MATRIX V – Volume 3 : The Journey

p. 60 pet as best friend

"man’s best friend is a dog which is loving and warm, as opposed to the coldness of jewels and diamonds as girls’ best friend."

{In our experience, women commonly consider a cat as best friend. The maxim about diamonds being women’s best friends is intended merely as a joke, based on the common use of diamond as setting in wedding-rings.}

p. 60 the nature of women

"Yet it is easy for those lesser Advanced to be deceived by the painted, whorish, demanding, controlling ... females of today."

{Since deities also like colors and are rather demanding and controlling, practice for pleasing deities can be done simply by learning how to please a woman.}

p. 61 bodily electricity vs. magnetism

"heterosexuality will be replaced by bisexuality at first and

{Bisexuality (a wish to have sexual relations not only with the opposite gendre but also with one’s own gendre) is commonplace in human females.}

then move into homosexuality – like attracts like in all aspects. Remember ... that we are electrical beings and not magnetic!"

{Yes, in the bodies of living beings, electricity is far more functional than is magnetics. However, this is very little grounds for assuming that the magnetic-like attraction of heterosexuality is harmful or is in need of being eliminated!}

p. 73 shamanic reconstitution

"The Higher Self also assists with shamanic soul-recovery and repair work,

{In shamanhood, the spirit-helpers are able to perform soul-recovery; and

but this is limited to indicating to the shaman what soul pieces are required by that incarnation and in what order they should be restored."

the spirit-guides are able to re-assemble one’s self in proper order for achieving a correct world-view. They can perform all this assembly work themselves.}

p. 77 benefit

"Light power freaks impose their will "for your benefit" even if you can’t see the benefit."

{The benefit cannot always be immediately seen because it may require a long time in order to develop.}

p. 81 nationalism?

"the nationalism of the Americans today is equal to that of the Germans of the last century."

{Not really, since the U.S.A. (and even its ruling class) is composed of various nationalities who have no great love for each other, and are in ongoing competition against each other.}

p. 84 cross

"An energy vortex is active on the top/center of a standing cross. When the cross is placed horizontally, the energy vortex forms in the center of the crosspiece. This Dark vortex is black in appearance (tornado shaped) and is a portal for lower astral activity."

p. 85 labarum

"legend has it that Constantine ... is said to have seen the vision of a cross in the sky".

{What Constantinus is reputed to have seen in the sky was not a cross, but quite a different sign – the labarum, named for the labrus, the double-axe sceptre of Minoan nobility; it was also used in antient Anatolia, and was adopted as a emblem on that basis (not Christian!) by the emperor who transferred the empire’s capital to Buzantion, just across the strait from Anatolia. It is unlikely that Constantinus had any praeference for Christianity, barely tolerating it.}

p. 91 Russia as a part of the international capitalist conspiracy

"The Russian Communist empire collapsed, NOT because of a surge of individual repulsion {revulsion} to the monolithic system, but rather on orders from those who are controlling the ... Earth to replace one form of the monolithic with another version. The Russian empire was changed by those IN control".

{"Communist" is an unbefitting misnomer for the Leninist-Stalinist system of brutally exploiting the working-class.}

pp. 120-1 the Bush conspiracy against the World Trade Centre

p. 120

"DVD ... 919 In Plane Site ... examines, in great detail, the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. ...

p. 121

*Why did a FOX News employee report (and you DO hear this on the FOX News broadcast included in this video) seeing NO windows on "Flight 175", a commercial United Airlines jetliner? ...

{Because it was not actually a commercial jetliner.}


*Why does photographic evidence, taken moments after the event, show NO wreckage on the lawn of the Pentagon? ...

{Because no winged aircraft struck the Pentagon.}


Visit the web site : ... . ... .


... people ... are afraid that if they saw it that just knowing what the government did would be TOO much".

