Multiple Planes of the Cosmos and Life, 3-4


Cap. III (pp. 254-397) Return to of Self-Cultivated Sages to Reality


Religious self-cultivations

pp. 254-318


Philosophical self-cultivations

pp. 319-351


Ecstasy reached

pp. 352-397

A.2.I. p. 263 attainments in the 4 dhyana states, according to the Maha-prajn~a-paramita S`astra










all superknowledges

(Case 62) pp. 275-6 personal attainments (during 1937 Chr.E.) through meditation by C^ian Wei C^iao [translated from :-Yin S^ih Tzu : The Experiences of Meditation.]

p. 275

"I emitted a red light from my head, and my body transformed into a huge and tall structure. ... I felt my cranium perforated as by an awl and had an "illuminating point" thrusting itself up continuously.


When I lay down, I emitted a white light from my head.

{A pillar of light atop one’s head is a S.ufi mystical experience.}


... I felt my cranium expand. It was as if my molars had separated. ... my head expanded vertically, and I felt as if my head had cracked upwards in layers.


... I felt as if an awl were being drilled in the different strata of my head. At first it seemed that my cranium was very thick, but it became thinner the more it was drilled. ... I felt suddenly as if the upper part of my body became void, and my head emitted a great illumination.


... the "illuminating point" thrust itself upwards to Buddha’s feet which were upon my head.

{a totempole-like structure of the lineage of transmission is visualized in certain Bodish contemplations} .


.. I felt that my neck cracked into a cylindrical shape and that the cylinder reached from my stomach and intestines to my head; it happened because my spine had expanded. ... .


... I felt that there was a hole in the central portion of my cranium.


... the Master ... stuck grass into our heads as signs. If anyone’s cranium was already open, the grass on his head would take naturally ...; I was one of these.

{this is likewise done, but with a feather instead of grass, as a test in the dKar-brgyud form of >pho-ba -- is the use of grass a Sa-skya form?} ... .

p. 276

Later, ... I also practiced P>o Wa {i.e., >pho-ba} (the way of opening the cranium) off and on. ... I emitted light from my chest, and it expanded gradually to engulf my whole body, and it became a grand, all encompassing illumination. In the past, only my head had become transparent, but that ... time I emitted light from my chest. Still my whole body had not yet become transparent. ... .


... my back emitted light. My whole body was completely covered by the light ... .


But I still felt the existence of the body. I had not yet attained the state of real emptiness.

{the state of "real emptiness" would be departure out of the material body by means of an astral body, so that one could look back at one’s physical body to witness it as empty of one’s real self}


... the light reached as high as heaven : my consciousness departed from my body also. It returned to my body through my head gradually.


... the upper part of my body emitted light ..., and


I felt in my abdomen as if hot water was boiling there.

{this sensation is mentioned for Taoist yoga}


My abdomen emitted light also.


Then the lower part of my body became a void also. ... . {"void" = "transparent"?}

{I have seen one of my arms become transpicuous (but only upon its touched by a supernatural being, as well as the upper half of another person’s body (my spouse’s) become transpicuous.} whole body emitted a brilliant light, I felt that it was as though I had no head : there was only transparent illumination.


... my whole body emitted light, and the whole body became completely transparent.


... my whole body emitted light. It was while and bright, shining into my eyes and interior. All directions were illuminated, and the light formed a sphere.


... my whole body emitted a light, and the light was whiter and brighter than ever. As a searchlight illuminating everywhere, there was complete illumination surrounding my body. My consciousness strolled in space; then the light returned through my abdomen. By power of refining it, it flowed to my feet, hands, and then to my neck."

(Quotation 48) p. 301 master Lian Chi : Records under the Bamboo Curtain.

"It was said in the S`urangama-sutra : ‘One’s mind can leave one’s body to look at one’s face ... .’

"the Bodhidharma died

but returned to the west with one shoe on his foot."

"Master Pao Chih had one body in jail

and another body in the market."

"Kwei San sat in the meditation room

while he took oiled rice in the village".

"There was a monk who ... could, while in ecstasy, retrieve things far or near.

This was ... become like a ghost."

(Case 73) pp. 328-9 Ko Hun : The Biographies of the Immortals, Vol. 4, p. 14

p. 328

"Kiu An, the King of Huai Nan, was one of the grandsons of Han Kao Ti (The first Emperor of the Han Dynasty). ... Several ... famous scholars ... supported by Liu An ... wrote 22 chapters about religion, 8 chapters of them discussed the affairs of the immortals and alchemy."


