {from, in contrast against} conscious awareness".



"Other people ... are so entranced and deluded ... that ... they don’t think they have a choice or don’t choose to make one."



"The third, and by far the smallest, group are those who are aware enough to see through the illusion and have begun to access the knowing of Infinite Oneness ... . ... These people stand out from the crowd and are dubbed dangerous

p. 81


or mad because they don’t see the world like everyone else. ... . ... this group ... has the means to ... download another reality."

pp. 92-3 illusion within an illusion?

"the earth I was ‘lying on’ only existed in my head! And even my head was another illusion."

{Is the author (D.I.) incapable of understanding that the material universe as a whole cannot be contained in a fraction of itself (namely in the material brain)? Of that the supposition that a fraction of any whole can contain that whole, is a very gross logical fallacy?}

p. 93 DNA not located in, or occupying, space?

"If there is no space how come we seem to travel through it? Once again because that is the illusion our DNA/RNA decodes for us ... as interpreted by the brain."

{Is the author (D.I.) unaware that he is implying that (though material) neither DNA/RNA nor brain are localized in space? If not in space, then where?}

pp. 98-9 correlations of portions of single organs with portions of the body as a whole [charts from]

p. 98, Fig. 59

(colon chart)

p. 99, Fig. 61

(eye chart)

p. 100 controllers of bodily systems

"I have met healers who believe that different parts of the body have their own brain. They say the digestive system has its own brain, as does the immune system, liver and other organs."

{These separate so-called "brains" would be the aitheric cakra-s.}

pp. 126-7 popular alleged "deities"

p. 126

"get this : there was no Jesus".

{Jesus of Galilee is a caricature-figure for the Galilean emeperor TIBeRius in antient political satire. cf. the name of Bad-TIBiRa, city of DUMU-ZID the shepherd-king (= Good Shepherd).}


"In Babylon, Queen Semiramis proclaimed that Nimrod ... would be present on earth in the form of a flame".

{The fire-god was (in Sumerian) G~IBIL = (in Akkadian) Nusku. ("Nimrod" is neither Sumerian nor Akkadian.) Perhaps an acquiescence to Zaratustrian fire-god (Atar) worship may be implied. cf. also the Pentacostal fires (Holy Ghost).}

p. 127

"Tammuz was said to be very fond of rabbits and so we have the Easter bunny."

{/Tammuz/ is the Akkadian spelling of Sumerian /DUMU-ZID/, reputedly a fisherman in Ku>ara : "fish" is a variant (GM 90.j) of "hare" in the Minoan resurrection-myth.}

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

p. 138 <as^tar Command

"There is the so-called ‘Great White Brotherhood’ and

{Zaratustrian priests wear white; as do the dKar-brgyud clergy in Sikkim and Bhutan. Wearing of white is mandated in Apocalypse 19:14.}

the fleets of alleged UFOs headed by ‘Ashtar Command’ ".

{/<as^tar/ is a god in the religion of Kna<an; whereas UFOs (vimana-s) are from Bharata. (A combination of this sort could be Manichaian.)}

Apocalypse 19:14 =

p. 141-2 Commandress Starene

p. 141

Commandress " ‘... Starene {cf. German /Sterne/, Gothic /stai`rno/ ‘star’} of the 7th Fleet of the Ashtar Command’. Apparently her ship, the Rainbow Light, has been ‘called into our solar system ...!’ ... She was ... from the Venutian system".

{The traditional metal of planet Venus copper (‘copper’ being the /tibira/ of /Bad-tibira/); and the corrosion of that metal (and hence, the symbolic color of planet Venus-<as^tar) is green : the "rainbow in sight like unto an emerald" (Apocalypse 4:3) could thereby entail the name of her space-ship.}

p. 142

"I, Starene, send you the Most Golden Rose".