{In other words, the people are afraid that U.S. government agents may do them harm for knowing too much.}

p. 140 Erran system

"Billy Meier’s contacts with the Erran system in ... a recent book ... entitled : And They Still Fly by Guido Moosbrugger."

p. 142 densities; foci

"On the astral (4th density), one may easily mimic 3rd density creations by willing anything ... to manifest on the 4th.

On focus level 27, astral manifestations exist ... . You find building of various types : homes, the Library, the park, etc.

On focus level 25, one can see the afterlife ideals".

p. 157 ‘The One’ Event

"our ... Higher Selves positioned themselves very close to each other ... and pulsed energy through to each incarnational stream to each of the ... incarnations ... in the ... time periods. The gold energy moved down the connecting cords into each of the ... participating incarnations in each time period. I noticed that each Nexus of Time was radiating energy. Only one’s Final Incarnation may direct their Nexus of Time to operate in this manner.

This caused the energy to accelerate through and around us and 5 of our chakras (2-6) to reach out from each of us and meet in the center of our circle. As soon as the chakra energies met, each in its own color, a unique spark occurred. These sparks connected lengthwise and gold energy began swirling clockwise into a stream of energy that burst upward ... . This gold energy opened like a fountain to spread gold energy to envelope the ... Higher Selves within one golden bubble."

p. 168 Quan Yin

"Quan Yin ... is actually based on an oriental cross-dresser. Basically, he chose to wear female clothing ... . Over time, ... Quan Yin was transformed from a male into a female."

{Avalokita-is`vara hath, by some accounts, a wife named Man.i-padma, who is likely to be actual aequivalent to the female Quan Yin.}

pp. 173-4 silver cord

p. 173

"the often-mentioned cord is ... an astral one. Just as very few people can see the spirit of sleepers hovering just over their physical bodies because the astral being ... is composed of astral energy,

p. 174

likewise the cord connecting the astral body to the physical is made of the same matter and is unable to be seen by physical eyes."

p. 174 sahasrara

"The crown chakra is your connection to your Higher Self ... . ... It is the CROWN chakra that connects the incarnation to their Higher Self. ... I use the crown chakra word as "connect". This is not to ‘create’ a connection because the connection is already there. It is to simulate conscious connection [of] you to your Higher Self by acknowledging that the connection exists."

pp. 210, 212 on-demand summoning of UFOs

p. 210

"A man in the Las Vegas area is able to call a UFO to appear on demand in front of local news cameras at their time and their location. It is something to watch. ... That this alien group is permitting themselves to be caught on news cameras on demand indicates something".

p. 212

"The ‘prophet Yahweh’ can summon alien craft on demand. ... Yes, he is able to do what he claims."

p. 212 10th planet

"a 10th planet in our solar system. ... it turns out those who ‘discovered’ the planet want it named Xena ... . ...

This is a highly unusual name for a planet, Xena".

{The meaning of "Xena" is ‘foreign’; the planet is nearly exotic to the solar system.}

p. 228 statement from Correspondent # 510

"The experience of consciously being inside my Higher Self" : "I left my body, found myself bouncing on the ceiling; the most incredible light "came" and then I found myself within."

p. 230 statement (about doings at the Monroe Institute) from Correspondent # 513

"starlines" : "Some of the planets, such as Jupiter, have some very fascinating interdimensional portals, and the sun was fun to explore too. Some of the highlights were visiting a place much like F-27 ... . There I met beings that work with a higher mode of my Higher Self. ... On one journey I managed to perceive my Higher Self cluster from a distance above it."

p. 231 Spirit path & planetary grid

"The solar connection is the Planetary Spirit’s Higher Self. ...

An excellent author on the planetary grid is Bruce Cathie who wrote The Energy Grid. He refers to how certain alien groups are trying to keep the Earth spirit contained."

p. 238 statement from Correspondent # 527

"Robert Monroe’s experiences with beings of future earth who only take on human forms temporarily, then leave the containers (bodies) in energy balloons until further use as well as having the ability to take on the form of any other creature on the planet. These beings said that in order to live as they live one must live at least one life during the dissonant times of earth[’]s existence prior to the harmonic time."

pp. 252-3 Guardian Alliance

p. 252

[statement from Correspondent # 547] "activity (group) "Blue Light" operating in Czech Republic. ... At the beginning, this group ... presented the picture of real H[igher]S[elf] ... .

p. 253

Now this group leader is exploited as a medium through channeling.