"One day, eight old scholars came to his residence; their beards and eyebrows were white. ... .

p. 329

... they became young boys before the doorman’s eyes ... . {there are 8 "mighty boys" ("8mb"), often depicted with Acala-natha ("A&HF").} ... Then the eight boys returned into eight old men. ... . ... they told the king ,


"There is one of us who __

can make wind and rain at will, can lift clouds and fog immediately, can draw lines on the ground and make them into rivers, and can turn a handful of earth into a mountain.


can destroy the mountain, can blockade the deep spring, can rein the tiger and the leopard, can capture dragons, and can drive out ghosts and gods.


can change his form, become dead or alive, can protect armies, and can turn the light into darkness.


can ride on a cloud, can walk on air, can cross the sea, can come in and go out without any trouble, and can move a thousand Li in a very short time.


can move in fire and water without harm, who cannot be hit with sword or arrow, and feels not the cold in winter nor the heat in summer.


can change his form into any other, can do as he desires, can create animals and plants, and can move the palace and rearrange the rooms.


can prevent danger, can prolong life, and can keep his vision forever.


can refine mud into gold, lead into silver, ride on a dragon, and roam above the sky."

"8mb" = "The 8 mighty boys"

"A&HF" = "Acalanatha and His followers"

(Case 74) pp. 330-2 Ko Hun : The Biographies of the Immortals, Vol. 5, p. 20

p. 330

"Tso Tzu was a native of Yukiang, Anhwei Province. ... He contemplated in the Mountain of Tien Chu and read the Book of Chiu Tan Kin I Ching (a book of magical arts), which enabled him to do limitless things. The Duke of Wei heard of him, and summoned him ... . ...

p. 331

Tso ... threw the cup toward the beam. The cup remained suspended in the air, swung like bird, up and down ... . Then, while all watched it, Tso disappeared. ...

The officer said, "Tso has but one eye, and wears a green cloth garment with a green turban. ..." ...

p. 332

There was one vessel of wine and a slab of meat in a container, but ten men could not life it. ... He asked a hundred people to pass the wine and meat ... . ... It supplied more than ten thousand men, and the wine in the vessel was still as full as it was in the beginning, and of the meat, there was still some left."

{cf. water into wine (Ioannes 2); and multiplication of fish and of loaves (in the Synoptic Gospels)}

(Case 75) p. 334 S^en Fen : The 2nd Series of the Biographies of the Immortals, Vol. 5, p. 9

"Suddenly, his head fell off, fell on the ground, and transformed into a box. ... They looked and saw that it was a golden box ... . ... "Mr. Chang Ko of Changchow is a man beyond this universe. ...""

(Case 77) pp. 338-9 S`ivananda : Kundalini Yoga, Cap. IV

p. 338

Goraks.a-natha "could suspend himself in the air ... . ...

p. 339

The leaves given by him to the masses were turned into the foods which each desired. In the woods, he turned himself into a mosquito. He burned himself into ashes with his own fire of yoga and them restored himself to his normal form."

(Case 78) p. 340 praeternatural meeting with Papa-ji, founder of Kriya Yoga [quoted from :- Yogananda : Autobiography of a Yogi.]

[gold-and-silver fairy-palace] "around midnight someone called him up. Going out of the cave, he saw not very far away was a palace with great brightness. ... There was a fairy guarding at each door, the walls were built of gold silver and jewellery. And there was a big hall, Papaji was sitting on the big chair ... .He taught him all the arts before the altar. ... His teacher gave him an earthen bowl, and ... . took out all the food he liked ... . There was nothing reduced after something being taken out."

B.3. p. 346 Confucianist philosophic variants of the cosmic Terminus

"In his explanation of the "Chart of the Grand Terminus," Chow-Lien-Hsi not only added the "grand terminus" upon the "human terminus," but also added a "non-terminus" upon the "grand-terminus."

"The __ of Chow Tzu

is __ ."


"absolute cosmos"


"relative cosmos"



"Chang Tzu changed the "non-terminus" into the "great void."

"Chen Yi and Chu Hsi changed the __

into the __ ."


"reason antecedent to the material form"


"definite thing subsequent to the material form"

"Lu Hsiang-Shan said, "The cosmos is just my soul; my soul is just the cosmos." {cf. atman as brahman}

(Case 83) p. 361 Yogananda : Autobiography of a Yogi, cap. 14

[from sphairical vision to cosmic consciousness] "My body became immutably rooted {cf. similar experience by David Icke in Peru`}; breath was drawn out of my lungs as if by some huge magnet. ...