{Metal (usually specified as gold) is the Chinese element of planet Venus. The "Golden Rose" would allude to the Taoist Secret of the Golden Flower.}


Holy, Holy, is YHWH S.Bayo^t (‘Lord of Hosts’) {: who is identified in Thilli^m 24:10 as Melek ha-Kabo^d, king of (Strong’s 3519) ‘weight’.}

{cf. the weightiness (density) of gold?} {or, is god Guha (the ‘hidden’ Skanda; cf. the Manda<-Nas.uray ‘secret’ >adam ‘red’, alluding to the redness of a colloidal suspension of gold in glass) involved?}

Apocalypse 4:3 =

Strong = Hebrew & Aramaic Dictionary of Bible Words.

p. 144

pp. 145-6 evil functions of "the Matrix" (the particular cosmic mind which ruleth over the material plane)

p. 145


"Entrap consciousness in an illusory reality and cause it to ‘forget’ what it really is – the Infinite One."



"Manipulate consciousness to believe its thoughts and emotions are its own and not ... programmed".

p. 146


"Instill ... the Ageing Program and the Solar System Program".



"Convince consciousness that it is not in charge of its own destiny and instead at the mercy of random events".



"Convince consciousness that ... life is an accident of evolution ..., and death a ticket to oblivion, no returns available. {"returns" = metempsychosis} This is I’m a Cosmic Accident Program ... . Prominent victims are most mainstream scientists and academics".



""Structure society with different ... beliefs ... through which you can manipulate conflict".



"Plant you own ... programs ... throughout society to Pied Piper-conscious beings in the direction you want them to go. You ... control the religions, including the worship of the Money God, ... not least by making money the major focus of both success and survival."

p. 147, Fig. 79

"Behind the scenes ... operative and puppets, who often appear to be on opposite ‘sides’, work together to impose the global centralised state. Some do this knowingly while some have their actions manipulated without understanding the full implications of what they do."

p. 157 Ritalin

"Peter R. Breggin ... says that Ritalin ... to the brain ... routinely causes ... gross malfunctions ... . ... Other Ritalin effects include possible include possible shrinkage or other permanent physical abnormalities in the brain, disruption of the growth hormone causing suppression of growth in the ... brain, ... depression, insomnia, agitation, ... impaired ability to learn, and the worsening of hyperactivity and inattention".

{The Church of Scientology likewise disapproveth excessive intake of ritalin.}

p. 163 explanation of the quotation [as on p. 20] from Michael Ellner


destroy __

because __



"they are pill dispensers for a pharmaceutical cartel that seeks to control people".



"the ‘law’, together with banking, is one of the major means of ... suppression".



"an ignorant population ... believe the illusion is real."



"they are ... corporations designed to dictate to the people".

Major media


"its role is to ... peddle the illusion."



"they were not created to free the spirit, but to trap it in a web of fear, limitation and ignorance."

p. 163 source of sorrows

[quoted from C^uan-Tzu] "The birth of a man is the birth of his sorrow. The longer he lives, the more stupid he becomes, because his anxiety ... for survival in the future makes him incapable of living in the present."

p. 165 how to overcome social illusions

"The most effective way to disconnect from the manipulations of the Matrix is to laugh in its face. Once we take it seriously we become attached to the game through ... emotion and fear."

pp. 184, 194 how not to be enslaved by the mundane

p. 184

"Unless we stop this identification with self as a body we call human, we will continue to be slaves to the illusion."

{That souls are "not of this world" is a Gnostic viewpoint; and of all mysticisms generally.}

p. 194

"We are not ‘truly Children of the World’, we are truly Infinite Consciousness. Identifying self with the ‘world’ is identifying ... with being ‘human’, ... and sustaining ... illusion".

pp. 202-3 group-consciousness

p. 202

"In their book Vernetzte Intelligenz (Networked Intelligence), Grzyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf ... quote sources who believe that in earlier times humanity was once, just like the animals, very strongly connected to the group consciousness and acted as a group.


To develop and experience individuality,we humans had to forget hypercommunication almost completely".

p. 204

David Icke : Infinite Love Is the Only Truth. Bridge of Love Publ, Wildwood (MO), 2005.