The aliens said they are Guardian Alliance, they came from the future ... during the period 2012-2017. Their teaching is called "Keylon Aramatena"."


[comment from Val] Furnished by "the person who is the medium/channeler relative to ‘Guardian Alliance’, ... was very complex information of a level similar to the channeled Urantia book, but more technical."

p. 256 binary & ternary stars

"In a binary system, there are two Nature Spirit path Higher Selves working in unison.

With the discovery of three suns in a single system, we now know of three Nature Spirit path Higher Selves working on a project together.}

p. 259 statement from Correspondent # 559

"that night after reading the first few pages of MV, in my dream myself standing with my palm outstretched and a golden beam of light shot out of my palm and went straight up into the sky."

{This is very Buddhist, a frequent scene in the vaipulya sutra-s.}

pp. 262-3 shamanism

p. 262

[statement from Correspondent # 566] "of shamanic journeys, ... in the classic ... technique (michael harner, jonathan horowitz) ... invoking all sorts of spirits (animal spirits etc.) for help ..."

p. 263

[answer by Val] "The only site I can recommend is".

p. 264 commentary from a Reader

"Last night {in a dream/projection} I made two trips while projected in the 3rd body. The first was to the Earth core ... . I interacted with an Earth Spirit. ... . ... this spirit said that the Earth entity will be going "to the sun" as its next level of progression. I got the sense that the Earth planetary spirit communicates through its incarnations, just like a Simultaneous path Higher Self communicates with it’s [sic] incarnations through an incarnation is it has to. The being I met ... seemed to have certain animal-looking features.

Then I went ... up to 34/35 to the place where the Simultaneous Higher Selves are located. ... Then I got the idea to make a trip to the Sequential Higher Selves around the Pleiades. The energy was different ... . When around the Earther Higher Selves, I could feel ... Fun energy! ... Only after doing this enough times ... as a last trip I focused my intent to be around the reptilian Higher Selves in Orion. Again, the energy was different, ... (the Pleiadian Higher Selves had some overtones)".

Val Valerian : MATRIX V – Volume Three : The Journey. Leading Edge Research Group, Yelm (WA), Sept 2005.

{N.B. Val’s use of terms is somewhat idiosyncratic :

his "incarnation" hath (ambiguously) the signification of either ‘incarnation’ (avatara) or else (as, e.g., on p. 264) ‘self-soul’;

his "sequential" hath the signification of ‘incarnation’ (avatara);

his "simultaneous" hath the signification of ‘multiple self-souls’.

(Multiple self-souls with whom one can communicate is a feature of Bodish Buddhism,

apparently derived from Bon, wherein it is featured even more elaborately.)

The MATRIX series would sound alike to conventional Zen (with

"Higher Self" = "True Self";

"Lower Self" = "False Self" --

2 Selves is a feature of some Zen writing –

so Val’s scheme is more Zen-like than Bon-like) –

if the MATRIX series were no so very idiosyncratic in is terminology.

The MATRIX series’s main doctrine is that anyone can become a Transcendent readily;

and that its founder (Val) already is a Transcendent even during his current lifetime –

which is his Final lifetime (only current Transcendents being in their final lifetime).

In European terms, the MATRIX series system is that of Paracelsus, with

Val’s Higher Self = Overself;

Val’s Nature Spirits = Elementals.

The Rosicrucian system is also similar.

Similarly to the MATRIX series system, in the philosophy of Yoga (as likewise in Veda-anta philosophy, which is essentially Yoga reduced to nothing but its metaphysics)

knowledge of the Atman (Higher Self) is deemed

more valuable than knowledge of one’s past avatara-s (Sequentials).}