MATRIX V – Volume 1 : Quaest of the Spirit

p. 7 the 1st Band (= Lower 4th Density) & the denizens ("exteriorized entities") of its 4 Sub-bands


"The first band is the location of entities communicated with by John Edwards on his Crossing Over program.


[Countreparts to dream-bodies of living dreamers] "that still attempted to participate in physical life, albeit with no success, and they seemed to be aware of nothing beyond the physical existence they had left."


[Astral bodies of the living] "who were evidently in an out-of-body state ... . Because of this mode of action, ... they would seem to disappear from view right in the middle of their activity(on that level) as they awoke back into their physical body."


[Revenant ghosts of the dead] "who have permanently left their physical existence but do not realize it, and are trying to continue a habitual physical existence, often remaining around ... still embodied friends and acquaintances".


[Dead Earthly Transcendents] "that are still attached to the "reality of physical matter" (on the third density), although they do realize that they have become exteriorized. These entities ... express themselves through "replicas" of physical reality".

"Monroe ... told of coming across a seething, squirming pile of human forms trying to sexually stimulate each other".

p. 7 denizens ("exteriorized entities") of the 2nd Band

"Monroe observed that entities in this band appeared to remain motionless and passive, but retained an air of expectancy."

p. 8 the 3rd Band (= Mid-4th Density) & its Sub-bands & denizens ("exteriorized entities")

[Dead Transcendents] "who know that they have passed through physical death, and still retain a "belief system" relative to "what to expect" after physical death. It is this area that was mentioned in the book War in Heaven. Because of this, the Third Band was broken down into innumerable sub-bands coincident with belief-system orientation."

p. 8 denizens ("exteriorized entities") of the High-4th Density

[The dead bodhisattva-s, waiting for incarnation as buddha-s] "have arrived from outside the band areas to prepared for their final human experience on the Earth "below"."

p. 8 "When Robert Monroe was taken to a period in his travels ... in the future, around the planet ... there was single flat ring, which radiated light of its own accord. ... . ... entities on the planet ... were non-physical and used non-verbal communication."

p. 13 phasing

"The incarnational "hookup" to the human body appears to depend on a blending of the energy field generated in the brain with the energy field present in the energy connection with the Higher Self at a different density and phase difference. Monroe developed a term "phasing" as a term to assess constant movement of the Mind focus ..., relative to movement toward or away from non-physical states."

p. 13 the M-field

"Monroe also discovered that a specific kind of non-physical energy field interpenetrates the entire span of space-time, including everything in the 3rd density – he called it the "M"-field. This energy spectrum, at a local level, contains all thought emissions from every being on Earth ... . ... This field overlaps the life forms on Earth, but is out-of-phase with it. ...

Monroe created an arbitrary series of numbers to measure the movement into the field, called "focus levels"".

pp. 13, 15 Foci and their levels or zones






"the body is asleep but the mind is awake and alert".



"the "gateway" to the Higher Self ... . What one experiences ..., at least in the early stages are movement of patterns and colors, and geometrical shapes. ... .



... where an individual can have an access point to intuitional information processing from feeling-based data. ... Synesthesia is a common experience at this level of focus, where one experiences feeling colors, seeing sounds, etc., as sensory processing begins to change."



"A timeless place containing ... large groups of information rather than detained bits. Information about other places, people, and elements of different time periods can be accessed here and will sometimes be transmitted in "bundles of meaning" (Monroe calls there "rotes")."



"The state externally characterized by physical deep sleep and production of Delta-waves, with the mind fully conscious ... . ... "the maximum range of comfortable phase relationship ... M field participation – the edge" ... . ... . ... where ... movement from "place" to "place" is a function of will".



"human dream realities ... . Lucid dreaming".



"populated by recently deceased individuals from Earth who do not realize their transition, or believed there was no existence after physical existence (billions of entities remain here asleep) ... . ... Insane or near-insane ... beings are present."



"realities are ... a product of what you [believe] them to be, ... one may ... realize one’s total responsibility for what one is literally creating."



"populated by discarnate entities ... stuck in aberrant behavioral patterns which prevent them from realizing certain crucial aspects about the nature of reality ..., until they happen to wonder if there is more".



"the "Religious Terminus" ... . ... There are people here ... who see themselves as "god" and even go so far as demanding to be worshipped!"



"For the adventurous who aren’t burdened by heavy belief systems and have left their physical existence behind ... . ... This level has been called "The Park", where you can visit the library (containing every work ever created on Earth ...) ..., even about things not regarding Earth."



