MATRIX V – Volume 2 : Graduation Key

pp. 5-7, 9 vistas from outer-space (during dreams/projections)

p. 5

"I was taken beyond Earth where I saw (what looks like) a gold wire ... through the center of the planet. This object is so huge that when you move beyond this galaxy, you can still see it in the distance ... . It is a long as maybe 50% of the galaxy is wide. .. . It is not thick. ... I am told that it is to assist with the final spiral out of the Game and will be used as a guide for Final Incarnations in combination with the Nexus of Time when each simultaneously incarnating Higher Self departs the Game.

This is visible to all simultaneous path Higher Selves and all Awakened Higher Incarnations."

p. 6

"There are threads of gold energy that are moving energy into this Wire. ... . ... a double helix of gold energy is spiraling up/away from the Earth."

p. 7

"I saw a double helix of moving, glittering gold energy. The double helix slowly moves around the Gold Wire without clinging to it.... Moving closer to Earth, from an out of body space view, I see hundreds of thin, golden threads moving from all over Earth’s land masses. These fine threads have created the double helix energy."

p. 9

"if one astrally moves beyond our galaxy Game, the Graduation Key is visible as a very thin, gold line moving away from where Earth is located ... to where simultaneous path Higher Selves reside."

"the Gold wire penetrates Earth. This allows the Earth Planetary Spiritto also use the Gold Key energy in shim’s nature path graduation."

{Golden color is a sign of involvement of the mental plane-of-existence (manas maya-kos`a).}

p. 9 book’s aura

"you can see the gold aura around the book. This energy moves in a clockwise motion to form an inverted tornado-ish energy that creates the thread. ... These individual, swirling gold threads join up all over Earth to form the double helix energy which is the third part of the Graduation Key."

p. 9 Gold-Wire analogues to parts of a key-&-lock

__ of the physical key-&-lock

is repraesented by __

"The long part"

"the Gold Wire with the double helix of energy."

"The lock opening configuration"

"the thread-created double helix which is in motion around the Gold Wire."

"The Lock that the key must open"

"the grey area that the Gold Wire / double helix penetrates."

"This is where the Summoning occurs within each of your Higher Selves by use of your Higher Self’s Nexus of Time."

p. 11 ‘tag’ colors of groups of denizens of the original "home"









p. 57 fated death

"your time and manner of death where chosen by YOU, as your Higher Self, for each and every one of your incarnations.

{Never are humans (including humans’ "higher selves") involved in choosing any events in their lives, any further than merely to resolve to co-operate with the deities, who thereafter arrange all details of each person’s life.}

Your Higher Self will not permit you to die before that time and will directly intervene to stop pre-mature death. Your Higher Self will not permit your incarnation to live longer than the set time of death and make sure that it occurs."

{There are no such determining factors as "pre-mature death" nor "the set time of death". The deities simply arrange death to happen whenever the most suitable possible circumstances for redincarnation (suitable type of prospective parents, suitable types of prospective planet, etc.) are about to become available in a suitable sector of the universe whereto one’s soul can be conveyed.}

p. 59 incarnating souls

"In creating children bodies by using physical bodies, you have opened a door for the body to be occupied by a spirit. You have NO say in what spirit will occupy that body ... . ... In many instances, a kindred spirit may inhabit the child’s body because of previous Higher Self agreements.

In many instances, it is purely random."}

{The redincarnation of a soul is never "random", inasmuch as the deities involved in arranging it are responsible for the life-long outcome, and they therefore will maximize their effort to achieve the most suitable matching of redincarnational situation to the peculiar nature of that particular soul. (NO traditional description of redincarnation will claim it to be "random" : "randomness" is never real, anyway, but is a mere popular fiction.) The choices made by deities are, by far, better (because the deities are better informed) than humans could make, including humans’ "higher selves" -- so therefore any decisions ("agreements") by humans (including by humans’ "higher selves") are automatically excluded from the redincarnational process.}

pp. 60-1 dark-energy vortex

p. 60

"In my shamanic journeying, I have encountered black tornado energy vortexes {vortices}. My sighting of them included over ... the Giza pyramid and a cross ... west of Amarillo, Texas. Black tornadoes ... are Bark energy spirals and should be avoided by those not correctly shamanic

p. 61

trained. ... These black tornados are energy draining to those of the Light polarity. ... Black tornados are energizing to those of the Dark polarity. ... They are a beacon to Dark astral energies. ... I ... suggest you avoid these vortex energy funnels if you encounter them."

p. 62 books on U.S. politics

"I recommended Al Franken’s book ... . ... The newly released book by Michael Moore, Dude Where’s My Country, is another such expose".

pp. 66-7 gold energy

p. 66

"The power of creation (and more) is in the use of gold light energy which is something that can be used only by Higher Selves. ...

p. 67

Gold energy wielded by a trained, sufficiently Advanced incarnation for defensive or protective purposes is unparalleled".