My sense of identity was no longer narrowly confined to a body but embraced circumambient atoms. {a common sensation from psychedelic entheogens.} People on distant streets seemed to be moving over my own remote periphery.

The roots of plants and trees appeared through a dim transparency of the soil; I discerned the inward flow of their sap. ...

My ordinary frontal vision was now changed to a vast spherical sight, simultaneously all-perceptive. ... All objects within my panoramic gaze trembled and vibrated {spanda of Kas`mir S`aivism} like quick motion pictures.

... until all melted into a luminescent sea ... . ...An oceanic joy broke upon calm endless shores of my soul. ... A swelling glory within me began to envelop

towns, continents, the earth,

solar and stellar systems, tenuous nebulae, and floating universes. ...

It was indescribably subtle ... . The divine dispersion of rays poured from an Eternal Source, blazing into galaxies ... ."

C.2.I p. 367 recommended books in English



Aldous Huxley

The Doors of Perception.

Heaven and Hell.

The Island.

The Brave New World Revistited.

John Blofield

Ch>an Theory of Huang Po and Hui Hei.

The Wheel of Life.

People of the Sun.

City of Lingering Splendor.

C.2.V. pp. 385-6 the 5 levels or stages according to the book The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience

p. 385

"(... it is better to take a drug for [against] nausea, e.g. dramamine, otherwise, if one vomits, it would be like never having taken the medicine.)"






"a feeling of darkness or of falling."



"the body may become smaller, bigger, lighter or heavier, or

it may become various animals, plants, or even something dead.

At this time, if standing before a mirror, one may see what he thinks in his mind.

One may project outside one’s own body, ... in what is called astral projection.

As for seeing the Aura of the other man, it is a common event. ...

At this time some people may have the ability of clairvoyance, or may see an event that existed very long ago or very far away. ...

Some people discover ... a feeling that everything is alive."

p. 386


"Some people may meet the dead".



"In this period ... is transmigration."



"The ... experience is ... the nirvana of Buddhism, the liberation [moks.a] of Hinduism, ... the samadhis of Yoga. There are ... characteristics :

... unitary consciousness, where there is the "one," but not the "many,"

... paradoxicality, and

... ineffability.

It is ... a feeling that the ego had melted into the infinite,

and there seemed to be a mysterious light-sea.

At this time there was no ego, no you ... and no space; all were the "becomings" of Being."

C.2.VI. p. 390 author (S.W.)’s experience in taking LSD (lysergic acid), administred by Mrs. & Mrs. Grof

"it seem that my soul had ascended to a beautiful and illuminated world, where all houses and streets looked like shining crystals, clear, and transparent. Within these crystals, there were many colorful pearls and jewels. ...

At that moment, ... I awoke from this beautiful dream ... . When I opened my eyes, I saw that his [] body seemed to be veiled in a pale red mist, while his wife’s body was veiled in a little darker one. ...

A few minutes later, I fell into a deep sleep again. Then, by way of the crystalline world, I ascended to the margin of the cosmos, where I saw two big rays ... revolving vertically round my head."

"They also seemed to reveal to me an old Chinese metaphor, "Life is a dream, and vice-versa.""


Cap. IV. (pp. 398-508) Transmigration as a Process of Incorporating Spirit into Body


Explanation of problems of transmigration

pp. 496-508

(Quotation 95) p. 503 Li Yuan-c^in : The Record of the Good Words of Master Yin Kuang, p. 97

[situations before incarnation and during dying] "During {one’s parents’ sexual} intercourse another spirit enters the womb as a delegate spirit. When the embryo is mature, the true spirit comes into it, and the delegate spirit leaves." {Would not persons, who underwent such a process in a prolonged way during gestation, be more apt to practice spirit-mediumship during ensuing life?}

"If good karma is complete, the spirit appears in the Pure Land before the body is dead.

If bad karma is heavy, the spirit is punished in hell while still in sick bed.

Although a man’s days have not ended, his spirit has already entered into another form of existence." {Actually, they see while dying whatever they had already expected to see. What may happen after they are fully dead, is another matter.}

"One with exceptionally good karma had a delegate spirit prepare the body for birth".


Solon Wang (Shaolun Wang) : Multiple Planes of the Cosmos and Life : the survival theory of ancient sages as proved by modern psychicists. Hsintien, Taipei (Taiwan) : Society for Psychic Studies, 1979.