"an astral "bridge" zone. a buffer area. Experience here takes on a wondrous character ... . ... where the 5th density roughly begins".



"where a great collection of Higher Selves experiencing Earth incarnations exist".

p. 15 higher densities : probes; nodes

"Once the Higher Self’s path/experiences ... have been concluded, all the incarnations will be "drawn in" and the Higher Self moves further out into the field, up into the 7th or 8th density, where it will typically send out more "probes" of awareness to experience things on these levels.

There appear to be several main "nodes" of the Higher Self, the lower density one sits on the 5th, around Monroe focus level 34/35".

pp. 28-9 Higher Self

p. 28

‘I journeyed up the energy connection from within my physical ... : a circular, brilliant tunnel. One passes up through this energy and emerges into the Higher Self. From within, I saw my Higher Self as opaque but glowing with natural energy. The oval shape has the image of each incarnation I am – the head of each, rows and rows of them. In the center of the ‘floor’ of my Higher Self is a pillar of energy topped by


an energy shaped like a multi-faceted crystal globe.

{A multi-faceted jewel is the shape of the soul (at the solar plexus) according to the Radha-Soami and according to the Holy Order of Mans.}


The energy pillar is where the impulses (memories, experiences, etc.) of each incarnation are centrally processed and stored. The globe is where access to any individual incarnation may be retrieved. The access to the Higher Self is possible for all Dominant and Final Incarnations. ...

The Higher Self is a living ship, an intellect. Once the choice was made to incarnate in the 3rd density, the Higher Self chose experiences and


disguised shimself in bodies to participate in the 3rd density ... . ...

{This is kenosis, the foundation of Markionite doctrine.}


When the Final Incarnation is complete, the Final Incarnation IS the Higher Self ... . ... In a later visit, I looked up and saw a circular energy vortex, ... the path for the completed Higher Self, under direction of the Final Incarnation ... . This connection is not readily visible from outside the Higher Self as it is slightly out of phase, being of higher density.

While exploring some of my Higher Self, I followed some energy to a point in the Higher Self where I was given an access outside shim. From outside, the Higher Self looks similar to a layer cake-shaped (in shape, not size) oval with a luminescence. Extending from the

p. 29

bottom are tendrils of energy,

{This would be similar in shape to a jellyfish, which according to the Kojiki (cap. 1) was the primaeval form of the Earth, before it became a catfish (with barbels similar to a jellyfish’s tendrils). This Kojiki jellyfish floated on the surface of the water; the only species of jellyfish this could be is the Portuguese man-of-war.}


one for each incarnation on the third density. The Higher Self is opaque from the outside as well. I quickly looked around and saw several other Higher Selves, all similar to mine, with energy tendrils reaching into the 3rd and 4th densities. ...


The ‘silver cord’ does not begin with the out-of-body you, but rather terminates AS you. This is an extension of the Higher Self. It passes through your physical body when you are astral journeying. {cord originating in Higher Self, and passing via astral body into physical body} It is this cord’s contact with the physical that keeps it alive. The ‘silver cord’ is what you access to enter your Higher Self. ...

However, once, after the death of the body, your incarnation decides the time has come for something new, the energy is pulled back into the Higher Self with a small energy flash."

Kojiki 1 =

p. 31 larger size of Higher Self on higher levels

"Monroe’s Ultimate Journey ... shared ..., near the end of the book, about going beyond the Park (level 27), WAY beyond, to an area he calls "the Aperture". He sees how small he is to other beings there. ... I’ve found that beyond focus level 27, every being you run into is so much larger, just as Monroe did. The key to why is that the higher levels (beyond 34/35) contain beings who have gathered all their incarnations below the Higher Self extension at level 34/35. ... Once all incarnations are recalled and the Higher Self of you on 34/35 departs, it is ALSO quite large as it contains all those incarnations you have been ... . This is why the 5th density and higher are populated by huge beings and why I am so small when I visit. {Huge beings are Tursar.} ...

This Higher Self of you on 34/35 is NOT the only Gathering Point for your Higher Self, but is the lowest gathering point. If you are able to go within self and look up, you will see a connection to an even higher Gathering Point where you will add even more experiences to!"

Val Valerian : MATRIX V – Volume One : . Quest of the Spirit – the Ultimate Frontier. Leading Edge International Research Group, Yelm (WA), March 2003.p