Multiple Planes of the Cosmos and Life

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Multiple-Plane Kosmos


Two Kinds of Kosmos



Multiple Levels of Human



Return to Reality



Transmigration in Six Ways








Ghost, Sprites, & Daimones



Ascension of Good Ghosts


Capp. I-II.


Cap. I (pp. 1-128) Two Kinds of Kosmos


Sayings about two kinds of kosmos

pp. 25-56


Absolute & relative kosmos

pp. 57-98


Circulation between the two kosmoi

pp. 98-128

C.3.III. p. 86 "Summerland"

Conan Doyle "said that ... after death, he found that Summerland is only the highest sphere of the plane of desire {Kama-loka}; for above it were the mental plane and the celestial {i.e., causal} plane."

{" "Summerland" was earlier described by Andrew Jackson Davis; it is the translation of a term from traditional Cymry literature.}

(Quotation 28) pp. 112-5 Yuan C^un Tao : "Describes the Happiness of Visiting the Pure Land Heaven" = Appendix to :- Yuan Hun Tao : General Discussion of the West Paradise.

p. 112

[out-of-body experience consisting of journey to another world] "I ... slept as if meditating. My soul soared upward through the roof ... with great speed. Two young boys

p. 113

in the clouds rushed towards me and yelled, "Follow us!" ... . Mountains and valleys, cities and villages, building and streams, were ... tiny ... to my eyes. ... Soon, we reached a place, and the boys said, "stop". ... I saw ... streams, each over a hundred in width and embanked with marble. ... There were bridges with golden railings across the stream. ... The boys ran fast. ... I asked who they were, and what the place was. They said they were boys serving Ling-ho ... . ... One body ... led me over twenty buildings, all shining in gold. And, covered with glorious flowers, was a person, like my brother Chung-Lang ... . ... He said, "This place is a boundary of the West paradise. ... It is also called Negligent country. ... When the time is right, ... one will soon be promoted to the pure land." He said "... I have written a General Discussion

p. 114

of the West Paradise ... . Therefore, I may fly freely ... . ..." He pulled me upward for thousands and thousands of miles ... to another place. In this place, there was no demarcation between sun light and moon light or between day and night. The glazed ground was quartered by golden ropes ... . Numberless trees of sandalwood were lined up in precious colors at regular intervals. Light was seen and heard underneath the precious pond. The bottom was bedded with golden sand in which there were lotus flowers of various colors. ... Sacred music floated out from the buildings. ... The buildings were all in the clouds when we glanced upward to the great void. ... "Beyond this is the residence of Dharmakaya Mahasattva. ... Beyond that is the residence of absolute enlightened –ones ... ." ...

p. 115

All of a sudden, he disappeared in great void. I tried to walk on the pond, felt myself sinking and was suddenly awakened from my dream".

(Quotation 29) p. 115 Smaller Sukhavati Vyuha

[the 4 gem-enclosures] "O S`ariputra, that world Sukhavati ... in enclosed on every side ... with the four gems, viz. gold, silver, beryl, and crystal. ...

[the 7 jewel-trees] And on every side of these lotus-lakes gem-trees are growing, ... with the seven gems, viz. gold, silver, beryl, crystal, red pearls, diamonds, and corals as the seventh."


Cap. II (pp. 129-253) Multiple Levels of Human Soul-Body


Sayings about multiple levels of human soul-body

pp. 129-146


Return to reality

pp. 179-253

(Quotation 33) p. 130 Tattiriya

[the 5 brahman-s] Having performed austerities at the behest of his father Varun.a, perceived brahman successively as :



manas (‘mind’),

vijn~nana (‘understanding’),


{these are the maya-kos`a-s, the atman-s (selves), anuvaga 10}

(Quotation 34) p. 131 P. Deussen : The Philosophy of the Upanishads, pp. 97-8, comment on the Chandogya (with 3 atman-s) and on the Tattiriya (with 5 atman-s)

[the 5 atman-s]

anna-maya atman (‘food-dependent self’),

pran.a-maya atman (‘breath-dependent self’),

manas-maya atman (‘will-dependent self’),

vijn~nana-maya atman (‘knowledge-dependent self’),

ananda-maya atman (‘bliss-dependent self’).

A.2.III. p. 145 the soul & its awareness (according to several modern psychicists)

"William James thought that consciousness exists everywhere like a "Mother sea." The brain is like a transformer, which changes limitless consciousness into limited consciousness ... . ... . ... when the brain dies, the soul can maintain its life; in this way the soul proves its immortality (W. James : Human Immortality, 1898).

Bergson, the great French philosopher, believed that the cerebrum is like a canal which leads the soul to Earth and make it adopt the Earth’s needs ... (W. H. E. Tenhaeff : Hellsehen und Telepathie, 1966). ...

F. W. H. Myers of England illustrated elaborately in his main work, Human Personality, that the waking consciousness only occupies a very small part of the soul."

B.2.II. p. 161 Artificial separation by hypnosis

"Kilner has used his "heaven eyes" screen to observe hypnosis, and he has found that ... one’s inner aura would disappear completely, leaving only a piece of blank space about two inches wide. The outer aura would withdraw and become dark. Within this blank space, there would be present a cord of light about three inches wide".