pp. 67-8 websites of religious satire

p. 67

p. 68

pp. 113-4 antient telepathy & its abolition

p. 113

"pre-gender separated Ancient Earthers ... communicated via telepathy which is far better than verbal speech. When the alien genetic scientists, in their ... creations of separate male/female genders on Earth wanted to control ... even more, they decided to eliminate their telepathic ability. ... Remember that the sequential path incarnates

p. 114

have access to their past life memories and therefore have a reach to their Higher Selves. For the simultaneous path, this is denied. ... The simultaneous path on Earth began with the suppression of telepathy and the forcing of verbal language."

p. 140 vegetarianism

"minion incarnations are all coming from the animal kingdom stream and not the plant kingdom. ... Most of the minion incarnations are of the herbivore faction of the Planetary Spirit."

"The vegetarian talks big about animal spirits but you never hear anything about plant spirits from them. The Planetary Spirit values each of them in equal manner."

{Jaina literature actually mentioneth the possibility of humans’ incarnating as plants; and recommendeth to eat fruit instead of viable parts of plants. The Buddhist system, which is over-all rather more simplistic than the Jaina system, is less concerned for the welfare of plants.}

p. 143 St. George & his Dragon

"This myth of George and the Dragon started in England.

{St. George reputedly dwelt in Kartwel (often called "Georgia" after him); he is the patron saint of that country. Only recently was he adopted as patron-saint of Britain additionally.}

Notice, for one, that it’s always THE Dragon and not A dragon."

{There is, however a dragon on the flag of Cumbria/Wales; that particular dragon is intended as one observed by Merlin (another Kartwelian hero).}

p. 144 quarantined planet

"Bob Monroe ... noted that ... While sequential aliens DO move about the galaxy, Earth remains quarantined due to it being the simultaneously incarnating planet of this galaxy. There is no way that the sequentials want simultaneous incarnates, ... being a spiritual ‘infection’ risk to the sequential path."

p. 146 "Shock & Awe"

"When I first heard ‘Shock & Awe’ being used ..., I thought it was strange ... . ... Now consider the hebrew term : shekinah."

{The phrase may be a pun of some sort, or perhaps a overly-literal translation of some foreign phrase.}

p. 150 summary misspelling

"in Iraq ... Summarian-alien"

{sic. read : "Sumerian"}

pp. 153-4 the 9/11 Truth

p. 153

"The American ‘Reichstag fire’ was the 9/11 event {whereof, guess} who our Hitler said is also caused by ‘terrorists’ ... . ... History repeating itself. ...

p. 154

Now that it is happening again it is easy to see the comparison".

p. 162 book-recommendation

"Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right)" by Al Franken.

p. 164 insectoid alien

"the human sized , ant race ... does really exist and they are allied with the Orion Empire. ... The 4th density versions of the insectoids are all black with no antenna or mandibles and the huge ant eyes. This type is one I had to deal with on the astral."

p. 171 alien planetary bases

"Earth’s Moon has alien bases on it.

Mars is under the Orion Empire’s control as a staging area".

pp. 185-6 Morningsky

p. 185

[from Quaestioner # 450] "the complete works of Robert Morningsky ... cause my chakras to light up intensely."

p. 186

[answer] "Morningsky’s materials ... came out in the 90’s. ... He revealed so much about Orion history".

p. 196 dark

"I flew over 27. Yes, the area 34/35 IS dark. The only lights were emitted by the various simultaneous Higher Selves that I saw."

p. 197 from Quaestioner # 475

"I have experienced ... operating my chakras and going up through a warp-like tunnel as I meditate."

{The crooked tunnel is known as the "Bank Nal" in Radha Soami.}

pp. 198-9 Focus 15

p. 198

[answer] "Now I hear about ‘wish granting genie’ on Focus 15".

p. 199

[from Quaestioner # 480] "Bruce A. Moen ... made ... a book ... that is called "Voyage to Curiosity’s Father". It regards Focus 15 and the fact that, according to the author, anyone that can access that level could ... will for a certain event to take place in [the] physical world and it was up to certain "workers" at the Center to make this happen, if this was not in conflict with other people[’]s "wishes"."

p. 199 from Quaestioner # 482 : ebonic slang for ‘Negro male’




"brother man"







p. 204 alien genetics

"Blonde, red, light/medium brown hair and other than dark brown eyes indicates significant alien genetics. ... Negative factor blood has more alien components than positive factor."

{The deities (whether they be labeled "aliens", or whatever) produce all evolution of species and of sub-species; just as they (deities) produce everything else.}

p. 207 no beginning and no ending

"you are immortal with no beginning and no end ... . ... .

... the galaxy Game has a start and has a conclusion. Creation does not."

"ALL memory, including that surrounding your immortal nature, will return upon graduation from the Game."

{Only memory of knowledge of the nature of consciousness would be worthwhile to be retained after death.}

Val Valerian : MATRIX V – Volume Two : The Graduation Key. Leading Edge Research Group, Yelm (WA), May 2004.