(Quotation 38) pp. 180-1 S`ri S`ivananda : Kundalini Yoga of India. pp. 177-180



[transcendent power obtained by means of yoga]



"One can become the smallest body at will;



One can become the biggest body at will;



One can make the body light ..., in order to fly in the air or

walk on the water;



One can make the body as heavy as a mountain ...;



... One can touch the sun {this is an instance of this in the Sat-dharma Pun.d.arika Sutra} and moon while standing on the ground. ...;



One can become any form,

live in the water, hide the body,

enter into the body of another ...;



One can make ... animals obey orders, ... and

make man, woman, and spirit obey;



... one can make the dead live again. ... One is able to move his soul into the corpse of another;



One is able to die at the time one desires;



One is able to see gods and angels; ...



One is able to foretell the future;



One can change iron into gold;



One can change the body into multiple bodies; ...



One is able to know the affairs of former reincarnations of oneself;



One is able to know the stars and planets {by remote viewing?}; ...



One is able to leave the ground and ascend into the air;



One is able to know the place of precious things."

(Quotation 39) p. 183 Maha-ratna-kut.a Sutra 55 {cf. rN~in-ma book Bardo bTags-grol}

[circumstances of a disincarnate soul’s entering the prospective mother’s womb for redincarnation]

when the aithereal body is __

attraction is directed toward __

and resistance against __

"If the ethereal body does not generate such passion or resistance, it is impossible for it to enter the womb."







those with __

imcumbent action

no virtue or merits

be "forced by awful powers to enter the hut, or to hide beneath a wall, or to enter the mountain, forest or cave."

great virtue or merits

"ascends the tower or pagoda, or enters a hall to sit on a couch.

Because of what he has seen, he enters the mother’s womb."

(Case 27) p. 199 [translated from :- Yuan Mei : What Confucius Did Not Say, pp. 377-8]

"Governor Hu Pao-chuan of Honan Province ... had been able to see ghosts since his youth. ... he could still remember things of his former life. ... He said there were ghosts everywhere, on the streets and in the halls. Only inside the imperial palace there were none."

"The most __ god

was __ ."


the great emperor of the Tai-san ... .


General Kin. His body shown with a golden splendor, and ten thousand golden rays came out from the holes of his hair.


the ‘god of narrow face’. The height {stature} of his body was three feet and had a face four feet long. The width was five or six inches."

"he passed by the shrine of ... the ghost of the ox head. He trod on its horn, and the ghost followed him to his home. It pushed against his bed with its horns, and the bed rocked without stopping."

C.5. p. 217 telepathic mental imagery

"In America, the most famous record of "thought transmission" is from Sinclair’s Mental Radio (U. Sinclair : Mental Radio, 1959). Mrs. Sinclair’s mental soul was so sensitive that ... she could tell, paint or write what things, paintings, sentences or words her husband had thought of."

(Quotation 40) pp. 225-7 [translated from :- Li Ts>un Fen : Push-Back Pictures, divinations 41-48]




its explanation



[225] "Attempt to find the lost nests"

[226] "checkers and stars"



"fly in air but are not birds,

... the water but are not fishes."

"Golden mother and tree father"



"people come from the west,

They stop on the east"

"The golden bird hides itself in the ocean"



"The golden mean of Yin and Yang"

"Crops are reaped"



"The nine divided continents,

United together to be one"

"Ninety-nine years"



"The man of eight feet {in stature} with a beard"

"This genius ... from Kiangsu or Chekiang"



"People read books in peace"

"Most ministers are elders"



"No origin, no end; Thousands of billions of years"


C.6. p. 230 open on the causal soul

"The reasoning soul, also called the causal soul, is the highest of the three souls, and is a neighbor of the absolute soul. ... When entering the womb, it is first; in the time of death, it is the last to depart from the body. ... Even though the causal soul is master of ... the three realms, it is imprisoned by the desiring soul, and so ... remains unknown ... . ... Buddhists call it the "eighth consciousness." ...

When one begins to act {meditate), it {the meditation} opens a little hole on the causal soul-body, so that it can see the light of the absolute cosmos; this light is the "genuine light" ... genuine knowledge."

Because the causal soul is the master of one’s lives ..., the spirit biographies of each life are collected here. It is like a file on every man, and so Buddhists call it "the stored consciousness {alaya-vijn~ana}."

C.6. p. 237 a levitation by Home

"The medium D. D. Home" : "When he was invited by Napoleon III to perform in the Grand Hall of the Imperial Palace in Paris, he sat in a chair and ascended into the air near the ceiling. He flew front and rear, and left and right, for more than ten minutes."

(Case 49) p. 240

[visionary philosophy] "He knew ... the source of the universe, and the origin of all things. At the same time he saw three worlds :

The Holy World,

the Dark World, and

the Visible World.

He was able to see the essence of all things, their ... origins and present existences. ... He was able to speak several languages he had never studied".


Solon Wang (Shaolun Wang) : Multiple Planes of the Cosmos and Life : the survival theory of ancient sages as proved by modern psychicists. Hsintien, Taipei (Taiwan) : Society for Psychic Studies, 1979.